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  1. I don't have Germany North, so I leave it default. Thanks for resp.
  2. I`ve just purchased Simwings and have a question: in the config tool should I choose "Use FTX GES Seasons" or leave it default?
  3. Yes, quite of a challenge but satisfying. I`ve joined a lot of IVAO events and when they're not organized using vox with online atc is like taking part in one of them. I have another question: in VoxATC window settings I can put call sign Swiss125, but not Swiss125HM. How can I work it out?
  4. I`m mixing Vox with online atc e.g. departing from EDDM where the whole online atc is available (DEL, GND, TWR). After takeoff I run Vox and contact with departure controller next CTR if online atc is not available in that area. Then at arrival airport (e.g. LSGG) with online atc I disable Vox and continue approach and landing.
  5. That`s the trick, thank you. 🙂
  6. Hi, I`ve been testing vox atc in trial period for a couple of days and I want to ask how I should config settings so that the controller says for example: Lufthansa"67" "six seven" instead of "sixty seven". Especially, this is annoying when I`m flying on online network (IVAO) and switching between coverage and not coverage online atc area,
  7. I`ve downloaded again and the problem still occurs:
  8. I`ve just downloaded update from Flight1 and I`m confused: there is update file for 747 not for 737NGXu. How is it possible? 😉
  9. Thanks guys for recommendation, so my choice is FSDT. 🙂
  10. Hi I`m considering purchase a Geneva airport scenery but which one is better? FSDT (7€) or Aerosoft (29€ -25% with code) is now on Black Friday sales. Do they both have installers for 5.1?
  11. Version 1.5 not available in Flight1.com yet.
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