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  1. Thanks Charlie, logging into my Google account first did the trick. EDIT: Wow The C2 is fantastic on first look! I wasn't familiar with the dev and this is right up there. All I've done is drool over it a bit and take it up (with the back door open) but so far so good.
  2. Thanks. Anyone know if the C2/E2 and A4 work in v5? Have yet to find a v4 airplane that won't. Google has throttled downloads, so I'll have to try again later.
  3. Fritzi Ritz whose comic was inexplicably taken over by her niece, Nancy. Li'l Abner was surreal and spawned the custom of "Sadie Hawkins Day," where girls were encouraged to ask boys out. There was the character Fearless Fosdick who was always shot, leaving neat little holes in him, which were always "merely a flesh wound." Li'l Abner rivals the MCU in number of characters and plot lines.
  4. Pass out, puke, but had fun--sounds like shore leave.
  5. Thanks, guys. My hesitation about multiplayer games (besides my obvious misanthropy) is working hard to to build up to something decent ship-wise and then a 12-year-old with better twitch reflexes jumping my six going "pew! pew!" Have no idea whether that's a legitimate concern. I'll check it out on Steam to see if I want to add it to Panzer Corps and NieRautomata, which I sometimes play solely for the excellent game play and physics engine.
  6. I was hooked on Wing Commander from the very first game (which was amazing for the day). The movie--not so impressed. Anyway, since Star Citizen seems to be stalled and I don't like multiplayer games anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a Wing Commander type experience. I know you can get the games on GOG, but I've read where they don't actually run that well on modern computers.
  7. Now that Word has decided it is a better stylist than I am -- at least more in tune with certain cultural streams -- I can only imagine future ATC where every transmission starts with a description of the controller, (My link started with the actual presentation, but I removed it because someone gilded the lily, so to speak later into it.) Anyway, if you don't know what I mean, there was a recent presentation by MS, so I can envision, "United 812, I am a Caucasian female with long blond hair who goes by she/her. I'll deal with your request for an emergency landing after you provide your genetic profile, preferred personal pronouns, and a description of what you're wearing. I'm really interested in details of the last."
  8. I'm the impatient sort. But, since it does seem to work okay in v5.2, it would seem to someone completely word not allowed of programming to be fairly easy to oblige you. But I don't know. There may be incredible technological hurdles creating an installer that I don't understand. Uh.... for word not allowed, may I substitute innocent, which begins and ends with the same letters I used and even has the same number of syllables?
  9. EA off, Active Sky with ASCA. Works for me. Not sure why EA on with volumetric clouds off seems to nuke ASCA. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. Anyway, I have seen nice volumetric clouds, too, but just prefer the old look better by a big margin. Might depend on the depicted weather, too.
  10. Good news (and the liveries as well). I wouldn't expect a -200 from iFly, but a -300 would be an auto-purchase.
  11. I had one (without a fairing) in the 80s. I still miss the burble of that low-RPM Boxer Twin.
  12. I've been doing some thinking about this and would like to add a couple of observations that might be helpful. First is that the VNAV (and LNAV, for that matter) aren't perfect, or to the standards of some other developers. Captain Sim is a survey company, and used to service classic jet enthusiasts. Now they seem to be trying to cash in on MSFS. Business decisions are what they are, but I don't think they have the interest to continue much development in their original niche. For all I know, they don't have the people they used to have anymore. I think the real "problem" is that no developer is going to see much return on classic jets. I won't go into that, because I think most people reading this can connect the dots. If Captain Sim thought they could make money on a new 727 (assuming they retain the know-how) then I think they'd follow the cash like any other business. They never quite "got" glass as they did gauges. And I think they've always left it to the community to work out kinks in their releases. I don't think it's a secret that I like Captain Sim's stuff. That doesn't mean I agree with all their practices or priorities or blind to issues with their airplanes. And it doesn't mean I think they're the same Captain Sim that gave us the 727 or 707 or L1011 back in the day. But as a practical matter, I think it's more helpful to discuss ways to enjoy airplanes that aren't perfect, but fill a gap. And there are still people working in the community on things like giving the 767 cargo version a door, and a cargo version of the 737-300, as well as engine variants for that. I still don't think LNAV is broken. But I will say the vertical speeds it uses can be a bit scary. What I mean is that it might start a climb or descent at 4000 to 6000. (That may be what the complaint is, not the IAS, as I thought.) I've noticed the same thing in the Coolsky / Flight1 MD-80. But then it will settle back to a more reasonable 2000 to 3000 fpm. If you see a 6000 FPM descent and don't know that it will dial it back to something reasonable, I can see why you might think it's broken. And, honestly, if your expectations are calibrated to PMDG, yeah, you could say there's a problem there. For me, as long as it settles down and hits all the marks, I'm not bothered by that. But everyone is entitled to their own expectations. I used to drive a MINI Cooper S convertible. Now I have a Kia. Life is full of compromises. The Kia is good for what Kias are good for. It's definitely not a MINI Cooper S convertible. (Sniffle.) For that matter, LNAV sometimes acts up. It might just lose the thread entirely and miss a waypoint. Not often, and when it does, I notice it and rein it in back on course. Does that mean LNAV is broken, too? For some people, yes. For me, it's something that happens on some flights, but most of the time I get good results as I did on the Lisbon-Rome flight. I suppose the moral of this little story is that Captain Sim never quite got glass perfect. I don't want anyone to think I'm saying they did. Most of the time it all works fine for me. I very much like the looks of their Classic and don't get flustered if I have a flight where I've got to correct course, or LNAV starts out at 6000 FPM before dialing back to something reasonable. Everyone is entitled to their expectations and compromises or lack of compromises. If you fly online, you have other considerations. I hope this puts things in perspective. Captain Sim either ticks your boxes or not, just like any other thing. If you want a 737 NG, you've got a couple of choices .If you want a Classic, good luck without Captain Sim. Happy P3D New Year.
  13. Ah, that makes sense now. I have seen that, too, but changes in physical throttle are simply compensated for--you can watch it in the VC. In fact, on that last flight, I think I forgot all about my throttles during VNAV until I noticed they were much farther forward than the ones in the VC. That would eliminate one factor. Good luck!
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