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  1. jt8d9a

    EDNY to EDDS

    Many thanks Filippo 🙂
  2. XP11, AFM Mooney O3, Aerosoft EDNY and EDDS.
  3. yep, it was XXXX. But after the update it is MACH. There has been an update to Machmell Fisheries (got the DL link per mail).
  4. https://www.justflight.com/category/xplane-11-sale
  5. Filippo made a nice video:
  6. Only two forums left. Why?
  7. Many thanks for the kind comments!
  8. Nice scenery gift: https://propstrikestudio.com/products/fisheries
  9. jt8d9a

    Murky Morning Aerostar/Mini Review

    Many thanks for the mini review! I´m tempted by the Aerostar and the 690B Turbo Commander. I guess i will get the Aerostar.
  10. Performance is very good. I get over 30FPS. That´s a real masterpiece! It looks fantastic, has very good performance and includes WT3 ground routes. That´s exactly how a XP11 airport has to be.
  11. jt8d9a

    Super Cub

    Many thanks for the kind comments!
  12. ...by MisterX (ShortFinal) has been released (at the Org-Store)! https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMj0ZRGIWQBqF4XNma-7kLuuWX0qohqVA250YunSf-4h12KU4l7kBzx0hxyE1zU9g?key=UlVXeERmUzZ1anhFbWtkZjZiSjFGQkVSYS1meGpB