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  1. If you haven't already done it, it might be worth uninstalling FSX Booster, just in case that is responsible as I understand it can change various parameters of FSX function, and try again. Bill
  2. scianoir

    FSX Geometric Squares on Sea! Help!!

    What was the FTX scenery that you installed immediately before you noticed this? Are you certain you didn't install anything else other than that scenery or, as has already been suggested, might you have changed any settings? Do you have you any weather engine installed that may affect sea textures? Bill
  3. Since retirement I've tried to budget myself £100 per month for this hobby but before retiring I would more or less buy what I wanted and I am probably better off not knowing exactly how much I have spent over the years. I certainly know I am better off with my wife not knowing that figure! In truth there are many months when I don't even spend £100 mainly because I have most of what I need - more than what I need if I was honest with myself. However at this point I am still on FSX and when my rig eventually breathes its last and I have to buy a new computer I will most likely migrate to P3Dv4 which will of course involve upgrading a lot of software in addition to the hardware cost. At the moment, as a form of future proofing, if I buy software addons, I prefer to just get products that also come with a P3Dv4 version included in the purchase price or at least have an upgrade available at a reasonable discount. For this reason I have not bought any new PMDG or A2A aircraft for some time as both of these unfortunately offer no discounts for existing users. Yes, this hobby can consume a lot of cash if you let it but, as many people have pointed out the costs of flight simulation are a lot less than many other hobbies or pastimes and I for one have no regrets on what I spend on it. Bill
  4. I have almost every Orbx addon and your issue is not something I have come across with the exception of Orbx Brisbane (YBBN) where incorrect apron and runway textures are showing through. From what I understand from looking into this, my problem may be something to do with Rex Worldwide Airports HD although as yet I have not managed to resolve it. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling your Orbx scenery to see if that makes a difference? Bill
  5. scianoir

    Advice for returning simmer?

    Don’t forget a good weather addon. I didn’t bother using one until a few years ago which was a big mistake as the additional degree of immersion it added to the whole flightsim experience was immense! I can recommend the Active Sky or Rex products from personal experience. Bill
  6. scianoir

    Just Flight v Aerosoft DC-8

    It’s a pity that the JF in-house development team do not apply their undoubted talents to more airliners rather than leaving the development with third parties such as Aeroplane Heaven. The in-house team have produced some excellent GA aircraft recently and rather than having to perform the almost inevitable post-release repair of these third party airliners, it would surely be better for JF’s reputation if they developed the airliners themselves. Bill
  7. scianoir

    Manfred Jahn DC-3?

    It is brilliant freeware - in my opinion it is up there with some of the best payware and significantly better than much of it! Manfred Jahn and company deserve our deepest gratitude for this gem. Bill
  8. scianoir

    Good flying books recommendations?

    That jolts me straight back to childhood - found it when I was about 10 and loved it! Another great one to add to the list is North Star Over My Shoulder by Bob Buck - highly recommended! Bill
  9. scianoir

    JustFlight Spitfire vs. A2A Spitfire

    Thanks Stephen. That is very good news as I have all of the aircraft Real Air produced for FSX and at least I know some will continue to work when I eventually migrate to P3Dv4. Now all I need is for a few of my favourite airports to become available for that platform and then I will be on my way there! Kind regards, Bill
  10. scianoir

    JustFlight Spitfire vs. A2A Spitfire

    Me too! The Turbine Duke is my go-to GA turboprop and there is arguably still nothing better than it in that category. Their Citabria is another favourite of mine and of excellent quality, although again it is a very old product of theirs. I am perhaps a little biased though as I learned to fly in the RW on that aircraft. I note from your earlier post that you use the Real Air Spitfire in P3Dv4 - does the Turbine Duke also work on that platform? Bill
  11. scianoir

    Will Steve's Dx10 fixer, fix HIGH VAS?

    If I start FSX using the default Baron at a default airport without active Orbx scenery in that area I usually have something less than 3GB of VAS remaining on my system (on average about 2.6GB). If I then switch to an addon aircraft and move to an addon airport in an area of Orbx scenery, then the VAS remaining will decrease, the magnitude of the decrease depending on the demands of the aircraft/airport. I don’t have the Aerosoft Airbus Extended but if you are using this I would think that like many glass cockpit aircraft with complex systems it would have a significant VAS footprint and if you then add in UKXtreme Gatwick (also relatively high VAS footprint) together with Orbx England scenery then I would not be surprised if you start nudging the 4GB threshold. You may also have other airports/airfields active in the surrounding region and these may add to the VAS usage when you take to the air as FSX detects them nearby. If I am flying something like the Quality Wings 787 or PMDG 777 out of a large (high VAS) airport like Heathrow or Gatwick, I usually deactivate all my other addon airports except for my destination airport. I also usually turn AI traffic right down and deactivate Orbx England which will save a little more VAS. Although, like most simmers, I would prefer to keep everything active, by taking these fairly drastic measures I can usually complete the flight in FSX without an OOM. One of these days I might move to P3Dv4! Bill
  12. scianoir

    Will Steve's Dx10 fixer, fix HIGH VAS?

    Hi Ollie, I use the payware version of FSUIPC to measure VAS usage, but there is a utility available called Process Explorer, which I think is freeware, which will show you the amount of VAS being used by processes running on your computer including FSX. Bill
  13. scianoir

    A2A C172 or JustFlight C152?

    A2A is arguably the best developer of GA aircraft out there but, to be fair, the Just Flight aircraft developed by their in-house team have an excellent reputation. The 152 is one of these and although I don’t have it, I do have the JF Arrow which was also developed by their in-house team and that is an excellent product. Something else you might like to keep in mind is that you get both FSX and P3Dv4 versions with the Just Flight 152, which is a definite bonus if you migrate to P3D in the future, whereas with the A2A 172, as with all the A2A aircraft, you would have to purchase it again at the full price if you ever need the P3Dv4 version. Bill
  14. scianoir

    JustFlight Spitfire vs. A2A Spitfire

    Good to know I can take it with me when I make the move to v4! I too have the later Spitfire versions - don’t think they ever produced the MK I or II though as I thought I had purchased all of their products. Bill
  15. scianoir

    JustFlight Spitfire vs. A2A Spitfire

    There was a boxed version of the Real Air Spitfire produced for FSX and an online search reveals there are some available for purchase. It was not however developed for v4 as far as I know as Real Air unfortunately went out of business before then. I have the Real Air version and I agree it is excellent, as were all their aircraft. The understandable closure of that developer was one of the biggest losses the serious flightsim community has ever suffered and although I was hoping another quality developer might take over their products, sadly that never happened. Bill