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  1. fppilot thanks much. Chuck B.
  2. Greetings, Thank you all for the help. I'm posting this as an update and for the benefit for anyone else who finds themselves in the future dealing with a similar problem. It appears that the cause of my problem was due to the fact that I was using an older G1000 mod file. It was 3.2. Updated to 3.7 and now everything works great. I now understand the importance of keeping those mods up to date. Good thing I don't have a lot in the Community folder right now. Once again, sincere thanks to all that posted trying to help me out here. Chuck B.
  3. Thanks for all your replies. Its been a busy night but I have experimented a little bit. Took everything (all DA62 mod stuff, G1000 mod stuff) out of the community folder. Started MSFS up and selected the default DA62 which was the only DA62 displayed.. Everything works as it should. Downloaded the DA62X mod by mrtommymxr and version V4.1. Now both the default and DA62X aircraft are displayed. Everything works as it should with the default DA61 and the DA62X. Placed the G1000 mod in the community folder and started MSFS. Loaded flights with both the default and DA62X and lost the MFD display. So right now the problem is with the G1000 mod. I am sure I have the latest version but will experiment more tomorrow. Just wanted you all to know that i appreciate all of your advice and was working on finding a solution to my problem. Thanks again and more tomorrow.
  4. Greetings, Can someone please help me with a DA62 mod problem I am having? I just installed the DA mod and the G1000 mod. When I load the aircraft for a flight, the MFD display is blank. The autopilot works but I cant seem to figure out how to restore the display. The PFD seems to work fine. Thank you,
  5. Thank you all for responding to my post about my G36 problem. I've been working and haven't had the time to try and resolve what's going on. I will keep you posted. Thank you again.
  6. Greetings, I hope this is the right place for this post but here goes. Up until just recently I have had absolutely zero problems installing and using the WT Bonanza mods. The Turbo mod in particular was my favorite enhancement. A couple of days ago I installed the mod into my Community folder and it worked perfectly. Without changing anything I ended the flight and MSFS. I tried flying the Bonanza again yesterday and encountered a problem. When the aircraft loaded, the PFD and MFD screens were blank. I could not get them to turn on. Did some trouble shooting by deleting and installing the mods (Turbo and G1000) but that did not help. In fact, the state I am in now, with any mods (G36) inserted in the Community folder, the G36 does not appear in the main aircraft selection screen. When I remove the Turbo and G1000 mods the airplane appears in the selection screen and works as it should. Not only is it not fun to fly without the mods I am at a loss to figure out what is going on here with MSFS. I tried doing a search but did not find anything related to this specific problem. Up until now, I have had zero problems using MSFS with my system. Does anyone out there have any ideas what may have happened? BTW I only have the Just Flight Arrow installed in my Community folder. Given my limited computer knowledge I'm thinking that somehow the default Bonanza G36 file was corrupted. Also tried doing a search and could not find how to restore a specific aircraft in the sim. Any way, I'm out of ideas. Thank you, cbreeze
  7. I’m pretty much done with this Sim for a while. Just tried It and got the mandatory update message. So I let it update. Configured a flight out of Chicago Midway. Took off out of 4R which faces northeast and downtown Chicago. I was shocked to see that the entire Chicago downtown area was missing. No tall buildings nothing. This has never happened before. I next tried a short cross Country from Santa Monica to Camarillo. I have flown that area many times before. I also have flown real aircraft from Camarillo as I have relatives that live there. Things seem to go OK until I got near Camarillo. The airport was totally in the wrong place. The Sim had placed it at the base of some nearby mountains and the airport was a miniature version of itself. When I first got the Sim several months ago it had issues but I was pretty happy with it. Now it is absolutely no fun at all to fly. Going back to XPlane and 3Pd.
  8. Thanks to all who recently replied. Xender, many years ago I flew the 180 and 200 hp version of this airplane. Long before GPS. I got my instrument rating with an airplane that had the old steam gauges. You are absolutely right in planning and executing a cross country flight using the steam gauges was more work but more fun and rewarding. For some reason back then, I had trouble with ADF navigation and approaches but eventually mastered it. One of the reasons I wanted this aircraft was to relive the good old days. We have really let ourselves get spoiled with all the fancy GPS stuff that is currently available. The FAA is currently in the process of decommissioning a lot of the old VOR stations. Several around the Chicago area no longer exist. Sad.
  9. Greetings, Ok, gave the Arrow another try today. Deleted then installed it again. Whiskey compass still stuck on North however I did get the mixture to work properly and the No 1 Nav to work. One thing I cant figure out is the Garmin 530. I can't get the screen to display. When I turn it on the buttons are illuminated but the display is blank. Ideas anyone? Thank you
  10. Thank you, I think I will wait for the update. I could fix that but then there are the other issues. I think the add on as a lot of potential. The brief flights I took brought a lot of memories and it did fly pretty close to what I remember flying the real aircraft. Once again, thank you for your help and have a great evening.
  11. Just downloaded the Arrow. I was anxious for the purchase because I have lots of time in the real aircraft. Between the issues with the sim itself and the buggy airplane I tried to fly, I am pretty disappointed. First of all it is a representation of a real beat up airplane. I really don't have a problem with that as much as the bugs I found. Whiskey compass stuck on north, I was unable to shut the engine off because I was unable to move the mixture control to the cut off position and yes I know about the friction lock on the side. I tried adjusting that but was unable to pull the mixture control further back than 40%, I was not able to get the #1 Nav to work. Right now between the sim issues and a buggy Arrow I am going to take a break until things get resolved. Just had to vent a little.
  12. With an attitude like that why do you even bother responding? I just purchased the Arrow and experienced the same thing along with several other issues. I have plenty of time in the real aircraft. Started looking for an answer and this was my first stop. To put it bluntly, you are useless.
  13. Thank you all for responding. I must have missed the part about it not being available on MSFS now but will be available at some point in the future. I definitely want this airplane. I have a lot of time in the actual aircraft. Seeing the videos and screen shots brought back a lot of great memories. Just Flight did an amazing job capturing the look/character of the real airplane.
  14. Greetings, Can anyone please tell me if it makes a difference how you install this aircraft? MSFS store or directly from Just Flight? Thought I read somewhere that there was in terms of being able to access and tweak its files. I am using download version of MSFS. Thank you
  15. Bjoerm, Thanks for posting the correct command. I didn’t gat a chance to look it up last night. I thought that’s what the command was but wanted to make sure.
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