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  1. What should I do to celebrate graduating?

    I was going to do a business degree, but got kind of discouraged recently by how long I thought it was going to take. Then I found that I could be done in 2 less semesters with an associates in science degree. Maybe not, but it would look better on my resume instead of business since I'm going into computer programming. At this point all I want to do is be done and have the piece of paper, because it will open up more things to me in the long run.
  2. I had a long and meandering path towards graduation, which will either happen in the fall or spring depending on what classes I can get. I didn't even know I was that close. The time it took mostly due to me not having much funding made me feel like it would go on forever. I want to do something fun to mark the occasion. I'm not much of a drinker sadly.
  3. Sloeed to 220 kph close to the end of my flight?

    None though there might have been a waypoint on the flight that is part of a star? I’ll check things but as I said it’s been some time since I flown. Patrick Boynton
  4. I was cruising along happily and suddenly I noticed a massive drop by my lnav speed bug. I haven’t flown this aircraft in quite some time and want to know why this happened? It caused me to miss the next descent checkpoint. Is this new? I don’t remember it from before. I was attempting to descend to fl 111, but it wouldn’t go down while the speed was decreasing. I’m assuming this can be changed in the fmc? Pattick Boynton
  5. Random sound cutouts?

    The sound randomly shuts off at different points during the flight, and seems to have no relation to anything I am doing. Any ideas on why it randomly mutes? This current flight I was flying the PMDG NGX, and using RC4.
  6. I’m switching careers to programming soon and I’m looking outside the box for ideas to look up for. The pay doesn’t matter as long as it meets the average pay for junior programmers. This really is just a curiosity question.
  7. I didn't read the error it gave me, but I just assumed it was one of those innocuous things that you just don't pay attention to and didn't even read it, but whatever it was caused FSX to crash, and I haven't flown since, mostly due to not having time. Anyone else had this issue with AS16? I was flying from CYVR to KSFO in the PMDG 737 NGX V2.
  8. Drop down HUD no longer displaying anything.

    This helped a lot thanks!
  9. Drop down HUD no longer displaying anything.

    I thought the HGS/HUD were essentially part of the same thing. The only part that doesn't work properly is that it doesn't show anything. I tried completely reinstalling it just a few moments ago with no luck. I'll try repairing it, then I'll try the other suggestion. Patrick Boynton
  10. It doesn't break the aircraft but it is disappointing since I use the feature all the time. Anyone have a solution besides uninstalling and reinstalling it? Patrick Boynton
  11. I am just curious, if there is some setting on Steve's DX10 Fixer that will allow it to work, or I will just have to go back to DX9? Patrick Boynton
  12. Speech Training Error

    Where is it? I don't see an option. Everything I have tried gives me the same error.
  13. Sometimes I want to go from point a to point b and I have no clue where I want to fly. What do you do in this case?
  14. Well, for instance I've flown to KATL twice and been given clearance, and was within yards of the runway when another aircraft waiting in line just decides to go, then I have to abort. The second time was I was again almost down and the issue was an aircraft crossed the runway. I landed anyway this second time, because the aircraft was gone right after i was denied clearance. This second time I was also given "please expect vectors to x runway" 5 different times before it decided on a runway I could actually land at.
  15. Certain airports I never seem to get clearance to land. The only solution I can see is land even though I don't have clearance. If I only followed the ATC, I'd never get to land, the aircraft on the ground seem to have no problem ignoring whatever the ATC is saying, they just go without clearance. Is there a way of preventing aircraft from always ignoring the ATC?