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  1. Right now my laptop (specs in signature, or here has 6 GB of RAM, divided this way: - 4 GB soldered on board - 2 GB on a stick. I guess is DDR4 2133 MHz, based on the specs. My idea is to upgrade the RAM (the only thing left for upgrade on my laptop), but I'm not sure what to do, if replacing the 2GB stick with a 4 GB, 8 GB or even 16 GB one. Right now, this is what I run on my laptop: - FS9 (with the iFly 737 and 747v2) - FSX-SE (with the iFly 737 and Aerosoft Airbus) - PF3 ATC, with any of the sims. I'm not sure if will be worthwhile going into P3D4 with my laptop, this may affect the RAM I'd be needing. Any ideas?
  2. LINDA 3.0.7 provides compatibility with the new Prepar3D v4 (P3Dv4) 64-bit flight simulator and all existing 32-bit flight simulators (FSX, FSX-SE and P3Dv3.4). It should installed into the Flt Sim's module folder. Each adult Sim requires its own installation. This release requires a registered version FSUIPC5 5.122 or later to work with P3Dv4. FSUIPC4 4.972 or later is required for other 32-bit Flt Sims (FSX, FSX-SE or P3Dv3.4. LINDA WILL NOT FUNCTION WITH OLDER VERSIONS OF FSUIPC. This release provides full support for all existing features including VRi Combo MCP panel operation. Please read all the enclosed release notes for all details on new features. Most of the changes are under the bonnet (US hood) based on user feedback: Fix to Sync To Sim orange highlighting of aircraft selector. Adds Sounds function for use with QW787 and other modules. All issues and problems should be reported on the LINDA Support sub-forum. Known Issues: Hotkeys may not work with P3Dv4 and Win10. Download: LINDA 3.0.7 Formal Release (740) Previous Version: LINDA 3.0.6 Formal Release (739) LINDA 3.0.5 Formal Release (735) LINDA 3.0.4a Formal Release (728) LINDA 2.9.6c
  3. Hello, I am trying to improve my skills in scenery building, I am good with the AFCAD and I can make photoreal scenery. I want to make realistic ground texture ( taxiway lines, Tyre marks, dirts ) like payware sceneries, I found out many people use GMAX to do the job. I don't know how to use GMAX, It is kinda complicated 😞 Is there any other 3D software I can use to do the job in a easier way or can I use Sketchup3D. Any help pls 🙂
  4. Hello! WestJet (Canada) has a new subsidiary airline called Swoop becoming operational spring 2018. This airline just started making ticket sales yesterday. Is there any chance that somebody might have the time to look into creating a PMDG livery for the B737-800WL Swoop? Thanks in advance! And keep up the good work! Marco
  5. Sim Savvy Sat Africa LivingFS Tehran Photoreal RealWorld Scenery Bahrain 3D Carenado EMB505 Phenom 300 Thanks for Viewing!
