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  1. oriusmagus

    Arrival Procedures EGLL

    Thank you veeeery much for all the information. Will contact Vatsim UK too.
  2. oriusmagus

    Arrival Procedures EGLL

    Thanks for that. I contacted them. Hopefully they help me 😄 If anyone got some more ideas, I would love to here from you
  3. oriusmagus

    Arrival Procedures EGLL

    Hey gents, I am actually working on my master thesis in aviation technics, especially we want to develope an algorithm that finds the optimal arrival route to a runway automaticly. Therefore I want to verify and test this approach to a real airport focusing on London-Heathrow EGLL. I need to know how the controllers are working at this airport, so how they separat each aircraft to another, how the holding points are built and so on. Hopefully one have some experience or knowledge about that (Reallife or maybe Vatsim/IVAO). It would be so much appreciated. Thank you very much for your help 🙂
  4. Ok,sad but thanks for clarifying
  5. So its an expansion. Not possible, to just get the 747-8, cause I don't want the 747-400? 😄
  6. Awesome. Really needed more ships for the Mediterranean :)
  7. same here for direct download. I managed to download all parts with help of the particular download links listed in the release notes of the installer
  8. oriusmagus

    Summer/Winter texture mixed up

    Ok thank you all. You where absolutly right ;) Didnt know that
  9. I dont know if I am right here but anyway. I really want to say thank you for Chaseplane. I was quite sceptical about the product, cause I used Ezdok for a long time. Now I switched over to a new computer and give chaseplane a try. Also I am not familar with it at all, it feels very good from the first start. Nice interface and easy to use. I will now set up my own new cameras and settings and love it. Thank you for the great product ;)
  10. oriusmagus

    Summer/Winter texture mixed up

    ah ok, thanks Vic but then I got the question: When AS overrides the settings, why I got those summer textures here and there? Is it just the conflict between REX/P3D settings and AS? For sure I will then use a historical weather. Never saw one of this anomaly :D
  11. Hey guys, after installing every from the skretch I came up with a test flight. Started p3dv4, changed location to eddv (Hannover Germany) and changed season to summer. Started sim and following picture I made immediantly Installed: REX Direct Enhanced + AS+ASCA. PTA (Matts preset), chaseplane, preciptFX, Orbx Global, LC EU, Vector, GEN, GES, England, Australia, trees. Maybe conflicted with the actual weather settings via AS, cause of winter conditions? p3d is set to summer. Dont know how to solve the texture mixes on the picture. Anyone knows? Best greetings
  12. I dont really get it right. I clicked dl_fmx_all_in_one. Now I got all installers and there BIN-file. Is it all? If I double click for example fmx_africa it says that this app cant be open on this computer. What do I need to do? Did an complete reinstall of my entire system
  13. problem when testing it, I can't send it back to the manufactorer :D But hanks anyway ;)
  14. yeah after hours. Question is if it got enough space between components for the airflow or if there will be any problem. They are very near to each other
  15. Got the fractal design R5. Fitting in the front isnt an option for me, cause I need space for my storage and drives. I managed to fit it at the top of the case with nearly no free space around it^^ Need to check if it is a possible position. any advice if it is? Two picture of the building state in the case: http://abload.de/image.php?img=img_6302ebk4z.jpg http://abload.de/image.php?img=img_63051ajhw.jpg