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Found 14 results

  1. Noticed there wasn't a performance profile available for the DA40NG, so I made one. This is based off the mod mrtommymxr made, and will ONLY work for this one, NOT the default Asobo version. Get the mod here: https://flightsim.to/file/2738/da40-ngx-project And the profile here: https://www.littlenavmap.org/downloads/Aircraft Performance/MSFS/Diamond DA40NG Modded.lnmperf Enjoy!
  2. Hi, Overall my V5 performing flawlessly, no CTD no out of VRAM error so far. However, the performance over major airports is not flyable to me, with default aircraft I get around 20FPS and frequently dropping to around 15, cannot have a smooth view. Here are some pictures of my settings in P3D. Hopefully someone can help and explain which one impacts heavily the performance as I have done some searching over google and so far not so much information. Computer system i7 10700F, 16GB RAM, GTX 1080 8GB VRAM. 2k resolution 144Hz System Win10 64bit, P3D V5, UK2000 EGLL and Imaginesim KATL, traffic from AIG. ASP3D, ASCA , Envtex, Envshade Thank you.
  3. Hello everyone, I have a really bad problem with P3Dv4. I just installed it yesterday and I'm getting horrible fps. At first I thought it was about my settings but playing around with the sliders, I noticed that independently from any change in setting, I only get about 5-12 fps. Furthermore, my CPU is only at 20-40% usage all the time. As mentioned: it is NOT because of my ultra high scenery settings as it didn't improve at any settings. I'm currently only using P3D clean install without any addons. Please help me!
  4. A lot of you who use P3Dv4 with Active Sky have probably experienced the problem that when flying during sunset/sunrise with a thick overcast cloud layer, your frame rate tanks to unacceptable levels. More than four years ago, I made a video, in which I showed how to improve the performance in P3Dv3 during such conditions. In the following new video, I will revisit this problem, but this time I am using P3Dv4. You will learn how to improve the cloud performance under critical cloud conditions in a very quick, flexible and convenient way. Highly recommended!
  5. After years of tinkering with settings and add-ons I am now, more often than not, achieving stable fluid performance over most flight scenarios. The secret? Ditch the bad stuff and accept your systems limitations. We have a great hobby and should embrace the experience of a realistic, smooth flight. Many add on's are not optimised well and my system just isn't up to high demand payware. So I have taken the measure of a carrying couple of tweaks and only using high performing (not necessarily old) add on software. These include: FSX FPS set at unlimited internally and set at 30 FPS through Nvidia Inspector DX10 enabled (lovely cockpit shadows) and Steves fixer installed along with recommended Nvidia settings No AI aircraft or traffic Bloom, glare and ground shadows off High performing add on's - all steady 30FPS on my system: Anything from ORBX (Global, vector and most available countries installed (PNG a must)) ASN16 weather plus REX texture direct enhanced with soft clouds Flight 1 GTN 750 Military - Superbug (amazing performance despite the in depth simulation) / Milviz F-100 / Lotus simulations L-39 Airliner - Majestic Q400 Business jet - Flysimware lear 35 Light aircraft - Just flight Arrow 3/4 / A2A Comanche / Carenado Skymaster, PC-12, Do228 Regretful purchases - My rig just isn't enough: I Fly 747 Anything Carenado or Alabeo with G1000 All of the above is not necessarily the developers fault but rather my poor computers aging spec - I5@4.1Gz / Nvidia GTX780 / 8GM ram. Any thoughts out there for additional high performing payware?
  6. Title says it all. GPU running cooler, load seems way better balanced across all CPU cores, the smoothness is remarkable ..EVERYTHING that is majorly important seems better (may be a bit of placebo effect but I'm sooo satisfied.) @virtuali, took off out of your KORD in the 172....maybe a bit of placebo again but the textures look better...and the performance is way better now! 8700k all threads, HT on, no affinity, slight OC to 4.9ghz on all cores, ancient Titan Maxwell 12gb Vram, 32gb 2666 ram.....I am NOT complaining about anything! Flying thru thick clouds was a tab choppy before, not now seems MUCH better. Great job to the MS/Asobo....you knocked it out of the park!