  6. Hello everyone, I introduce myself : I'm Alexandre from French West Indies (and a French Speaking guy, so in advance, sorry for my English), new to the forum. I start directly : Is there any way or any procedure that allows to open the gear doors at ground as shown on the following screenshots (OneDrive link) ?!AgR7ZAZB54P1iZomov68OS41gPmPSQ Of course, I've already tried the "alternate gear extension" procedure, who work in flight, but not at ground (what seems logical). The PMDG product support seems to be unavailable at the moment... Anyone have an idea? Thank you in advance for your answers/clarifications. Alexandre aka AAlphaSierra
  7. WikaAirlines1

    WIKA-Airlines virtual Airline

    What is WIKA-Airlines? The WIKA Airlines are a virtual airline that simulates flights on a flight simulator FSX / P3D / XPLANE online on IVAO and VATSIM flights. Our top priority is the fun of the thing and the hobby, nothing has much to do. WIKA-Airlines are constantly looking for new active Pilots! We´re one of the most active VA´s on the IVAO Network The Community is the Main Part -We have an Teamspeak 3 Server, and a WhatsApp Group. What offer Wika Airlines for you -Complete economic simulation -Flat hierarchy -Tours and events with awards -Own liveries -An own academy for pilot trainings -Diverse routes which are always kept up to date about 1400 -Ranking system for pilots -Support for our members -Varied Acars system with many statistics and live mapping on the homepage -Up to 30% discount as an active member in the shops of selected partners Our Fleet: Boeing: 737-800, 737-900, 757, 767, 767, 777,747-400, comes in the Future 787, 747-800 Airbus: A320, A321, A330, A340, A350, comes in the Future A380 Others: Bombadier Dash 8 Cargo: B777F, MD11F VFR: Cessna 172, Cirrus Sr20, Diamond DA42 What brings the Future?? At this Time were working on a new Homepage and a new Acars System We´re awaiting the full registration in the VA System on the IVAO network and many more We´re the right Airline for You?? you´re interested to Fly for a virtual Airline? you´re flying FSX, Prepare 3D oder Xplane? you´re will be a part of it and and intersted to desing the Future? you´re an IVAo or VATSIM Member and an activ Pilot? Your age is 14 or Higher? Than visit our Homepage and Join our Airline.
  8. I am looking for help to get my system to run FSX above 15+ FPS (even mid 20's would be awesome). It stutters and under performs especially at FSDT KORD. System Setup i7 2600k @ 4.5ghz (HT OFF) Watercooled (Corsair H60) Gigabyte Z68MA-D2h-B3 16 Gig DDR3 1600 mhz RAM RAID1 with SSD 500 gb + WD 1TB Recovery HD AMD HD 7950 3GB EYEFINITY 3 Monitors Addons: PMDG 737 NGX WIlco Evolution Vol 1 REX 3 with Overdrive Orbx Vector Captain Sim 757 FSDT KLAS, KORD, GSX FSX Config: [BUFFERPOOLS] Usepools=0 PoolSize=0 [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=14 [SOUND] AmbientUIMusicVolume=-6.000000 SOUND=1 SOUND_QUALITY=2 SOUND_LOD=0 UISound=0 AmbientUI=0 SOUND_FADER1=0.500000 SOUND_FADER2=0.500000 SOUND_FADER3=0.500000 SOUND_FADER4=0.500000 AmbientUIMusic=FSX01 PrimaryDevice={DEF00000-9C6D-47ED-AAF1-4DDA8F2B5C03} VoiceDevice={DEF00002-9C6D-47ED-AAF1-4DDA8F2B5C03} [Display] ChangeTime=4.000000 