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  1. Another new FS9 airport from MFSG: WMKL Langkawi International Airport, Malaysia.
  2. https://secure.simmarket.com/flytampa-legacy-san-diego-intl-ksan.phtml
  3. A new FS9 airport from MFSG: YPKA Karratha Airport, Western Australia.
  4. Congratulations Alby, a magnificent scenery! I know a tremendous amount of work went into your LIMC project. I am grateful for all that effort. A very nice gift for the the FS9 community. Greg
  5. MFSG - BEIRUT INTL AIRPORT OLBA 2020 FS2004 Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport (IATA: BEY, ICAO: OLBA)
  6. Thanks Ed. I always enjoy your videos but this one especially for obvious reasons 😏 Thanks for your help with the scenery. Greg
  7. Thanks everyone for all those kind remarks. Very much appreciated. Greg
  8. New Canadian scenery from MFSG - HALIFAX STANFIELD INTL AIRPORT CYHZ 2020. Thanks again to MFSG for its continuing support of FS9 Greg
  9. The reason you see all those bumps is because the appearance of the sat-domes is controlled by an alpha channel in the texture file for your aircraft. This is common with FAIB models. What it does is make the domes you don't want to see invisible in the sim. It means that the texture painter has to know what to carefully and properly mask on the texture sheet. That does not appear to be the case with the texture you applied for the Easyjet livery. The texture does not have a proper alpha channel so you see all the variations of domes available for that particular model of aircraft. Dedl has pointed you in the right direction. Greg
  10. I recommend Texture Manager. "Texture Manager will convert a single file, all the files in a folder and its subfolders, and many steps in between...." http://stuff4fs.com/newpage.asp?Folder=TM&Docs=TextureManager.pdf Greg
  11. MFSG - DARWIN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT YPDN 2020 released today. Greg
  12. Hi Jean-Luc. I am very happy to report that Steve and his team at F1 revised their authentication script and all is well again. I was able to reinstall all my RXP gauges in very quick order. I am very grateful to you and F1 for sticking with it to find the problem and fix it. I know the FS9 community, as small as it might be, will be very grateful to know that we can continue to use your fine products whenever we upgrade our computers and hard drives. Cheers, Greg
  13. Hi Jean-Luc Yes, I did. The F1 support people took me through that. All the settings were fine on the computer. Moreover, I've not had problems reinstalling other products from F1 (including RXP products) as I've gone about re-installing items on the new SSD. I think that should underscore that the Windows settings are not the issue. I realize these are legacy products but they performed well previously on my Win 7 64 compute, prior to my decision to upgrade the HD. I had the same level of satisfaction as reported by Graeme. I did not have problems with installation before when I moved all these gauges to my current computer from a slower and older dual core Win7 32 machine. Greg
  14. [ADMIN: please don't cross-post] I have the same problem chuck had, after swapping out an old HD for a SSD. Downloading the wrapper again did not help. I have the same problem with all the legacy gauges (which is addressed in another thread here). I run the installation, pick the reinstallation option, select the product key, put in the last four of the credit card used to purchase, and I get a dialogue box that says there is an error making proper connection with the server... I've jumped through all the hoops asked of me by the F1 people but nothing seems to resolve the problem. Greg
  15. Yes Graeme. Jumped through all the hoops F1 asked of me. Very frustrating because they worked fine previously on the same Windows 7-64. Greg
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