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Found 30 results

  1. BrzI


    From the album: Brzl's Album

    Morning departure from Melbourne..
  2. Hi. Has anyone seen a repaint for the PMDG 737 NGX 800-900 variants of a factory green primer, like when they come straight out of the factory at Renton? I see some, but they're for other addon 737s, and not the NGX.
  3. Hellow guys! I am having an issue with the 737 FMC. I can understand that the terrain on copilot side is inhibited for better performance but I don’t know why the FIX doesn’t either work. For example I am in the Copilot’s CDU FIX page and i am entering the FIX(AB,USA or whatever). As soon as i click on the L1 button,it returns back to the FIX page without any fix. But meanwhile it works normal on the Cap’s CDU. and besides,I can not type anything into the FMC by using my keyboard although I do click on the scratchpad and it shows up the green edge which means I am suppose to type in with my keyboard. But it just doesn’t work... So I click on the TAB key which usually deactivate the co pilots scratchpad but it doesn’t either work,the green edge still remains
  4. I have been struggling with this for a while now. I've done many searches here in the PMDG forums as well as out on the web, but haven't found a solution yet. I am trying to operate a flight on -900WL NGX variant (PMDG United N75410) but cannot load a ZFW above 136.x, when I should be able to go as high as ~149.2. I use PFPX for my flight planning and it shows I should be setting my ZFW at 143.1. Whenever I try to add that value, I get the "Invalid Entry" message on the CDU. My NGX "Weight Units" in P3Dv4 are set to LBS and PFPX is set the same. The CDU will not accept a ZFW above 136.x with any of my installed -900WL variants, but all the other (-600, -700, and -800) variants work just fine. I've searched PFPX, ZFW, PMDG, -900WL, Invalid Entry, in all manner of combinations to no avail. What am I missing? It's probably something obvious, right in front of my eyes, but, for the life of me, I can't see it. Thanks for your time. Edit: This is a brand new home-built PC (see sig) and a brand new install of P3Dv4. So everything is vanilla at this stage.
  5. Was wondering if this is simulated in the NGX and 777 btw. I do not seem to see it anywhere... Pls see the speed tape in the PFD @14:46 in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6UHAl1Ysyg&t=888s Thank you Ahmed Saleh
  6. Can anyone tell me if the NGX shares the same navdata and sidstar data with other PMDG products e.g. B744? I’ve added the VHHX procedures to the PMDG NavData including sidstars and it works fine with the B744. With the NGX It will allow me to input the airport into the FMC but will not show either of the runways or any of the procedures.Thanks
  7. I've been enjoying the NGX for several years now but there is an annoying event that occurs at what so far seems to be random times. I've searched the forum repeatedly for this problem but I see no mention of it yet. I'm using FSX-SE on Win 10. Here the problem, occasionally, when I select a saved NGX flight with a fully setup FMC flight (while starting the sim fresh or after just completing another flight), right at the beginning of the 18 second countdown the plane will begin to flip about wildly on the tarmac, usually about the pitch axis, and of course a crash is detected and the flight starts over. On the second go it usually stays put but the entire panel state is lost and all work that went into it is gone. If I close and restart the sim the same wild flip crash will again happen for that saved flight. These crashing saved flights only occur once and a while (maybe 25% of the time) and many times I can save a flight and open it later with no problem. I haven't been able to determine what might be wrong but I suspect it is something that I can adjust if I just knew where to start. I have Saitek Pedals and Yolk but the problem occurs whether they are connected or not. I'm really at a loss and I was hoping to get some insight from the knowledgeable users here. One thing I haven't done is uninstall and re-install the NGX. Thanks for you help, Eric Anderson
  8. Hi everybody, After installed PMDG737 NGX, some areas are black in th cockpit. When I view Radio section let's say, seats are completely black. on 2D view cockpit, outside seen like a broken tv signal. Plus, there is a noisy loud sound, this is not the original sound, there is something wrong on it. Anybody know what's wrong with this? Appreciate your help guys :)
  9. BrzI

    PAKT Landing

    From the album: Brzl's Album

    All sliders to the right..
  10. Anyone know what anti aliasing settings in Nvidia & P3D are needed to make the dashed lines on the wing of the NGX solid as they should be
  11. A big thank you to the PMDG team for the hard work they've done over this year. Fantastic to have the big three back in action in Prepar3D v4
  12. So I finally got the MCP from Opencockpits (v3, no box, Honeywell with backlight). I thought that this 'Plug and Play' product would be that, more or less. 3 hrs in, still scratching my head. This is for use with PMDG NGX in FSX. I understand that I need the connecting interface, SIOC, by the manufacturer, but there's another plugin required in order for it to communicate with PMDG. And this far I've only found this thing called OC4BA. The software is roughly 50€!!! I'm not in the financial mood to spend that at the moment.. There's a freeware version, but it is said not to work with the latest version of NGX. If anyone here use these products together, please let me know how to set it up in the easiest way. I've found a few tutorials like this one: https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?259000-Opencockpits-and-PMDG Which ALMOST takes me all the way, but there's always ONE link to a program I need to download which is dead, stopping me.. At the moment I have come as far as changing the SIOC.ini, that's about it. :( Any help here is greatly appreciated. Cheers, /Johan
  13. Hi, Just a quick question. Moved to P3D from FSX:SE. The NGX sort of "feels" different to handfly. Hard to explain exactly how, but one thing I seemed to notice is that it the effects of crosswinds on approach were more noticable (even with autoland). Is there a difference or am I just imagening things? I thought maybe the flightmodel in P3D is more advanced or the NGX for P3D is more advanced. Andre
  14. Hi, I’m new to these forums but I’m a relatively experienced PMDG 737-800 pilot, I was wondering if anybody here knew the procedures Norweigan used whilst they operated 737-800s transatlantic and what they use whilst operating their 737 MAX 8s transatlantic. To my knowledge they use a cost index of 13 but I know nothing else of the procedures. If anyone knows anything about ETOPS and long flights on the 737 in general please let me know, Thanks, Ben Geoghegan
  15. I did two flights today with the updated version. Prior to the update everything worked fine. Today in the -800 I had a minimums call at 30 feet when my baro was set for 200 minimums. Then in the -700 tonight, landing in PHX on RWY 26, baro set to 251 for ILS, I had no callout and the green indicator for the minimums was nonexistent. I couldn't even dial it in after landing and the altimeter was set correctly. Why am I having problems I never had before with the minimums call and recognition? I kinda think I missed some call outs on final too, which has been an issue in the queen. All other sounds work fine. And this is the only add-on that seems to have sounds missing now. Aside from that, even the baro setting was ignored on the PFD. I got the number but not the green triangle on the tape. ??
  16. Just a question regarding liveries. I am about to uninstall NGX for P3dV3 so that i can reinstall for both v3 and v4. I think I have some liveries which were installed manually, and not from the PMDG liveries manager. Presumably I will lose all liveries on uninstall. My question is: can I just install my liveries manually from copies of the textures folders that I have taken from v3 (with appropriate adjustments to aircraft.cfg files) - will these be compatible with the v4 product? Keith Hodkinson
  17. From the album: Benorg's Album