TransitionTime=4.000000 ActiveWindowTitleTextColor=255,255,255 ActiveWindowTitleBackGroundColor=0,28,140,64 NonActiveWindowTitleTextColor=255,255,255 NonActiveWindowTitleBackGroundColor=24,33,87,64 InfoUpperRightTextColor=255,0,0 InfoUpperRightBackGroundColor=0,0,0,0 InfoLowerLeftTextColor=255,255,255 InfoLowerLeftBackGroundColor=255,0,0,128 InfoLowerRightTextColor=255,255,255 InfoLowerRightBackGroundColor=255,0,0,128 InfoBrakesEnable=True InfoParkingBrakesEnable=True InfoPauseEnable=True InfoSlewEnable=True InfoStallEnable=True InfoOverspeedEnable=True BLOOM_EFFECTS=1 SKINNED_ANIMATIONS=1 MAX_TEXTURE_DATA=1000 TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=40 TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=3072 UPPER_FRAMERATE_LIMIT=30 WideViewAspect=True [Main] FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.15 User Objects=Airplane, Helicopter SimObjectPaths.0=SimObjects\Airplanes SimObjectPaths.1=SimObjects\Rotorcraft SimObjectPaths.2=SimObjects\GroundVehicles SimObjectPaths.3=SimObjects\Boats SimObjectPaths.4=SimObjects\Animals SimObjectPaths.5=SimObjects\Misc HideMenuNormal=0 HideMenuFullscreen=1 Location=3149,172,4189,951,\\.\DISPLAY1 Maximized=2 SimObjectPaths.6=C:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE\data\SimObjects SimObjectPaths.7=C:\Program Files (x86)\Addon Manager\Simobjects\Misc SimObjectPaths.8=C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects ProcSpeed=8338 PerfBucket=7 [PANELS] IMAGE_QUALITY=1 QUICKTIPS=1 PANEL_OPACITY=100 PANEL_MASKING=1 PANEL_STRETCHING=1 UNITS_OF_MEASURE=0 DEFAULT_VIEW=0 [Weather] WindshieldPrecipitationEffects=1 MinGustTime=10 MaxGustTime=500 MinGustRampSpeed=1 MaxGustRampSpeed=200 MinVarTime=5 MaxVarTime=50 MinVarRampSpeed=10 MaxVarRampSpeed=75 TurbulenceScale=1.000000 WeatherServerPort=80 WeatherGraphDataInDialog=0 AdjustForMagVarInDialog=1 DynamicWeather=0 DownloadWindsAloft=0 DisableTurbulence=1 CLOUD_DRAW_DISTANCE=3 DETAILED_CLOUDS=1 CLOUD_COVERAGE_DENSITY=8 THERMAL_VISUALS=0 [DISPLAY.Device.AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series.0] Mode=1024x768x32 TriLinear=1 [CONTROLS] Controls_Default=Standard Controls_Current=Standard KBDAIL=64 KBDELEV=64 KBDRUD=64 [TextInfo.1] Latitude=1,1 Longitude=1,2 Altitude=1,3 Heading=1,4 AirSpeed=1,5 WindDirectionAndSpeed=1,6 [TextInfo.2] FrameRate=1,1 LockedFrameRate=1,2 GForce=1,3 FuelPercentage=1,4 [TextInfo.3] Latitude=1,1 Longitude=1,2 Altitude=1,3 Heading=1,4 AirSpeed=1,5 WindDirectionAndSpeed=1,6 FrameRate=2,1 LockedFrameRate=2,2 GForce=2,3 FuelPercentage=2,4 [SlewTextInfo.1] Latitude=1,1 Longitude=1,2 Altitude=1,3 Heading=1,4 AirSpeed=1,5 [SlewTextInfo.2] FrameRate=1,1 LockedFrameRate=1,2 [SlewTextInfo.3] Latitude=1,1 Longitude=1,2 Altitude=1,3 Heading=1,4 AirSpeed=1,5 FrameRate=2,1 LockedFrameRate=2,2 [DynamicHeadMovement] LonAccelOnHeadLon=-0.020000 LonAccelOnHeadPitch=-0.010000 RollAccelOnHeadLat=0.010000 YawAccelOnHeadLat=-0.100000 RollAccelOnHeadRoll=0.100000 MaxHeadAngle=5.000000 MaxHeadOffset=0.300000 HeadMoveTimeConstant=1.000000 [VirtualCopilot] VirtualCopilotActive=0 [GRAPHICS] ALLOW_SHADER_30=1 ForceFullScreenVSync=1 NUM_LIGHTS=8 AIRCRAFT_SHADOWS=0 