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  1. KERNEL32

    "Microsoft Sells License to FS Franchise" Part 2

    No matter who it is and what they do with the code, it's better than where it was and what was being done with it, right? If it is the train sim guys who bought the license, I wonder if they picked up the license from the abandoned Train Simulator 2 franchise too? Kinda like a 2 'fer 1 sale?
  2. KERNEL32

    CCTV of Chicago O'Hare Train Derailment

    Hmm, the first 25 seconds looks like the stutter show I get in FSX :angry:
  3. KERNEL32

    ASN Fantastic!

    I have not flown FSX for a LONG time. This ASN post peaked my interest. So I downloaded the demo and I am HOOKED. I can't believe the weather accuracy. Is there a team of people at Hi-Fi sitting there monitoring where all the pilots are at and creating the weather for each of us induvidually? lol. That's how good it is. Hi-Fi, you've done your homework and it WILL pay off. Congratulations on getting me interested in FS again!
  4. KERNEL32


    Hey Glen, It runs great, but I do have a slight issue where I cannot choose the resolution. My system is stuck at 1024x768 (my system is not giving widescreen support for this title). However Kathie has told me that widescreen IS supported 1360x768. I wondered if it was because I had 2 monitors, so I disabled monitor #2 and restarted computer, then tried but still cannot select a resolution. I don't see any "config" files so I now wonder if I need to completely remove and reinstall to see if that will help.
  5. KERNEL32


    Hi, how about Vista 64 bit? Will it run good on this?
  6. KERNEL32

    FSX shutting down

    I thought maybe the topic title was some British slang I've yet to run across So I've not gone Barmy, but this kind of topic usually starts with a puff.. :(
  7. KERNEL32

    NGX bird strike question

    There's nothing that could put a simmer into the "experience" more than the immersion from sound and mystery...Flying along in your aircraft 2 hours into a flight, you are barely awake scanning the instruments, and suddenly your speakers emit a large "THUD"... you think to yourself, "what was that? was that FS?"A few seconds later you HEAR (sound recording from FS) the FO saying "sounded like something hit somewhere on the craft - check those instruments closer)... as you scan you notice the ITT climbing higher...Now this is where the fun comes in more, a random generator will determine whether this thing shall pass without further incident, or get worse yet...In this case it wouldn't be a bird strike (not at cruise level for 2 hours+!), but...take your imaginiation from there --It dosn't always need to be something you see. It could be sound and a bit of mystery that can really perk you up and pay attention to the simulation~!Some of us older cats remember the days of FS1, when our IMAGINATION did a lot more of the simming than is done today. Funny but it was fun back then too even without all these bells and whistles of todays modern computers...
  8. KERNEL32

    Swarm of Bees

    >FSX amazes me each time I fly it. Not a good amazement mind>you.>>Last night I'm on decent into KATL. I look out the right>window and see what looks to be a red/white star burst which>grows. I looked to the left and saw the exact same thing.>>Next thing I know, the sky is full of AI everywhere. Looked>like I was surrounded by a swarm of bees. TCAS was sounding>off at an alarming rate.>>I have many WOAI aircraft installed to FSX. I have no idea>why all those bound for or near KATL decided to appear all at>once. There were so many the landing lights almost looked>like a straight line when viewed from the airport.>>I do wish I could fly just one flight without some type of>issue with FSX!>>Richard>With all due respect, this kind of post amazes me each time I see them. No a good amazement, mind you...Ok, now to offer up a "solution" and attempt to make MY post worth while, have you tried FSX without add on AI (especially FREEWARE AI?)? Does this issue occur then?
  9. KERNEL32

    FS11 - Will the scenery engine improve?