  7. After a long hiatus from Flight Simulator, I have found that as much things have changed, they also stay the same. And MSFS 2020 has proven once again it's ability to treat your prized gaming rig like a red headed stepchild. I am running an Intel i5 7400 with 32GB RAM and Radeon RX580 GPU with 4GB VRAM, I am also not running on an SSD, so as you can see, barely above minimums. With my low CPU, I find myself bottlenecked with the CPU, and because it's a Katy Lake, I can't upgrade it without upgrading the MB as well. So I have to make due for the time being. These Tips are primarily written for those of us who may also find ourselves CPU choked, although others might find them useful. That being said. Here's some tips that might just make that stutter fest that you get into a bit more tolerable. 1. Be Patient - I have found that when an area actually loads (on my machine), it's not fully loaded. My poor CPU is still trying to render the surrounding terrain and objects even after I've been "cleared for takeoff". So while all those things are happening, my simulator becomes quite stuttery. The secret is, simply....wait.... I use the pan function of the cockpit camera to pan in all directions before I proceed. Initially this can be painful and chunky. But I continue to Pan around with my POV hat or mouse control until panning becomes quick, responsive and smooth. This tells me that the CPU has finished working and it's ready. Then I begin my taxi, roll out and takeoff and for the most part it is very acceptable. 2. LOD Sliders matter. These sliders are going to be the thing that makes or breaks us CPU crushed simmers. The Terrain and Object Level of Detail sliders set the distance at which the sim will transition from Lower Level of Detail to Higher Levels of detail. I have no idea the "units of measure" but it really doesn't matter. The max setting for this is 200. If you think about a "circle" around your plane. The amount of scenery that the CPU has to bring in at the outer edge of that circle is tremendous. And THIS is what is going to cause those pauses in flight after 5 minutes or so of previously smooth flight. All that Level of Detail is being brought in and your CPU has to calculate it prior to sending to your GPU to render. Lowering the radius means that the loads will occur closer to your plane, but because the circle is smaller, less data has to be calculated, and your CPU can handle it better. Setting them to both 10 will give you the best performance, but you will be brought out of the illusion with increased object pop up and mesh tearing as this refresh occurs close to your plane. There is always a happy medium, and you have to find it. You may have to adjust these based on the plane being used, altitude you are flying and speed you are flying at. The Bottom Line is: There is no "One Size Fit's All" setting...yet.. For individuals like me, everything is a compromise. Settings I use for Big Iron are not acceptable when I'm bush flying. They are different activities. So be prepared to create several different "performance profiles" that you can easily swap to when you switch planes or weather conditions. Consider your upcoming flight and what is most important. Weather? Out the window view? Cockpit Performance. A bit of forethought prior to taking off can create a much smoother experience and one that doesn't take you out of the flow as much. Hope this helps.
  8. Dear friends, After looking everywhere without finding answer, I open this post asking for your wisdom. I have recently noted a very strange behavior in some of my planes, only props and turboprops, in FSX-SE. At the VC everything is fine, I have my FPS locked at 30 and my present rig maintains that no matter where and under what circunstances. But, when I go to any exterior view (Spot, Locked Spot, Flyby, Top, even Tower), the FPS goes down to 0.5. The sim actually freezes, I must wait a time until it obeys any command at all. I am convinced that the problem is related with the spinning animation, because if I stop the engines and go to an external view, I don't have FPS dropping. Even If I have the plane with the propellers spinning and I made Ctrl+P, when it accepts the order and the propellers slow their spinning, the FPS ratio increases at same time, and it reaches again 30 FPS when the propellers are still or moving slowly. This problem affects only to some of my planes (Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended, Carenado B200...) and only since a short period of time, I have used these planes normally for years. Thanks a lot in advance for your attention and help, and best wishes, Felix FdC Oviedo (Spain)
  9. Hi, specs: i7 4490 4ghz 32gb ram 1080 ti I have all pmdg aircraft, aerosoft a320/330, orbx global, orbx Ireland & England and some airports. I was in the pmdg 737ngxu earlier taking off from LHR and got 6fps. Is there any way I can maximise p3d FPS ? thanks