AIRCRAFT_REFLECTIONS=0 COCKPIT_HIGH_LOD=1 LANDING_LIGHTS=1 AC_SELF_SHADOW=0 EFFECTS_QUALITY=2 GROUND_SHADOWS=0 TEXTURE_QUALITY=3 IMAGE_QUALITY=0 See_Self=1 Text_Scroll=1 D3D10=0 HIGHMEMFIX=1 SHADER_CACHE_PRIMED_10=1693500672 SHADER_CACHE_PRIMED=1693500672 TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=1024 [USERINTERFACE] PageID=1 SHOW_MISSION_CAPTIONS=0 PAUSE_ON_LOST_FOCUS=0 PROMPT_ON_EXIT=1 SITUATION=C:\Users\scien\OneDrive\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\United Virtual Map_Orientation=2 OpenATCOnCreate=0 ShowAllACPaintSchemes=1 SelectAircraftManufacturer=All SelectAircraftPublisher=All SelectAircraftType=All DisplayFuelAsWeight=1 [ATC] ShowATCText=1 COMM_MSG_NONE_COLOR=FFFFFFFF COMM_MSG_ATC_USER_COLOR=FFB6FFB6 COMM_MSG_USER_ATC_COLOR=FFFFD21B COMM_MSG_ATC_AI_COLOR=FF00FF00 COMM_MSG_AI_ATC_COLOR=FFFF7840 AutoOpenAirTrafficWindow=1 UsePilotVoice=1 PilotVoice=0 [PointOfInterestSystem] CycleSetting=0 [SCENERY] SmallPartRejectRadius=1 LENSFLARE=1 DAWN_DUSK_SMOOTHING=1 IMAGE_COMPLEXITY=5 [TrafficManager] AirlineDensity=0 GADensity=0 FreewayDensity=1 ShipsAndFerriesDensity=0 LeisureBoatsDensity=0 IFROnly=0 AIRPORT_SCENERY_DENSITY=5 [TERRAIN] LOD_RADIUS=4.500000 MESH_COMPLEXITY=100 MESH_RESOLUTION=23 TEXTURE_RESOLUTION=29 AUTOGEN_DENSITY=2 DETAIL_TEXTURE=1 WATER_EFFECTS=4 TERRAIN_MAX_AUTOGEN_TREES_PER_CELL=1300 TERRAIN_MAX_AUTOGEN_BUILDINGS_PER_CELL=900 SWAP_WAIT_TIMEOUT=10 [AContain] ShowLabels=1 ShowUserLabel=0 ShowLabelManufacturer=1 ShowLabelModel=1 ShowLabelTailNumber=0 ShowLabelDistance=1 ShowLabelAltitude=1 ShowLabelAirline=0 ShowLabelAirlineAndFlightNumber=0 ShowLabelFlightPlan=0 ShowLabelContainerId=0 ShowLabelAirspeed=0 ShowLabelHeading=0 LabelDelay=1000 LabelColor=FFFF0000 [INTERNATIONAL] ASLAT=2 ASLON=1 MEASURE=0 [REALISM] PFactor=1.000000 Torque=1.000000 GyroEffect=1.000000 CrashTolerance=1.000000 General=1.000000 UnlimitedFuel=False TrueAirspeed=False AutoCoord=True RealMixture=True StressDamage=False GEffect=True ManualLights=True GyroDrift=False CrashWithDyn=False CrashDetection=False AutoTrim=False AllowEngineDamage=True [SIM] SYSCLOCK=1 [STARTUP] DEMO=0 SHOW_OPENING_SCREEN=1 STARTUP_DEMO= LoadWindow=1 [FACILITIES] COUNTRY= STATE= CITY= GTL_BUTTON=4096 [Misc] Com_Rate=7 [AccelerationPack] ControlsFirstRun=0 HomePageFirstRun=0 [Trusted] C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\PMDG\DLLs\PMDG_HUD_Interface.dll.onelzecioiuhohonnktqzrqnzbhlecqcltkcnqbh=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Addon Manager\couatl\couatl.exe.uouobztbibkiuwzlnrohltkuiaaorwzhroqucqnt=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjectDisplayEngine.exe.zrbqcrbnzhhotrcrwkurctoiizttkekirutikkoh=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAA_ORBXLIBS\Scenery\ObjectFlow.dll.wwlcobzoiqllbwuirkiohzniqotkeektwazuunnk=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Addon Manager\bglmanx.dll.wclrqbuetblcitaozwrikctatarthtkhitqcwqik=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjectAnimationModule.dll.botkwquzznwblebqknbhrhhnbculwhkchlbcwirr=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\GAUGES\PMDG_737NGX.DLL.celtoczuowknitlwrehbnltrollbhikozrewzlli=2 