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  1. HaraldG

    True Earth Netherlands

    Hm, a colleague of mine moves to the Netherlands these days... didn't understand this so far... now I do. Thanks WingZ for opening my eyes!
  2. Red over white... so scenic. But my favourite is the night picture.
  3. HaraldG


    This is as perfect as the "Blondie" thread. Different plane, different landscape... but both fit perfect together like in the other thread, and both show what fun this plane must be flying when one masters it.
  4. Nice idea. Looks like... just when the work is done.
  5. HaraldG


    Looks perfect... and like a lot of fun when flying. Edit: When I watched these pictures, I thought that this was the kind of landscape that our mate HLJames often crossed at his flights. I miss his posts... what happened?
  6. Perfect pictures to stage this wonderful scenery! I love the variations in time, season and weather. Thanks!
  7. Ah, yes, there it is! Beautiful pictures (green landscape comes to life with that red plane above). Nice to see that INS leading you safely to your destination. I get more and more eager to fly with the 727-100 myself again, after abandoning the legendary Dreamfleet 727 with custom dual INS setup years ago. Seems that I forgot all procedures since then...
  8. Hi, Yes, I've read it exactly this way; have replied to your PM some minutes ago. There seems to be a way to make it functional, but only via a kind of reverse-engineering which should be at least problematic with a payware plane. However, there are extremely attractive pictures in this thread, even without INS 😀 Very interesting repaint btw! Would like to seem some pictures with the 727 starring - with INS of course 😎 Best regards, Harald
  9. HaraldG

    Evolution of the B737 Series

    Or INS navigation? A lot of fun, too, as I remember, if you take time to initialize first and if you don't forget to change the cards en route...
  10. HaraldG

    Evolution of the B737 Series

    What a cool series. Nice idea! However, the -200 seems still to be the most interesting of all.
  11. HaraldG

    New FS9 Scenery

    Found MFSG's RJEC Asahikawa Airport for FS9 and other sims when looking into Simmarket. A very productive developer!
  12. HaraldG

    In Memoriam

    It was a shock when I heard about the accident. I had the opportunity to watch all three of the fleet many years ago in Dübendorf. I hope the remaining two Swiss Junkers' will keep and keep flying, as well as the other three in the world that supposedly are flying. So glad to see the German Lufthansa Ju-52 some days ago here in Dresden! Very nice pictures by the way; and... yes, John: Dolomites: Schlern, Rosengarten, Pale di San Martino. (Just back from holidays there!) Harald
  13. HaraldG

    Yak-ity Yak

    Extremely beautiful lighting and overall athmosphere. Classic plane (a pity that screenshots come without engine sound...). Caucasus scenery?
  14. HaraldG

    New FS9 Scenery

    Hi Alby, nice to hear that you work at an European airport again. Thank you for all your effort! By the way, will the military parts be included? I hope so, due to interesting military AI traffic... Harald
  15. HaraldG

    More Hills fewer Mountains

    Wonderful, particularly the last three pictures. This is where you can see both - hills in the foreground and the sharp summits of Berne Alps in the background.