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  1. I'll believe that when I see it. I'm not conviced LDS is competely dead and burried, but their developmentspeed is at a near to zero. Communication is non-existing. And it would surprise me big time if LDS has been given access to the MSFS SDK, since they haven't had anything to show for in the past many many years. That being said; I would love to be wrong. I have great memories from the LDS 767 in FSX and would love to see something equal and up to MSFS standards in the new sim.
  2. Memory prices are low at the moment. Just ordered an additional 16Gb (G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GB 3200MHz DDR4 CL14) to match current installed 16Gb of same brand and type.
  3. Do you mean you use an Xbox controller as a separate controller? So a yoke/joystick for controlling the aircraft and the Xbox controller to control your views? If yes, how do you configure that?
  4. Hello, I'd like to send you a request to add my 2014 purchase of the Q400 Cadet Program to my account. Unfortunately when I select the Whatsapp option, Whatsapp reports the number used is not registered with Whatsapp. How can I contact Airline2Sim directly with proof of purchase information of the Q400 program? Thanks in advance. Regards, Frank
  5. Is this still available? The link in the first post leads to an empty folder 😞
  6. Hi, Updated from v4.3 to v4.4 last week by uninstalling/installing the client.msi. Last night for the second time since updating, I encountered a sudden and not recovering loss of fps. After preflight, pushback and engine start with the Maddog MD-82, my fps dropped from roughly 30fps on average to below 10fps and causing a slideshow. Totally in the dark on what happened. After I rebooted my system everything was fine again. Few days ago I had the same during a testflight with the default Raptor from ENVA. So I guess that rules out aircraft or scenery.... At ENVA I had ActiveSky running, but with KSAN I did not. With KSAN TrackIR was active, with ENVA not. So no correlation there also it seems. I'm unsure now where to look. Any hints on what I actions I can take to find the source of this problem? Thanks in advance! Greetz Frank
  7. I've honestly tried myself, but I've got no clue what I'm doing when making my own reflection profile. Does anyone have reflection profiles for the Saab 340 and Fokker 50 and willing to share with me? Thanks in advance! Frank
  8. I don't have the 717 but I did cave in last month when SP1 (beta) was released by Leonardo for the Maddog X. Didn't have much chance to dive deep into it yet, but for what I've seen until now, I am deeply impressed by it. Attention to detail is stunning on the Maddog and imho surpaces PMDG. So in short; I'd recommend the Maddog 😎
  9. I'd go with the QW 787. Mainly because I feel the 748 is overpriced and is to some extend 'more of the same' compared to the 744. Yes I know the 748 has a lot of improvements borrowed from the 787, but in the end it's just a 747 (albeit a very big one). SOP are very similar between the 744 and 748 (can be flown with the same typerating after completing a difference course). The QW 787 on the other hand will be an entirely new operating and flying experience. And also by buying it you'll support a relatively small developer who makes a real good effort at bringing us a very complex airliner. On a personal note; I'm starting to get a bit annoyed by the arrogance and attitude of PMDG. In the past it was somewhat justified since PMDG was the benchmark for high-end addons. Nowadays we've got several other developers who are able to produce very high-end aircraft and often sell them at a lower price. Leonardo, TFDi, FSLabs (okay, that one doesn't classify as "lower price") come to mind. But also if you'd just take a small step down from "high-end", Aerosoft with their A320 series and CaptainSim with their 757 are very descent addons with provide a lot of fun flying them.
  10. Improved / overhauled ATC, or at least open up way more possibilities for addon developers to replace the stock ATC. P3D ATC is basically identical to what already existed in FSX and it's way to limited and basic. Would be great to have close to reality ATC which also controls AI traffic! (No I'm not interested in online ATC....)
  11. In addition to Simbol's advise; turn off all roads in OrbX Vector. They require quite some processing power. Hate to bring it to you, but for P3D your system is quite marginal to say the least. Only thing you can do is make the simulator as light as possible for it.
  12. Just as a note; it's the runway vacatingspeed and taxispeed in FSX/P3D that's unrealistic.... In real life, vacating speed can be up to 40kts and on long straight taxiways taxiing at 30kts is no exception. In FSX/P3D vacating- and taxispeed is limited to 15kts which is just way to slow especially when the aircraft is on the runway far from an exit.
  13. fwerff

    Obituary: Eric Ernst

    This is a shocker to me! So young, what happened?? I remember I was completely stunned by his work, having the first real working FMC in FS98. Loved it. Loved all products which he was involved in. I have had them all. His freeware work, 767PIC and the LDS 767. RIP Eric. You will be strongly missed and remembered for many many flightsim versions to come. Frank
  14. Europe. The Netherlands to be precise (so I couldn't be happier with this release :-)). Very bad thing what you're stating about the US providers. Didn't know that and to be frank it surprises me, since I thought we in Europe were behind the US on our fast and unlimited internet access. Also I don't understand the reasoning behind it. In the past, the infrastructure lacked and because of that, the providers had grounds for high prices and limitations. Now with glass fibre and next gen techniques for copper, infrastructure is no longer the limiting factor. Don't want to turn this into something political, but maybe a certain person in Washington should focus on US internal developments like this rather than invoking global trade wars....
  15. Same here. Was released in the middle of the night in my timezone. Started the download this morning before I went to work. Will have my first TrueEarth flights this evening. This is something else than downloading and installing a 600MB airport scenery.....
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