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\FSUIPC4.dll.baqwihiwquneutelbzwtuqrrberazbrtleiloeho=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Modules\AirbusNewHUD.dll.bcnhbhluqchtzekzthoatqweuoecznlztakwahqt=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\feelThere PIC A320IAE\panel\A320IAE_feelThere.DLL.iuqkzuiikccnzcckizzhqibhzaqutzntzaouoczt=2 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\GAUGES\A320NightPanel_feelThere.DLL.hcqoaearrbwilkinbqreeiieekonbhezeowobick=2 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\GAUGES\HUDControl.DLL.bwzwzzrzoltcqacqonurcheqqetltrkqquenhrww=2 C:\Program Files (x86)\Addon Manager\couatl\couatl.exe.irrhooozkrteazknqntnbalzzqtzctbekribkoeq=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjectDisplayEngine.exe.krolibzkzwqqhhqbhalbkztclruwhchbouwabblk=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAA_ORBXLIBS\Scenery\ObjectFlow.dll.lhzukoccbqhtalzunzwwqtzktqibwequbnitutea=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Addon Manager\bglmanx.dll.uqlneauqiuuiazuuteeubcotouaakwkeiwcqneek=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\PMDG\DLLs\PMDG_HUD_Interface.dll.hnqeuktitaecqhnawehholeoqqubcieetbnntquu=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjectAnimationModule.dll.arirnluqnqrokzizharqhoerkzquwhhhzckhhnro=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\FSUIPC4.dll.ewculurwqwkwlnbclwtbuizblqleiuelrbnewkhe=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Modules\AirbusNewHUD.dll.uwchcaqbwticnozuwezqlbacrbtioozizucokwwk=1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\feelThere PIC A320IAE\panel\A320IAE_feelThere.DLL.lnierelwbhtnhorquuloahtoiietkbcthhiacacq=2 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\GAUGES\A320NightPanel_feelThere.DLL.elrnkwrerubotocewtczarrzeohtrqequhetiqae=2 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\GAUGES\HUDControl.DLL.oeaeicebooueekzkwkleqwcwcbebitezikwalhli=2 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\GAUGES\PMDG_737NGX.DLL.hiaheaqucwzewuowclknknnnalelzwwlozhutllh=2 [RWW_WEATHER_MAP] SHOW_AIRPORTS=0 SHOW_VORS=0 SHOW_NDBS=0 SHOW_APPROACHES=0 SHOW_INTERSECTIONS=0 SHOW_VICTOR=0 SHOW_JET=0 SHOW_AIRSPACE=0 SHOW_FLIGHTPLAN=1 SHOW_WEATHERSTATIONS=1 SHOW_WEATHERSYSTEMS=1 SHOW_DATATAGS=1 SHOW_TERRAIN=1 [DISPLAY.Device.AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series.0.0] Mode=1280x720x32 [DISPLAY.Device.AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series.0.1] Mode=1280x720x32 [DISPLAY.Device.AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series.0.2] Mode=1280x720x32 [MULTIPLAYER] condAccoutPassword=0
  9. Today I buy DX10 Cloud Shadows and minutes ago i try install and i got the error below when the program run "FixerPatcher": I download Cloud Shadows through the link sent to me in email. Please can help me?
  10. MSE 2 Oregon ORBX Creswell Hobby Field ORBX Longview Ranch Airport Carenado Waco YMF5 Thanks for Viewing!
  11. Hello, I am using ADE right now and am wondering what the "x" stands for after the airline code (ex, UALX, AALX). Could somebody tell me what this means? I don't know if it's a preferred symbol or regional symbol, or something completely different. Thanks!
