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  1. When I try to install FSX steam edition/default they both failed to install due to some type of error. I tried to install the steam edition, but it says that I need steam running, THEN I tried to install the standard It too has problems, this time when I inserted disc 1 this time with some red x error. Can anyone help me?☹️ I'm frustrated that my windows 7 computer keeps acting up and newer versions of windows are not the same.😡 I wish that Microsoft will continue releasing more flight simulators but instead, we were stuck with acceleration for 11 years now since they don't have new versions of flight simulator anymore and they are not compatible on any new version of windows (8, 10 etc.). 🙄
  2. I am requesting for scenery designers who may be looking for a new project to take on. King Khalid International Airport (OERK) has undergone significant changes over the past few years including a new terminal 5 which was completed in 2015, and terminal areas as well as changes in parking just to name a few. There are a few well done AFCAD's as they pertained to repairing the ILS and appropriating some of the aircraft parking, however, these are in themselves significantly outdated. There was an excellent project done by ARMI PROJECT, however, it too has become outdated with the recent construction. A grand scenery project would be great, but I know that is time-consuming as well. I would be very pleased as well as it would be doing the community a service by updating an outdated airport in FSX/SE/P3D. (etc).
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