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  1. gaputz

    New FS9 Scenery

    MFSG (Malaysian Flight Simulator Group) continues to produce FS2004 airports. Here is a list of the most recent airports. OSHIMA AIRPORT RJTO 2019 - Island of Izu Oshima, Tokyo, Japan AQABA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT OJAQ 2018 - King Hussein International Airport, Aqaba, Jordan The developer, Syamsani Shamsuri, plans for one airport a month in 2019 so a lot more to come. Greg
  2. gaputz

    iFly 747-400 Service Pack 3

    Thanks for the heads up. Greg
  3. gaputz

    New FS9 Scenery

    I've been waiting for this one.... MFSG St. John's International Airport CYYT 2018 for FS2004 Greg
  4. gaputz

    Paint request for southwest airlines Louisiana one

    Sorry, but you didn't specify.
  5. gaputz

    Paint request for southwest airlines Louisiana one

    For AI traffic you can get the special paint job from this site. It is for the FAIB model. You will have to convert the textures for application to the FS9 version of the FAIB B737 model.
  6. gaputz

    MAIW release new AW139 model.

    Thank you very much for sharing. Greg
  7. gaputz

    MAIW release new AW139 model.

    Thanks for the heads-up. Looks very nice. Greg
  8. gaputz

    New FS9 Scenery

    Yes, can't forget Albysim. Thanks for the reminder Darrenvox.
  9. gaputz

    New FS9 Scenery

    A very productive developer indeed. MFSG has a new release - Colombo International Airport, which is the main international airport serving Sri Lanka. MFSG - BANDARANAIKE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT VCBI 2018 MFSG might be the last payware developer out there doing FS2004 versions of his airport scenery. It is good quality so worthy of support from the FS9 community. Greg
  10. gaputz

    Kyle doesnt forget us.

    Excellent news and thanks for the heads up. Thanks to Kyle for allowing his work to be converted and hosting the FS9 format textures on his site. A special thanks to "Danthepilot" for doing all the work. Greg
  11. You are welcome. As an aside David Rawlins has released a FSX version of his Boeing 737 MAX 8 and cooperated with its adaptation to P3Dv4. Most of the "painters" I call the gurus have gone to the so-called HD format so they initially ignored David's FS9 MAX and paintkit, With the release of the AIA MAX 8 for P3Dv4 the doors have been swung open for more texture sets (reference Juergen's Paint hangar) so this new tool will be useful to update our FS9 traffic fleets with the MAX model and textures not otherwise available. Lets not forget to support and thank the painters (such as Fumitaka Hayashi and John Tennet) who have and continue to produced textures directly for the FS9, which are available here in the library. Again, a big thanks to David Rawlins for the MAX model and "Turbine Captain" for his great tool that will make it easier for us to keep our traffic up to date! Greg
  12. gaputz

    Weather for FS9

    The six tries for met/rep reports was normal for me over the last number of months. That seemed to be the only part of ASE that was not functioning properly. I too would be interested in reports from other ASE users. I've repeatedly opened and closed ASE this evening and every time it seems to properly initiate. Sometimes the met/rep is downloaded from the secondary server but all seems well. I am very happy with ASE and if I don't want to replace it so I hope tonight's results stick! Greg
  13. gaputz