  10. Hi, As many of us are aware, one of the settings in the Nvidia Control Panel for FSX and P3D is the Power Management Mode that is typically set to "Prefer Maximum Performance", but today I stumbled across a similar setting that LM recommends for P3D in their basic troubleshooting where you configure the graphics card e.g. "Use the appropriate video card software to configure the graphic card’s control of Prepar3D. For NVIDIA graphics cards, open the NVIDIA Control Panel, select Manage 3D settings, and set the Preferred graphics processor to High-performance NVIDIA processor. You can also set Prepar3D.exe’s preferred graphics processor directly under the Program Settings tab under Manage 3D settings." Now when I went and looked for this particular setting on my system, I could not find it as per LMs advice. Its nowhere to be found in the Nvidia CP. Instead I found it via the Windows Settings>System>Display>Graphics Settings/Graphics Performance Preference. From here you can select a specific application e.g. P3D.exe and then the choices are System Default, Power saving and High performance. I discovered mine was set to "Default". So my question is, are these two options (highlighted in blue above) the same or do they perform different tasks? I assume they are slightly different given one is set to Prefer Max Performance, but the other not set to High. Anyone know the difference and impact this has on the sim? Side Note: I did read up and it appears the reason why the former option mentioned by LM is not available from the Nvidia CP directly is because this setting only shows if you have multiple GPUs installed. Thoughts/comments on these two settings? Cheers
  11. Hi all, I was wondering if someone could help me. I'm getting really poor performance issues (Low FPS and huge micro stutters) in Prepar3D v4.1 with Dynamic Lighting enabled. I have tried the following things, but there are still many issues. I have tried a range of aircraft in which some struggle more than others. My system is: Intel Core i7 4770K (OC'd to 4.3 GHz) CPU, ASUS GTX 1080 Graphics Card, ASUS Z87-A Mainboard, 32 GB Corsair RAM, Samsung EVO SSD, Hisense 4K TV (40 inch). The following aircraft are: PMDG 737 (600/700/800/900) - Mild stutters and low FPS when external lights cross each other, also when dome light is enabled. PMDG 777 (200/300) - Mild stutters and low FPS when external lights are switched on. FSLabs A320 X - Bad stutters and very low FPS when FS Spotlights is enabled in the cabin. Some mild stutters when external lights are switched on. Majestic Dash 8 Q400 - No issues (Assume this is because it still uses legacy lighting? When Dynamic Lighting is switched off, lights can still illuminate the runway). Aerosoft CRJ X - Bad stutters and low FPS when Flood LT dial is switched to on and flood lights illuminate the flight deck. I have tried the following things: 1. Set exclusions from Windows Defender for the Prepar3D v4.1 folder, FSLabs folders etc. (as advised by FSLabs). 2. Changed resolution from 3840 x 2160 to lower resolutions. 3. Deleted all shaders and started with a Vanilla Copy of Prepar3D v4.1 with no addons apart from the particular aircraft. 4. Updated/Downgraded Nvidia Graphics Drivers. 5. Upgraded aircraft to the latest version. 6. Formatted my PC and ensured that everything is perfectly working. 7. Configured my Nvidia GTX 1080 on High Performance and kept all P3D settings to a minimum. 8. Changed TV Monitor from 60Hz to 30Hz and configured with/without V-Sync etc. 9. Changed all AA settings (FXAA, MSAA, SSAA, SGSS). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Does anybody have any ideas? I assume this is a genuine issue and something that will be resolved in the future? Many thanks, Pete
  12. Dear members, I am using 1PC with 3 video cards to run P3Dv4.2 with PMDG 737 for my home cockpit setup. I have main outside view running from gtx1080 on the projector screen and use other 2 cards for PFD/ND/EICAS views, 4 monitors in total. I am getting very good FPS (around 50-60) but I do get some stuttering, especially while taxing. Have tried many solutions, NI, vsync, locking fps in sim and in NI, 30hz screen, etc and no solution so far. I have tried running the same system but without using the monitors for instruments views and all is very smooth! As soon as I get PFD/ND/EICAS on separate monitors I don’t get FPS drop but I lose the smoothness. Anybody has any experience with this kind of setup? Processor is i7 7700 running normally at 60%, GPU is neither loaded, any suggestions what could be the cause or possible fixes? Many thanks for your help! Kind regards, Sergej
  13. All, I am seeing some conflicting information on SLI and P3d V4. Some say it works, others have commented that having two cards doesn't make any difference. I am not talking about VRAM usage, could care less about that honestly, but I do care about FPS increase or stability.
  14. Hello, I'm curious what the community's options and experiences are with open air vs reference blower style Graphics Cards. I'm looking to buy a GTX 1080Ti for my custom flight sim / gaming PC, and would love to learn more about the differences. Best, Leon
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