  12. MSE 2 Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, California Aerosoft US Cities X Chicago, Los Angeles PMDG 747 F Thanks for viewing! chic1 by Homer James, on Flickr chic2 by Homer James, on Flickr chic3 by Homer James, on Flickr chic4 by Homer James, on Flickr chic5 by Homer James, on Flickr chic6 by Homer James, on Flickr chic7 by Homer James, on Flickr chic8 by Homer James, on Flickr chic9 by Homer James, on Flickr chic10 by Homer James, on Flickr chic11 by Homer James, on Flickr chic12 by Homer James, on Flickr chic13 by Homer James, on Flickr chic14 by Homer James, on Flickr chic15 by Homer James, on Flickr chic16 by Homer James, on Flickr chic17 by Homer James, on Flickr chic18 by Homer James, on Flickr chic19 by Homer James, on Flickr chic19.1 by Homer James, on Flickr
  13. France VFR Aerosoft Paris Charles de Gaulle LMT Simulation Cannes Mandelieu International Airport Carenado 390 Premier 1A Thanks for Viewing!
  14. Another one from the archives hope you guys like...Saudia 777 departing EGCC at dusk. 🙂
  15. thibodba57


    So what does a pilot and simmer do to waste time so they don't have to do yard work. Well they do things to keep their procedural proficiency up. Doesn't matter if the equipment is antiquated (CIVA INS) and in the slowest possible equipment to do a ocean crossing while repainting said aircraft in a paint I'll probably never fly. The only thing that matters is I'm still able to do post position plots on a chart thats years out of date.
  16. France VFR MSE Spain Carenado C90 GTX King Air Thanks for viewing!
  17. MSE 2 Arizona, New Mexico ORBX Sedona Airport ORBX Alamogordo White Sands Regional Airport RealAir Duke Turbine Thanks for Viewing! alam1 by Homer James, on Flickr alam2 by Homer James, on Flickr alam3 by Homer James, on Flickr alam4 by Homer James, on Flickr alam5 by Homer James, on Flickr alam6 by Homer James, on Flickr alam7 by Homer James, on Flickr alam8 by Homer James, on Flickr alam9 by Homer James, on Flickr alam10 by Homer James, on Flickr alam11 by Homer James, on Flickr alam12 by Homer James, on Flickr alam13 by Homer James, on Flickr alam14 by Homer James, on Flickr alam15 by Homer James, on Flickr alam16 by Homer James, on Flickr alam17 by Homer James, on Flickr alam18 by Homer James, on Flickr alam19 by Homer James, on Flickr alam20 by Homer James, on Flickr
  18. Shalom all, Just climbed into ATR72-500 only to find the airport FLOODED!!!! Yeah the airport tower controller told me I could take off from water!! I can see why they call it Caribbean Seaplanes as seen in background Regards, Aharon
  19. MSE 2 Idaho, Montana ORBX Bonners Ferry Airport ORBX Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport Carenado C210M Centurion 2 Thanks for viewing!