    Weather for FS9

    I don't have any of the problems reported by "Skywatcher." In fact the met/rep issue previously discussed previously in the forum seems to have been rectified. The weather reported by ASE at my home report is identical to reports from other sources. I haven't notice anything odd in the sim lately. Maybe I am not seeing the problem so here is the initiation log of ASE from just moments ago. 9:27:22 PM:0253 - Loading Application Data Path 9:27:22 PM:0253 - Application Data Path = C:\Users\Greg\AppData\Roaming\HiFi\ASE 9:27:22 PM:0253 - Loading Application Executable Path 9:27:22 PM:0253 - Application Executable Path = C:\Program Files (x86)\HiFi\ASE 9:27:22 PM:0268 - ASE load commencing... 9:27:22 PM:0268 - Verifying Active Sky Evolution License 9:27:22 PM:0284 - FS9 Path Value = C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\ 9:27:22 PM:0284 - FS9 My AppData Path Value = C:\Users\Greg\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FS9\ 9:27:22 PM:0284 - FS9 My Docs Path Value = C:\Users\Greg\Documents\Flight Simulator Files\ 9:27:22 PM:0284 - ASE settings have been loaded... 9:27:22 PM:0378 - Initializing ASE 9:27:29 PM:0694 - FS station database update not needed (unchanged)... 9:27:29 PM:0710 - World Magnetic Model has been loaded... 9:27:37 PM:0120 - Wx Station Database loaded: 10463 station(s) 9:27:37 PM:0244 - Airports Database loaded... 9:27:37 PM:0244 - Loading Additional Weather Stations... 9:27:37 PM:0338 - Additional stations database load compete for 1202 stations 9:27:37 PM:0354 - FSUIPC (version 3.9.9) found and initialized 9:27:37 PM:0837 - ASE controls initialized... 9:27:37 PM:0837 - ASE v12.0.0.709 Copyright © 2010-2012 HiFi Technologies, Inc., all rights reserved. 9:27:37 PM:0837 - ASE Module has been loaded 9:27:37 PM:0853 - Main Background Wx Engine process has been started 9:27:37 PM:0853 - Sim Interface queue process has been started 9:27:37 PM:0853 - Online automatic download thread has been started 9:27:37 PM:0853 - Random element generation thread has been started 9:27:37 PM:0853 - Voice playback thread has been started 9:27:37 PM:0853 - Virtual station generation thread has been started 9:27:37 PM:0853 - Wake sample and synthesis thread has been started 9:27:37 PM:0853 - 3 voice sets activated... 9:27:37 PM:0868 - Imagery processing thread started 9:27:37 PM:0868 - Thermal Data Loaded: 5 items 9:27:43 PM:0923 - Downloading global weather data for 29/08/2018 3:27:43 AM (03Z) from Tertiary Server... 9:27:45 PM:0140 - Generated Machine Code ..... 9:27:48 PM:0354 - Start Download Content License Result Check 9:27:48 PM:0369 - Finished Download Content License Result Check in 0 ms 9:27:48 PM:0369 - Start Download File Output 9:27:48 PM:0369 - Saving weather to disk 9:27:48 PM:0369 - Finished Download File Output in 0 ms 9:27:48 PM:0369 - Start Decrypt/Decompress 9:28:04 PM:0344 - Finished Decrypt/Decompress in 15974.4281 ms 9:28:04 PM:0344 - Download Binary Compress File Routine completed in 19203.6338 ms 9:28:04 PM:0344 - Populating weather stream with new data... 9:28:04 PM:0344 - Parsing line items 9:28:12 PM:0128 - 8535 stations were scanned (519 did not provide recent data) 9:28:12 PM:0128 - Download complete 9:28:12 PM:0128 - Downloading Met/Rep data from Primary Server... 9:28:12 PM:0846 - Sent FS Message: ASE new weather download completed... 9:28:15 PM:0779 - Met/Rep Data Received... 9:28:15 PM:0794 - Met/Rep Download complete 9:28:16 PM:0403 - Weather synthesis thread has been started 9:28:27 PM:0338 - Synthesis updated... 9:28:27 PM:0541 - Weather injection thread has been started 9:28:27 PM:0541 - VAS and thermal generation thread has been started 9:28:27 PM:0541 - Data output thread has been started 9:28:27 PM:0541 - Effects simulation thread has been started 9:28:27 PM:0650 - Station data export completed 9:28:27 PM:0650 - **** ASE Initial Weather Synthesis Complete! **** Greg
  14. A tool to brighten the day for everyone in the FS9 community who feels plagued by the effort involved in converting DDS textures to bitmap format for use in FS9. Installing new AI traffic textures is not such an onerous task with this tool. Go over to the AIG forum where the tool and explanation is available at this thread. I've tried it and in my opinion this is simply a fantastic tool. Well done "Turbine Captain". Greg