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  1. ThomasAH

    Mods for the Learjet 35A

    Hi Bjoern! Thank you for all the work you did here (and for other aircraft)! We will have to see which parts of your mod package still work with 4.0 (I hope you don't mind discussing it in this thread?), or just stay at 3.0. Regards, Thomas
  2. Oh, I didn't notice that FSL Spotlights is now available for free (except for the small hurdle of registering at their forum). Thank you for this information and for the C337 profile (I found the ini for that in their forum)!
  3. ThomasAH

    Train Simming

    For Assetto Corsa there are usually online races on the Monza track (usually with the Ferrari 458 GT2), which is quite easy to learn and has good tutorial videos which show good orientation and breaking points, and example setups for the car.
  4. ThomasAH

    Train Simming

    Ah, I never noticed ORTS. A long time ago I played which still seems to be pretty active, too.
  5. ThomasAH

    Train Simming

    For train sims I would currently still recommend Train Simulator 2019 because the available selection of addon routes and trains is comparable to FSX. I would suggest waiting for a sale on Steam to get the base package, keep the advanced mode enabled (there is a simplified mode, but it is too boring for me), watch some youtube videos about brake systems, signaling and other stuff. When you are happy with what you see, you can then purchase some routes and more detailed trains. The quality and depth varies, so read reviews on Steam and elsewhere to see what fits your expectations. Some of the trains have a "TS Pro" badge, those are usually (but not always) of better quality, just like with addon aircraft in flight simulators. One example: The DB BR 101 included in some of the German routes is OK, but on a basic to medium level. You can then buy the DB BR 101 Loco Add-On from virtualRailroads, either on Steam (most convenient; it has the TS Pro badge) or directly from virtualRailroads' shop (manual installation; from the ExpertLine; I think it has more liveries available than the Steam version). Of course for the UK you'll probably want a different locomotive 🙂 ETS/ATS are great, especially with a wheel instead of using a controller.
  6. ThomasAH

    FSX box activation issue

    Unfortunately that's quite common, but doing it over the phone once may unlock online activations again for the next time, unless your hardware changes too much or the next activation is too soon or something like that. I don't know the exact rules, if they change over time, and they may even be different for retail and OEM versions.
  7. ThomasAH

    FSX box activation issue

    I had to reactivate FSX+Acc (separate boxed) few months ago after changing the motherboard and I think (but am not completely sure) that online activation worked for that. I only had to use the phone activation for Windows 7 itself.
  8. ThomasAH

    Falcon 50 no custom sounds for 1 customer

    OK, no problem. I still haven't flown the Lear enough to warrant a new aircraft, but at some point I will probably buy the Falcon 🙂
  9. ThomasAH

    Falcon 50 no custom sounds for 1 customer

    I have Windows 7 64bit with FSX boxed+acceleration, but I don't have the Falcon (yet). Feel free to contact me via PM if I should do any tests, as I understand it you now have an online activation, so giving me access only temporarily should work.
  10. No, the old DLL worked for me, because I'm using FSX. If I had completely removed the aircraft and only installed the new version, it would not work due to the missing DLL.
  11. ThomasAH

    latest lear35 update

    I just tried with the latest update (3.0 + PATCH Nov 7, 2018) and hiding the yokes worked fine, as always. I'm using the non-cargo GNS version in FSX on Windows 7, but all that should not matter.
  12. ThomasAH

    EZ-Doc vs Chaseplane

    The requirement of ChasePlane to store aircraft profiles online concerns me. Additionally I did not like the developer's public bashing on Ezdok Camera in their initial blog entry and promo video. That was 2016, so maybe all is fine between them by now, and certainly this does not directly affect the quality of the software. Both, Ezdok Camera 2 and ChasePlane look good, so it is hard to recommend one above the other. The additional features of Ezdok Camera 2 can be disabled on a per-aircraft basis if needed, so you can mix and match to get the result you like.
  13. ThomasAH

    Official Majestic Software Forum Update

    Thanks for the update, the situation isn't perfect, but at least now it is clear what is available and what not. Good news: has a pretty good archive of the old forum, you can access the latest snapshot (December 2017) here:
  15. ThomasAH

    First impressions

    I have been burned a bit by sound sets for the C337: The Oovee sound set was far too quiet and sometimes the engine sound stops, but I got a refund for it, so no big deal. The ArezOne sound set had the problem the at the front and rear engine sounds came from the left and right side. But some of the other sounds were quite nice so I mixed and matched them with the original Carenado sounds to get something I really like. But I'm interested in opinions on the C421C sound set, too.