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  1. As said in the thread for beta 2, I also noticed this with the R22. Looks like Austin did some tuning under the hood that doesn't show up in the changelog.
  2. Forgot to say: Something about the new turbulence modeling or other internal flight dynamics improvements improved the handling of the default R22 tenfold (the ACF file did not change). I can take off and land it without issues now.
  3. I can do something about that if the admins gave me moderator rights for a day or two...
  4. Alright, that justifies the subscription cost somewhat. However, I'm a bit surprised that there still is no AI model out there that can do all three things simultaneously.
  5. Define "blurry" and state your simulator and rendering resolution.
  6. A quick test confirms that Zink is not crashing XP anymore, so I call this beta a good one.
  7. I too am waiting for some more information and new standards for tile generation settings in O4XP 1.4.
  8. Yup. I've been boot two Linux distros and Windows using a third party boot loader for many years now and it works just fine for day to day usage. However, in very rare cases, one of the OSes may decide to overwrite said bootloader during a major update, so knowing your emergency flows is still required nonetheless.
  9. If you say "services", I assume you have separate ones for speech recognition, to process the recognized text and to generate the verbal outputs? Gotta say that the preview videos are very impressive. Kudos!
  10. Have to use 11 at work every day. Under the hood, it's totally okay, but the incredibly dumbed down UI (task bar, start menu, context menus) is something I will never comprehend. Hint: Make the Linux move while Windows 10 is still alive and transition slowly. That way, if you hit a transition wall, you won't have to move from one mess to another. Chances are that by the time Win 10 is end of life, most, if not all of your time will be spent in Linux anyway.
  11. LiveTraffic + X-ATC-Chatter for traffic. Default ATC for GA with flight following or simple flight plans, SimpleATC (part of X-ATC-Chatter) for everything else. Total cost: $15 for the X-ATC-Chatter clip collection. This is as good as it gets for me. Maybe AutoATC, but development pace is slow and the AI is still buggy on the ground. I also own WT3, but it's absolutely out of date in design philosophy.
  12. Yes, I suspect Laminar will have to recut the default global scenery to make use of the bathymetry data.
  13. The default helicopters fly much more nicely for some reason, especially the R22 which is almost fun now! Tested a few tiles built with 1.4.0 in 12.1.0 but did not see any difference in water areas and shore lines. That said, with the exception of cloud shadows, I'm generally not seeing any difference regarding water in the first place. Maybe it's not implemented yet.
  14. Hm, should I go for an entirely separate installation for this one...?
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