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  1. Hi Rhys, Have you searched elsewhere in FSX, perhaps in the FSX/sound folder, for a duplicate battery sound file? Regards, Bill
  2. Also you need to check that the fltsim.x entries in the aircraft.cfg are all in sequential order and that there isn't one missing. If you have 20 liveries on a particular aircraft then the fltsim entries should go from Fltsim.0 to fltsim.19. If, for example fltsim.12 is missing then the subsequent liveries from fltsim.13 to fltsim.19 won't be visible in the aircraft selection menu. Bill
  3. Hi again Dan, The scenery configurator I use is the payware utility SimstarterNG, but, as far as I know that is unfortunately no longer available to purchase for FSX. There is however a freeware scenery configurator, which should do the same thing, available in the Avsim library although I have never used this. I would however imagine that it should be fairly easy to use it to create different scenery cfgs which you can then access depending on where you will be flying. This would avoid the need to add and remove entries from your scenery library which would be very cumbersome. If however, the problem was present before you added Preasoft Dublin, then I am not sure that altering your scenery library will make a huge difference but you could first try creating a scenery cfg that comprised just Aerosoft Dublin and the basic FSX default scenery entries to see if that resolve the problem. If this worked then you could through a process of trial and error so how things work with other scenery entries active if you wish. I have a fairly minimal scenery cfg which I use for my flights into EIDW in which almost all my other worldwide scenery entries (I have a huge number of these!) are deactivated apart from whichever airport I plan to depart from and that seems to work for me. I actually have a saved test flight on my system, dating from when I first discovered the issues with Aerosoft Dublin many years ago, using the default 737 (to minimise resource demands) starting in the air about 60 miles west of Dublin. If I fly this test flight with my 'minimalist' Aerosoft Dublin cfg then there are no issues whereas if I fly it using some of my other scenery cfg sets with a lot more active scenery the problem is likely to resurface again. Also remember your sliders. Make sure they are not maxed out and, in particular, I would suggest keeping the autogen density at 'normal' and minimalise your AI traffic (AI traffic places a big demand on your system's resources). Hope you can get some sort of resolution to this frustrating problem! Bill
  4. Hi Dan, Although I was unable to open your screenshots on the Aerosoft forum, I had a similar problem to what you describe way back years ago when I first replaced Eiresim Dublin with the visually superior Aerosoft version. I too had no problems when starting a flight in Dublin but major issues with missing autogen and blurry textures when approaching there after starting a flight elsewhere. As Dublin had been my home airport many years ago (I had done a lot of real world flying out of the Iona hangar there back in the 70s and 80s), I was very keen to be able to use Aerosoft version and it was frustrating as, like you, I was not experiencing similar problems at any of the numerous other addon airports which I was using. I tried adjusting the scenery sliders but that didn't help and, at the end of the day, the only way I could resolve the issue was by creating a separate scenery cfg in which my Orbx FTX Ireland scenery was deactivated for my flights into Dublin. As I use a scenery configurator to create sets of scenery cfgs depending on where I am flying this was easy enough to do. I am sure that Stans is correct when he says in his post that the computer basically cannot keep up (and mine was very much a mid-range computer), but I also found it strange that I only encountered this with Aerosoft Dublin! You haven't said whether you have any other addon scenery for Ireland or the Dublin area installed, but, if you have it may be worth trying to see how Aerosoft Dublin performs on your system with these deactivated. Bill
  5. Hi Steve, I doubt if you will be able to find scenery addons for those islands which seem very small and obscure, particularly if there are no airports on them, but a good resource if you are looking for specific scenery (both freeware and payware) is: FSX & Prepar3D freeware scenery list. Bill
  6. Carenado actually sell a number of versions of the King Air including C90, B200 and 350, whereas Flight 1 just offer the B200. There is no doubt that in terms of systems, the Flight 1 King Air is far superior. Bill
  7. Hi Jason, Always worth having a look at the Avsim FSX Configuration guide and setting up everything by going through it step by step.I did that years ago and it has served me well in terms of FSX performance and stability. But, as has already being mentioned it is a balancing act! AVSIM Basic FSX Configuration Guide - AVSIM Publications - The AVSIM Community Bill
  8. I agree with Blueshark that the Flight1 Citation Mustang is probably the best Citation available for FSX with great systems functionality and with a manageable although slightly heavy VAS footprint (about 700MB more than the default Baron). I have the Wilco/Feel There (this seems to be the one also marketed by Just Flight) and the Eaglesoft versions of the Citation X and I would really not recommend either of them. Both I think are essentially port overs from FS2004 and reflect that. Although they both have very low VAS footprints and are quite flyable in FSX, I find that I virtually never use them and they have been relegated to my virtual boneyard. The various Carenado Citations are easily the best visually but, as already mentioned, they fall somewhat short from a systems viewpoint, although if you have one of the addon payware GTN750s that can make a great difference to the sense of immersion when flying them. I have the Carenado S550 and the XL560 Citations and they are both beautifully modelled and enjoyable to fly although the XL560 is a bit of a resource hog. The other Citation in my hangar is the Nextgen CitationCJ4. This does fairly well from a systems viewpoint (apart from FMC functionality which is basic) but the visual modelling does leave a bit to be desired. So, on balance, another vote for the Flight1 Citation Mustang here. Bill
  9. Good to see the return of such a well respected member of the flight sim community - welcome back! As I'm still using FSX (until I need to buy a new PC), I continue to have the pleasure of being able to enjoy a number of FSAddon's scenery and aircraft products particularly your great Tongass scenery and your unique and very welcome Bristol 170. Bill
  10. Hi, Frequently the only files that need to be deactivated/uninstalled from a previously installed airport, in order to resolve any conflict, are the AFCAD files. I use a payware utility called Airport Facilities X (Flight1) to identify AFCAD files for specific airports which may cause conflicts. Although this doesn’t seem to be available any longer, I think there may also be freeware utilities out there that enable you to do this. Bill
  11. For me, the addons that made the greatest single improvement to the appearance of FSX were a good weather engine and weather textures. I happen to use a combination of Active Sky 2016 with ASCA and Envtex for textures but as I’m sure you know there are others out there which are also very good. The added realism which well simulated weather provides adds immeasurably to the level of immersion no matter what aircraft you are flying. Bill
  12. Oh that sounds like a good idea so I might try that combination - thanks! Bill
  13. That looks like a very capable freeware scenery manager. I have used Aerosoft SIMstarterNG for years for this purpose and wouldn’t be without it but sadly it is no longer available for FSX. This freeware utility however looks as if it would be a very good substitute for the scenery configuration element of Simstarter. Bill
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