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  1. My FS9 is long gone so i'm going from memory. Not sure what you mean by copilot seat vs captain seat. There is only one seat- but you can change the views for it- such as View Forward, View Left Forward etc. As well, you can shift that view up or down or change the eyepoint. Also, you must be sitting square to the monitor center or you will get a distorted view that may seem like a copilot seat. january
  2. Try this- (lower seat) Eyepoint Move Down- key Shift+Backspace (raise seat) Eyepoint Move Up - key Shift + Enter The atached site lists all FS9 commands january http://fsrijnmond.airworld.nl/PDF%20bestanden/FS2004-Toetsenbordcommando's.pdf
  3. Kevin you raise an interesting point - that by installing a "Defender", one conceivably might end up in court charged with modifying an airplane without legal authority from FAA etc. !!!! And I have had meal service delayed with the instruction to close trays, fasten seat belts snugly & raise seatbacks to upright due to expected turbulence. (raised seats & trays presumably to avoid having one's teeth knocked about!) january
  4. It's doubtful that a court would uphold that you "own" the space behind your upright seat. You use that space at the pleasure of the airline and upon the authority of the flight crew. Try exerting your right to recline when the attendants have ORDERED seats to be placed in an upright position due to turbulence or imminent landing !!!! There is a good argument that reclining one's seat is a privilege to be exercised solely at the pleasure of the airplane commander and/or his delegate(s) january
  5. The solution is simple- just add some nitrous oxide to the cabin atmosphere system. (Best to avoid this for the flight deck - ATC would be puzzled to hear wild laughter in response to their instructions.) january
  6. Good idea! Then the airline should refund most of that extra ticket, since the airplane will be lighter in passenger load & use less fuel. And because no one will be sitting in that seat, the airline should also physically remove the seat itself and save some more weight- and provide a further refund!!!!! january
  7. Anaesthetic reverser after surgery. On reflection, a perhaps simpler solution would be to pipe Nitrous Oxide gas through the airplane cabin- and have all aboard laughing their silly heads off for the trip. (Probably best to have the flight deck airtight from cabin atmosphere!) january
  8. The obvious answer is to pipe an anaesthetic gas thru' the plane's ventilation ducts.so that every one gets fully rested during flight- then 15 minutes before landing, the FAs give everyone a shot of Narcan to wake 'em up- all fully rested and ready for a good day's work! january
  9. Further to previous comments on airplane seating, it's worthy of note that Airbus recently filed for a patent on bicycle style seating for airplanes. Awfully close to standing room only !!!! See the attached clip. http://business.financialpost.com/2014/07/15/airbus-files-patent-for-bicycle-style-seating-on-airplanes/ january
  10. In the early 60's- (oh my- that's 50+ years ago!) I flew frequently on Air Canada- DC8s. (At that time if I recall, it was called Trans Canada Airlines- TCA). Economy seating was 3 abreast with legroom for a 6 footer to easily cross one's legs. With any luck on an AM flight to the west coast, there would be no seatmates- so stretch out over all 3 upholstered seats for a morning snooze !!! The Stewardess (now Flight Attendant) seeing your "discomfort", would usually bring you a soft pillow and a blanket !!! In that era, if you flew Canadian Pacific Airlines - Toronto-Vancouver, you could return via Mexico City- including stopover there- for no extra charge !!!! It truly was the golden age of air travel - sad to see how the standard has descended into near cattle trade. january
  11. As a 6 footer, on an Air Canada 767 flight from Honolulu, the seating was so uncomfortable, I seriously debated sitting in the can for a half hour. instead I walked the aisles for extended periods. No wonder air rage is a problem these days. january
  12. Still working for me. 16:15 hrs PST Aug. 23 january
  13. BBC is reporting some new, interesting details on the search for 370 - to be resumed this autumn. http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-28900565 january
  14. Quite possibly you will miss that "next flight, while the joystick is being investigated by the security folks at the gate. january
  15. There's an old rule about cars- "Never buy a new model in its first year of production." Applies also to software and just about everything made by humans! january
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