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  1. Another possibility is an add-on that wants to display a message in the FSUIPC message bar that is longer than 127 characters: Add-ons have to write the message text to offset 0x3380, if an add-on writes more than the 128 character buffer (including zero byte at the end) can fit, it may overwrite offset 0x3412 (spoiler axis input value), or even 0x3414 (flaps axis input value), which sounds like a good way drop airspeed. I have seen this problem with PF3 before version 3.1.33 (from 2016) when displaying ATIS messages while having some debug information enabled, but this is an error that can easily happen in other add-ons, too.
  2. Maybe the AP's oxygen supply ran out after 1-2 hours 🙂 But the Carenado C337 has no hypoxia condition modeled. It might be nice to have a generic add-on (or FSUIPC lua script) for this to be used with any unpressurized aircraft.
  3. Unfortunately the prop anti-ice switch is not modeled in the Carenado C337, otherwise it might be possible to wire that function to it 🙂 (and it would still be a bug, in the real C337 only the front propellers are equipped with anti-icing boots, but I have seen both engines turning off in the simulated C337 due to icing until I press H)
  4. In the part I quoted and answered the OP asked about the AP pitch wheel, not the trim wheel.
  5. No, (at least in the sim) this is an endless scrolling wheel and will only make relative changes, just like your mouse wheel on long web pages 🙂
  6. I guess it is not the problem here, but just to make sure (and it generally is a good idea): The same bug affects the C337, so in short: Turn on carb heat using the H key (the real aircraft does not have or need carb heat, so there is no corresponding cockpit switch). Another things to check, though the issue here seems different: - Verify your axis assignments in the sim and (if you're using it) in FSUIPC or similar addons. - Do you use any special cockpit hardware? (like an external AP panel)
  7. Many thanks for liking my write up on how to remove the WX Advantage Radar Bezel my friend, much appreciated 😊

  8. The Redux includes the ADV systems, so both are quite sophisticated. But I'm still on FSX, so I have only flown the ADV. But I have tried the early beta versions of the T-38C (until newer betas became P3D-only) which uses the same technology as the T-38A Redux, and apart from some (now solved) beta bugs it was great! So I'm sure the Redux is a worthy upgrade of the ADV. (But I do not know if the Redux upgrade discount for existing owners of the T-38A ADV is still available)
  9. And as with flight sims, with TS20xx you can get advanced models from the Steam store and from other vendors with many additional working knobs, dials, levers, displays, ... and the additional routes you can buy are similar to add-on airports by offering much more detail, not only in graphics, but also in signaling along the route. Beware of rabbit holes 🙂
  10. I fear that four or five times actually is the allowed number of activations. Yes, the number is way too low to be considered a friendly limit, but some other companies have the same limit, some even lower (1 or 2 activations). The easiest way to solve this would probably be to buy the Steam edition when it is on sale, see e.g. https://isthereanydeal.com/game/microsoftflightsimulatorxsteamedition/history/ for a history of previous discounts. (alternatively buy a different/newer simulator, but of course that would be a bigger undertaking)
  11. TL;DR: You'll want all three (fixer, clouds, and active sky), and they work+look great together. (or maybe four: +ASCA)
  12. Quick link: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=&Name=&FileName=&Author=Virtualcol+FS+Software&CatID=root
  13. Oh, I didn't notice that FSL Spotlights is now available for free (except for the small hurdle of registering at their forum). Thank you for this information and for the C337 profile (I found the ini for that in their forum)!
  14. For Assetto Corsa there are usually online races on the Monza track (usually with the Ferrari 458 GT2), which is quite easy to learn and has good tutorial videos which show good orientation and breaking points, and example setups for the car.
  15. Ah, I never noticed ORTS. A long time ago I played https://openbve-project.net/ which still seems to be pretty active, too.
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