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Found 91 results

  1. Hi. Has anyone seen a repaint for the PMDG 737 NGX 800-900 variants of a factory green primer, like when they come straight out of the factory at Renton? I see some, but they're for other addon 737s, and not the NGX.
  2. Hellow guys! I am having an issue with the 737 FMC. I can understand that the terrain on copilot side is inhibited for better performance but I don’t know why the FIX doesn’t either work. For example I am in the Copilot’s CDU FIX page and i am entering the FIX(AB,USA or whatever). As soon as i click on the L1 button,it returns back to the FIX page without any fix. But meanwhile it works normal on the Cap’s CDU. and besides,I can not type anything into the FMC by using my keyboard although I do click on the scratchpad and it shows up the green edge which means I am suppose to type in with my keyboard. But it just doesn’t work... So I click on the TAB key which usually deactivate the co pilots scratchpad but it doesn’t either work,the green edge still remains
  3. Was wondering if this is simulated in the NGX and 777 btw. I do not seem to see it anywhere... Pls see the speed tape in the PFD @14:46 in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6UHAl1Ysyg&t=888s Thank you Ahmed Saleh
  4. I have been struggling with this for a while now. I've done many searches here in the PMDG forums as well as out on the web, but haven't found a solution yet. I am trying to operate a flight on -900WL NGX variant (PMDG United N75410) but cannot load a ZFW above 136.x, when I should be able to go as high as ~149.2. I use PFPX for my flight planning and it shows I should be setting my ZFW at 143.1. Whenever I try to add that value, I get the "Invalid Entry" message on the CDU. My NGX "Weight Units" in P3Dv4 are set to LBS and PFPX is set the same. The CDU will not accept a ZFW above 136.x with any of my installed -900WL variants, but all the other (-600, -700, and -800) variants work just fine. I've searched PFPX, ZFW, PMDG, -900WL, Invalid Entry, in all manner of combinations to no avail. What am I missing? It's probably something obvious, right in front of my eyes, but, for the life of me, I can't see it. Thanks for your time. Edit: This is a brand new home-built PC (see sig) and a brand new install of P3Dv4. So everything is vanilla at this stage.
  5. I need a little help from a few "upper atmosphere" experts. Here is a synopsis of my problem. This just started yesterday, and I havereached the limits of my troubleshooting abilities.After purchasing KFLL and GSX from FSDreamTeam, I set up a short circuit from KFLL to KMIA to practice varying flight scenarios in arepeatable manner. When I configured the airplane exactly as I needed, I saved the panel state using the FMC, as I have done ondozens of other occasions.When I pressed TOGA, everything looked good until I was airborne when the plane veered hard to the right. It was unrecoverable. Ireloaded the flight and saw the problem.The yoke was hard over right and would not move left. It still had elevator functionality, but no aileron control. I reloaded a couple ofother panel states and had no problem. I reconfigured the airplane from scratch, still had the same problem from the newly saved panelstate. I renamed the panel state. No help. I then manually deleted all the panel states that I had loaded in the past from FSX\PMDG\PANEL STATE. I reloaded a newly configurated panel state. No Joy. This problem is baffling me. It's become one of those quirksthat will hound me until it is resolved. When I loaded the reverse flight (KMIA KFLL), I had no problems.Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello guys!I'm new to this aircraft, but I progress every day. I can just come up with two questions at the moment:What does SK-R runway condition mean? We have dry, wet and that one.What is RW SLOPE / HDG? And SEL/OAT under N1 limit I'd say.Reserves values?Thank you in advance!
