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  1. Okay, this looks a lot like a problem I found after a major upgrade from Windows 10 to version 1803. For me it happened a little worse, FSX-SE did not find a standard flight, so I did one but did not solve, my missions, flight plans and saved flights were not accessed, but I knew everything was in place. In the antivirus protection of Windows 10 there is a Protection against Ransomware option and then Access to Controlled Folders, the latter by default comes off but for some reason on without my interference. We can off and access is normal, or give special privileges to applications that will have access to controlled folders. I am using Google translator but I believe that with will understand what I am posting João Alfredo
  2. Many acid words, difficult to convince. João Alfredo
  3. I would not make this decision before June 9. João Alfredo
  4. An idea of 10 years, I can not have an idea, but a lot of curiosity . João Alfredo
  5. Well, this would be the perfect ending, PMDG buys rights and continues development. João Alfredo
  6. Go to folder where X-Plane 11 installed. You can find X-Plane 11 Installer.exe Run X-Plane 11 Installer, then choose Update X-Plane option, if you DO NOT want to receive beta, uncheck "check for new betas as well as updates" and go ahead. If there is any non-beta version it will be installed. If you decide to install beta and it does not work correctly for you, you can run X-Plane 11 Installer again and uncheck "check for new betas as well as updates" and X-Plane 11 updates to the latest non-beta version again. João Alfredo
  7. I use X-Plane 11 (not Steam) with few modifications, only X-Raas, 737 ZIBO and a Baron 58 that I bought for X-Plane 10 Steam and works well on X-Plane 11. I have been reporting several small bugs that I found in several aircraft, are being corrected, in beta 4 I verified that it is now possible to turn A / T off in 747-400 but I do not see anything about it in bug fixes, but I'm happy, now I can turn on and off A / T. I do not use VR but I noticed a graphical performance gain, using AMD hardware, FX8350 in conjunction with R9280. Thinking seriously about making X-Plane 11 into main simulator, very satisfied with it. João Alfredo
  8. Release notes: http://www.x-plane.com/kb/x-plane-11-11-release-notes/ XPD-8711 Fix AMD shader crash was a relief to me ... João Alfredo
  9. Is there any possibility, plans, to add more default aircraft in X-Plane? Hope so !! João Alfredo
  10. Use X-Plane 11 only with what it offers when we buy, we do not have dd-ons installed. One thing I find strange is the reactions of the aircraft when we trigger AP and A / T, the impression I have (compared to reactions on P3D-V4 or FSX-SE aircraft), are very immediate and abrupt in X-Plane. At the start of beta round 11.10 there was a problem where the flaps moved very fast when triggered, but was fixed. I noticed this too in X-Plane 10, when I started using X-Plane. Which simulator reflects the reality in the question that I present, X-Plane or the others? João Alfredo
  11. Bjoern is on the right path. But, how about you provide more details of your computer: 1-What Windows are you using, Windows 7 or Windows 10? 2- Is your Windows 32 or 64 Bit? 3-What is your video card, model and amount of memory? 4-How many HD do you have on your computer, size and free space? At the moment there is only certainty that you have very little RAM memory, critical. I am not an admin in this forum, but here there is a rule, where always at the end of the message we should put full name. João Alfredo
  12. I have problems in some clickable areas in MD-80 and 747 (I can not open FMC window) also AP after reaching desired altitude has large up and down oscillation. In 737 it seems to work fine. João Alfredo
  13. Well, I do not use Nvidia, but some forum friends use it, I was reading about problems with new Windows and found this, You will find in the eighth message a possible solution: http://www.voovirtual.com/t43672p25-importante-nao-atualizem-seu-windows-10#336713 The problem does not reach all, my hardaware is AMD and I do not have the problem. João Alfredo
  14. P3D V4 undoubtedly far superior and updated, but FSX-SE runs perfectly on Windows 10 Version 1709 (OS build 16299.19), including Grandpa FS9 keeps running perfect. The last problem I had in FSX-SE and Windows 10 happened with 787 QW, altitude was not stable in AP connected, then came the idea of deleting FSUIPC.INI, in forum QW, problem solved, there was something wrong in FSUIPC (registered), so my problem was not with Windows10, FSX-SE or 787 QW. João Alfredo
  15. 1 Yes, no doubt. 2 The amount of problems depends on how you are going to migrate. I tried "reuse" method and got great headaches. So I decided to take the bitter remedy, backup, removal of all addons, including several PMDG. I did the clean installation of Windows, and I installed ONLY FSX-SE, so as not to risk any vestige of FSX box. I tried programs that promised to remove traces of old FSX box, but only promises. Do not worry about your addons, they will work perfectly, if you do the thing the right way 3 Yes, undoubtedly, including Windows. João Alfredo
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