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    Flight Simulation: boating and fishing; protected area management inc marine parks.
    i73960X @ 3.6 to 3.9, GTX 680, 6gigs OCX RAM, GTX 570 to drive third screen.

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    Geriatric simmer, but with extensive prior real world experience, Class 1 Instrument Rating and aircraft up to Piper Navajo.

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  1. Ian McPhail

    Configurator...what string

    Brian: absolutely spot on advice. The AV did it! And now i have to learn to use it.
  2. Ian McPhail

    Configurator...what string

    I am having all sorts of finger problems getting the info back to you. But in Documents/Aerosoft/A318-A319 Professional, there is this list of folders and other entries. 1 Configurator (which is absolutely empty and it says so) 2 Data 3 Documentation 4 Effects 5 Fonts 6 FS@Crew 2010 (which contains NO file that looks like a cfg) 7 gauges 8 Livery Manager 9 PerfData 10 SimObjects 11 SupportFiles 12 add-on (xml) 13 Product (cfg - entries only related to the Airbus Pro) 14 Readme (text) 15 unFS2Crew2018_Aerosoft_Airbus_P3D_v4 (application)
  3. I have installed FS2 Crew tor the A319Pro apparently successfully. However when I go into Aerososft Aribus Pro Configurator there is no content. What string should I paste in to Enable Fs2 Crew?
  4. It's a hard business I know, but I am satisfied with the QW787 and wouldn't invest in another: PMDG does me well with the 737, 777 and 747 range, I presume there would not be an Airbus as BBS and soon Aerosoft will fill all the gaps (and I won't leave out FSL although it won't install). Maybe a turboprop, even the Jetstream for P4 (though few airlines still fly it) and that will be interesting or a regional jet; interesting too, though the out-moded B717 does me well. However only a few hours and we will know. It's been a good wait......
  5. Ian McPhail

    RNAV: What’s In A Name?

    It is here in flightsimming that a real paradox appears. P3D and its predecessor FSX utilise a runway platform with a flat field, which is not the case in reality. Approach and departure ends of some runways are quite different in elevation. In RW instrumentation the approach end particularly is properly set, but in FSX/P3D it can vary many feet from the true elevation. To use FSX/P3D as a professional training tool would require the introduction of contoured runways for precision approaches, as in XP, A slight shift of topic, but YBCG is my nearest major airport, where an ILS is being installed at the insistence of international airlines. There are excellent published RNAV approaches already and airlines with properly equipped aircraft are able to make almost all approaches without missing out at minimums. The new ILS will not be Cat 111 so no autoland, therefore the only difference will be a much longer straight final leg with mimima about the same. Local conservatism v new technology can turn into a political debate
  6. Ian McPhail


    Olympic, have a look at Mr Randazzo's comment just above, though I admit he did say a little more information, not the full announcement. Maybe I was being the typically breathless forum member rushing to conclusions.
  7. Ian McPhail


    Yes, I mixed the German Aero with FSExpo in the States. My apologies. But it seems from the last post by Cpt Randazzo that the information might come sooner.
  8. Ian McPhail

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    I mistakenly mixed Aero, the German conference with FSExpo, and as a result confused the dates, All this speculation, pages of it, will be resolved in just over a month's time. Maybe we should run a book on what it is?
  9. Ian McPhail


    I believed that there was to be an announcement of a new product line from PMDG at the Flightsim conference, which has now been and gone I understand. Looking forward to your words.
  10. I have reverted to 5.122, so I will give 4.2 another try, but just the Client this time. Cpt, I do not understand but previously then I was trying 4.2 my PMDG NGX came up with blank gauges etc, but the 747 update cured all models.
  11. Ian McPhail

    Huge problem v4.2 and 737

    I think you may be right. My Win10 OS absolutely refuses to take the recent large update, and that may be the problem down there. I fear a complete reinstall of v4 as I have so much add-on scenery.
  12. Cpt: no I expressed myself unclearly, I owned but had uninstalled the 747. But again yes, I did think that it was an overall update. But I have since posted elsewhere that I have had severe problems with 4.2 -blue loadng circle after every simple command or FMC entry. Made the sim a start-stop every two or three seconds. so I have reverted to 4.1 and all is well. I am waiting to find out if this is 4.2 or my system. Thank you.
  13. Ian McPhail

    Huge problem v4.2 and 737

    I finally got the 4.2 update installed via the OC. The PMDG 736 aircraft comes up OK with flight deck alive, then the trouble starts. Each time I try an action the loading circle runs, then the action happens, but the same thing after every action. In outside view the hatswitch does the same, and I watched an AI aircraft take 15 minutes of stops and starts to taxi to the runway (default EGNM). Is this an underlying 4.2 problem forcing this constant loading delay, or is it the PMDG update. I will soon need to return to 4.1 unless there is a workaround.
  14. I know that this will create howls of disbelief, but, I had uninstalled the 747, yes, the QOTS. Why, because I preferred to fly the 777 and the 737. After skimming this thread I picked up the clue that the 747 MUST be installed for the HF to show in the OC notifications. So I reinstalled the 747, found the update, installed that, re-booted, re-started and eh voila, all is well. My 737 comes up with bells and whistles, lights, buttons and switches. There must be more than me who did not want the 747. Fortunately I had purchased and previously installed the 747, but there may be a number who never did. Now their 737NGX is useless in 4.2. They should revert to 4.1.
  15. There has always to be one: After reading that there is a 4.2 hotfix, I opened OC and found no lead at all to the HF. So I uninstalled the base pack, re-booted and downloaded the latest version in my account. I installed that, although logic told me that it was designed to work in 4.0 and 4.1 so no doubt the effort would be wasted. I have blank gauges and no switches will work either rotary or two-way. In the new installation the OC again presents no info about the HF. Please could you help me locate and download the hotfix.