  7. It took me a while, but I finally broke down to hand over $70 for this plane. I'm speechless. The detail and dynamics of this plane are simply outstanding. The HUGS display is a great feature as well. I do have a few questions though, having only owned this plane for a few hours. First, does the altitude hold (on the auto-pilot panel) override the VNAV path? I found a few times during a KLAX-KLAS run that the plane missed it's TOD and some other crossing restrictions; however, I have a feeling it's because the altitude hold restricted it from descending further. Second, does an accidental knock of the joystick override the LNAV. A few times the LNAV popped off, probably by me subconsciously pushing on my joystick.Third, does this plane have a "direct" function? For ex, ATC gives a short cut to a fix that isn't my next fix. Fourth, I've heard of a "descend now/present position" function. Where is this, and how is this applied?I'd appreciate any responses. Thanks and happy holidays.Kyle
  8. http://www.mcphatstudios.net/pmdg/ngx.phpHey guys, just curious...It is unclear from the website as to whether these liveries are available or not. There is no price or buy now button (I still think its outrageous that they charge for liveries), but from what I see in the comparison shots they might be worth it! I requested a price for them but have not heard back...Anyone got these yet?Cheers,
  9. Hey guys, I often have screenshot contests on my forum and have had a couple here in Avsim in the past. Problem right now is lack of funds to grant any prizes. Anywho, I need to update my FSX Gallery and am looking for some NGX shots and any aircraft with nice dusk/night runway shots. I've gone through the Avsim screenshot and Rex forum but am still waiting on too many replies to put them up on my gallery. If you have anything you care to share, just pm them, email, or post them in the Avsim screenshot forum and maybe post a link here for me.Thanks in advance and look forward to seeing what you all have.
  10. Hi All, I've had the NGX since August, when it cam out, and it works fine, until the HGS stopped working. I had to uninstall FSX, and the NGX. I put it back on about two weeks ago, and the HGS Isn't working. Any help would be awesome. Thanks!
  11. BrzI


    From the album: Brzl's Album

    Morning departure from Melbourne..
  12. Hi, Just a quick question. Moved to P3D from FSX:SE. The NGX sort of "feels" different to handfly. Hard to explain exactly how, but one thing I seemed to notice is that it the effects of crosswinds on approach were more noticable (even with autoland). Is there a difference or am I just imagening things? I thought maybe the flightmodel in P3D is more advanced or the NGX for P3D is more advanced. Andre
  13. A big thank you to the PMDG team for the hard work they've done over this year. Fantastic to have the big three back in action in Prepar3D v4
  14. Anyone know what anti aliasing settings in Nvidia & P3D are needed to make the dashed lines on the wing of the NGX solid as they should be
  15. Hey guys,Here are new pic´s for you. After my last Southwest topic wasn´t much recognized, I thought of getting a bit away from SWA (At least for some time. Lets see how long I can stand not flying SWA.).So here is the American Airlines 737-800WL N980AN on departure from Chicago o´Hare.I hope you like these ones. :(
  16. Below guys is the download in which I have only just amplified the wiper sound in the NGX the original sound is spot on but just needed alittle bit more volume so you can hear it over those beautiful engines..Anyway readme is included.. Remember to back up first. and also this may not be for you but just though id share as i have been asked by a few users to do this...http://www.mediafire.com/?yhbuhkhbi7yeoab
  17. Hi guys i just wanted to ask a very short question.On the actual engine rim at the front the grey part that sits at the front.. Is there anyway we can make it more of a matt colour effect instead of the shinny gloss.. I hope this is clear as im struggling to find what it's called and how to describe it.. Just on the real one its more of a matt contrast ..Thanks no worries if not just wondered....Thanks StevieSee example below . . . . . . . . . .
  18. Get it here: http://www.fs2crew.com/cart/categories/Special-PMDG-737-NGX-Area/
  19. Hi everybody! This is my first post, so take it easy please... I recently bought the NGX and I am pleased to say that it is simply mind blowing!!! Every single switch and knob can be pressed and turned, the paint in the cockpit has been chipped off and dust covers the FMC, and then there's that sound.... Anyway enough stating the obvious, how do I turn on the HUD? I click it, but it just comes down, but the fighter-jet like green diagrams don't appear?.. What am I doing wrong? I certainly hope it's not an issue with the airplane...
