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  1. Well i know extra add ons in the sim effects the performance (i think) all i run is GSX and Active sky weather and my only airport add on is EGLL not to mention i fly maybe twice a week and i would like to have some smooth long haul flights 13ifs40
  2. wow song on the video was so good i brought it from Itunes, anyway i got a Dell XPS 8700 it has 2TB 7200 RPM SATA Hard drive NVDIA Geforce GTX650 1.0GB GDDR5 4th Gen Intel Core I7-4770 Processor 8M Cache 3.9GHZ 16GB Dual Channel DDR3 1600MHZ Win 7 64 Bit Pro I do flight simming twice a week so it is not like i am flying all the time
  3. Hello all I was wondering about getting this product figuring it has had some time to mature. I have a old computer circa 2013 running FSX Gold addition and I figure my system is not powerful enough to run the PMDG version. So i would like to know if this is worth the 60 bucks and if it has improved at all thanks for all your help in advance 13ifs40
  4. Hello all I was wondering if anyone out there could recommend a good computer to replace my 6 year old Dell. I have been looking at Alienware, Cyperpowerpc, and HP I have a budget off around 1800.00 and building one is not an option considering i am a computer moron, All i want to run is the following Prepare3D Active Sky weather 737 747-400 747-800 777-200 777-200LR 777-300ER 787 EGLL Scenery GSX thanks for all your help and advice in advance 13ifs40
  5. Hello Ok i just noticed something when i go to customize aircraft position it shows an AFCAD in the main scenery folder Scenery\0302\scenery\apx24160bgl now i think that could be the problem since i want it to read the one I put in the add on scenery folder. Or am i just lost. i did post in the FSDT GSX forum yesterday but it was never replied to thanks again Ian Snow
  6. Hello I ran the scruffy duck macro and it came out blank, now either that is good, or bad can't figure out which thanks Ian Snow
  7. Hello Your right with my limited knowledge i might want to go easy on what i touch. I will try that scruffy duck idea first and see what that gets me thanks again Ian Snow
  8. Good afternoon Andy Thanks for your answer. I don't have mytraffic so that is not the problem, and the first thing i did was to run the rebuild airport cache. I put his scenery in the FSX/addon scenery/ scenery folder. Now your 3rd option i am a little confused. You are saying i should make a folder called KORD for example and put it in the FSX/ scenery folder? Thanks again for the help Ian Snow
  9. Good Afternoon I was wondering if anyone out there could give me a hand with a problem I am having with GSX from FSDT. I downloaded updates from Ray Smith for KLAX, KIAD, and KORD. The updates are great looking, however when i go to use GSX from FSDT the gates are either out of position, or they don't show up as read by GSX at all. I was wondering if anyone out there ever had this issue and if so they could help explain a fix for someone who is not that computer bright. thanks in advance for all your help Ian Snow
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