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  1. Mark Hoppus

    FSX Eating my disk space when playing

    Thanks everybody for your replies! First of all, apologies for my late response, I'm brand new here, and I supposed that when "notify me of replies" were on, I'd receive an email (and taking into account that the open of the toppic itself was pending of apporval of one moderator). Said that, my pc, Win 10, I7 HQ 7º generation, 16 gb ram, I SSD with very few free space, and another one 7200 RPM with free space. I suppose that if I hadn't enough memory, it would need more hd space...but it's not the case... Again, thank you for your time.
  2. Mark Hoppus

    Can't get it to work

    I'm struggling with the same error since I Updated Windows... :(
  3. Hi there, I'm quite new here, but, I decided to create an account since I'm not being able to solve an issue, and it seems to be that there's nonthing about it out there. Easy question: how to deal with all the disk space that FSX (Steam Eadition) start consuming once you start playing? I believe that it's related to replay's matter, but I cannot see anything where I can configure it. I mean, something like: please donot record more than 100 seconds (that you may use in the future by clicking replay)... That is cosuming the very few free space that I've got on my SSD, and once it's consumed, FSX starts triggering errors. I'm talking about more than 2 gigas being consumed once I start flying. Any idea about how to control this? Many, many thanks in advance. Best.