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  1. Section 2.2 and 4.6 in the Fenix User guide in the EFB. I had really bad performance for about the first 2 minutes after firing it up. I started looking at the manual and by the time I got back to looking around, everything was normal. It was butter smooth leaving FT KBOS. So far, so good. No stuttering. All is well. I'm loving life. 10850K / 2080ti
  2. Haha... that's awesome. You and your team really did a nice job on this bird Aamir. And thank you for the exceptionally good pricing. You're going to sell a boatload of these things. Best of luck to you and everyone involved!
  3. Lol... there is a document written by some dude named Manuel or something like that in the documents folder. I'm pretty sure he mentioned that you needed to launch the app first.
  4. You, sir. Are brilliant. I read your post and it hit me. I can add a 3rd file export to the Simbrief Downloader to save the OFP as a FS2020 .PLN file in my "Saved Flights" folder and export it automatically right along with the PMDG flight plan and weather files. I added the 3rd type of file to export ("FS2020" in the list) to the downloader and set the save location to my saved flights folder. I built a new flight in Simbrief, hit generate OFP, and the Simbrief popup popped up and said, "3 files were saved". I fired up MFSF and got to the map screen. I hit spacebar twice, and selected load from PC. It opened up a file picker pointed to some localcache folder, so I right clicked in that folder, hit create shortcut, and set the target to the saved flights folder that I set in Simbrief. When the shortcut appeared after I hit Ok, I clicked through it, and selected the Simbrief flight plan (conveniently named KBOSKBWI_MFS_19May22.pln). Bam! The CORRECT flight plan along with cruise altitude, SID and STAR (with the correct waypoints in between), and the arrival runway were all set properly in the MSFS flight planner! The departure location was incorrectly set to the departure runway, so I changed it to the correct gate. Doing that nuked the SID out of the plan, but I simply selected the correct STAR (PATTS22R) from the list and it went back to being correct. THIS WORKS PERFECTLY. It loads the MSFS flight plan, the FMS route, and the weather files automatically when you generate the OFP. Yes!
  5. You are using the wrong 2 PMDG folders. There are the same folders in the main PMDG 737 folder in your Community folder. These have "Config" in the path name. <<C:\Community\pmdg-aircraft-737\config\Flightplans>> You need to use the ones with "Work" in the path name. <<C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\packages\pmdg-aircraft-737\work\Flightplans>> Anything put into the 2 folders under "Work" goes live right away, even with the simulation running and the airplane loaded. Anything put into the "Config" folders gets copied one time when you start up the simulation with the airplane loaded. After that, you need to restart before you can use them.
  6. Go to this page and grab the Simbrief Downloader No more manual copying.
  7. Well all I can say is that I'm absolutely getting better performance, better visuals, and an all around better flying experience than I ever did in FSX or P3D. I doubt that I will ever use either one of those ever again. They were great in their day, but the torch must be passed.
  8. I have never had a MSFS flight planner generate a valid route as flown by an actual airline. Yes, it will draw a line between two points that you can fly to get from airport one to airport two. It does not, however generate flight plans that would be used in the real world. I use Simbrief because it, in conjunction with Flightaware, make finding, planning, and importing real flight plans quick and easy. I'm not sure what is complicated. Literally press 'Generate OFP' on Simbrief, click "OK" on the pop-up that tells me the two files were copied to the PMDG directory (optional. I like it). Once in the airplane, type the route name, which is 8 characters consisting of both airport identifiers (Ex: KBOSKORD for Boston to Chicago) and press a button, then press a 2nd button to activate it, and one more to execute it (and that one even has a big bright white light on it to remind you to press it). Done. Flight plan loaded. Where is the complicated part?
  9. So you're saying that it looks like we've still got a couple more years of throwing hardware at our simulators left until we hit Nirvana?
  10. Somiller... the work folder is the one PMDG uses as the primary "working" folder. It normally copies the stuff from the config folder to the work folder when it loads up. There is an issue that super long path names can cause problems for MSFS that might be what is causing your original problem. I think you would cause a lot less problems for yourself in the future if you did go ahead and move that Community folder. Might I suggest E:\MyCommunity\ ??? You'll never ever ever have a problem finding your add-ons ever again. 😆
  11. lol.. .Now that is funny. Does a narrowboat get good gas mileage? My tub gets <2 mpg. Edit: Had to ask a second question. Ever run your house at 26kts in 3' seas? Oh well... I don't care what it costs. I'm going to maximize my carbon footprint before I die. 😁
  12. Good thing you hobby isn't boating. With current fuel prices, I can buy a new sim and all of the addons with the fuel money I burn on a weekend. It's the college fund from the kids I never had. 🙂
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