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  1. In the top-right click on " Log in / Sign up " and log in. Now in the same spot click on your account name or email address. In the drop-down that opens, click on " Keys ". Here you can click on "click to redeem on Steam" to see the code for Steam. My recommendation for a vehicle simulation (driving through mud, sometimes carrying logs, absolutely no racing involved) in their current sale would be Spintires discounted by 85% (3.74€ in Germany). If you like it, you can buy the upcoming sequel "Spintires: MudRunner" at 50% discount (for owners of Spintires) directly on Steam. If you buy it before the release date (October 31st) you'll get the 10% pre-order discount, too (which combines to 55% of the full price). Mods: I think I have seen a thread about a sale for a simulator (which was not a flight simulator) locked, but I think the reason was that the site where it was sold was unknown to the moderators. If you think that sales for non-flightsim simulators should not be too prominent, because this is mainly a site about flight sims, maybe the title of this thread can be renamed to a more generic one and people could append such sales here?
  2. Some other shops only updated it last and this week, too, and since the release happened just 3 weeks ago, this is well within the "usually 1-4 weeks". But yes, it can be annoying, and the general recommendation is to buy directly from the primary source if you want to have early access to updates. Meanwhile I suggest you contact simshack in a friendly manner to remind them that you need the update to be able to use it at all, maybe that helps accelerating the process :)

    The PA23 Aztec F is nice, too. I bought it in an earlier sale.
  4. Ah, that explains it. The dual setup is for two GTN 750, which would have to be bought separately from Flight1. Instructions for various radars are in a PDF contained in I have used the free RolASN radar in the past (which does not react to the panel buttons, but only to clickspots inside the radar screen), and am now using the REX/MilViz WX Advantage Radar.
  5. The radar needs an installed 3rd party radar. By default the L35A is configured to use the REX/MilViz WX Advantage Radar, but there are alternatives (some free if you are using ASN/AS16/ASP4) as indicated on the product page. Not sure what problem you have with the GPS as you initially say that it does not work and now that it turns on just fine.
  6. The C402C has been updated to 2.3 some time ago (Edit: and to 2.3A few days ago). None of the very recent Flysimware updates have been published on yet, but someone already contacted them about it, so I expect the update soon.
  7. The patch is there now. Maybe reload or even shift-reload the web page?
  8. The C441 has been updated to version 2.2 in Flysimware's own store.
  9. FSX-SE

    I have used UT2 and now I'm using utLive (full disclosure: I'm a beta tester for it and received it for free). It allows not only limiting the traffic by density (e.g. setting it to 50%), but also by maximum number of aircraft (e.g. 200). With the second setting traffic at busy airports will be reduced, but the smaller airports you can still see the full traffic. And there is an option to only spawn new AI aircraft if your frames per second are above a configured value (e.g. 25 fps). Basic installation is very easy, afterwards you can configure/add your own liveries, e.g. from freeware AI packages.
  10. fspilotshop updated the C402C just yesterday, I'm sure PC Aviator will provide updates as soon as they can, too.
  11. I think you can write the desired altitude in feet into the L:ALERTER_DIAL variable.
  12. Many of the other Flysimware aircraft have been updated for P3Dv4 yesterday. So maybe the C441 hasn't been upgraded yet to include a fix for things like these? It would probably be good if you send an email to Flysimware today to make sure they are aware of this thread.
  13. FSX-MS

    This is an old thread, meanwhile RealAir closed down, so their Lancair Legacy V2 can no longer be bought, see But from what I have read the earlier version isn't bad either. Personally I still often fly the Carenado C337 mentioned above, but for a single non-turbo prop engine I use the A2A C182, which has a bit more power than the C172, but is still quite easy to fly.
  14. FSX-SE

    If you find out how this is happening, please tell me, because I have the opposite problem: I use FSUIPC to assign my devices, sometimes just a joystick, sometimes yoke/quadrant/rudder/trimwheel, but if I start FSX with no controllers connected, it enables the checkbox.