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  1. Greetings, Not sure where your friend lives but if he’s looking for a professional built computer to run any flight sim, he should contact Jetline Systems in Florida. I’m on my 3rd system from them. Flight sim computers are their specialty. With 3 purchases from them I have had 0 problems. Superb customer support. They really know their stuff.
  2. I get that far but the aircraft for which I have to enter the code is not listed. Sorry to be a pain.
  3. Thanks for the reply but perhaps I wasn't clear on what my problem is. I can't get the subscription activated. I get an activation code but have no idea how to enter it. I know how to use the charts.
  4. Greetings, Can someone please tell me how to activate my navigraph chart subscription in the aircraft? I can't seem to find this airplane listed on the Navigraph web site to enter the code It tells me to use. I just bought this airplane and it is amazing. Thanks in advance.
  5. Greetings, Just purchased this aircraft from Carenado today. Years ago, I flew this version out of Chicago Midway. They were all rentals and showed their age and use. I have to say Carenado nailed it with this one. Nailed the look, feel and flight characteristics. Flew for a couple of hours going from Midway to Meigs, Palwaukee and Joliet, places I visited a lot. It was like a $20.00 time machine taking me back to those good old days. I highly recommend this one. Been flight simming for years and for me, this one is pure joy. Great job Carenado. BTW Ryanbatc, those new liveries are awesome.!!!!!!! Have a great evening everyone.
  6. I have active sky for xp11. Love the program, Can someone please teel me how I port the license over to get the xp12 version? Thank you
  7. Updating this for the benefit of anyone who experiences a similar problem. Regarding errors, when you get one it could almost be anything causing the issue. In this case, after my post, I resumed searching for a solution and stumbled on a quick solution. I have been delaying installing a recent small windows update. Installing the update was the first thing I did and rebooted my computer. I found that the update fixed the issue,and I can now open the program. Hope this problem and fix will help someone in the future.
  8. Greetings, My MSFS has been working perfectly when I click on the MSFS icon on my desk top. Today, when I tried to open the sim I got the MS Gaming Services app. When I go to my library in the app my MSFS programs are listed in games. When I try to run MSFS from there I get the Gaming Services app in a continuous loop. I have no idea why this sudden problem surfaced. Can someone please help me figure what is going on here? Thank you
  9. Goran, Thank you for the quick response. I am going out of town for a few days. I will deal with this when I return.
  10. Greetings. Last time I used X Plane it was great. That was several weeks ago. Went to do a flight and started the sim. Got the opening page which stated there was an update. Let it do its thing and there was a lengthy update. Didn't pay attention to the update info and let it run its course. When I stated the program for a flight the graphics were absolutely horrible. Never ever had this problem before or have had X Plane look so horrible. When I checked the program version it said I was running version 12.04r3 Bild 120405. Can someone tell me how to repair X Plane? Something happened with the update that messed everything up. I did learn a lesson though, definitely going to pay more attention to what is being updated. Was casual about that tonight because X Plane never caused me any problems before. Thank you
  11. udidwht, Thanks for responding. I am really surprised that you were the only one to respond. I cant possibly be the only one who experienced this error on this forum. Anyway, before posting here I searched the web and there were a number of possible solutions to resolve the problem. One I did not see is the one you posted. I tried them all to no avail. What finally worked was going to the gaming services app. I tried repair with no luck. The only thing left was the reset option. I was very reluctant to do that but, in the end I said what the heck and clicked the button. After a lengthy download the error went away and the program loaded as it should with not further issues. Not sure how I how the reset would affect the files, everything seems normal but I lost everything in my community folder. I am now in the process of restoring that. I did not get your post until after I was successful in getting rid of that error message. through trial and error on my own. I greatly appreciate your response and hopefully this post will help some who experiences the same error message in the future. Once again, thank you for taking the time to try and help me.
  12. Greetings, Never had this happen before. I just tried starting MSFS by clicking my desktop icon and got a message that stated App can't open. Does anyone have an idea what the heck this message means. Last time I ran the program was last Friday morning and everything worked perfectly. Thank you, Chuck B.
  13. Bert, Thank you for the reply. So, the three files are in my community folder and are dated 1/10/2023. Content manager indicates that they have not been installed. I have not gone into my content folder recently, so I really have no ideas how long the three files that are listed as not installed have been there. Can you please check your community folder and tell me if they are listed there for you and their dates, please?. Thank you,
  14. Ok, I have been messing with this problem for a couple hours now and am completely stuck. These three files are in my Community folder and dated 1/10/2023. I have no idea why I can't update them from the content manager. I sure hope someone out there is smarter than I am. Thank you,
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