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  1. I think that makes a lot of sense. I also use Malwarebytes and Defender. I will ask my daughter in law if she thinks that might be the cause or at least a contributor to some of the problems...
  2. My credit card and I both say thank you. The card has been sitting at the starting gate for 24 hours and was getting exhausted. Now it's full speed ahead to Aerosoft… A great day for us old codgers who think that an airplane that doesn't fill the sky with the sound of thunder and a thick black smoke trail is simply a highly modified Cessna 172. Just hoping we get an expansion pack with Air New Zealand and stretch UPS freighters..... Thank you to Aerosoft for giving us this great classic!
  3. Can anyone tell me if the Aerosoft DC-8's yoke is removable in the VC? It seems like it restricts viewing a number of crucial flight instruments and if it's not removable, that would probably be a deal-breaker for me. Otherwise, it looks superb
  4. In all fairness, I want to make sure that anyone reading this knows that many Just Flight products are absolutely top-notch. Among them are their Hawker Hunter, Mosquito and Canberra PR9, all of which are incredible. They are also very generous with free demo aircraft so you can try many of their products risk free, and I've found their support staff very helpful and fair. But as someone else pointed out, some of their products are not from their own in-house developers and I think the DC-8 is one of those... Cheers Ian
  5. Oops. I just swore not to buy any more addons this month. Oh well, I didn't promise in writing and it was all in my own head anyway so nobody will know except me! LOL Credit card, where art thou?
  6. I will definitely take your advice about the external HDD - I am kicking myself for not doing that. But like you, I also have 2 HDD with the D: drive exclusively for flight sim. Unfortunately, there are a lot of files related to the sim on the C: drives, including many we're not even aware of. And Windows is the OS for both drives so sadly, for me at least, the two separate drives wasn't a good insurance policy. BTW, I really appreciated your help in trying to solve my problem with the vanished saved flights etc. on another post. Sadly, I now know that the update was the problem there and that was just the first and most visible symptom... Oh well, I've been simming since FS95 and this won't be the first or last time I've had to do a complete reinstall. Hopefully it will be the last I do without a full backup on an external drive Cheers Ian
  7. I'm not interested in participating in an argument here. I'm glad for you that you've had zero issues. I have said the same myself in the past to people complaining about Windows 10 which gave me zero problems with both FS9 and FSX-SE. Different systems, different results. All I am doing (and this is my last post on the issue) is confirm that the OP had a valid complaint, confirmed by someone I trust who is a fully qualified computer tech employed by Microsoft dealing with this six days a week. Obviously it isn't affecting everyone or the whole Internet would be down and the world's economy in free fall.... Maybe even the sky would be falling down - the possibilities are endless. The issue is simply this - a lot of people have been adversely affected by the update. Your results may differ. Mazel tov!
  8. Just to confirm that the issue with the update is not in our imagination, my daughter in law is a Microsoft tech and was at my house today. She confirmed that it has been a total disaster and has ruined a lot of people's computers. She said that she has done nothing else for weeks but try to repair problems caused by the update and that in most cases, the only fix is to wipe the hard drive and do a complete reinstall. Not exactly good news, but it was confirmation for me that the OP's issue was a valid one and there is no simple fix. MS then did a major update to X-Box and it was equally disastrous. So it's not just a flight sim problem but something much bigger... I'm sure in the long run MS will sort it all out, but in the meantime it has caused huge problems for many of us, myself included...
  9. Amen Bill... It really is outstanding. And although it's been a zillion years since I flew the real thing, I do have a DC-3 rating and spent a year in the right seat early in my career and can vouch for the realism of this amazing bit of freeware. It has all of the feel and ambience that I remember from the real thing. BTW, before anyone says anything, I'm an old codger but not THAT old. LOL When I flew it, the airplane was older than I was. It was a start-up company that only lasted for a year. It then went to Cambodia in the late 60's and ended its days as part of a McDonald's Restaurant in Taupo. ZK-CAW when I flew it - ex National Airways Corporation in New Zealand. Ian
  10. I don't have the Aerosoft one as I don't have P34D and so far that's the only platform. But I agree with all that was said about the JF model. Many of their products are first class and they are a great company to deal with when you have problems, but some of their products are just not in the same league as others. The DC-8 is one of them. I don't even have it installed anymore
  11. Thanks. My daughter in law is a tech with Microsoft and was here today for Father's Day. She tried to find the saved flights files and figure out why the default path has changed so I can't save any new flights and agreed that the Windows 10 update is the culprit. She said that since the update they have been inundated with people whose computers have been corrupted and also said that a fresh install of Windows is probably the only solution. As for all the saved flights I had, along with all the other contents of my Documents folder - they are probably gone forever. Thanks for reaching out to help - I really appreciate it but I think at this point there's no other fix than wipe the hard drive and reinstall everything. I intend to do it but I'm in the midst of moving to another home and just don't have time - hopefully in a few weeks I will have everything back in running condition. For now, I'm just trying to work around it so I can still do some flying....
  12. Thanks Bill. I had no idea there was a boxed version of the RAS Spitfire. I just went on Amazon, found it and it should arrive in the mail in a few days!!! Awesome!!!! That doesn't mean I still won't be buying either the A2A or JF Spitfire in the future - but now I can let my credit card cool down until one of them is on sale!
  13. I had no idea there ever was a boxed version. If I can find one, I will be buying it. Still doesn't quite answer my question though, as the RAS version is the later, highly developed XIV and in the FSX version, also the MK IX. The A2A and the JF Spitfires are the early version, with the JF being the MKI and the A2A the MKII, which if I remember correctly, wasn't much different and was introduced into production late in the Battle of Britain. I suppose another aspect of the question might be "Is the A2A worth the extra $20?" as it is more expensive than the JF version.... ps. I've never quite understood why no developer has ever given us the penultimate Spitfire, the MkVIII. With a retractable tail wheel and larger, pointed rudder, it was aesthetically the most attractive of them all IMO and apparently was the best to fly. It retained the handling of the earlier versions with the more refined technology and greater power of the later versions...
  14. I had it for FS9 and loved it but was caught by surprise when Real Air stopped selling their products. I had intended to get the FSX version but somehow hadn't got around to it. I very much regret that as it was that very rare gem - an excellent aircraft to fly, a realistic period airfield to fly it from and AI Spitfire to fly alongside of. A total package. I wish other developers would follow that model, especially with military aircraft from various eras for which there is often no decent scenery or AI....
  15. I wonder if anyone has had a chance to compare the Spitfire Mk1/II offered by JustFlight and A2A. They are both early model Spitfires from the Battle of Britain period and both seem absolutely excellent. JF make a fully functional demo available and I loved it but the A2A version, though it's been on the market longer, seems to have an even better VC and flight dynamics. Both are real winners so I'm not wanting to seem like I'm being critical of either, but I am curious if anyone has been able to try both and if so, how would you compare them?
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