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  1. udidwht, Thanks for responding. I am really surprised that you were the only one to respond. I cant possibly be the only one who experienced this error on this forum. Anyway, before posting here I searched the web and there were a number of possible solutions to resolve the problem. One I did not see is the one you posted. I tried them all to no avail. What finally worked was going to the gaming services app. I tried repair with no luck. The only thing left was the reset option. I was very reluctant to do that but, in the end I said what the heck and clicked the button. After a lengthy download the error went away and the program loaded as it should with not further issues. Not sure how I how the reset would affect the files, everything seems normal but I lost everything in my community folder. I am now in the process of restoring that. I did not get your post until after I was successful in getting rid of that error message. through trial and error on my own. I greatly appreciate your response and hopefully this post will help some who experiences the same error message in the future. Once again, thank you for taking the time to try and help me.
  2. Greetings, Never had this happen before. I just tried starting MSFS by clicking my desktop icon and got a message that stated App can't open. Does anyone have an idea what the heck this message means. Last time I ran the program was last Friday morning and everything worked perfectly. Thank you, Chuck B.
  3. Bert, Thank you for the reply. So, the three files are in my community folder and are dated 1/10/2023. Content manager indicates that they have not been installed. I have not gone into my content folder recently, so I really have no ideas how long the three files that are listed as not installed have been there. Can you please check your community folder and tell me if they are listed there for you and their dates, please?. Thank you,
  4. Ok, I have been messing with this problem for a couple hours now and am completely stuck. These three files are in my Community folder and dated 1/10/2023. I have no idea why I can't update them from the content manager. I sure hope someone out there is smarter than I am. Thank you,
  5. Greetings, I have a content manager install question I need help on. When I go to content manager, I see three files that need to be installed/updated. They are CONTENTINFO -NOT INSTALLED- Community, Gauge-NOT INSTALLED-COMMUNIY, HTML_UI-NOT INSTALLED-COMMUNITY. When I click on the blue box to the right for more information, it shows waiting and then nothing happens. I am not able to get information on the files or install them. Can someone please tell me what these files are for and how I can get them installed/updated? Otherwise, everything seems to work fine in the sim. Thank you!
  6. Glad I found this thread. I have a Jetline Systems I9 10900K, with 64GB system ram and a GTX 3090 video card with 24GB video ram. It is an amazing computer but. I have been running XPlane 11 for several years and have zero problems with the graphics. No shimmering, stutters or any other video issues. I just loaded XPlane 12 a couple days ago and am actually disappointed in the graphics. I am the latest simmer who is now in the category of can't get good anti-aliasing. The trees shimmer, distant, straight line, roads shimmer and have a "marching ant" effect. When I compare the graphics using the same flight on Xplane 11, none of these issues are present. During a flight yesterday, I have tried tweaking the settings but that did nothing to eliminate the problem. I understand that Xplane 12 is a work in progress. I sure hope they or someone ese can find a solution. BTW I also use MSFS 2020 which has none of the graphics problems I mentioned. I will be following this thread for updates or possible solutions. Have a great day everyone!!!!
  7. BobFS88 and flying _carpet, thank you for the additional responses.
  8. Thank you very much for the quick response.
  9. Greetings, I've been using Xplane 11 for several years now and love it. I'm ready to take the plunge and install Xplane 12. I've watched several installation videos, but none say anything about deleting 11 before the upgrade. I really do not want to run two versions can someone please tell me if you have to uninstall 11 before installing 12? Thank you,
  10. Thank you both for the replies. christb you had the correct answer. For some reason I was thinking the issue was more involved than simply checking for a software update. I did as you suggest and now it appears that everything is working as it should. Thanks again
  11. Greetings, I have a problem with the TDS GTNxi making me crazy, I have it installed and seems to be working properly and starts when MSFS starts but I cannot get it to work in any of the compatible aircraft. I started with the Milviz 310. The bezels appear and the screens are black. and the home and direct button are illuminated green but other than that, nothing. The bezels appear with black screen in the 414 and the home and direct buttons are not illuminated. With the just flight arrows, The TDS does not even appear as an avionics option. I.ve spent several hours now trouble shooting focusing on one aircraft the Milviz 310. The community folder is clean except for the Milvix-aircrat-310 folder. The only other files are from the TDS install and are Contentinfo, Gauge, html_ui, layout.json , manifest.json. I made certain the Gauge.html folder has the supposedly required TDSGTNxiGAugeModule.wasm file. I would sure appreciate of someone can help me out. Thank you Chuck B
  12. Greetings, I need to update my Milviz 310 installation to SP1. Can someone please tell me if I have to delete the original installation first or just run the SP1 update installer. Thank you, Chuck B
  13. Greetings, I need to install the SP1 update. Can someone please tell me if I have to uninstall the original file before I install the update? Thank you, Chuck B.
  14. Thank you. That was short, sweet to the point and exactly what I was looking for. Have a great evening
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