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  1. If you are willing to look at a different Dash 8 variant, the superb Q400 developed by Majestic Software is arguably the best turboprop simulation out there. Bill
  2. I have a few Technobrain airports including RJTT all of which were purchased in various sales as I felt the normal prices were too high. However I must say that their quality is pretty good and they are great value at the current sale prices. Bill
  3. Hi, If you haven’t already done so, it’s also worth optimising FSX by following the recommendations step by step in the Avsim FSX Configuration guide. Bill
  4. Hi, When you open the POS INIT page it normally shows the current GPS position which you can use to set the IRS position if you wish. However if you want to enter the actual airport, you can type in the airport code on the scratchpad then click the line select key corresponding to REF AIRPORT (should be LS2 on the left) and that should enter the code along with the co-ordinates for the airport.Hope this helps! Bill
  5. Hi, could you clarify whether you are using FSX or MSFS? Bill
  6. And then there are developers such as Feel There who want you to pay extra for all liveries. I bought their ERJ135/145 package some time ago to find that it only came with a single Embraer livery despite the fact that the product description states that free liveries are included (also multiple different liveries are shown in the product page screenshots) and the installation manual also refers to the additional included liveries. When I contacted Feel There to ask where were the advertised liveries they replied that they no longer supply liveries with that product but that these can be purchased from McPhat Studios which (no surprise) seems to be another Feel There company! Absolutely agree! Just look at how the low cost airlines grew so quickly - they offered fares a lot lower than those of the existing legacy carriers and the numbers of people flying increased dramatically. Bill
  7. Just to add another to Alan’s list, there’s one great addon aircraft that won’t cost you a penny - Manfred Jahn’s excellent C-47 v3.14. This freeware product is better than many payware aircraft with excellent visuals, great systems replication and some very useful interactive popup windows to aid your flying experience. An absolute masterpiece in my opinion! Bill
  8. Hi, What you are describing is not really a surprise! I calculated that on my set up, FSX with almost no scenery active had a VAS footprint of around 1.8GB. If you load the PMDG 777, which has a heavy VAS footprint (about 900MB more than the default FSX Baron) and start a flight at Mega Airport Frankfurt (which also has a very heavy resource demand) then you will be close to the 4GB VAS limitation. Unfortunately this limitation remains the same no matter how powerful your PC specs are and it is one of the drawbacks of 32-bit platforms such as FSX. There are a few things you could try to try to reduce the risk of an OOM - perhaps try reducing some of the sliders in the scenery settings such as LOD radius, mesh complexity and mesh and texture resolution and perhaps also reduce the cloud draw distance a little. You haven't shown an image of your traffic settings, but AI traffic is a big user of VAS so I would minimise AI air traffic and consider setting AI land and sea traffic to zero. If you don't already use a scenery configurator, I would recommend trying one so that FSX only loads the scenery you are planning to use for that flight rather than loading every item of scenery you have installed. For me this can save around 500-600MB of VAS usage as I have a lot of addon scenery. There are freeware scenery configurators available if you wanted to try these but I use the payware Aerosoft SimStarterNG utility. In addition to creating scenery cfg sets this also allow the creation of separate FSX cfgs which I have done to take into account the potential VAS usage, etc. Even if you do all these things however, the combination of Mega EDDF and the PMDG 777 is going to be pushing FSX to its limits although you might just manage to depart from the airport without an OOM if you turn down some of the display sliders. Just make sure that you destination airport has a very low VAS demand!! Bill
  9. Hi, Always worth considering a good weather addon for extra immersion no matter what aircraft you are flying. I currently use Active Sky 2016 for my weather engine combined with Active Sky Cloud Art and Envtex for the textures and the effects are amazing! However I know that Rex also produce excellent weather addons and I think there are some other payware and freeware weather products available which are pretty good too. For a few years I just used FSX with the default weather, thinking that a weather addon wasn't really going to be worth it but I was very wrong and when I bought my first weather addon (one of the earlier Rex products) I was astounded by how much it added to the whole flying experience and regretted that I hadn't got it sooner. Bill
  10. You could try going to the model.C46Pax folder, open the model.cfg and change the interior entry to read interior=AH_Curtiss_C46_mil_interior. You may also need to copy the AH_Curtiss_C46_mil_interior.MDL file from the model.C46Mil folder and paste that in the model.C46Pax folder. Just remember to back up everything before you change anything just in case you need to revert to the original! I have no idea whether that will give you what you want but there is nothing to lose by trying (providing the originals are backed up!!). Bill
  11. Both the CS and JF versions are pretty good but I think the general view is that the JF L-1011 has a slight edge in terms of systems function. With regard to liveries, JF have a habit of making extra liveries available as additional expansion packs albeit for a fairly reasonable charge compared to other repaint packs that I have seen on the market which are ridiculously expensive. As you say the JF L-1011 (as well as some other JF airliners) have very few freeware repaints available for them for some reason - perhaps they are difficult to repaint. The base JF L-1011 does however come with quite a few liveries and you can add another 33 civilian and a few military liveries for £10.99 in the sale at the moment. Bill
  12. The CS version only offers the L-1011-1 variant but there also is a freighter expansion pack available from them. The Just Flight Tristar is the slightly smaller but longer range L-1011-500 variant if you happen to be looking for that one. Bill
  13. Hi, I am not familiar with FS Water Configurator but many addons which modify the appearance of default scenery will save the default files that they replace and give you the option to restore them if you wish. Was this option available when you uninstalled FS Water Configurator? Bill
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