    >I think it is a common misperception that "FS doesn't use>what the graphic card has to offer but instead rely heavily on>the CPU also for the graphics" and while that might contribute>to the problem it is not *the problem*.>>In a nutshell the problem is delivering a full planet>simulator with 120km+ view distances and the amount of detail>we simulate turned out to be harder than we expected.>>One issue that makes us appear CPU-bound is the sheer number>of D3D API calls we issue to render, so that we are bound in>the graphics driver. >>SP1 drastically reduced the number of API calls, through a lot>of hard optimization work. SP2 added to that somewhat. But the>app is still somewhat overcomitted on API calls.>>Yes another issue is that some techniques that are today done>on the CPU need to be moved to the GPU, but only after we>perform further optimizations so we just are not moving the>bottleneck from one place to another. >>So when you are overdriving the GPU it can appear the app is>bound on the CPU. It is all about balance, and we will get>better at that.>>Simplistic answers are just that and they fail to capture the>real nature of the problem.Phil,I'm sure it's been thought of or brought up in some kind of meeting or something already, but has anyone ever considered "real as it gets" and maybe dropping the support for "looking backwards"?What I mean by that is not backward compatability (that is a whole different topic), but the option for those with slower computers to turn off any scenery "behind them". How many airplanes (MAYBE a handful) actually allow any pilot to turn around and view what is behind them? How many pilots actually view what is behind them if they could anyway? I know I can't turn my head 180 degrees! :)So where I'm going with this is that if FS dropped having to render about a 90-120 degree area "behind" the pilot, would that dramatically help the render process?Yah, that means no more spot view, but how many rw pilots have a spot view? And a tower view might still work since I don't think there's a need to redraw all of the scenery by frame since the position of the tower is static, right?Maybe I'm way off on this suggestion or there is something obvious I am not thinking of. And perhaps that's just too much (work) to consider even in future versions of fs? And even if it could be done maybe it wouldn't even make a bunch of difference in render workload, who knows?
  10. Is there a way to download textures say for a set area (let's say Tampa area) before I leave for work in the morning, then when I come home they're all downloaded and ready to start up FSX? Or does it really make any difference?Thanks in advance
  11. KERNEL32

    Solar Eclipse possible in FSX?

    >You are asking for too much.I was merely asking, I wasn't asking you or anyone to reprogram the game to show it. I thought perhaps I was either doing something wrong or maybe the addon for the stars (autostar x) would enhance it. I've been using FS since Sub Logic and can't say for sure how "spoiled" I've become ;) after all it used to be simply lines I know. But I live for today and do know that FSX does some incredible things and just wondered if it was possible.
  12. I wasn't sure if this is possible to view in FSX or not? I started to attempt to set the time (Universal) to 10:21 and date to 1 Aug 2008 and put my airplane at Nadym, but didn't see anything strange or even remotely close to an ecplipse. Perhaps I need to download and run the "Autostar FSX" program? Or is this just not possible in FSX due to the moon not being simulated exactly in the position it is ITRW?More info on the upcoming eclipse here:
  13. KERNEL32

    Add on binge/addiction?

    >>How is this FS-Discover product? Does it suck up any frames?>Doesn't it become annoying have the titles blinking off and>on?>I keep the setting to "static" (so the names do not cycle or blink as you refer to) and put all objects to view 12 NM or less to reduce clutter.It does have a very slight effect on frames (at least on my single core rig), I doubt it has any effect at all on frames on the faster computers. It's well worth 1-2 FPS IMO when cruising looking at what's around you.
  14. Thank you Flight One for "getting me back into the spirit" of flying, and FSX in particular. Without your awesome add ons I don't think I would be as interested to get back into simming.I went on a Christmas weekend binge and bought 5 add ons, for which I received some X-Mas gift money and thought, "why not"?!UTX upgrade, GEX, the PC-12, Ult Traffic X upgrade, and FS-Discover, all work as advertised, no problems, installed great and I am having a great time! FS-Discover really adds a lot to the sim, quite incredible thinking of all the places one can find that never knew they were there before.A couple weeks back I also bought the California V2 scenery from PC Aviator and WOW does that (along with FS Discover) add element to flying in SOCAL!! Whohooo good times are back for flying..I turn off all autogen and bring back the traffic to 15-17%. All of this is flyable on a SINGLE core 2GB memory computer. If I'm flying the PC-12 or any plane (even stock FSX) with a glass cockpit I need to also turn off all static scenery (buildings, etc.) to keep it flyable but it is worth it and the textures are so crisp and 3-d like that it makes up for it!