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  1. What an awesome story... are there models of the "Fram" expedition ship and dog sleds? You could simulate Amundsen's South Pole tour then.
  2. A double rainbow always means: an outstanding picture.
  3. Beautiful landscape and plane. That Condor looks so modern for its time.
  4. Ah, that Interflug livery 😍 Great series altogether! I believe that one single former Interflug plane is still in service with the Luftwaffe: 10 + 23, ex DDR-ABC. There is a great video with this plane starring (thanks to Ed, who pointed me to it): By the way, I made my first real world flight in an A310, with the already defunct African Safari Airways. Regarding the Canadian Airbuses, I can spot them from time to time being maintained here in the Dresden EADS plant.
  5. Very nice pictures, Bernd, but the view through the buildings beats them all.
  6. Very cool. The DC-3 vs. Ju 52 discussion is almost like former FSX vs. FS9 debates 😅
  7. Hi, I tried it and have the same problem as Hans. Regards, Harald
  8. I think it was in Brandenburg. Stölln-Rhinow, nordwest of Berlin.
  9. Exactly so (we could deal about a Tupolev flight, however). I was a little disappointed not to see a 747-8 by Cargolux, that is assigned to that gate in my AI traffic, though. I hope the UGAM scenery works for you. After all, I decided to upload it to Avsimrus, and there are some guys experiencing crashes. But no one of the beta testers can replicate the problem... Anyway, thanks Duesenwerni, Ed and Bernd for commenting. Bernd, I hope to see some pictures soon of the "Plane that lands anywhere".
  10. Thanks P_7878. That is the way it goes. P.S. @PittsS2B (John G.): Yes, it's Carenado's F33. I always preferred Dreamfleet's A36, but I discovered the F33 at second sight and like it very much.
  11. This mountain scenery looks superb. #11 could be a vintage advertisement for B.O.A.C. I wonder if a Comet could have been landing in Paro?
  12. Just a short hop from Georgian capital Tbilisi to mountainous Ambrolauri to test a new freeware scenery. Scrapyard: I hope you liked these.
  13. Thanks Bernd and John for posting, and sorry for doing that so late!
  14. Unfortunately, I know no Europa Bridge scenery... What I admire, too, is the autogen building placement. It is so exact that one can recognize single mountain huts or summit stations of skiing lifts.
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