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  1. When I open the 2-D pop-up windows using View > Instrument Panel....., I notice that selecting FMS on the drop down menu opens the INFO window and selecting INFO opens the FMS 2D window! Not a big issue but one that I would have thought should have been detected in beta testing. I did a fresh download from the Carenado site and a reinstall in case my first download was corrupt but the issue persists. Is anyone else seeing this? This minor blip hasn't however detracted from my enjoyment of the Fokker 50 which is destined to become another one of my favourites! Bill
  2. FSX-SE

    I just remembered I had a CLS DC-10, which I rarely flew, installed in my old FS9 setup which I still have on my computer so I went back and checked that out. That rotary knob certainly seems to be the only pitot heat control so all I can suggest is perhaps switching it between the CAPT, FO and AUX settings and leaving it on each for a few minutes if the zero IAS reading crops up again. It would be a bit of a strange set-up though if all the pitot heaters cannot be turned on at once so perhaps I am misinterpreting how this control functions! Bill
  3. Mine misses out the 10 feet callout out so my first landing was a bit of a thumper! Bill
  4. FSX-SE

    Hi I'm not very familiar with the DC-10 and I must admit that I didn't notice what appears to be the pitot control in the screenshot which in most aircraft is one or two switches! I gave my answer on the basis that a sudden drop to zero is usually the result of pitot icing in most aircraft. From your screenshot, if that is the pitot heat control, it looks as if it can only be turned on for one pitot tube at a time which seems odd! I am assuming it is set for the pitot on the captain's side but not on on the first officers side (if that's what CAPT and FO stand for). It may be worth having a look on the panels to see if there are any other individual pitot heat switches or check the manual (if there is one) to see if it explains the function of the pitot heat controls. As I have said though, I am not particularly familiar with the DC-10 and maybe someone with more knowledge of that aircraft can clarify the issue for you. Bill
  5. FSX-SE

    You need to turn on the pitot heat. The drop to zero is most likely due ice forming in the pitot tube which measures airspeed. Bill
  6. Where did you find the Austrian Fokker repaint? I can't find it on any of the links above, nor on the Avsim library or! Bill
  7. Here is a link to another document with some useful information on AP function etc to supplement the somewhat meagre Carenado documentation: Bill
  8. No problem - understood! Would still be very much appreciated whenever it appears! Bill
  9. Would love to have that too - it is the only Fokker 50 I have ever flown on in real life. Bill
  10. Although I had installed the integrated GTN into the Fokker 50 panel, I thought I would try the default 'Universal' FMS to assess its level of functionality and to see if Carenado had improved on that element of their systems design. I found however that I was unable to make the AP follow a flight plan while the GTN was installed but when I uninstalled the GTN from the panel, the AP linked satisfactorily to the FMS and followed the flight plan. Given the somewhat limited functionality of the default FMS, I will probably use the GTN as my primary navigation device anyway, but I wondered if anyone else had noticed that the default FMS will not work while the GTN is installed? Bill
  11. I notice Carenado usually keep sales of new products to themselves for the first few weeks so I suspect you might have a little time to wait before it goes out to other vendors 😕.
  12. Thank you!
  13. Trying to find this on You Tube but I can't! The only thing that comes up on searching for their Fokker 50 is their promotional video from a month ago and the Vatsim video posted on this thread earlier. Would it be possible to provide a link to it? Bill
  14. Might be worth contacting PayPal to see whether this should have happened and why as it defeats the whole purpose of having that extra layer of protection 😕 Bill
  15. Bert, this seems like a useful source of information on the Fokker's engine systems: At least it might supplement the almost non-existent information on engine management in the Carenado documentation! Bill