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  1. Issue resolved. This was not a Windows problem but an issue with the Avionics suite that is used in conjunction with P3D.
  2. I am having trouble with a monitor on extended display that is shifted onto the other monitor. I have a home cockpit and the displays are built in the frame so not a typical stand-alone monitor setup. They are set up as "extended display". Not sure how this happened, but now the right monitor is shifted about a third of the way onto the left monitor.` I have tried Windows Control Panel and NVIDIA Control Panel but nothing I can find resolves it. I think typical monitors have a menu and buttons on the monitor itself to adjust such an issue but these are flat panel screens that are mounted. Whatever I did, had to come from one of these two control panels. The resolution used is native and the display fits on the screen, it's the screen that's shifted. Any help or questions for clarification would be appreciated. Mark K
  3. Ray: I (actually you) have it working again. Have Widecient and Showtext installed. Thanks so much for your expertise and especially your patience! There's no way I could have figured this out without you. I was installing to a networked PC. The hangup with the registration was not using admin privileges. Regards, Mark
  4. Ray: The old PC that I had networked was my previous FSX Windows 7 PC but it suddenly died and so I replaced it with a new CPU that is where I'm trying to add RC4 to. (The PC that I copied the file from that has Windows 7 is used by my wife for work purposes so not available.) I had RC4 running with WideFS and ShowText-the difference being it was Windows 7 and had FSX on the cpu. I followed the the registration but got the error, "The module "msstdfmt.dll was loaded but the call to DllRegisterServer failed with error code 0x8002801c". I researched the code and looks like I'm getting way deeper than my ability. Could I install FSX (still have the disks) on the new (network) cpu as a shortcut since that worked before? Or I guess the .dll issue is a Windows 10 vs 7 issue?? Thanks for your guidance. Mark
  5. Thanks Ray, I was able to download the file from another PC that has Windows 7 installed. I copied and verified that I installed the file in both locations per your direction. However, I still get the following " Run-time error 713...." as well as "registry key for FSX not found, please browse to your FSX directory..." On my former networked PC, I had FSX installed but was using the network to link to P3D on my main sim computer if that helps. Thank you! Mark
  6. Would someone with patience help an old guy who is only computer semi-literate with installing Radar Contact 4 on a Windows 10 network machine? Specifically, I am getting the 713 and missing .ddl errors MSSTDFMT.DLL. While running a search, I get several responses but they seem to be either dated with dead or questionable links. Not sure what to do with it if I do find a reputable download. If anyone has recent experience and can provide me steps, I would greatly appreciate it. I had Radar Contact 4 running on my previous network computer which had FSX and Windows 7 installed and had no issues. This new system has Windows 10 and thus the MSSTDFMT.DLL issue. Thanks in advance. Mark K
  7. That's very cool Ray. Thanks for sharing. Mark K
  8. I had not thought of Event Viewer before but am alerted now to look at it next time that it happens. So, the first time that I did look at it after P3D closed suddenly, there was only "Application Error". I do know that it is not at a specific airport or scenery. I repeated a couple of flights where I had the problem and neither time did I have any issues. I had been watching that for a pattern but there isn't one.
  9. I appreciate all of the time you have spent providing guidance. I have not had issues lately but am now extra alert to try to identify what might be different when P3D suddenly closes vs when no problems. Since it's not been a reported issue by others and you've never heard of it, probably not RC4 and just a perceived coincidence. Stay safe. Mark
  10. Hi Ray: I'm pretty sure it's not FSUIPC disconnecting during flight as the Sim-A software on another pc never disconnects. Want to make sure I'm being clear in my description. Mark
  11. Yesterday, the same event occurred-P3D closes in mid flight. Perhaps it's a strong coincidence that it seems to only happen when using RC4 and that it is something else. I do see an "Application error 1000" in event viewer. Not sure if that's pointing to this issue specifically, but unless you have any further ideas, I think I will post in a more general forum although searching in the past, I did not find any resolution that seemed applicable. Thanks very much for your help. Mark
  12. Thanks Ray. Will follow your guidance and report back. Since intermittent, may be a little while. I am also connecting Sim-Avionics software through FSUIPC and have not had any issues, just RC4 if that means anything. Mark
  13. Running RC4 on network and periodically I get the following message: "Maybe running on wideclient but FS not running on server or wrong FSUIPC". Yesterday was one of those days. I rebooted both computers, closed and opened RC4 a few times but no luck. Today, I did nothing different and RC4 worked perfectly. Any thoughts on why this is happening? Running version 5.152 FSUIPC on P3D computer. Thanks. Mark K
  14. Markek


    I too used to use a payware AI program and recently gave up on it ever being updated and switched to AIG. As previously stated, it's so much better in every way. Add FS Reborn AI Lights and you have a totally new level of immersion. The strobe light effects are amazing! While there is a free edition, the pay version offers so much more and is not expensive. The interface is extremely well done and very intuitive . Crazy as it sounds, I sometimes find my self parked near a runway and watching planes take-off and land. Mark K
  15. Ray, I have done 4 flights with RC4 and P3D did not close mid-flight so it looks like your recommendations solved my problem. Since it's been an intermittent problem, I'll post if there are further issues but the pattern would have been that likely at least 1 of the 4 flights would have had issues. I did notice that the ATIS weather is off slightly if that means anything. I'm using Active Sky which matches real world weather and while the actual airport might be something like 30.06, RC4 is reporting 30.04. Not sure where it reads the weather but is always slightly off. Just in case that makes any sense to you. Thanks for your help. Mark
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