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  1. The runway at SXM never looked so narrow... And a great Maho beach scene. Shame on the red Jeep for crossing just when you filmed.
  2. There are a lot of videos at YT about planes landing at St. Maarten with people at Maho crying at them. But I miss one with an Il-76, I only found one taken from some distance. I once heard an Il-76 with remarkable sound at TBS, and that particular one was still quite high. I have no imagination how loud it was at Maho beach... So all I can say is: Waiting for your video, Ed!
  3. I have to admit that this was particularly so with the Tu-134s. When I was there - with my bicycle - I remember thinking "will he make it over the fence" more than once. The An-24 surely was better at take-off. Will test it.
  4. Fantastic pictures & story. Particular at these times when the airport near my house is almost quiet (except a rescue heli then and when) I remember noisy Interflug An-24 and Tu-134 starting at Dresden, almost failing to rotate before the runway ended... and of course Leningrad was one of the destinations. I'm practicing with the An-24 then and when, too, but couldn't decide to take off for a serious attempt so far. Perhaps these pictures will speed up the things.
  5. Thank you Ed for posting pictures and the video link. --- These are very encouraging at a time when one realizes that the planned summer vacation (in the former USSR!) gets impossible and at the same time one's flightsim is plagued by scenery incompatibilities.
  6. FS2004 looks familiar to me... No need to say that the pictures are superb!
  7. Red plane contrasting with white mountains! Good to see no engine fail...
  8. This is the only occassion that I want to live in the houses below final approach in Bucharest.
  9. Thanks P_7878 for commenting! Plane is interesting, indeed, but veeery slow. Regarding Bernd's comment about Kamchatka: Have been simming there with the Tu-134, but with a fast and high flying plane there's not that direct scenic impression. Will try it there with the Antonov or the Let 410... Thanks for the reminder!
  10. Unfortunately not, but I never forget seeing the documentary "Am Limit" about the Huber brothers trying a speed climbing record at El Capitan. That video evening was the evening before crossing the Timmelsjoch by bike, but that's another story.
  11. Good to read that; same here - thank you! Waiting for more videos. Unfortunately, my only photo of an Il-62 shows only a little part of the plane, and I doubt that it has enough resolution: An impressing row, nevertheless...
  12. It is exactly so, John, and I only have to add that there are still new freeware add-ons for FS2004 coming from the Russian community from time to time so that there's always something new to try. Thanks for your comment!
  13. Thanks for commenting Bernd and Mark. I probably won't try a barrel roll with that type until I have drunk a barrel of Vodka, and that is, let's say, quite unlikely.
  14. Hi folks, here are some impressions of a flight from Krasnoyarsk-Cheremshanka to Podkamennaya Tunguska with an Antonov An-28 along River Yenisey. The next picture shows the two Krasnoyarsk airports: Cheremshanka, mostly for small aviation, to the left; and Yemelyanovo International Airport to the right: Most time of the flight we follow river Yenisey. At final approach to Podkamennaya Tunguska. This airport is named after the river of the same name, that flows into river Yenisey just at the opposite riverside. It's the very same river where 1908 the Tunguska meteorite impact occured. Landed! Now let's do some skiing, fishing or Lada'ing. Best regards, Harald
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