  20. Here is some pics from my tutorial flight... Enjoy.
  21. Can anyone tell me if the NGX shares the same navdata and sidstar data with other PMDG products e.g. B744? I’ve added the VHHX procedures to the PMDG NavData including sidstars and it works fine with the B744. With the NGX It will allow me to input the airport into the FMC but will not show either of the runways or any of the procedures.Thanks
  22. Earlier I read a topic on this forum about how many copies the NGX will sale? what a great question! - but better yet.... the question we need to ask "What are we doing to grow the hobby so developers like PMDG will stay in Business?" Actually, it would be great to see a 1000 copies sell the first day,I am new to the PMDG forum but not to the world of computer generated flight, I have had a copy of FS on my computer since the 80's. If anyone remembers when FS95,FS98, FS2004 came out their was alot more interest in the US market. Microsoft was advertizing heavy on Print ads and TV, Microsoft had booths at all major air shows in the late 90's and early 2000's...Wow, I remember being at the Reno Air races and Microsoft had over 25 computers setup to promote FSX in 2005, however, I am sure you all know that interest has fallen in the US for Flight Simming... I am sorry to say that economic times have caught up with the flight sim community, I am sure this is why PMDG will release this bird for under $100. I would like everyone to remember that all of us have a responsibility to make sure this plane does not hit the torrents, I know that many of you are saying but I can't afford to buy!...BUT THE TRUTH IS ...Piracy has killed this hobby, I am sure all of us that are above 45 years old can remember the developers names of those who have left this wonderful hobby because of this. Think about it PMDG is the only developer still pushing to create top notch aircraft, the LevelD developers have not created another plane in years and Airsimmer has run into problems and didn't get off the ground...(Oh yes... I known a few Captain Sim Products as well) Not to long ago the developers ORBX was thinking of quitting and closing shop because their scenery was on the torrent sites within 24 hours of them releasing.their scenery Add-ons..... Microsoft realized this several years ago and put the halt to future development of FSX, but people like Robert and all the other developers still have a dream, and its up to us to put our money on the line to support them. So when this bird does hit the market tell, friends, family and other simmers to go out and buy this bird. If this plane is a success, it will only encourage such developers to stay in this business, and provide top quality products. I know for a fact that there are people at Microsoft that are watching to see if this release will generate sales and interest for the hobby in the US. We all have alot at stake, remember we flight simmers are the force that keep developers in the business. Microsoft will release Flight in due time...But for now all we have is each other and developers like PMDG, so my point of all this GROW THE BUSINESS or Hobby, everyone take the time and get another person involved take the time and show them the love that we all have for this hobby. This hobby has not seen an opportunity like this in a long time, lets don't waste it...Just my thoughts.... John NelsonRetired UPS Operations Manager.Montana
  23. Hi, everyone! After quite a long time sailing virtual skies I decided that it would be prudent to learn how to properly create a flightplan. Until now I was using software Wilco/FeelThere PIC 737 and I didn't have a need for learning how to create a flightplan in FMC or to use SID and STARS and so on. Now, though, the new NGX is out and I really want to fly this bird properly. When you create a flightplan in FSX and then use it to make a flightplan by manually inserting waypoints in the FMC, you should get a flightplan that ATC will follow. The problem is that ATC does not understand STARS, for instance, so it gives you instructions that you will obviusly not follow and then ATC gets annoyed ("please expedite your turn to ....). So, the question is How do you fly a fully programmed NGX flightplan and still work with FSX ATC? Also, in every tutorial that I've read the pilot already knows the arrival runway and STAR. In FSX IFR you don't know that. Also, I am always guessing SID's as well, considering that there are sometimes more than one SID's going to the same waypoint. Thanks for the help! Jakov Jandric
  24. Hi According to www.b737.org.uk the latest FMC imodel is 2907C1 which has a Motorola 68040 processor. Do you guys know in what programming language that FMC Motorola processor is written? I understand μC/OS would be a good choice since there would be a need for a real time OS and a FMC is a typical real time multitasking device. Any of you guys know more specific details? gura75
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