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  1. Hello All I was wondering if there is any tools out there either pay of free to help me accurately plan a flight on from London to New York over the North Atlantic? I am flight the PMDG 777-200 in prepare 3d version 5 any an all help and advice would be helpfull 13ifs40
  2. WOW that was a great review and very helpful thanks so much for you input 13ifs40
  3. OK so based on everything I have read, seen, or heard is there a market for force feedback controls?
  4. Good Morning all I am looking for a good force feedback joystick for Prepare3d V 5. I was wondering what you folks would recommend I currently fly the PMDG 737 and 777 thanks for your help in advance 13ifs40
  5. Good Afternoon all I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good scenery for SBGR, the default one does not even have wide body gates any help and advice would be awesome thanks for you help in advance 13ifs40
  6. Good Afternoon all So i just got a brand new cyberpower computer and i was wondering is MSFS 2020 worth buying now and upgrading as the future moves forward or waiting until next year when the sim has had some time to mature. Right now in my opinion it is just eye candy and lacks functionality I know that alot of the heavy iron add ons won't be ready till end of this year or next year and all i would be doing is hitting the upgrade button till then every and all opinions would be welcome thanks for your help in advance 13ifs40
  7. HI Thanks for your quick response i used the gsx control and it said i had to buy gsx 2 is that correct?
  8. Hi all I just got a new computer and purchased Prepar3d V5.1. After installing it into my computer i also installed gsx and pmdg 737-800. However i cannot get the jetways to attach at any airport using Ctrl J I am at a loss for what i have done wrong, also i did not test the game before putting the add ons in thanks all for your help in advance 13ifs40
  9. Good afternoon all So i just got a brand new gamer xlc by cyberpower and i install prepare3d v5.1 and when i go into the sim at KDFW I notice that terminal d is a grass patch with the default scenery. I have my scenery slider set to the max and i still get the same problem. So am i missing something or is it a known problem? if so is there a good scenery addon for V5.1? thanks all in advance for your help 13ifs40
  10. Good afternoon all I am getting a new computer this week and am going to get Prepar3d. I was wondering about the install steps When i go to install do i tell the program where to go or do i let it do its thing on its own as you can tell this is new to me so i need some direction for problem free results thanks for your help in advance 13ifs40
  11. Hello and wishing you a happy new year to all thanks for your input V5 it will be 13ifs40
  12. Hello all and happy holidays I am about to finally upgrade from fsx and i was wondering which prepare 3d to get Version 4 or version 5? what i want is default airports with gates like i have in fsx and i am only going to buy PMDG 737, Qualitywings 787, active sky and GSX I have got a new cyberpower gamer xfinity xlc for christmas so performance should be no problem Thanks all in advance for your help and advice 13ifs40
  13. Hello All I was wondering if i could get help from you wonderful folks on a couple of questions i have on Prepar3d. Due to monetary contraints i will not be able to get a new computer till january but I want to get it as a christmas gift So i have some questions 1) Can i buy the sim at christmas and keep it on a remote hard drive without activating it till i get the new computer 2) Can i purchase version 4.5 or can i only get version 5 3) Is it only version 5 or does the it come with the hot fix already included 4) I want to get PMDG 737ngu and qualitywings 787, can i purchase those and save them on a remote hard drive without activating them till i get the new computer i want to thank all of you for you help in advance 13ifs40
  14. Well i know extra add ons in the sim effects the performance (i think) all i run is GSX and Active sky weather and my only airport add on is EGLL not to mention i fly maybe twice a week and i would like to have some smooth long haul flights 13ifs40
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