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  1. Since Cloud Shadows isn't a stand-alone product, but an add-on for the DX10 fixer, a discount would apply to everyone and thus be pointless. (yes, sometimes there are discounts that apply to everyone, e.g. 10% for new customers and 10% for returning customers ... but not here)
  2. The technique I describe in can probably be used with the L35A, too. There are 13 lines (instead of 19 in the C441) in the four model.*/Learjet_35A_interior.MDL files that control showing or hiding certain elements of the yoke and the red sign. I assume (but have not verified) that the last line controls the red sign.
  3. In the sim it doesn't matter. In reality you would want to keep both tanks being used, even if one engine has a higher fuel consumption, that's why you would switch to both.
  4. Fuel gauges work in the 1.x version for me (I haven't tried 2.x yet), and using the fuel tank selector correctly reflects in the tank usage.
  5. The installer for Blue Marble Next Generation is 1.1GB. I don't have exact figures for the installation, but I think it is less than 2GB.

    Some comments on the WT-9 Dynamic are here:

    I have avoided A2A and similar aircraft with custom coded avionics for a long time, because they have problems with my Saitek and VRInsight panels. But at some point I wanted to operate the aircraft, not my hardware panels, so by now I'm using more of the VC and less of the hardware. This opened up a new world for me, including A2A aircraft! But I still enjoy my Carenado C337, probably because A2A (or JustFlight or Milviz or Flysimware) did not make one (yet!?). A bigger monitor certainly helps with using more of the VC :)
  8. It always installs the GNS variants in addition to the variants with single or dual GTN750. So you only need to reinstall when switching between single or dual GTN750, but you can always select the GNS variants in the simulator.
  9. Do not remove the unit, because it never has been added by the WX gauge installer in the first place.
  10. They had 35% sales and 24h flash sales with 50% in the past, maybe you remember those prices? Everything else seems to be the usual price for Milviz products, which is slightly higher than many others and slightly lower than some others. I think they have the right price tag for the quality they offer.

    Then maybe get the A2A C182 now (I have it, it is great!) and the upcoming JustFlight C152 (still in development) later?
  12. It is somehow different (small and very powerful jet), but if you are looking for small cargo aircraft with an even better systems depth, you might want to take a look at the Flysimware L35A, which includes a cargo variant:
  13. Meanwhile my forum access was activated and I was able to download the updated installer for the C310R. Thank you!
  14. Since I don't have the 404, I can't really compare it to the 402, but I would suggest getting the Flysimware C441 instead. Flysimware improved their implementation of systems depth considerably between these two aircraft, and it is a nice step up from the non-turbo 404/402 anyway.
  15. Yes, the included manual shows how to enable each feature manually, so you are in complete control. I'm using: 2 Better engine spool behavior, 3 Modified system gauge, 4 Autopilot modifications. I'm not using the saved cockpit state, because I'm using FSUIPC's autosave and this might cause some lags on my too old system.