    A departure of the brand new Southwest 737-800 from Denver to Atlanta.
  18. Hi guys, I don't know how it's possible but I can use dynamic lights having very good performance with NGX (but had problems with it - www.avsim.com/forums/topic/514701-no-external-lights-illuminating-ground-when-dynamic-lighting-disabled/). Almost no FPS drops with stable 35 fps and very good graphics quality at FlyTampa Amsterdam on Vatsim! I would like to share my settings, so here you are... I'm just curious if my configuration helps you giving you better performance with Dynamic Lights enabled. Now I can use my landing and taxi lights at night without any stuttering. Prepar3D v4.0.28.21686 + UTX Europe + FTX Global Base + Active Sky 2016 + ASCA PMDG 737-800NGX v1.20.8414 Intel Core i7 4790K OC 4,7 GHz NVIDIA GF 980 GTX SSD
  19. Hi, 1.after installing the latest updates (version 1.20.8465 for FSX), which include the correct top of nose texture viewed from VC, I noticed that the vortex generators on the nose disappeared and are no longer visible from VC. Also noticed some other things, for pictures see the link below. Is this Normal? https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kak814elia2iwij/AABDvqkghMcH6cwadFSpseyka?dl=0 2. When I check the FMC Menu for the Version it states Version 1.1. Is this normal too? I appreciate any help you can provide Best Martin Rojo
  20. 95% of my simming experience over the last 15 years has been in GA aircraft. I've always had a desire to fly bigger stuff and have a decent hangar full of large aircraft, but for some reason I find myself in smaller aircraft flying around ORBX land most of the time. However, I took a break from simming and have come back with a desire to start utilizing some of my larger aircraft and not feeling so bad about spending a large amount of money on aircraft that are collecting dust. I bought Mike Ray's book on the 737, installed FSX:SE (because my NGX was purchased before P3D) and completed the tutorial flight. Here are some screens (I know... the clouds are tough to look at) but I'm using ENVTEX for sky colors and really enjoy it.
  21. Hi! i have a strange problem with the last PMDG737ngx module 4.8 and Linda version 2.9.3 When i rotate the Efis CTR knob, the autothrottle goes crazy...any suggestions??? Tnks in advance Patrizio
  22. Hi Brian and all, I purchased and installed the FS2Crew NGX Reboot today for P3Dv4 along with the 777. Both installers run as administrator and P3Dv4 also run as administrator, with the 777 working as advertised. The NGX will accept voice commands and respond, however the FO will not actually action any items (neither physically or any sounds of levers/switches moving). The log within the manager confirms that the commands have been received. I have the latest version of P3Dv4 and have attempted to repair the installation of both the NGX and FS2Crew. I have also tried completely removing and reinstalling FS2Crew. I have also confirmed that SDK broadcast setting is correct and the FS2Crew NGX panel entries are correct. System check results are as follows: I have had FS2Crew for FSX, FSX:SE and P3D v2 and v3 and never had any issues to date so I am positive I must have missed something somewhere. Any thoughts or suggestions? Cheers, Haydn
  23. Hi, In the real B738, I know that many sounds such as navigation aids, TCAS warnings, GWPS warnings & call outs are audible through the pilot headsets and/or the speaker of the aircraft. Is there any way of getting those warnings and callouts through the headset, whilst keeping all other sounds such as engines etc, on the main speakers? I don't mind getting hold of additional software or hardware to achieve this if I need to, I just don't know where to start. I have found ProSim737 and SimAvionics which will do the job, but I do not want to move away from PMDG as I am not ready to dive in to building a flight deck! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Phill Morgan
  24. Hello, I have installed the latest version of the NGX yesterday on FSX ( 1.20.8396 for the 800/900 ) & ( 1.10.6461 for the 600/700 Extension ) I wanted to ask about the beacon lights reflection on the engine ( Also available for the 777 both FSX & P3D ), since it's available for P3D V4.. I wonder if it's also available for FSX users ? Thank you very much :)
  25. Hello. I was wondering if anyone had any plans to make a fictional US Airways 737-800 or -900. I've looked all over on every flight sim website, and none are for the NGX. If someone could point out a nice repaint like this for me, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, -Joe
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