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    Criminal Defense Lawyer by day, intrepid pilot by night. Fly airliners exclusively. Currently prefer the Sim-Seventies, with the Captain Sim L1011, 737-200 and 727, plus the Flight 1 Coolsky DC-9.
  1. Without FS2Crew I can perform a full autoland with no problems. With FS2Crew I get to the point where I am almost touching down, and RETARD is showing on the PFD. I bring the throttles back and the engines paradoxically rev up and ARM appears on the PFD screen. The problem only and always happens with FS2Crew. It never happens without FS2Crew. My buttons are assigned per the manual and work fine. The only thing I'm operating when the problem occurs is the bringing the throttles down for touchdown.
  2. This is the complaint I hear from my family: "Dad's so hard to buy for. I have no idea what to get him." I don't want Christmas to be a time of stress for people. So I bought four items averaging around $50 and sent out an email listing them to my wife and (grown) kids. Aerosoft's new F-14 iFly's 747 fs2crew for 767 & Aerosoft's Airbus FSDreamTeam's KIAH The rules are each picks one and pays whatever they feel like on it, up to $50. They're already downloaded and won't be installed until Christmas. Each one will be considered a bona fide gift (since I probably would think twice about buying them myself). If they cover the whole price, great; if not, I enjoy a discount. Oh, and nothing gets installed until Christmas to make it official. The only downside I can think to this scheme is I spend all day Christmas in front of my computer ignoring everybody! Well, that, and no one participating. But, then again, I still get the stuff
  3. Love the iFly 737NG with FS2Crew. Looking forward to the same for the 747. Hope the MCE announcement doesn't mean you won't do your button version.
  4. Not to beat a dead horse, but I want to sharpen my criticism of Captain Sim's CWS so people know exactly what I'm talking about. On initial climb, engage CWS. It works perfectly. You are engaging the AP when the yoke is already back, so there's no problem. Start to level out by pulling your joystick or yoke back. Maybe it will let go, maybe not. If you center your joystick that may help "break" it loose. It may even require a backward nudge. But not too much, or it will over do it and you'll find yourself in a dive. Let's assume you're in level flight and want to dive. You want to move the stick forward slowly enough not to overshoot your desired VS, but if you move it too slowly, the AP will set itself at someplace short of where you were aiming for. It is very tricky to find that exact touch on the stick to get it all the way to where you want to set your descent while not overshooting. But now is where things get really interesting. Easing back on the stick -- which is the instinctive approach -- will get you nowhere. You can pull it all the way back and it won't do any good. Centering might work, but probably not. Worse, in fighting your efforts to come out of the descent, it will reset at a higher rate of descent. Each time you try to get out of what is now a dive, your terrifying plunge becomes more terrifyingly plungey. With enough violent jerking around of the stick, you might get it to break, but now you're zooming up in a crazy climb. So, with extremely delicate and experimental movements of the stick, the pitch up works well enough under CWS. Getting into a descent works, so long as you get the right balance between avoiding getting stuck prematurely and overshooting into a plunge. Getting out of the descent back into level flight is a dice roll, and even then there is a good chance you'll zoom up. Chances are you will end up disengaging AP to rescue your airplane from the clutches of an murderous dive. Nothing works remotely like anything you'd find in a commercial airliner. (Except roll, which doesn't seem to suffer from the problems pitch presents. So, given all the above, I suppose you could say it "works," and I'll admit it isn't completely broke, unless you expect reliable responses from pitch inputs. With further practice I might be tempted to fly the Captain Sim 737, but I would not expect either realism or much fun out of the CWS. You still have heading select and altitude hold,, and if you have to, can fly without the autopilot for brief periods. CONTRAST THAT with the Milviz. You pitch down, you descend. You pull the stick back, you go back to level flight. Pull it back more, you climb. It is docile and as happy to give you back your airplane as a retriever with a partridge.
  5. Looks like my wife will have an easy Christmas, then. Already downloaded and waiting for Santa to install it when he drops by.
