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  1. All theories as to the fate of MH370 must now be put on hold. The Malaysian Prime Minister has today stated "he is not prepared to declare 370 to be lost" so that insurance claims can be processed. When pressed as to when it would be declared lost, he declined to answer. ----- it would seem that all speculation as to what happened to 370 is premature, so I withdraw my thoughts on that matter for the present!! january
  2. Your odds of getting all six numbers correct for the second-largest Mega Millions jackpot are about 1 in 259 million, according to the lottery company. You have more than 1,000 times better chance of an asteroid or comet killing you -- and that's using the long odds, according to Tulane University. january
  3. Paul- reread my post #1150 in this thread. ---------- There is an old engineering saying that " If something CAN go wrong, sooner or later it WILL." A rephrase might have that as- "If a meteoroid strike is possible, sooner or later it will". Only a question of odds and probability! I don't buy lottery tickets for that reason but I can fly happily in an airplane- apart from the crappy seating nowadays! january
  4. Paul & king - We need the benefit of your expertise in developing ideas as to what may have happened to MH370. -------------- For a photo of a car hit by a meteorite, Google "Meteorite car". And that rock had slowed to terminal velocity! At airliner altitude, it would have been much larger in size and travelling perhaps 1000 times faster. I'm surprised at the disbelief that a meteoroid might, once in a few decades, do the same to an airplane. january
  5. And being hit by a meteoroid would be even purer dumber blink blink luck.! PS- Wings are not pressurized - recall the jet of fire seen by the worker on the oil platform. A fuel tank being pierced by a white hot pebble travelling 100 times faster than a cannon shell? january
  6. Ever seen photos of badly damaged B17s that made it back to base in Britain during WW2? Or the 737 that made it back to Honolulu with most of the upper fuselage missing & looking like a convertible with the top down! Boeing builds tough birds! january
  7. G550flyer- see my post #1150 in this thread. Who really knows what would happen- there has never been a reported meteoroid hit on an airplane. (a few have hit cars!) The odds certainly are slim but not zero. Remember that 90% of earth's protective atmosphere is below 39,000 ft. Above that alt., meteoroids are travelling at speeds of 25,000 to 160,000 miles per hour. The 19,000 rocks that enter our atmosphere daily are moving pretty fast up there! And hey- I'm not an astrophysicist - just an amateur who likes to do a bit of research on puzzling events that affect us on this gorgeous chunk of real estate we call earth! january
  8. Agreed that this topic has been beaten sufficiently to administer last rites to the horse! ------- Worth commenting however, that when Discover magazine published a similar meteorite hit postulation (re the Air France crash), the subsequent "letters" commentary was also vitriolic from many readers of that article. Perhaps the concept of a catastrophic meteoroid strike, conjures images that are quite alien to one's philosophical or religious beliefs. january
  9. But isn't that the point? - That a possibility, however remote, should not be discarded just because it has (apparently) never happened before? The Wright brothers were considered to be nut cases and not worthy of serious possibility - until one day at Kitty Hawk. Investigations proceed from two directions- Available evidence and theoretical possibility. In many instances, the two may not be in agreement. But both need evaluation before a conclusion is reached. Sorry if I have offended you and disappointed that you wish to rule out a possibility - literally before the investigation has begun. january
  10. Those who are skeptical of even the possibility of a meteoroid hit on an airliner, might wish to read the following extract from "physics.org- April 17, 2014". QUOTE- "This Earth Day, Tuesday, April 22, three former NASA astronauts will present new evidence that our planet has experienced many more large-scale asteroid impacts over the past decade than previously thought… three to ten times more, in fact. A new visualization of data from a nuclear weapons warning network, to be unveiled by B612 Foundation CEO Ed Lu during the evening event at Seattle's Museum of Flight, shows that "the only thing preventing a catastrophe from a 'city-killer' sized asteroid is blind luck." UNQUOTE This group is urging an early warning system for earth, in the hope that an incoming asteroid might be diverted from an earthly catastrophe. january
  11. Here is another response from one of the leading experts on impact phenomena, David Morrison of the NASA Ames Research Center: From Scientific American- July 1997 "It is certainly possible for a meteorite to strike a commercial airliner, although the probability is low. We can make a very rough estimate by comparing the area of airliners with the area of cars in the U.S. A typical car has an area on the order of 10 square meters, and there are roughly 100 million cars in the U.S., for a total cross-sectional area of about 1,000 square kilometers. The typical airliner has a cross-sectional area of several hundred square meters, but the number of planes is much smaller than the number of cars, perhaps a few thousand. The total cross-sectional area of airliners is therefore no more than 10 square kilometers, or a factor of at least 100 less than that of cars. Three cars are known to have been struck by meteorites in the U.S. during the past century, so it would appear that the odds are against any airplanes having been hit, but it is not impossible that one might have been. ----------------------------- Worth noting that there are many more airplanes flying in 2014 and at higher altitudes for longer durations than when this was published some 17 years ago. And that airplanes now tend to be larger targets! This calculation also relates to the US rather than airplanes worldwide. january
  12. Bloomberg News is reporting Bluefin 21 is, today, on its final search of the area where pinger signals were thought to have been heard. Bloomberg in the same item also reports the following- The optimism injected into the search after pinger signals were picked up may also prove ill-founded because the sounds could have come from sources other than the emergency beacons, said Peter Herzig, executive director of the Geomar Helmholtz Center for Oceanographic Research in Kiel, Germany. All of which reminds one of the quote attributed to Satchel Paige- "it ain't over 'till it's over." january
  13. Wow- I feel a little like how Leonardo Da Vinci may have felt after he proposed the crazy idea that man might someday fly! Except that a meteoroid hit bringing down an airliner is NOT my idea. It was proposed by two Columbia University scientists- Physics Prof. Charles Hailey and Astronomy Prof. David Helfand. They published a letter in the New York Times on Sept 19 1996 proposing the POSSIBILITY that a meteoroid might have brought down TWA Flight 800. In that article they pointed out that "approx. 3000 meteors a day with the requisite mass strike earth." The fact that such an event has "apparently " never happened, does not preclude it from eventually occurring.Those who deny the possibility are betting against the croupier !!! If something CAN happen, sooner or later it will !!! Ask the owners of houses and cars that have been hit by meteorites! january
  14. The scientists at Columbia University who proposed the meteoroid theory for the downing of TWA 800 must have been serious since they published their investigation & NAMES in the New York Times. I'm not a mathemetician nor astrophysics scientist so I bow to their expertise. Neither do I have any preconceived notion as to what happened to MH370. But an investigation is likely a farce if possibilities are ruled out because they "seem improbable". Worth pointing out too, that more airplanes are flying today than ever before for longer hours at higher altitudes than a few years ago. 40,000' is now commonplace even on runs as short as 400 miles. Also worth pointing out that meteoroids are 50-60 % more common in equatorial regions than polar regions. (from the NASA astrophysics Data Division: Ian Halliday- Canada Dominion Observatory.) Kuala Lumpur is close to the equator! Yes, meteorite collision is a long shot- but so is any other theory as to what happened to MH370. january
  15. I'm not proposing that what happened in the disappearance of 370 was caused by a meteoroid strike. Simply that such an event seems to fit with the little info that is available to the public. A proper investigation will consider ALL possibilities- especially in the knowledge that frequently the solution is not the obvious. And I have to admit that I was quite surprised upon doing some basic research into meteoroid "hit" probability. We live in a world under bombardment, protected only by earth's atmosphere. When you climb out of that protection it becomes a different game! january
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