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  1. calooom

    Any Virgins Around?

    Brilliant. Great topic. Thanks
  2. calooom

    A Couple of Observations

    Thanks for the detailed explanation
  3. Thought that would get your attention. I'm hoping there's a few Virgin Atlantic pilots around who would be willing to make correct config files for the VS liveries. Have yet to see anything and there's only so much photos can do. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  4. calooom

    A Couple of Observations

    So I had a double check. All power sources are OFF. I have the GPU still plugged in, but switched off (in AVAIL state). When I have this, NAV (and cabin) lights are still on. As soon as I disconnect the GPU completely, nav lights (and cabin) are off. No other lights / displays are showing. Brake pressure is 0. Hope this helps
  5. calooom

    A Couple of Observations

    I'll check when I get back on the ground in a few hours. Thanks for the advice
  6. calooom

    A Couple of Observations

    Damn i missed that! Thanks
  7. Firstly, great job by the team PMDG. It's a beauty to fly and probably one of the finest aircraft created for Flight Sim. I really love the new ground physics model. I noted a few things that I couldn't find "quirks" for in the manual. Not sure if they're bugs or how the real aircraft handles things. There's also a few other things too: - The EULA on the Prepar3d version reads that "It can only be used for FSX" on a few lines - There's a couple of references to the ol' 777 in the tutorial guide. I'm happy to point them out in more detail if you'd like? - I'm struggling to reset the baro. I can switch between Baro and Radios and adjust the values just fine. However, when I click reset, nothing happens. Not sure if this is how-is and I'm doing something wrong or a small bug. - The nav lights stay on when I've turned the aircraft into a complete cold and dark state (no power running through at all, battery standby off etc). Just a couple of things I've noticed. Great aircraft and a pleasure to fly. I'll keep my eyes peeled for anything else. Thanks
  8. calooom

    PMDG 747 V3 landing at Kai Tak

    Thanks Kyle. Honestly, that must be a pretty big thing in flight sim development. To be able to change all of that with a click of a button real time is incredible.
  9. calooom

    PMDG 747 V3 landing at Kai Tak

    I have a question actually. The extra engine. Is that an additional model to the 747 range (in terms of how you select it in FSX/P3D) or a FMS 'option'? If it's an option, that's incredibly impressive from a development standpoint!
  10. calooom

    PMDG 747 V3 landing at Kai Tak

    He has LOADS of videos on his channel! Even spare engine!!
  11. calooom

    [13MAY15] Intercontinental breakfast, anyone?

    I can't remember who, but I know there's a dev out there you previewed this effect. I think it may be the same team who did the 777 effects package.
  12. calooom

    PMDG 777 P3D BETA Screenshots

    Froogle has posted these beauties on his Facebook page. Looking great!
  13. To work out of Rome is a nightmare - always a delay of some kind of failure in equipment. Otherwise, great destination.
  14. calooom

    PMDG 777 Liveries - Goldstar Textures

    Don't give them any ideas... shuddering at the thought of minimum crew with just one oven!
  15. I'm looking forward to receiving multiple sums of money sent in brown envelopes for my silence! B)