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  1. Anyone here who are day 1'ers that did NOT get in have that profile issue a while back where you had to redo your survey and re-upload your DXDIAG? I signed up day 1, but found that I had to re-enter my survey and re-upload my dxdiag a couple months back, now I'm afraid I'm not considered a first register 🤔 (so far have not got in)
  2. I was thinking the same, however it was these recent screenshots that tilted my view toward a great improvement in this sense. Not as clean anymore, and much more realistic. Maybe it depends on conditions + user settings? https://msgpwebsites.azureedge.net/fsi/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Screen-Shot-04-22-20-at-10.54-PM-2048x1152.jpg https://msgpwebsites.azureedge.net/fsi/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Desktop-Screenshot-2020.04.23- My biggest observation was the fact that clouds were too clean, but this recent screenshot shows hazy cloud-to-cloud which is VERY encouraging! https://msgpwebsites.azureedge.net/fsi/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Flightsim_48-2048x1152.jpg
  3. Let there be cirrus! Save the Cirrus! No stamped/baked texture Cirrus, we want random Cirrus so you don't see the same exact Cirrus pattern twice, or at least not very often... Cirrus would be a great addition to the new MSFS.
  4. I agree that clouds are VERY important for aviation - clouds to aviation is like water to fish... the atmosphere is our environment and from everything I've seen so far, they have done a marvelous job replicating the atmosphere in this new MSFS. In fact, best I've ever seen. Hopefully the actual experience is just as good as the screenshots and short videos. In the latest video where the airplane is flying over some oceanfront and then REALLY close to a rooftop in very gloomy conditions - it appeared the plane either stalled just as flying over the building or had some kind of induced turbulence (maybe wind shear?) - really neat!
  5. The video with the storm blowing by while aircraft is on ground is insane! I love it! Looks very convincing and real check out the anvil/thunderhead (I think anyway?) in far background - this is the best weather I've seen yet - great job Asobo! Cheers 👌
  6. Why do I have a feeling this hangar is going to become popular and make some kind of appearance in one of the MS Thursday updates?
  7. Do we know, for sure, that the OSM data is 100% accurate?
  8. Thank you for this information, for what its worth - I don't think you've cross any lines. Not like you're posting pictures in here. I thought I recall hearing in one of the official Microsoft presentation videos that the AI takes into account roof colours, and even structure heights? That's why even for areas of the FS World WITHOUT photogrammetry, we will all effectively be able to "fly over our houses" and it should look close to RW... did I remember that right?
  9. I thought the new FS was going to have sloped runways. Is this an early alpha version shot or that option is turned off for this user maybe?
  10. I get confused when these type of topics come up because I recall from episode 1 of the feature discovery series, it was revealed that (I think) the whole world had satellite imagery coverage as well as a "realistic rendition" with azure adding trees and 3D buildings (not photogrammetry) - https://youtu.be/BZL5PCZO8cc?list=PLHHNa7e7hf9MOgis5vFhf0tjl8QD92KSQ&t=218 So then I take it that Asia doesn't match the fidelity mentioned in the video above?
  11. Real world traffic (meaning air, sea and land/road) would be so great! For the roads even an estimation like we see on google maps depending on time of day, would be so cool to see the Los Angeles I-5 rush hour traffic jams (or quite a bit less traffic at midnight on Tuesday for example), or on the sea cruise ships, container ships, river boats, leisure boats on a lake (not when it's 10 degrees in winter!) etc. etc. Makes the World "feel" alive.
  12. Good one - And to think of the challenges we could attempt if the real world airports that have a steep angle descent due to obstacles are modeled accurately in the sim!
  13. ahh, and here I thought I had too much beer!
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