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  1. Bjoern

    Advice to make descending less stressful?

    SPD HOLD + LVL CHG. Use spoilers to control descent rate.
  2. Bjoern

    FSX Loran ?

    Again: No.
  3. Bjoern

    FSX Loran ?

    None that I know of.
  4. Guys, I've been using Steam for years and I know how it works, but if I have a choice between little to some additional CPU and memory overhead (XP11 on Steam) and no additional overhead at all (XP11 directly from LM), I'll take the latter option any day.
  5. Before and after isn't an issue, it's the "during".
  6. I'm not at home on workdays, so an external drive allows me to use XP on my laptop without too much tedious file syncing (apart from preferences) and wasting disk space on two devices. Steam is always running in the background though.
  7. Another advantage of a direct purchase from Laminar: Total portability. My X-Plane installation is stored on a USB3 SSD. No extra programs or registry stuff necessary.
  8. Bjoern

    AI & ATC

    Here are some WT3 tutorial videos: I use WT3 + 124th ATC + X-ATC Chatter and LittleNavmap for airport navigation. Produces an experience fairly close to the one in MSFS.
  9. a) b) The DX10 Fixer utility has an option that enables shader extensions which will make FS9 portovers usable in DX10 without prior texture conversion. Consult the manual.
  10. Still using default weather and textures. Don't see much of a point in all those third party replacements other than adding potential for compatibility issues and instability. The latter is one of the bigger sources of frustration, since a buggy add-on can crash the entire sim without a hint as to why (as experienced with Zibo 3.28 - 3.29 runs much more stable so far). One thing I also couldn't figure out yet is how to run it properly on Linux. XP does work, but framerates are half of what I'm getting on Windows 10. Did a flight in FSXSE a while ago. It looks and feels...old. And the performance is worse(!).
  11. They should also visit every customer and thank him/her personally for buying the product, make XPM run on a 2009 smartphone and provide a free flight on the real equivalent of every airplane included in XPM.
  12. Just because I'm lazy doesn't mean I have no skills. 😛 (Batch scripting is one of them.)
  13. That's too much work for a lazy person.
  14. I run XP11 from a 512 GB USB3 SSD. Linux and Windows binaries coexist in the same installation folder to share the same resources (although it requires a workaround during initial installation of either flavor). One thing I still need to figure out is a multiplatform solution to automatically copy the right preference files depending on computer name (too lazy to change graphics settings and controller assignments each and every time). Other than that, I basically have a mulitplatform plug&play flight simulator now.
  15. Bjoern

    Razbam Metroliner Released

    I'm not aware of any special code related to the landing gear in the model file. Anything else is controlled by the contact points in the aircraft.cfg, so that's where I'd look first.