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  1. Many thanks! I really like to fly in South America and there are a few nice freeware sceneries.
  2. RC5 is out! I had to disable Windows Defender to install RC5. And i had to copy the liveries into the main liveries folder because the installer created a liveries folder inside the main liveries folder.
  3. Thanks Harald! I think there are AIDA cruises to Svalbard.
  4. Thanks! No, it´s Svalbard by Aerosoft.
  5. hmm i had no problems. It´s on google drive. Are you sure that you completely downloaded the file? And did you use 7zip to unpack it?
  6. yes, he is very talented. It would be awesome if Orbx would hire him... 🙂
  7. Fantastic freeware: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/51672-pwdt-yakovlev-yak-18t/
  8. yes, it´s a lightweight experimental aicraft with a PT6 engine. The PocketRocket... and she really flies like a rocket.
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