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  1. That’s a very valid point. I just thought there would have been one.
  2. Maybe I’m wrong but my understanding is that in the market place there is an absolute minimum price that must be charged and I was sure I read that this was the price PMDG were going to use.
  3. I have a MSI 3080 12GB and it was paired with a 3600x. I took the plunge and bought the 5800X3D and the difference blew me away. My FPS has easily doubled on high settings with clouds on ultra running at 2K. It runs like absolute butter even using track ir with the Fenix. My CPU is under volted and runs about 60/65 degrees with my GPU running about 70% load and 70/80 degrees depending on where you are and time of day etc. I am absolutely delighted with the difference.
  4. Steve you are welcome but you are definately killing me with these screenshots! I may just have to change my desktop wallpaper :)
  5. That first picture has to be one of the best flight sim pictures I have ever seen. 👍
  6. I went and looked out my wife’s old android tablet and couldn’t get it to work with chrome. But it worked perfect first time with opera browser.
  7. Thanks for all the responses I'm surprised at the amount like I who are still using FSX. As some of you pointed out Dovetail games are doing there own sim and I think it is worth waiting to see what they come up with and what PMDG's stance on this is.
  8. I am in a similar boat to you Jhon. I agree the biggest problem with migrating is the cost and right now I don't have that money to spend. I will be buying for FSX and will consider in the next few years when to migrate. I understand that p3d is better and being constantly developed however my FSX is running well and not causing any issues.
  9. I was keen to find out how many people plan on buying the Queen V3 for FSX? This is not meant as a bashing thread as I am just curious as this will be the platform I will be purchasing for. Thanks Scott Griffiths
  10. 1) Do you see the airplane begin to wander in 8x+ time compression if you use PMDG's Auto-Time-Compression feature Yes 2) Do you see the airplane begin to wander in 8x+ time compression if you manually set the time compression using the FSX menu or key commands? Yes 3) Do you have FSUIPC installed? Yes 3a) Which version is installed? 4.934 3b) Have you tried deleting your FSUIPC config file and letting it rebuild? No 4) Have you tried deleting your FSX.CFG file and letting it rebuild? No 5) Do you have Lockheed Martin Prepar3d installed on this machine? No 6) When the airplane begins to wander, watch the HEADING ROSE on the NAV DISPLAY very carefully. Is it rotating in the proper direction and remaining in sync with the airplane heading? If not- we need to know. No it keeps on correct heading while aircraft is at full bank angle Hope this helps Scott
  11. scotgr

    Silver spinner

    I'm sure I have seen it on Air Frances 77W's. I googled GE90 silver spinner and there is a picture at the top left.
  12. scotgr

    Silver spinner

    This is just an idea I had but a large number of 777 spinners in the engine are silver. After seeing the greased wheel texture on avsim I was wondering if it is possible to make a silver spinner texture for the engine. thanks
  13. scotgr

    Pause at Failure

    I can totally understand the opinion of realistic simulation. However the developer PMDG thrive themselves on creating the most realistic aircraft for FSX yet feel it is acceptable to create the time compression setting because they understand that alot of people struggle with time constraints.
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