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  2. ThomasAH

    First impressions

    I have been burned a bit by sound sets for the C337: The Oovee sound set was far too quiet and sometimes the engine sound stops, but I got a refund for it, so no big deal. The ArezOne sound set had the problem the at the front and rear engine sounds came from the left and right side. But some of the other sounds were quite nice so I mixed and matched them with the original Carenado sounds to get something I really like. But I'm interested in opinions on the C421C sound set, too.
  3. ThomasAH

    First impressions

    They accomplish this by not using the engine simulation that is part of FSX/P3D and instead using their own simulation and feed the result back into the flight simulator. This has benefits (a better simulation of the engine) and drawbacks (it is not in the sim, and therefore causes problems or extra work when interfacing with other software pieces, e.g. external avionics, that only know how to interact with the sim).
  4. ThomasAH

    Bought the mu-2b

    For the L35A:
  5. No facebook for me, and I'm not in a hurry (I have the currently current version of the fixer and have not bought anything else from this store), this was meant as a service to their other users, and to give them the opportunity to not give the impression that nothing happens.
  6. If you have any contact with them, please ask them to update the "Work has begun ... ongoing for several days" banner with something that shows they're still working on it, like: "Status May 25th, 2018: Transfer is in progress, 40% transferred, ETA: mid-June"
  7. I just got "Unable to locate file for download." for your fixer there. (the main page still shows "Please Note: Work has begun on transferring files to a new service, however many download files are still inaccessible. This transfer process is expected to be ongoing for several days. We apologise for any inconvenience.")
  8. ThomasAH

    Transponder setting?

    Thank you, while not usable for me out of the box it gives me all the info I need to try something :) I don't use the GTN750, and above isn't for the transponder code, but for the transponder mode.
  9. While 2.11 is not the latest and greatest, it already contains the most important things to get you started. My suggestion (unless Steve has a better proposal or you want to spend money again) is: Fly and enjoy with 2.11 now and update the DX10 fixer later when the store downloads are again possible.
  10. ThomasAH

    Transponder setting?

    Henry, can you send me the C337 lua files (or a link to them)? Thank you!
  11. ThomasAH

    loading flight plan C441

    Citing So it seems this is an exception to the rule? Additionally I think (but have not verified) that the real GTN can import flight plans from SD card. And there are some other way of transfer, I think there is a device called "Flight Stream" which pairs with an Android app to transfer flight plans using bluetooth. In the end all this is probably independent from the aircraft, so asking in a GTN-centric forum might yield better results than my guesses above.
  12. ThomasAH

    Milviz Flash Sale immenent!

    The C310R Redux is a must-have 🙂 I'm mostly not interested in military aircraft for FSX either, but the T-38A (regular or Advanced) is a trainer, and while it is used for military training, there is also a NASA livery, because they're using this aircraft for training purposes, too. This one has pure analogue gauges, the newer T-38C variant with glass cockpit is currently in development.
  13. ThomasAH

    WhereAreMyAircraft(WAMA) 1.11 released

    Thanks for the update! Quick question: Did anybody else get three mails from SimMarket for this update?
  14. There often is a slight delay between the time the devs said they sent the installer to the stores and having it available for download on, so it seems there is a manual step involved. Some other stores (not only flight sim related) have similar mechanisms, maybe to do some sanity checks?