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  1. See my suggestion above. As far as I know, the "O" and "H" keys here are unmapped by default, providing a perfect opportunity. Except for the awkwardly placed autopilot and less than optimal lighting controls, I do quite enjoy the default C90. It's even better with a virtual Blackhawk XP135 mod (without any of the mod propeller options though).
  2. Put a page file with a fixed size on a SSD. Around 16 or 20 GB should do. I haven't seen a memory related error or crash ever since having done that and I only have 8 GB RAM and run HD Mesh v4 and maximum object density on my desktop PC ("high density" on my laptop that also has 8 GB).
  3. As far as I know, adjusting OBS (and HDG) bugs via keyboard is done in 1° increments if the key is tapped once. So just assign a key assignment, aim for the nearest 5° mark and then tap your way to the desired OBS course or HDG from there. Advantages over mouse clicks: Can be done with the free hand, no awkward scrolling and clicking and you can finally half-decently fly the default King Air.
  4. Bjoern

    trackir DIY clip

    When I use headtracking, I use an Aruco tracker, which costs pretty much nothing at all. Example videos:
  5. Deactivcating entries is done with "SCENERY_PACK_DISABLED". And I can't see anything wrong with that order.
  6. Move all custom sceneries out of the folder and remove their scenery_packs.ini entries, then add them one by one.
  7. Bjoern

    Carenado in X-Plane

    Will the planes made for XP10 eventually get complete updates for XP11? Are the cockpits entirely clickable? Is the B200 better than the default C90B? (Apple and pineapple, I know. But a King Air is a King Air.) Is there a freight model for the 1900D? How's the Phenom?
  8. Manually move the entry to the bottom in the scenery_packs.ini.
  9. In the eyes of this random flightsimmer, the pricing on a good part of payware add-ons for XP is pretty ridiculous, especially in light of questionable support for, and compatibility to, more recent releases of the base sim and some freeware offerings.
  10. If the sky, cloud and water textures are larger than the originals, they might indeed have an impact on FPS with 11.30s modified shaders.
  11. LUA scripts still work (provided that the dataref they control still exists).
  12. The only valid comparison is stock 11.26 vs stock 11.30. And any add-on altering the shaders, e.g. for sky or water rendering, will not work in 11.30.
  13. Bjoern


    According to a quick google, FS2XPlane doesn't seem to explicitly support FSX photosceneries. Might be best to ask in the forums for confirmation or dig through the download page and associated reviews and comments.
  14. Bjoern

    1950 Ryan Navion

    The record player is a great easter egg, but the song really gets stuck in your head when played once.