  20. FSX, NZAA. Only three frames 😊 Lightning
  21. I have been slowly upgrading my older PC to achieve better FPS and quality on a retirees funding and found myself debating my next steps. As it would basically be a hardware choice I contacted the original builders of the PC and requested a recommendation. This I then posted to Tom's Hardware who are usually sensible people around hardware which resulted in the below thread. If any of you have the time to process and maybe give me some pointers from a FSX POV |I would appreciate it as I am currently not able to get much above 15/20 FPS average and usually about 5 FPS at airports and with graphics at normal or below. Thanks in advance: "23 May 2018 16:04:48 I am looking to upgrade the above CPU/Motherboard and my local IT pusher is recommending: a MSI B360M Gaming plus micro ATX with a i5 8600K/3.6 GHz Processor with a Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO 92mm cooler. RAM would be 16bg HyperX fury DDR4 - 2666MHz CL16. I would be primarily using the new PC for FSX Flight Simulator and X Plane 11. Does this make sense or should I consider anything else?? Thanks for your help and comments. Schaefer47 why_wolf abVMotherboard abĈASUS 23 May 2018 18:07:43 Warp 9 That's kind of a side-grade. You'd be going from a 4 core / 8 thread CPU to a 6 core / 6 thread CPU. There would be of course the relatively minor IPC improvements from the generation change. I suppose the thing to do is to hit the forums for those specific games and see what kind of results people with the new coffee lake and Ryzen CPUs are getting. My cursory check indicates that FSX will support multicores (more cores = better) and it looks like X Plane is moving towards multicore support. Found this dev post of X Plane, sounds like multicore is still a work in progress so I'm not sure how much of an improvement (if any) it would be. If you do want to upgrade I'd stick with your class of CPU to avoid side-grading. So if you have an i7 stick with an i7 or AMD equivalent R7. An aside; pairing an unlocked K series CPU on a B series motherboard is frankly stupid. The whole point of the K series is that they are unlocked for overclocking which can only be done on Z series boards. Same though on that CPU cooler, 92mm??, junk. You'd want a 120mm like an EVO 212 or a Cryorig H7 as a starting point. Quoted 1 time. Reply to why_wolf Schaefer47 24 May 2018 15:51:43 Hi Why-Wolf, Now that's what I call a responsible answer.... It is also the reason I mentioned that I had an offer from my IT dealer - or should I say pusher ;0)) I have the abovementioned PC with the below specs: It was supposedly the top GPU 5/6 years ago for FSX and I have added a GTX 1060 6gb which I have OC'ed as well as adding new RAM up to the recommended 16GB. I also use Process Lasso to manage cores which seems to work well enough. It runs reasonably well and is fairly stable but I am not able to pull the sliders for graphics as far out as I have heard should be possible. So my question was should I add a Samsung EVO 250GB SSD mindbearing that I already have a hybrid SSD/HDD that gives me a fairly fast startup or should I consider upgrading within the confines of the existing machine and my retiree budget? Hence my check question to this forum. Thanks again for the valid comments and I will check out the relevant FSX/X Plane fora to see if they offer anything along my constrained lines. Processor (CPU) CPU Name Intel® Core™ i7-4771 CPU @ 3.50GHz Threading 1 CPU - 4 Core - 8 Threads Frequency 2194.76 MHz (22 * 99.76 MHz) - Uncore: 2194.8 MHz Multiplier Current: 22 / Min: 8 / Max: 39 Architecture Haswell / Stepping: C0 / Technology: 22 nm CPUID / Ext. 6.C.3 / 6.3C IA Extensions MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, EM64T, VT-x, AES, AVX, AVX2, FMA3 Caches L1D : 32 KB / L2 : 256 KB / L3 : 8192 KB Caches Assoc. L1D : 8-way / L2 : 8-way / L3 : 16-way Microcode Rev. 0x000001E TDP / Vcore 84 Watts / 0.838 Volts Temperature 100 °C / 212 °F Type Retail (Stock Frequency : 3500 MHz) Cores Frequencies #00: 2194.76 MHz  #01: 2194.76 MHz  #02: 2294.52 MHz  #03: 2194.76 MHz  Motherboard Model Asus H81M-K Socket Socket 1150 LGA North