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  1. MDFlier

    T2G KMCO Issue with P3d v4.2

    I deleted all of the files in the C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SceneryIndexes_x64\ and the C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SceneryIndexes_x64_P4AO\ folders. I believe that you can delete the entire folders, but to play it safe I just deleted the contents. The 1st time you start P3D after doing this is going to take a long time to start up while it rebuilds the indexes. I can't promise that this will fix yours, but the KMCO bridge issue and the wacky GSX vehicle paths issue both disappeared after I did it. I can't think of anything else I did that would have fixed anything.
  2. MDFlier

    T2G KMCO Issue with P3d v4.2

    I got mine working by doing 5 things: For the duplicate runway signs, download the file Nick Cooper links to in post #37 of this thread (same file causes issues at KJAX) For the extra trees and autogen on the taxiways and aprons, replace the ABP_KMCO.bgl (you don't need the APT_KMCO.bgl) in the ORBX\FTX_VECTOR\FTX_VECTOR_FixedAPT\scenery folder with the one linked to in Neil Hill's post #19 here: For the duplicate tower issue, rename APT_KMCO.bgl to in the ORBX\FTX_VECTOR\FTX_VECTOR_FixedAPT\scenery folder. Runway lights. - Use DJJose's AFCAD, or one of the others available to fix that. Set mesh to 2m for bridges to work. I was having bridge issues until I deleted both Sceneryindex folders and let P3D rebuild them. They've been fine ever since.
  3. MDFlier

    Which gate is which?

    Thank you very much. It worked! I was all over that options page. I was looking for something pertinent to runways.
  4. MDFlier

    Which gate is which?

    At the moment, KIAD (Flightbeam) and KBOS (FlyTampa). The default KDCA has them (the white runway backgrounds) covering most of the airport. I don't see gate numbers on any of them regardless of how far I zoom in.
  5. MDFlier

    Which gate is which?

    When I zoom in to the airport in LNM, I have a large white overlay showing the runways that covers most of the taxiways and some of the terminal and ramp. Can I turn this off somehow?
  6. MDFlier

    ATC Closes. Is it only me??

    Have you tried renaming your controls.xml file and letting P3D build a new one from scratch? Honestly, it sounds like a stuck key issue but I'm sure you would have noticed it somewhere else if that was the case.
  7. If you don't like the post you can simply chose not to read it. No need to be rude. Not everyone is as well versed in all things P3D like the experienced folks who hang out in here. They were not my intended audience. Some "regular" people may see that button and contemplate using it expecting smooth sailing. If one of those people sees my post and decides against doing it and it saves them from messing things up, then it did some good. Crikey. And it's only crying wolf if no one gets bitten by the wolf. It bit me square in the bum.
  8. All of the issues encountered were resolved. The entire point of my post was that the obvious, readily available, built in, "safe", easy, fool proof method can cause problems if you use it as it was apparently intended. I was telling people who didn't know any better not to do that. I am fortunate that I had the wherewithal to undo it. I wasn't expecting the you're a dipstick because you haven't used Lorby's routine.
  9. After playing with it, I tend to agree. Maybe with a huge number of add-ons like w6kd has... but not for a common install like mine. I've only got 7 airports and 3 Orbx regions.
  10. I've saw the GSX cache regeneration take up to about 2 minutes during this time. It only ran once since I got things back to normal and I think it ran in 2 seconds. Very fast. Maybe I'm just not a Lorby's kinda guy. Not yet. I like to learn to make the changes by hand and do it that way for a while until I learn it. It could possibly be the former UNIX geek in me that just makes me do things that way. I'm sure it's a fine tool for the masses but using it allows a lot of the little details and intricacies to go unseen. I want to play in the weeds. After I've got that down I would be likely to use Lorby's. At that point it would be just a shortcut. So... maybe later. I've got a sim to break. And then fix. Rinse and repeat until I know it inside and out. I did deactivate Europe, S. America, etc. in the scenery library since I'm flying domestic routes these days and that seems to have sped up the load times a good bit. One final note. I wasn't worried about the time spent rebuilding the indexes and cache. My comment meant that I hadn't considered that behavior when I made the decision to deactivate stuff. I was noticing that the two somehow seemed to get out of sync with each other and were causing issues. My customized jetways weren't showing with the proper logos sometimes. I experienced some bizarre vehicle behavior in GSX as well.
  11. I seemed like a good idea to disable KIAD, KCLT, KDEN, KMSP and KMCO when flying between KBOS and KBWI. It was easy to do, and the "Add-Ons" button is in conspicuously close proximity to the other option buttons on the save scenario screen, so why not? I thought that maybe the add-on selections were saved with the scenario, which would be nice. Maybe they are. I haven't read the manual. Well... I didn't notice a darn bit of difference in load times or performance. What I DID notice was that activating the sceneries I was using and deactivating the ones I wasn't on a per fight basis was making a mess of things after a few flights. Every time you start a flight, the scenery indexes rebuild. Every time GSX loads, it has to regenerate its cache. So much for saving load times. Then, I have one of my best flight simulation flights EVER end with an absolutely perfect RNAV approach dropping out of a 300' ceiling on final to.... the bloody default KCLT. Grrrrr! Okay... That won't happen again. Reactivate all the add-ons, Second darn near perfect flight. RNAV approach calls for overfly of KBOS at about 7000' with a flight path circling back for landing. As I get close enough, its another default airport! I had to follow some additional steps from the FlyTampa manual for KBOS to get it working again. Then, I had to run Vector AEC, then delete the scenery indexes, and then rebuild the GSX cache. You get the point. Hoping to save some of my fellow flight simulation enthusiasts some valuable flight time. If you were thinking about trying this at home. STOP. Step away from the keyboard. Then come back and just fly. Save yourself the heartache. There's probably software out there to do this without causing problems like this. Using the built in facility to do so was more trouble than it was worth.
  12. MDFlier

    Hyperthreading off works great!

    Exactly the same configuration I'm using with my 8600K (which I believe is an 8700K w/o HT, if I'm not mistaken). I was going to put up a post today about my overall P3D experiences 2 full months after making the switch from FSX. Somehow, I've managed to find a combination of settings that yield a fairly consistent 27 FPS with 4K textures, dynamic lighting, HDR, and 4xSSAA on my i5-8600K, GTX 1060 6GB system. I have only used 2 "tweaks", and I'm not sure if they even count. I added the clipmode=minimum and the adjustment to make opaque shadow textures 4K. For the couple of weeks that I was on 4.3, FPS were in the high teens with the same settings. I really haven't had enough time playing around with things to add anything else useful to this conversation, but I will say that 4.4 runs very well on the 8600K.
  13. I have to throw in a vote for LatinVFR's Baltimore-Washington International (KBWI). I've been waiting for this one for years and Ricardo did a fantastic job with it. I have a friend that works on the ground crew at BWI, and he was really impressed with Ricardo's work. I switched to P3D just to experience it and boy am I glad that I did.
  14. MDFlier

    Flightbeam KDEN versus KIAD

    I really do like them both. I used GSX to replace the jetways at both airports with clear ones that have the airport logos on them.
  15. MDFlier

    Flightbeam KDEN versus KIAD

    Lol... I just did my 1st outbound flight from KDEN yesterday. I started off at gate C46, and had to taxi to runway 26. About halfway to the runway I was beginning to wonder if ATC was giving me vectors to drive to Baltimore. It also made me wonder if I had put enough fuel on board. Both airports are very well done and you can't go wrong with either. Having been to Dulles Airport several times in real life, I can vouch for the fact that Flightbeam did a wonderful job representing a lousy Airport.