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  1. HaraldG

    Waiting (just one)

    Thanks Patrick!
  2. Beautiful and very educational at the sime time. I couldn't help but look onto a map... is that Mono Lake at the last picture? Regards, Harald
  3. HaraldG

    Crossing the Alps

    The pure beauty. Can you please specify which part of the alps you cross at the picture?
  4. HaraldG

    Mestia's Eight

    Thanks for commenting! That's why I choose that slow plane - almost still too fast...
  5. HaraldG

    Waiting (just one)

    Thanks Ed, John and Pugilist2 for commenting. This was one of the shots that are made from one second to another - or not at all.
  6. HaraldG

    Mestia's Eight

    Thanks Patrick, Rick and Claudio for commenting. The approach may be demanding, but Svaneti has such a beauty landscape and nice people which are rewarding all difficulties at the journey, may it be by plane or by car.
  7. Hi, you wonder about the topic's title? Well, I tested a rather unusual approach to Mestia, Svaneti, Georgia, that has the shape of an Eight "8". It was shown at this video (extreme time lapse) and is rather unusual, as the approach is usually flown not above Mestia town, but behind the mountain ridge south of it. However, I wanted to test it, and I choose the Aeroprakt A-22 Ultralight plane (thank god it made it over the almost 10,000 ft high Svaneti range). Take off at Telavi: Gaining height above the Alazani Valley, in Eastern Georgia Hours later, after crossing Tbilisi and most of Georgia, the Western Caucasus (containing the highest summits, here: Mt. Shkhara 5,200 mt.) comes into sight. The church below the plane marks Latpari Pass, 2,830 mt. high. It is actually a dummy, as the real church is much smaller. The western slope of Mt. Tetnuldi (ca. 4,900 mt. high). Some weeks ago in real world, I went up this slope by car up to more than 3,000 mts - quite as high as this plane flies. Now Mt. Ushba, landmark of Svaneti, rises over Mestia Carving the "8" Final approach Scenery: Telavi and Mestia freeware scenery by Georgian Virtual Airports, adapted to FS2004 by myself Plane: Aeroprakt A-22 freeware (beta) by Vlad Zhyhulsky I hope you like the pictures. Have fun! Regards, Harald
  8. It took me twice to verify that these fine pictures are of FS2004. Welcome to the club... and, please, more!
  9. Thanks Ed for posting. I'm in Leipzig next week; if I have time I'll look out for the Volga-Dnepr planes when passing by at the Autobahn!
  10. This will never happen; these planes are part of my "historic planes standing around and flying a pattern once a week" strategy. Air Berlin continues to live in my simulator, too; some airports would be quite empty without. What I meant are some defunct and some new airlines in Turkey and Georgia. And I still don't know what to do with Atatürk airport as soon as a version of the airport will be available. P.S. Did you spot the plane of the early GDR's Lufthansa?
  11. Hi WingZ and Ed, I'm glad you still like those arrangements. Did research: neither a flightplan nor a livery available for Myway Airlines...! Unfortunately my time for developing the simulator gets less and less (work, house, family etc.). So I continue to harvest the fruits I planted five years ago or even earlier. However, I think that then and when a new Georgian airport will appear. Good luck Ed for your 3D modelling career. I much appreciate that you picked up an airport that is so near to my home! Looking forward for the video!
  12. HaraldG

    Jets or props? (FS2004 poll ONLY!!)

    Both jets and props! But instead of B737 & C172 I prefer Tu-134 & DC-6, or B727 and An-2, or...
  13. Thanks again P_7878! Wine did taste well, it was a 2016 Kindzmarauli from Qvareli town in eastern Georgia. By the way, when drinking, I found out that my AI traffic is kind of outdated: Georgian National deceased, while there's a new airline Myway Airlines at Tbilisi. Some work to do...
  14. Thanks for this explanation Bernd. Sometimes I think that flightsimming should be part of geography lessons at school; the kids would be amazed by our earth as well as by flying then.