  6. Maybe that's just to suck the bees out of the pitot tube
  7. Any reviewer, official or otherwise, can only report and form opinions on his experiences with the aircraft, after due diligence, of course. As you are familiar with the Captain Sim forums, you will no doubt be aware that I am not the only one having issues with their 737. So, yes, I am entirely comfortable reporting a wonky CWS because I gave it a fair chance, determined I was not the only one having problems, and found the competitor's CWS to work in a predictable and enjoyable fashion. Even Captain Sim concedes that their 737 is in need of a update, and has apologized for the delay. (They have not mentioned any specific issues, nor a target date.) I'm sure you would not say the PDCS works without crashing the sim, for example. There's an old saying, the cure for bad speech is more speech. It may be a stretch to call my little comparison "bad speech," even from your perspective. However, the point is that if you believe my reporting was unfair, you have provided a contrary opinion, and that's great. Now readers can say, "Well, perhaps it doesn't work right for some people, but this fellow seems to think it's just fine." Then they can pay their money and take their chance or not. I've never written a review that everybody agreed with, so I respect your opinion. What DOES seem to work well is Captain Sim's CWS in their L1011. So what's the difference? Who knows? I have to call 'em as I see 'em. But I'm sincerely happy for you that you are able to enjoy the CS 737 because it is in other regards a beautiful little airplane. I'm still laughing, though, because the last thing I ever thought I would be called on AVISM is "unfair" to Captain Sim I salute you, fellow Captain Sim Defender!
  8. I'll try that, thanks. I'm not getting BSOD, but GSOD (Gray Screens of Death) where I can see the frozen sim as if looking through a grey haze.
  9. I was thinking about the Aerosoft Airbus, too. The built-in flight crew, RAAS, etc. do kind of pull you in. "Immersive" is a tricky word.
  10. According to Captain Sim, they still are planning an update. And it is not strictly true that they abandon all projects. The current 757 went through several updates and ultimately a rewrite of the code to eliminate reliance on FSUIPC that was at the root of some of the most intransigent problems. It's a very nice airplane now, I think their best. Their 727, on the other hand has clearly been abandoned with its too-fast trim, battery problem and other issues I don' t even remember at this date. Mind you, I still think it's worthwhile to own, at least for me, but has never been quite finished. Which route will the 737 take? By now only the truest of true believers think it will be fixed. As for my Milviz 737, I flipped and I flopped, and finally got my refund from Flight 1, and then immediately bought it again LOL. I haven't had a regret. I think if some of the folks satisfied with the CS CWS could get 30 minutes in the Milviz, they'd realize just how wrong CS got the pitch control. To CoolIP: I didn't yet. I ought to take the time and do up several reviews. I find being a reviewer too much like work :smile: . But still, I enjoy doing them on my terms. I thought the L1011 was fabulous. I liked the INS-lite feature where it just imported a flight plan. Yes, I know many will turn up their nose at that, but, frankly, working the CIVA INS was a lot like work, too. I'm just a survey simmer. I bounce around from airplane to airplane and unless you stay up on that stuff you end up starting from scratch (at least at my age). Half the time I just fly big circuits around Seattle to practice the airplane. When it came out there seemed to be, after the usual grousing, a grudging acknowledgement that they had a good airplane on their hands in the L1011. It's just beautiful, too.
  11. Just a simple question for those who have the new 747. I already know how iFly does things like click spots and am fine with it, and don't want to wait for anything else.
  12. Reminds me when my instructor had me suck on our Cessna's pitot tube to see if the stall horn would work. To this day I don't know if that is ever really done or if he was just laughing at me.
  13. LOL -- we need more humor and less angst here.
  14. Any Captain Sim VC -- that's what they do right. I'd say the 737-200, but while it is their very best looking, surely immersive must include an absence of frustrations. I've always liked the CS 757, so that would probably be first, although Coolsky's DC-9 is sooooo crisp looking at UHDT it would be hard to choose from between them. I remember the first time I used a VC on a big screen. I had always been a 2D panel guy. It was an Embraer, and I was shocked at how it pulled me into the sim in a way I had never experienced. I've never used a 2D panel since. (Not to start an argument about the respective merits of VC vs. 2D -- to each his own.)
  15. Just to close out this comparison, I've finally decided that one is better than the other. What the Milviz may lack in visual glitz it makes up for in getting the basics right. No magic touch required with the CWS, for example. It just works nicely. After flying each for awhile, there is just no comparison there, and that tips the scales in favor of the Milviz. I am confident that if Captain Sim ever finishes their product, we'll finally have the 737-200 we've always wanted. One caution about the Milviz. I have run into OOM errors and crashes while using the FMS. The FMS itself is a surprisingly capable device that can even do SIDs and STARs. It does not have a big screen, of course; it's all text. If you don't trust your radio navigation skills, though, it gets the job done. I still prefer the old Sperry 77, though.
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