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  1. I bought wilco A320 and the GPWS call-out was working perfectly. I want to add GPWS call outs in another panel (ex. A300-600 CLS) to be heard and works for A300-600 So what I need to do to make call out works in others panels. am having GPWS call out sound in Sound folder.
  2. Thank you john. Yes I found it on the second link. I appreciate your support.
  3. Thank you John for caring So The fruit stand is the same = evolveai ??
  4. Hello everyone I am looking for the basic file for Evolveai A300. I searched through the web but couldn't find it. Do anyone have it????
  5. Is there availability of altitude call out to be heard in external view and cockpit view (as FSX) I want to hear altitude call outs in external spot view
  6. Hello everybody I have a rare FsP ai texture for FSX and I want to convert it to FS9 inorder to be used in my FS9 game I can convert FSX textures to FS9 but FSP is different in conversion I think. I need to know the steps. Need help please
  7. I disabled the addon scenery , played with the default and got surprised The drift occurs already with my default Cairo airport. Any suggestions
  8. Hello everybody During landing and using autopilot for approach The plane is not aligned in the center of the runway there is a drift of 2 degrees to the left and not centered. (I am using a payware airport on the other hand every thing is ok when landing in a non payware airport) The center line of my payware is thinner in thickness than default center line runways.
  9. Could I manage or do something to make flyable ai land and approach using autopilot?
  10. When I select to fly, the screen goes black and try to load but without loading bar and still black and with sound running (music of the selection home screen)
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