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  1. +1 to that! Great little plane that flies and behaves unbelievably well. As olderndirt said...
  2. JimmyD

    Nvidia driver 397.93 DXGI error

    This error is beating me like a wet noodle... rolled back to 368.81 (yes, I know that's quite a ways back) with my GTX970 and just updated to 4.3 From perusing around the inter web, the older drivers were optimized for the Maxwell chips (7/900) series, newer ones for the Pascals (10 series) is what I've seen mentioned a few times. Not sure if the shoe fits on this one, but at this point I'm willing to give it a go. I haven't done extensive testing/loading (just a couple flights), but so far so good. Jd
  3. JimmyD

    Cosmetic and immersive suggestion

    Interesting suggestion, it would certainly increase the immersion factor, imho. We can simulate all these service vehicle surrounding the aircraft, let them open some panels and take a look. Take it one step further, work on the engines...drop a wrench... ground the aircraft while a fod check is carried out. Kinda along the idea of what Chock was explaining. I guess the possibilities are endless from a user standpoint, maybe not so much so from the dev though 🙂 The op title is cosmetic immersion, let's not rain on his parade. James Dean
  4. JimmyD

    Couatl crashes

    I just have not had a good experience with couatl either, I'm not knocking anything or anybody, this is just my personal experience. Maybe not much help to the original poster, but I just can't get my sim running smoothly with that program. It causes problems on my system, and I have reluctantly decided not to install anything that uses it. Again, this is just my personal observation from using it in the past on my system and how it affects my setup. Not meant to dissuade anybody, Your mileage may vary. Jd
  5. JimmyD

    Gsync, VSync and FPS

    I also use unlimited FPS, v-sync off & TB off, but have an external frame rate limiter set at 36. I find if I use the in game one, my CPU cycles really increase. I have a 144hz G-sync monitor, but I have to disable G-sync when running P3D or I get flashing/flickering that's really annoying. Jd
  6. JimmyD

    I'm going to miss you PMDG

    Sheesh... tough crowd 😜
  7. JimmyD

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    I have also started seeing DXGI hung errors for the first time, I have never experienced them before until I moved up to P3dv4.2, but I've also updated aircraft to new release versions, so it will be trial and error to find the culprit/solution I think. I'm running a GTX970, but have very moderate settings and cool temps all around and my card is never stressed above 60% load... I've rolled back to an older gpu driver, maybe this will bring some relief. Jd
  8. JimmyD

    FS Force

    I use both, and really haven't had any issues, works very well together in my opinion. There is a sensor in the handle that will detect when your hand is on the joystick (the green light glows a little brighter). Sometimes I'll just hold the bottom section of the joystick when taxiing so I don't get all those ground roll "bumps" Jd
  9. JimmyD

    P3DV4 how to adjust excess brightness?

    Hdr is hit and miss for me too, hard to get that happy medium from interior to exterior. If you have an Nvidia card, this is what I've done and it works very well for me: - P3D hdr off - in NCP (adjust desktop colour settings) use the sliders there to adjust. The gamma and digital vibrance settings make the most difference. I have mine set to +0.80 and +60% respectively. The brightness and contrast can also be adjusted here, but I prefer to do that within my monitor settings. Your mileage may vary, but this gives me a nice balance and my gpu isn't working as hard as it would with hdr on. Jd
  10. JimmyD

    Site Update Tonight

    I knew something looked a little different this morning... Site looks great and appears to be firing on all cylinders. I am experiencing a much improved response time within the forums. Bravo Zulu to the team for your efforts, nicely done. Jd
  11. JimmyD

    Getting rid of roads on textures...

    I have played around with this, and I was able to get rid of dirt roads that just seemed to run everywhere and nowhere. Also used it to manipulate highways. It was a while ago though, some results were good, some not so good It's certainly trial and error, take with a grain of salt, this worked for me, but may have negative effects on your setup. I found this searching the web many moons ago. Make SURE you backup your files, it you like to tinker, it's kinda neat. Insert "No" in the exclude autogen and render to texture for the entry in the terrain.cfg you want to disable. // Roads - dirt / 8 lanes / undivided median [Texture.159] Name=Roads_Dirt_8_Lanes_Undivided_Median Color=FFC00000 guid={FF701B43-61C9-4B00-AADB-B18726208C0D} LegacyId=1177 Textures=dirtroadsu.bmp,dirtroadhw.bmp,dirtroadsu.bmp,dirtroadsu.bmp,dirtroadsu.bmp,dirtroadsu_lm.bmp Layout=7_PLUS_4 StripWidthMeters=25 Size=2 FlattenMode=flat FlattenPriority=21000 LandClassRemapType=none ExcludeAutogen=No RenderToTexture=No RenderPriority=100500 Water=No JD
  12. JimmyD

    Fly Tampa - Tampa and Buffalo

    I have KBUF and I really like it. It's not a massive airport so it's great on frames and the level of detail is spot on. The fountains at the entrance are a nice touch too. I use it sometimes as a stopover/alternate instead of CYYZ when the weather is really bad and I'm flying the heavies at night... which can make my system struggle a little. Also much less of a queue at the active No problems with 4.1, no native installers as of yet, just follow what has already been mentioned. Jd
  13. JimmyD

    Search Function

    Thanks very much Jim, I certainly appreciate your cooperation. The reduced timing certainly does make a difference. Just so we're on the same flight path, it's really only the "sort" function in the drop down list on the right hand side I was curious about. I assume now that they are both linked and one can't be changed independently from the other. Hope this doesn't cause any issues on your end. Keep up the great work! Best, James
  14. I use the search function a lot, and find it very useful for tracking down that elusive post I read in the past or finding posts on a certain subject. Successive searches are limited to be 25 seconds (I think) apart, o.k. no problem. I would think this alleviates multiple search requests in a very short period of time from users that could ultimately slow things down? Like I said not a big deal. My question is, after the search is completed, the results are organised by relevancy first (default), but I want to see the most recent post. So when sorting by "date" in the drop down menu, it considers this another search and implements another time limit on the sort, even though the search has already been completed. Is another search actually taking place in the database? or are the results merely just being shuffled to display the last post by date. If there is an option to select a default, I'm not aware. Checking within "more search options" did not seem to have a section to organise all posts by date. Would the team consider removing the 25 second wait to simply sort your search results? Thanks, Regards, James