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  1. While you are correct that PF3 has no terrain awareness apart from airport elevations, I would appreciate a more serious attitude instead of such snide remarks. PF3 requires the same steps as done with real flight planning: If you rely on ATC to not crash into mountains, than you might get the same result in real life, too.
  2. And now 3.7.1 to fix a regression with ACARS ATIS requests.
  3. Thank you! Be aware that I haven't updated this yet for the 2.x version.
  4. I even created a support ticket for that before release when I noticed that in their video.
  5. I did not receive an update notification, so I assume it is not yet fixed.
  6. Thank you very much!
  7. I'm following here, but I decided to to stick with the Flysimware version. Maybe I'd buy the Alabeo version if it received further updates, but ...
  8. As written in my previous post: my panel.cfg contains: gauge02=GAUGE_172_DME!Radio_KN62A_DME Can you check the date of ALC172RGX.exe inside the zip? In the version downloadable directly from Alabeo it is 2017-07-04 (July 4th, 2017), extracted size is 153622773 bytes. I have seen older dates mentioned here, so I assume the DME problem has already been fixed and only the FuelFlow problem is remaining. If you bought from a reseller, please verify what date of the .exe file you get with a current download, maybe they need to receive/publish updated installers.

    The L-1011 is an old in-house development of JustFlight, though Bjoern talked about the One-Eleven, which is created by Aeroplane Heaven. However, there are some other in-house developments in the bundle sale: The Hawk T1/A Trainer and the TB-10/TB-20 package. I would consider the newer in-house developed JustFlight aircraft as very good (in some aspects almost A2A, in others even a little better), but they are a bit CPU hungry, so I would recommend trying the demo versions first. From the aircraft you listed above, I would consider the F27 the most interesting, because instead of the 1-11 I would prefer the 1011 (or even a Boeing) and instead of the 748 I would prefer one of the two A2A prop-liners. The F27 has some limitations, and I wouldn't recommend buying it at full price, but at sale prices it is definitively worth a try.
  10. The DLL file is not even included in ALC172RGX/ALC172RGX.exe Date 2017-07-04 (the current one directly from Alabeo). Fuel Flow worked for me, because the DLL was not removed from the previous version. DME still works without the DLL file, my panel.cfg contains: gauge02=GAUGE_172_DME!Radio_KN62A_DME
  11. The next aircraft will be the Dassault Falcon 50, which might fulfill some of your wishes, see
  12. In the top-right click on " Log in / Sign up " and log in. Now in the same spot click on your account name or email address. In the drop-down that opens, click on " Keys ". Here you can click on "click to redeem on Steam" to see the code for Steam. My recommendation for a vehicle simulation (driving through mud, sometimes carrying logs, absolutely no racing involved) in their current sale would be Spintires discounted by 85% (3.74€ in Germany). If you like it, you can buy the upcoming sequel "Spintires: MudRunner" at 50% discount (for owners of Spintires) directly on Steam. If you buy it before the release date (October 31st) you'll get the 10% pre-order discount, too (which combines to 55% of the full price). Mods: I think I have seen a thread about a sale for a simulator (which was not a flight simulator) locked, but I think the reason was that the site where it was sold was unknown to the moderators. If you think that sales for non-flightsim simulators should not be too prominent, because this is mainly a site about flight sims, maybe the title of this thread can be renamed to a more generic one and people could append such sales here?
  13. Some other shops only updated it last and this week, too, and since the release happened just 3 weeks ago, this is well within the "usually 1-4 weeks". But yes, it can be annoying, and the general recommendation is to buy directly from the primary source if you want to have early access to updates. Meanwhile I suggest you contact simshack in a friendly manner to remind them that you need the update to be able to use it at all, maybe that helps accelerating the process :)

    The PA23 Aztec F is nice, too. I bought it in an earlier sale.