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  1. That's the first first-hand statement about life as a commercial developer that I've heard. Especially the first paragraph (plus a lengthy one about relative cost and hourly wage) should be the first response to unruly customers. Money-making is the first on my list of stupid arguments to get into add-on development, right before "for the fame" and "to be better than [long established and experienced developer]".
  2. Shoot Flysimware an e-mail and see what they say. I rate the chances of success as slim because the Lear is pretty much bug free and any further updates will take a while. The devs are busy with their next project. And absolutely do not underestimate the issue of compatibility. It may be nigh impossible to draw some painters out from under their rocks to improve upon a minor thing and go through the reuploading process again. Also, to make FSW's effort worthwhile, there should be much more than one or two paints as compensation.
  3. If you have my mods installed, the NWS key is Shift+N. And who's gonna update all the paints out there? :p Changing the texture mapping is a huge deal and I'd rather live with the drawback than having incompatible paints out there and endlessly replying to the same dumb question why some paints won't look right.
  4. FSX-MS

    The only thing that has some degree of influence over the lights is the cold start logic, which resets them if on. Other than that, the logic is no different to the default aircraft, i.e. no power -> no lights.
  5. Please discuss issues that have nothing to do with my modifications outside of this thread. Gracias. I also do not own the weather radar, therefor I can absolutely not help you with any issues you're having.
  6. The lack of chatter in flight sim forums shouldn't be an indication of its popularity. For example, there were around 85000 Steam members who ran FSX:SE in the past two weeks. Consider the P3D and FSX boxed users and you've got a large crowd - and a large market. I'm not a fan of add-on airports that go beyond the low-fi freeware stuff, especially those with photorealistic elements. Although they're certainly nice to look at.
  7. Small update. Save files are now saved in a folder within the main FSX/P3D folder to reduce clutter Fixed the altitude alerter sound and light when using the modified autopilot If you're upgrading: 1. Check the pink marked items on page 11 and 12. Create or move the save folder and change the prefix of your save files, then move those files into the new folder 2. See page 6 if you want to have the alerter sound back with the modded autopilot Link, as usual:
  8. FSX-MS

    I'm still confused. Do the lights on any of the default aircraft work? If not, the associated effects are missing.
  9. Pick a rough time you want to spend being airborne and multiply that by estimated average cruise speed, open LittleNavMap, pick a departure airport, display a range ring around it and then pick a destination that is just about that flight distance away. If that yields multiple interesting destinations, pick the one that has a scenery or AFCAD/AFX file available. I've been hopping my way around North America and the Caribbean like that.
  10. FSX-MS

    Sorry, I never could follow you what you've installed and how you've installed it. The 1-11 installation should have gone like this: - Download Dave's aircraft basepacks and his sound package, extract each to a temporary folder, then move each "BAC 1-11 ..." folder and the "DMFS Shared Files" folder into SimObjects\Airplanes - Make a backup of the aircraft.cfg in each "BAC 1-11 ..." folder - Download my upgrade, extract to a temporary folder and then follow the instructions in the readme. Each model file contains attachpoints for lights that call nothing but default effects. So it's nothing that went wrong on my end. Try to press "L" to force all lights on and see of they show up (switch on the battery beforehand). Running FSX in DX10 requires converting effects files (since unconverted ones do not show up), either by downloading fixed default effects or, if installed, by letting Steve's DX10 Controller handle the conversion.
  11. FSX-MS

    Hervé's updates are for the default navaids, not just a specific set of FMCs. Read his FAQ, advantages and drawbacks are pretty well covered in there.
  12. FSX-MS

    I'll believe it when i see it. Pictures of a mesh don't count as these could be from anywhere.
  13. FSX-MS

    Control surfaces require hydraulic pressure. And the light effects are default FSX.
  14. FSX-MS

    If you can't find any, there ain't any. Period. And even the - in your eyes - bad models are the result of hundreds of hours of work. Always keep that in mind.
  15. FSX-MS

    Good riddance, provided their in-house team does the coding and FDE. Yes, it does once you've replaced some incompatible gauges.