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  1. I am seeing traffic take off and land and in the air however as soon as they land they disappear. Also none at any gates. This just started happening, are there some issues on the live server maybe? My version of PSX is 31.11.1 using for MSFS. I double checked and my setting for "USER AIRBORNE ONLY" is unchecked.
  2. True, and they did say "soon" a couple weeks ago I think in the dev update... hope it will be in next couple weeks.
  3. Guess I was reading toward the end of that thread 2nd to last post terrain LOD. I suppose someone should create a wishlist topic if it isn't the right thing.
  4. Vote it if ya like it https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/dynamic-resolution-scaling-support/190969/13
  5. Wonder if they axed the BETA testing for SU10? No mention of it at all. Not so great communication. They're going on Holiday though, I know that!
  6. Yah it's almost as if the METAR is constantly battling the beautiful organic Meteoblue in live weather, and the results are like a sledgehammer hitting the clouds and scattering them about into a soupy mess of cumulus puffs.
  7. That is interesting thread! Also I think I recall seeing in one of the twitch dev streams that especially when they were making all the "performance improvements" in SU7 they were careful not to go over a certain limit of VRAM usage. And something about adding in other things - so the theory would be that maybe they degraded cloud depiction to add in the "other things" and kept the VRAM usage the same? Sorry it's kind of vague just going by memory of that twitch stream since the "performance update".
  8. I eagerly await Asobo's free seasons release because they have mentioned more than once that "seasons" to them is more than just tree leaf and ground colour, it is about things like birds migrating, etc. Hopefully they will be able to add random birds around and depending on the season they will be travelling realistically South or North depending on season. Cannot wait to see what else they plan on adding to help immersion in the seasons release. They said "if we're going to do it, we are going to do it right".
  9. Exactly - it is like Asobo is "afraid" to create realistic atmosphere in fear that many of the casual players will complain they cannot see the Statue of Liberty. We know the system is capable of creating more realistic visibility (REX is just using the systems available to them). Live WX still needs much work. The atmosphere is always way too "clean" and I think that is where a lot of the fake look comes from, the blending of the clouds to the sky. That sky is always "too blue" should be a lot more "grey" especially on hot humid days. Now once up to 15-20k feet sure the sky will be more blue since you're out of the hotter humid airmass.
  10. That is just ... what is that? Something is really off in these "newer" (post XBOX and METAR implementation) style clouds. Can't put my finger on it but it's like scaling/size/excess transparency and the shapes. Also the way they are just scattered about just does not look... realistic at all.
  11. I wish Asobo would hire Weather coding experts much like they have done for other areas of MSFS. Yes, with the right data one could easily use data from (Asobo partner with?) a website such as this -> https://www.lightningmaps.org/#m=oss;t=3;s=1;o=0;b=0.00;ts=0;y=38.891;x=-50.9326;z=4;d=2;dl=2;dc=0; or perhaps Meteoblue already has lightning data like that...? use this data to possibly show "live" lightning strikes just like they do live air traffic. A weather programming expert could also safely assume and create cumulonimbus and towering cumulus (along with precipitation) in the area around these lightning strikes because it's pretty much 100% guarantee you need to have strong towering cumulus to have lightning, right? And for other types of clouds I'm certain there are ways to discern what type of cloud is in the area. Meteoblue has the data and shows clouds low/medium/high along with bases and tops. Temperature and humidity could be used in conjunction with other factors to determine cumulus (typically rising air - higher temps and humidity), stratus (colder temps at ground), and so on.
  12. Exactly. They hacked up the organic live weather by #1 degrading quality of clouds (XBOX update) and then really tossed it when they tried to add METAR. Even when the live weather clouds turn up a rare nice act, the weather always seems to break apart really fast it's like the blue sky gods are always pushing the bad weather away. Clouds molt and dissipate like putting liquid onto cotton candy. It's like Asobo cannot give us bad weather conditions because too many people would complain they cannot see or would crash because of "adverse" conditions. Welcome to what would be a "simulation". Maybe some day? Maybe a on/off option (Simulation mode=ON?). The visibility is always way too "clean", real world rarely has visibility and air quality as beautiful as it shows in MSFS. We need more realistic "dirty air". Not sure how else to describe that. REX does a good job adding in Aerosol in conditions that warrant it (i.e. high humidity). What I do many times is start my flight with MSFS live weather on, then turn it off "clear skies" - THEN i BOOT UP rex and let the weather load. Then I turn on LIVE weather again and let REX run in the background. It actually updates the visibility (but obviously does not update clouds, winds, temp, etc.) but for some reason MSFS allows REX to run and still update visibility depending on what the nearest METAR has. Usually this gives a nicer blend of real world conditions.
  13. Although I surely don't agree with that comment at all about Asobo being "lazy", I do want to add that the realistic look, variety and overall feel of the live weather system was fine at release. It had it's issues, yes but they degraded all the clouds (XBOX) then they hacked the system by adding METAR an messed up a beautiful organic live weather system. Don't really want bigger and badder, just what was there on release, ya know?
  14. No. Don't get me started. Easier to point you to the official forums, where a vast majority agree they need a LOT of work still. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/can-we-have-a-weather-update-only/519593 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/realistic-dangerous-weather-physics-simulation/523522
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