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  1. Thanks Jon. Deleted FSL 320 and that resolved it.. Mark
  2. I followed Poppet's instructions to update to 4.3 Client (only) and receive this error: Hacklib::Contact Points Offset() Unsupported P3D version. Content, Scenery and Professional are Professional Client is Click through the error message and program appears to load normal but does not show up (nor is minimized either.) Under Task Manager, program show in processes but not in applications if that means anything.Would appreciate any guidance or questions-not sure what more detail is needed. Thanks. Mark
  3. I see : USB Root Hub (X3), USB Composite Device, USB 3.0 Hub, USB 2.0 MTT Hub, Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller (X2), Intel USB 3.0 Root Hub, Intel USB eXensible Host Controller, Generic USB Hub (X2), Corsair Hydro Series 7289 USB Device, AS Media USB 3.1 eXtenensible Host Controller. Not sure which ones to delete and also which one is the mouse/keyboard. Would you please guide me? Thanks. Mark
  4. Thanks for your help but still not working. The "turn off"in order to save power were indeed all checked and are now unchecked. That may have helped Windows 7 not freeze on start up -too early to say since it is intermittent but I still get the "did not install correctly" messsage on many of the modules. Also, I checked for Driver updates but the message was that I have the most updated drivers. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Mark K
  5. I would appreciate any help resolving issues with a new custom build dedicated FSX system and problems associated with USB ports. I put in this discussion forum as I think it's cpu and not hardware related. Interesting that I did not have any problems with old system, also a Windows 7 custom buildand using the same GoFlight, etc modules. Here's what's happening: The computer freezes at start up most, but not all (90%?) of the time, when I have the USB hubs plugged in. Unplug them and Windows 7 boots fine every time. If I plug the hubs in after Windows 7 has completed start up, some will install and some will not install correctly. The hubs need to be plugged in as the computer boots or most of the time many of the USB ports connected to the hubs will not install. And to make it even more confusing, it is random as to which will install each time. Sometimes, one USB port on a particular hub will install and not another and then next time, other way around. Don't see a pattern as to what load on any given start-up. I am running approximately 22 USB ports on 2 powered USB hubs. (One has 24 ports, the other has 12-split the modules up just to spread the usage.) Most are GoFlight modules, with a CH yoke and Saitek rudder pedals. I took the CPU back to the store that built it and it tested fine but that is without multiple USB hubs/ports attached. I asked it it was a power supply issue and the head tech said the motherboard was designed for many more usb hubs than I am using and these are powered hubs at that. Please ask questions if I haven't provided enough information. Don't know much about computers so I may have omitted pertinent information. My specs are: Asrock X99 Fatality mb,Intel I7-6800k, Windows 7 Pro, Corsair H115I liquid cooler, EVGA GTX1080 PCIE HD3DP,, Crucial 32GB 4X8 D4 2666 Elite, Samsung 1TB SSD, EVGA SUPRNOVA 850G2 80G FM PSU. Thanks for any assistance. Mark K
  6. Hugh: Thanks very much. Downloading a new Add-on Manager worked. I have no idea why though as I haven't made any changes to FSDT programs in quite some time. It was easy enough to try even though there seemed to be no logic to it but glad I did. Thanks again. Mark
  7. I have searched all of the pages of this forum and while others have had the same problem, none of the solutions have worked for me. Any help would be appreciated. My computer went into the shop for repairs unrelated to FSX which was working fine. Now, when loading FSX I get the splash screen and and then the program closes. No error messages display and Event Viewer shows nothing either. I believe everything else about the computer is working fine. I have deleted FSX.CFG and the only difference in the start-up is that I am prompted to trust a few files and then FSX closes. I tried renaming the logbook file with the thought it might have gotten corrupted but that did not help either. Also, I ran FSX Acceleration repair and that did not change anything. It does seem like that just as the splash screen disappears, there is a quick view of a information box that may be another dialog of trusting a site but can't be for sure as its really quick. The first time I tried to run FSX it did go through the scenery re-build dialog box which I was surprised by as nothing had been changed even before I had issues, muchless after I got it back. Not sure what else to describe so please ask or offer suggestions.. Thanks in advance. Mark
  8. Greg:Your idea worked and I appreciate the help as well as quick response.Mark
  9. I am having trouble with new computer and FS9 and would appreciate any assistance. (FSX seems to work fine the short time that I have spent with it.) For example the Alt key will not bring up menu but slowly fades the sound instead, cycling through views usually, but not always, causes loss of cockpit view. Can get gauges back most of the time but not full panel. Flaps (F keys)ignore any partial extension-only respond to all the way down or up. Lot of little quirky issues like this. I'm not overly computer literate but very familar with FS9 from previous computers, so it's not me.System is an HP quad Core with Nvidia 8500 and LG 22" flat screen.Thanks.Mark
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