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  1. DId X-Plane work before? Delete your preferences and the shadercache. By the way: With an i3 with 2 GHz and an AMD M430, you're operating at the very bottom, or even outside of, the minimum system specifications defined by Laminar.
  2. Read (and/or translate) the first comment to the video. If still unclear, ask the author directly.
  3. For a time, my X-Plane installation ran exclusively from a USB 3.1 SSD. Not just the scenery, mind you, but everything. It was okay. At one point, I got too lazy to plug the drive in and out though and simply bought bigger/faster SSDs for my PCs.
  4. Find the texture and edit it with an image editor, e.g. GIMP.
  5. Ortho4XP is the easiest way to view your tiles. Official download link
  6. In the past, deleting preferences (mind your custom control profiles!) and the shader cache usually cured performance issues after an up-/downgrade.
  7. Laminar generally advises that a separate copy of X-Plane is to be created for testing beta updates as to not mess up your latest release-grade one. The installer, however, allows going back and forth between the two. Creating a second install is as easy as creating an empty folder, copying the "Global Scenery" folder (or a directory junction to the one in your release-grade copy), the default aircraft folders and the installer EXE file into it and then use the installer's "Install a second copy of X-Plane" function, pointing it to your newly created folder. Just make sure you test a beta from the ground up, i.e. do a first run without add-ons and then adding them back one by one or according to pubished compatibility lists. With some smart directory junction usage, you can even avoid a good amount of file duplication and disk space usage. I generally have three copies on my computers. Latest release, beta with add-ons and a bare-bone beta for benchmarking with varying degrees of shared folders.
  8. I've only experienced this once in a while when using AutoATC.
  9. You could always try to run XP's Windows release in WINE, but I haven't heard that many success stories so far. The other option would of course be a dual boot setup with Windows. Or a network based solution if supported.
  10. FJS support forum: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/forum/159-flyjsim-727-series-professional-v3/
  11. Most likely no. Also, why would you want to deprive XP of system resources by running a VM alongside?
  12. Since it was easy enough to do and does have some utility, I've produced a script that freezes the user aircraft using a default function: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/61318-user-aircraft-physics-freezer/
  13. Making an effort to be comprehensible is independent of how much command a person has over a certain language. Give me a non-native speaker who at least makes an effort to produce a legible post over a native speaker who respectlessly spills words into the text field any day. Structuring communication is also independent of whatever language is spoken. And since text-based communication is all we have here and at least making an effort is a matter of courtesy and respect. Unless dyslexia or a similar impairment is at play, in which case the OP should point it out. Greetings from a non-native speaker.
  14. Not possible without some LUA based script magic.
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