Bridge Intel Haswell rev 06 South Bridge Intel H81 rev C2 BIOS American Megatrends Inc. 0401 (08/28/2013) Memory (RAM) Total Size 16384 MB Type Dual Channel (128 bit) DDR3-SDRAM Frequency 798.1 MHz - Ratio 1:6 Timings 11-11-11-28-1 (tCAS-tRC-tRP-tRAS-tCR) Slot #1 Module Kingston 8192 MB (DDR3-1600) - XMP 1.3 - P/N: KHX1866C9D3/8GX Slot #2 Module Kingston 8192 MB (DDR3-1600) - XMP 1.3 - P/N: KHX1866C9D3/8GX Graphic Card (GPU) GPU Type NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (GP106) @ 139 MHz GPU Brand Micro-Star International Co. Lt GPU Specs GP106-400 / Process: 16nm / Transistors: 4400M / Die Size: 200 mm² / TDP: 120W GPU Units Shader Units: 1280 / Texture Units (TMU): 80 / Render Units (ROP): 48 GPU VRAM 6144 MB GDDR5 192 bit @ 405 MHz GPU APIs DirectX 12.0 (12_1) / OpenGL 4.5 / OpenCL 1.2 / Vulkan 1.0 Storage (HDD/SSD) Model #1 Seagate ST1000DM003-1CH162 Capacity #1 1000 GB Model #2 Seagate ST31000528AS Capacity #2 1000 GB Model #3 Seagate ST31000528AS Capacity #3 1000 GB Display Screen #1 ASUS PB277 (ACI27B5) Screen #1 Spec 27.2 inches (69.1 cm) / 2560 x 1440 pixels @ 50-76 Hz Update this why_wolf abVMotherboard abĈASUS 24 May 2018 18:53:49 Warp 9 Swapping in a SSD won't improve in-game performance, only load times will improve. That is the part of load up that transfers data from the SSD/HDD to RAM so it can be used by the CPU. So if you want the overall system to have a more snappy feel when you open new programs then a SSD is the way to go. But in terms of performance it won't matter for games, unless you were always maxing out RAM and Windows started using Page File (does this automatically) to keep the game from crashing. Even then though it would be advisable to add more RAM not an SSD to alleviate that kind of problem. However you are playing a really special niche game so it is possible that it really does want to eat more RAM, even past your 16 GB, if you are trying to twist every knob to max settings. Those simulation games can get really serious about just how much of the real world they are recreating. This is probably something you'd need to check up on in the game forums. In terms of just visuals that's more likely related to the GPU as opposed to the CPU/RAM. The 1060 is the low card but not the bottom card by any means, followed by 1070 > 1070 Ti > 1080 > 1080 TI > Titan. The resolution you are running the game at matters too, more pixels = more strain on the GPU. I see you have a 1440p screen. You could try dropping the game resolution to 1080p and the other graphics settings higher. It may or may not look better, its really in the eye of the beholder. Sorry long response. Get a SSD if you just want a quality of life improvement on the current rig. Otherwise just hold strong with what you have and wait for when a more substantial total upgrade is possible." Best regards schaefer
  22. We are doing a 50% off on our website until the Midnight of May 31 (GMT). Visit to learn more and get our F-4B/N Phantom II and Midway Battlegroup at a big discount by using HALFPRICE on checkout. Winner of the PC Pilot Classic Award in 2017, the F-4B/N Phantom II is a high detail representation of the iconic cold war fighter, including customizable aircraft variants and two cockpit versions that cover the 1960-1974 period, many high definition liveries, bundled with USS Coral Sea and being TacPack compatible out-of-the box! The Midway Battlegroup brings carrier ops to life with a feature set that has never been seen in FSX/P3D. Features such as animated arrestor cables, realistic catapult launches, realistic LSO (SWS and vLSO integration), different deck configurations in a single model and a full escort fleet, make this package the most complete carrier ops release in the market. Both products are compatible with FSX:Acceleration, Gold, Steam and P3Dv2-4 in a single installer. F-4B/N Phantom II Trailer Midway Battlegroup trailer
  23. My little tribute to Stavros Palatsidis and his excellent new Olympic livery for Carenado Dornier Do228.
  24. MSE 2 Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming ORBX Skagit Regional Airport ORBX Jackson Hole Airport Carenado EMB505 Phenom 300 Thanks for Viewing!