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  1. Alright, thank you all for your help. So after all that, I guess I will wait for some month and come back here again. Makes no sense after what you wrote. Thank you all and cheers
  2. ok right, but could one can give me a setup, which should be a solid one in "normal" times, so I get an idea of the components? Thank you very much 🙂
  3. thank you both for your answer. He told me that he needs all new and I will build it for him then. I should mention this, sorry 😄 Exactly, he already got an 4k monitor and I guess he wont play hugh things like MSFS. So, I dont think, that I can use any old component and need everything from skretc 😄 Thank you for the advice
  4. Hey guys, as i need to build a new rig for my dad, I would need your advice on the hardware. I just got a budget limit which is 1000€. It needs to be a solid maschine for office and some basic games (4k required). I am not a hardware speci, to be honest, so I would love to get some help for that. Any advice on each hardware component is appreciated 🙂 Thank you so much for your advices 😉 Best regards
  5. Hello guys, I need some information about realworld fms function. Especially about procedures for Fly-by. Anyone can explain to me how the turn-parameters of an fly-by waypoint are calculated? Is it right that the type of a waypoint (fly-over/fly-by) is implemented in the AIRAC? If so: Are there also radii published which the fms needs to take care of? How the fms calculate the start of an fly-by turn? Hopefully you understand my question, if not, let me know 😉 Thank you for your advice
  6. Hi, I wondering if it is possible to track flighttrack inbounding for example EGLL. With flightradar24 it is just possible to multiselect 6 flights which is not enough for my intention. Anyone know how I can visualize the flighttracks form all a/c's? Just need the track. Thank you very much for your help 🙂
  7. also possible to import the altitude of the vector in Earth?
  8. Hello, I got longitude and latitude parameters in a Excel sheet with informations of altitude. Example: Lat Long alt 524.530 97.560 671 524.524 97.794 792 524.518 98.053 914 524.508 98.300 1067 524.498 98.627 1311 I wonder if it is possible to get this data into Google Earth for visible information. Just saw a possibility to enter a .txt with long and lat parameters (my seems to be a wrong format for that). I want to view a descent into an airport. Maybe anyone knows a solution,if it is possible.
  9. Thank you veeeery much for all the information. Will contact Vatsim UK too.
  10. Thanks for that. I contacted them. Hopefully they help me 😄 If anyone got some more ideas, I would love to here from you
  11. Hey gents, I am actually working on my master thesis in aviation technics, especially we want to develope an algorithm that finds the optimal arrival route to a runway automaticly. Therefore I want to verify and test this approach to a real airport focusing on London-Heathrow EGLL. I need to know how the controllers are working at this airport, so how they separat each aircraft to another, how the holding points are built and so on. Hopefully one have some experience or knowledge about that (Reallife or maybe Vatsim/IVAO). It would be so much appreciated. Thank you very much for your help 🙂
  12. So its an expansion. Not possible, to just get the 747-8, cause I don't want the 747-400? 😄
  13. same here for direct download. I managed to download all parts with help of the particular download links listed in the release notes of the installer
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