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  1. He'd most likely shrug as visuals is not his department - it's Ben's and Sidney's.
  2. From my experience: NVidia GTX 1060: Slight advantage for Linux in OpenGL and Vulkan mode, but nothing worth writing home about. AMD RX5700XT: The proprietary Vulkan driver from AMD delivers the same performance in Windows and Linux; the Linux open source driver is around 10% faster than both. In OpenGL mode, the open source Linux driver is like 40% faster than AMD's proprietary Windows driver, delivering performance equal to AMD's proprietary Vulkan driver. As much as I like Openbenchmarking and Linux, the chart that msparks likes to post with Linux being twice as fast as Windows is nonrepresentative because it first and foremost does not use the worst case benchmark level 5 or 55, but a "medium" one which must logically be level 3.
  3. That test case is akin to maxing out the load on your car and then complain about lack of agility in the cornering parcours.
  4. Say that the next update can't be a "0.01" due to the time period after the previous major release and what gets posted a day later...? Oh, the irony! 😂
  5. It might be subjective perception, but 11.41 hit the server fairly shortly after 11.40, like two weeks apart or so. It's been like what, two months since 11.50 now...? Seems a bit long for a "0.01" type release. Does that mean the idiots with all their their "(future releases of) MSFS will be better" blabber will return to the XP community...? 😬 See you in three centuries then. 😉 That's unlikely considering the major stepping stone that 11.50 was. Anything rendering related like clouds and shaders won't code themselves in these few short months. Maybe next spring or so.
  6. I'm still expecting a 11.55 release at some point, if only for updated Gateway airports.
  7. And that's why a lot of Linux users are using rolling release distributions like Manjaro. Don't need to upgrade if you're always up to date.
  8. Aaaaaand the snow ball has been set in motion...
  9. Yes and no. The bridge is perfect for implementing "one size fits all" plugin code, but the prime motivation was that there was simply no time to extend the SDK with a separate Vulkan API. If such an API could have been implemented in time for 11.50, Laminar certainly would have delivered it. As far as Sidney told me, capability for drawing plugin code directly in Vulkan is going to become available during XP12's life cycle. Until then, it's all OpenGL calls and entirely the add-on dev's responsibility to keep their plugin from choking the sim (see this thread's subject). That bridge was a prime headache for me as a Linux AMD user because any drawing OpenGL plugin would crash the simulator. That's why I've asked Sid about drawing directly in Vulkan as an alternative, but the answer was the aforementioned "Maybe in XP12". Note that the crash wasn't XP's fault, but the driver's. It took a bug report and several weeks of back and forth with a developer until it got fixed.
  10. Sidney claimed that he and Ben basically rewrote the entire rendering engine for Vulkan, getting rid of some legacy baggage, as proven by OpenGL mode getting a slight performance boost compared to 11.41. Another claim was that OpenGL and Vulkan modes were implemented to their respective specifications, leaving drivers, OS overhead and hardware as the biggest performance-defining factor.
  11. X-Plane has one main thread with auxiliary threads for asynchronous scenery loading (on demand) and handling AI aircraft (if in use). So yes, basically only one core is continuously used at peak capacity.
  12. Isn't the FF A320 notorious for being very hard on FPS performance?
  13. So what's you people's favourite activity in X-Plane at the moment? Mine is crashing the program with some self-made Lua scripts.
  14. Time for some group therapy 101 for this thread. X-Planers say something positive about FS20, FS20ers, say something positive about X-Plane before each side goes its merry way in its respective subforum. Noncompliance will be sanctioned with a frying pan over the head. GO!
  15. Laminar couldn't care less about active users. It always was, is and will be about the number of sales because that's what finances X-Plane's further development.
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