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  1. Speaking of "obstacles" I noticed those (powerlines/obstacles) also quietly went from 2021 to 2022 😞 I know there are more pressing "issues", but those are issues and not wishes. Oh well, good things come to those who wait!
  2. Seasons - was 2021 recently changed to "2022" 😞
  3. Robert, it's great to see you posting again and able to enjoy more MSFS!
  4. I still hope that Asobo has the "real traffic" on their radar to implement some day. Using the real traffic from bing to show traffic jams, etc. utilizing their traffic layer, depending on the colours indicated in real time. I know they talked about it a while back! Really would add a lot of immersion! https://i.ibb.co/Ryx9y66/Capture.png
  5. There is clearly an issue somewhere, hardware or possible another software interfering because like many here, my MSFS runs perfectly over 600 hours and runs smooth. So the core simulator coding is "fine" on its own, but SOMEHTING is obviously not playing nice with the OP's sim. I brought up hardware because I had no problems with CTD's, bought a new monitor and boom got CTD's. Changed some monitor settings and been perfect since. Seems MSFS is very hardware sensitive.
  6. Hardware - got a different monitor laying around? Try that. Have multiple hard drives? Try installing on a different one. Even external hard drive if you got one. Switching hardware around can help troubleshoot.
  7. YES! Asobo please tweak to be more realistic, currently not enough turbulence using real world weather... first match up to the Meteoblue CAT data (https://www.meteoblue.com/en/weather-maps/auckland_new-zealand_2193733?variable=lowcld&level=surface&lines=none&mapcenter=28.3431N278.0365&zoom=8#coords=3.64/37.1/-93.93&map=clearAirTurbulendce~hourly~auto~950 mb~none) then take into account the atmospheric effects of the area time of day, heat, etc. to generate realistic turbulence effects.. R/W Pilot since 1980's, I can tell you there really isn't enough turbulence in MSFS, but could be in part where I'm flying (KABQ lately). I did fly int KDEN last night and descending through overcast layer FINALLY has some bouncing around which I never seemed to get before...
  8. Would be great if a pay or freeware developer could take this on? The FAA keeps record of all obstacles (USA and limited Canada, Mexico and Caribbean) - I think a program that transfers all of these obstacles into the SIM utilizing realistic models would be awesome! After all, a huge part of aviation is the risk of and avoidance of... obstacles! https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/flight_info/aeronav/Digital_Products/dof/
  9. It would be cool some day to see a similar program coming out that will allow us to "build" and place the bgl files into the community folder right before launching FS, according to real time ship location and destination data...
  10. I don't have the program yet, but it sounds (and that is just me reading into this thread) like the program might be a bit "shallow". Seems like it needs a "hook". All great programs have that hook - for example REX Weather Forces draw is utilizing the latest real world metars to display the weather - and a future hook that I think I've seen published somewhere is that the program may allow users to use historical weather. So if Skypark can get something more, like I dunno maybe using real world headlines/data to transfer into jobs? Example, right now the priority of shipping cargo is things like COVID vaccines, medical supplies; somehow generate jobs according to real world headlines for the day. I think relating the program to the real World generates more "purpose". How about bad weather causing congestion? Example, huge storm in Northeast causes delays and many people stuck at the airports which creates the need for pilots to commute passengers out once the weather clears.
  11. When we report in Zendesk, we need to give Asobo all relevant weather values - but then again we really don't have much to give them so this will be an endless circle! I didn't check but maybe flipping over into dev mode will give some weather data? We can tell Asobo what the wind direction, speed, and the outside air temperature... but that's about all. I suppose we can also tell them UTC time/date and nearest real world metar report - and compare to give them approximate cloud coverage in the sim, cloud height, etc.?
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