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  1. HaraldG

    Dry Tortugas

    I am no helicopter pilot, but this looks like a lot of fun. I assume that the yacht out there is yours?
  2. HaraldG

    B-47 over Iceland

    That's exactly what I thougt. Looks like a crossing of Iceland from south to north. I enjoyed the pictures very much.
  3. HaraldG

    B-47E Stratojet

    Thanks! I already supposed that. Looks very characteristic - fantastic.
  4. HaraldG

    EDDH to EDDS

    ... but too peaceful for a German Autobahn. Cool pictures!
  5. HaraldG

    B-47E Stratojet

    Magnificent. May I ask what scenery?
  6. HaraldG

    A classic Silhouette

    Thanks Steve and WingZ for posting here and for good wishes! Same for you! I just didn't find a 190 model for FS2004 that is so satisfying to me as this Rébuffat model of the Bf 109 is. Furthermore , the 109 stands at the beginning of my flightsimming career - just look at my signature... Over at Flightsim [dot] com there was a whole batch of these Bf 109s with some wonderful paint schemes (unfortunately, no Swiss camo) published not earlier than last autumn. It is an enhanced Rébuffat model, the one that I always preferred even over some payware products. It is wonderful that we still have development of this kind.
  7. HaraldG

    A classic Silhouette

    Thanks Nebojsa and Pugilist2!
  8. Happy new year for you all! Regards, Harald
  9. HaraldG

    DC-8 | EGCC to EKVG

    Vágar in winter looks like a paradise. Noted the yellow colour of the plane as well as of the hangar in # 18, perfectly contrasting this environment.
  10. Oh these brave people of the north! Staying out in light clothes and reading the news is best done in winter (I assume that there's even less light inside the shed). However, these are great pictures of a great location!
  11. HaraldG

    Winter Is Here

    Thanks Patrick for your wishes! Great shot; Juche!!!
  12. HaraldG

    The SF-260D

    The red and white livery fits perfect to the colours of Faroes' landscape. Very nice!
  13. HaraldG

    Juneau to Skagway

    The appropriate place for Christmas holidays. Just wonderful!
  14. Love the pictures... and the yoke inscription.
  15. HaraldG

    BIKF to EKVG

    As great as the previous series. It's a little pity that you had no ground sight to Iceland's southern coast, it's extremely spectacular.