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  1. 310R Redux in FSX?

    The C310R Redux works fine here in FSX+A with a Core2Duo@3.33GHz (10 years old now!) and Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti.
  2. New Version for C402

    No, I currently don't have this aircraft installed. But this is what I do with almost all add-on aircraft when updates are released. Why do you ask?
  3. New Version for C402

    2.4a has been released few days ago, it is already available at the fspilotshop Edit: and, too.
  4. New Version for C402

    FYI: fspilotshop now has version 2.4
  5. DHC-2 Beaver: Very, very low FPS

    Usually this low frame rates indicate that you are running FSX in compatibility mode (e.g. Windows XP). While this has been a recommendation many years ago to be able to run some very old add-ons, you should disable this now as it causes a big performance impact with some add-ons.
  6. Problems with the C441

    Engine start may be problematic due to the custom simulation of the start locks. (the MU-2B would be the same here). Not sure about SimConnect, but with FSUIPC I can use AP_VS_VAR_DEC and AP_VS_VAR_INC with the C441 AP.
  7. Elevator Trim Switch

    I found something in the POH of the real aircraft (available directly from Mooney at, it contains the following information on page 7-11 (page 139 in the pdf): According to the POH the switch is located next to the pitot heat switch. Is it the same in the Alabeo version? Edit: I found a screen shot, the switch is there, just one position further to the right (Pitot Heat, Boost Pump, Elev Trim) Edit2: The changed position is the normal position for newer M20R aircraft, as shown in on page 135.
  8. Elevator Trim Switch

    This is just a convenient alternative to using the trim wheel. I don't have this plane yet, so I don't know if there is a way to turn it off/on, but I suggest you read the checklist item as "check if it works". Edit: See my post below for more relevant information.
  9. Not all (i.e. not the newest) titles are discounted. The link above shows all JustFlight titles, with 89 of 93 having the -40% discount. My experience with this shop is good. There have been some problems directly after launch, but those have been solved within very few days after I reported them.
  10. How to use WAMA

    WAMA has many features. Even if you don't use the "walk to your aircraft and enter it" feature: you can still use it to add aircraft (or other objects, even driving vehicles are possible) to certain positions on the airport. the automatic logbook, which saves your flights and offers to export them to KML files (for e.g. Google Earth) is nice it can keep your selected departure and arrival parking spot free of automatically inserted AI aircraft
  11. Still love WAMA!

    Sure, I'm happy to try it! Just PM (or email) me the link as usual.
  12. Still love WAMA!

    I thought this airport looked familiar ... I'm usually sitting on the other side in Parking 142 :)
  13. Altimeter Sudden Jump

    In the USA and some other regions 18000ft is the transition altitude where you set your barometer from local pressure to 29.92 inHg. Do you have something that automatically does this switch for you? A virtual co-pilot or something like that?
  14. WX advantage weather radar

    The REX WX Radar works out of the box with the L35A and C441, no need to run the config tool. The Flysimware installer has different install options for single or dual GTN750, but both installations allow switching to the GNS530 without reinstallation.
  15. You might want to enable carburetor heat, even for aircraft who don't have this, with the "H" key. This is a known issue in FSX and probably in P3D as well.