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  1. Greetings all! Would anyone be interested in painting a U.S. Airways 787-9/-10 (TDS) for me? I already have a U.S. Airways 787-8 livery if that could help in the process. Thanks!
  2. Hey! If there's anyone out there who has experience painting the QW757 & 787, I would like to request a fictional livery in U.S. Airways colors. I run a virtual airline, U.S. Airways Virtual, and we're always trying to acquire new planes. We already have a TDS 787-8, but we want to be able to give our pilots the chance to fly the pay ware QW787. We would like both the 787-8 and the 787-9. Furthermore, if anyone could do a 757-300 in U.S. Airways colors, that would be awesome. We want to retire our 767-200 for hub-to-hub flights and the 753 would fit perfectly in its spot. Thanks!!!
  3. capt_cm

    U.S. Airways Express 717-200

    Yeah, US Airways didn't operate the plane, but at the virtual airline, we'd love to get it as "fantasy" livery. We already acquired an A350, 777, 787,747 and 737-MAX9. This would fill the gap we have for medium haul regional routes.
  4. capt_cm

    U.S. Airways Express 717-200

    Yeah, they didn't operate 717's. But we're constantly trying to add new "fantasy" liveries into our fleet. The 717 would fit in perfectly, as we don't have too any high capacity regional airliners. The only one we have is the MD-81, but that's in an old USAir livery, and the ERJ-190, but the 717 holds a lot more passengers.
  5. Hey everyone! Is anyone here familiar with painting the HJG 717-200? I run a virtual airline on Instagram (U.S. Airways Virtual) and we wanted to acquire a new regional plane, primarily the 717. So if anyone can paint this plane, let me know! Thanks!!!
  6. capt_cm

    Airbus altitude callouts anyone?

    Hey again, just one more thing. Today, I did a full flight with the plane I added the GPWS sound onto, and I ran into a little problem. See, I use headphones on my computer for FSX, and sometimes when I use the ATC, the sound goes from me headphones to my computer speakers, and then I can’t get it back to my headphones. I’ve ran into this problem with one other sound, and I couldn’t fix it, so I was forced not to use the ATC on the planes that had that sound. Do you know of any solution for this? Thanks!
  7. capt_cm

    Airbus altitude callouts anyone?

    They're good. Thanks again! By the way, they sound awesome!!!
  8. capt_cm

    Airbus altitude callouts anyone?

    Hey man. I recently downloaded your Airbus GPWS. I tried to put it on the Project Airbus A319, A320 and A321, but every time I tested it and I hit a callout, the sim froze, and a message came up saying that it couldn't find the path to the GPWS sound. I followed the instructions you gave on each one, but it did not work. Any way I can fix this?