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  1. fwerff

    Prepar v4.3 Tweaks Help!

    In addition to Simbol's advise; turn off all roads in OrbX Vector. They require quite some processing power. Hate to bring it to you, but for P3D your system is quite marginal to say the least. Only thing you can do is make the simulator as light as possible for it.
  2. fwerff

    Speeding up taxiing

    Just as a note; it's the runway vacatingspeed and taxispeed in FSX/P3D that's unrealistic.... In real life, vacating speed can be up to 40kts and on long straight taxiways taxiing at 30kts is no exception. In FSX/P3D vacating- and taxispeed is limited to 15kts which is just way to slow especially when the aircraft is on the runway far from an exit.
  3. fwerff

    Obituary: Eric Ernst

    This is a shocker to me! So young, what happened?? I remember I was completely stunned by his work, having the first real working FMC in FS98. Loved it. Loved all products which he was involved in. I have had them all. His freeware work, 767PIC and the LDS 767. RIP Eric. You will be strongly missed and remembered for many many flightsim versions to come. Frank
  4. fwerff

    ORBX EU Netherlands TrueEarth released

    Europe. The Netherlands to be precise (so I couldn't be happier with this release :-)). Very bad thing what you're stating about the US providers. Didn't know that and to be frank it surprises me, since I thought we in Europe were behind the US on our fast and unlimited internet access. Also I don't understand the reasoning behind it. In the past, the infrastructure lacked and because of that, the providers had grounds for high prices and limitations. Now with glass fibre and next gen techniques for copper, infrastructure is no longer the limiting factor. Don't want to turn this into something political, but maybe a certain person in Washington should focus on US internal developments like this rather than invoking global trade wars....
  5. fwerff

    True Earth...The Netherlands...

    Same here. Was released in the middle of the night in my timezone. Started the download this morning before I went to work. Will have my first TrueEarth flights this evening. This is something else than downloading and installing a 600MB airport scenery.....
  6. fwerff

    ORBX EU Netherlands TrueEarth released

    Sorry Bruce, gotta ask; which part of the world still works with a quotum on (non-mobile) data transfer? I think I got rid of that 15 years ago if not longer. I can understand not everyone yet has a 100MBit connection, but monthly limitations on datatransfer??? I don't think OrbX' business will depend on those considerations.
  7. fwerff

    Orbx True Earth for P3Dv4

    No it won't! Reread John V's statement... He clearly states Netherlands True Earth will be released first for P3D and FSX. England True Earth however will be released for XP11 first and later on for P3D/FSX.
  8. fwerff

    Aerosoft Bronco? For P3D v4 - a new purchase?

    As Bill states, Aerosoft changed their webshop. So now there is a dedicated section where you can find the purchases from before the shop upgrade.
  9. fwerff

    BVAI P3Dv4 freeware AI model package

    Looks great! Looking forward to the release and add it to my UTLive!
  10. fwerff

    CaptainSim 757 Released!

    Great to read some first impressions indicating CS is doing something right as far as systems simulation goes. Curious about opinions on the flight model.
  11. fwerff

    Taxi2Gate KSEA

    Website works without a problem (now...). Link to the KSEA update: http://www.taxi2gate.org/downloads/p3dv4/ksea/ksea-patch1.1.rar As for the compatibility issues you have, search the OrbX PNW directory for KSEA files and rename these *.bgl files to *.off. Ensure KSEA is above OrbX in your scenery library.
  12. Had this a few times in a row now and I can't figure out what's wrong. I start the flight as always, load the flight into ProATC and everything works as it's supposed to. I obtain clearance, pushback permission, taxi to runway XXX and when close to the runway "Contact Tower xxxxx" So far so good. But when my co-pilot (automatic setting within ProATC) has acknowledged the transfer to the tower frequency, the interaction with ProATC stops. The frequency is correct (as stated in the ProATC screen), but when I press '1' nothing happens. No contact is made with the tower. Now then I say "screw it" and go into takeoff, ProATC starts telling me to abort takeoff, so apparently it is still active. Anybody a clue on what's going in? Note: I only recently migrated to P3Dv4.1. Before P3Dv4.1 ProATC worked flawlessly. Note2: I will also post on the Pointsoft forum, but since Avsim is a more active forum, I'd though I'd also post here.
  13. I'd think a 5 year old PSU still has some time left, unless you never switched of your pc in that period. When I bought the components for my new rig -this fall- I choose to renew my PSU because it was 8 years old.
  14. fwerff

    Up next?

    With the cancellation of the QW project, please PMDG, PLEASE consider a 737Classic (300/400/500)! It's such a wonderful and reliable workhorse. It may be me, but I feel much more love for the 80's generation of "intermediate" airliners (displays combined with traditional gauges) like the 737CL, 757, 767, A300-600, A310 than I do for 73N/777/787.
  15. I'd go with 850W. Gives you some overhead for future expansions and normal degradation over the lifespan of the PSU. I have this one: https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=220-G3-0850-X1 Wonderful and silent PSU.