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  1. scianoir

    Download of Past Purchases at FSPilotShop

    Thanks Ray, The RAIDO NAS box was not something I was aware of so I will look into that for my backups. At £40 that's pretty good value considering what external HDDs cost a few years ago and if 2TB proves insufficient in the longer term, it won't break the bank to add another at some stage. Bill
  2. scianoir

    Download of Past Purchases at FSPilotShop

    I had a meltdown of an external HDD many years ago losing most of my stored downloads (mainly FS9 but also some FSX products as it was in my early days of FSX). For this reason, I have now adopted a ‘belt and braces’ policy and, as well as storing my payware downloads on an external HDD, I also make additional copies of most payware items on DVDs. Overkill, I know and, as Ray says, it may be a generational thing but “once bitten .....” Bill
  3. Thank you - I just thought I would try the 'contact us' mechanism first but I'll give Oisin a try next. Bill
  4. Thanks for that info Dave. Usually the link comes immediately which made me wonder if something was amiss and that's why I double checked my PayPal account. I'm sure however that whatever problem is causing this hiccup will be resolved eventually! Bill
  5. Is anyone else having issues receiving download links from MilViz this weekend? I purchased the Otter from their website over 48 hours ago and still have not received a download link even though my PayPal account describes the transaction as complete. I have also received no response to a message I sent to MilViz using the 'contact us' form on their webpage regarding this but perhaps that is because it's the weekend. I suspect there is some glitch in the system somewhere as MilViz support is normally excellent but just wondered if anyone else was having similar problems. Bill
  6. You won’t go wrong there! It’s an excellent product - superb modellling, systems, flight dynamics and sounds. Bill
  7. scianoir

    25 hours an 47 minutes later...

    Thanks for the mini review Noel - it’s reassuring to know that it’s performance is pretty good. I haven’t bought it yet as I was a bit concerned about its size and the effect that such a big addon might have on performance but I might consider it now as I love the colours when flying (RW) over the Netherlands. Could I ask do you use any separate payware for Schipol Airport? Bill
  8. scianoir

    Who's going to Cosford in 2018?

    Hoping to make it there this year! Bill
  9. scianoir

    Finally, people boarding my FSX planes!!

    If you get this, would you kindly leave some feedback of the extent of any VAS hit in FSX? Bill
  10. scianoir

    40% on Flysimware products

    The MU-2B and Lear 45 are well worth considering at these prices. Bill
  11. Another option, in case you wanted to consider it, is that Heathrow (along with no less than 77 other airports and airfields in the southern part of the U.K.!!) is included in UK2000’s VFR Airfields Volume 1. This would be a very cheap way to add all the London area airports (apart from Stansted and Luton) as well as many more in the area covered although the downside would be that the quality of EGLL would be nothing like as good as either the UKXtreme or Aerosoft versions. On the positive side however the performance hit would almost certainly be much less. Bill
  12. Good to know that Aerosoft have improved the performance of EGLL with Heathrow Professional. As I had been using the former Aerosoft FSX version before switching to UKXtreme, then my comments above comparing the two may not be applicable to the new version. Bill
  13. I replaced my Aerosoft EGLL scenery with the UKXtreme version because the VAS usage of the Aerosoft version was just too high in FSX. The UKXtreme version is 381MB installed and like all UKXtreme scenery is of very high quality. But like all big airports you still have to be cautious with your settings - my computer is somewhat more powerful than yours and I still have to reduce settings when flying into or out of EGLL particularly if using a high demand aircraft addon. If you have other London airports installed then the issue becomes compounded as in all cities with a lot of airports in close proximity. Bill
  14. Would be interesting to know what the weather conditions were like and what type of aircraft they were flying. At the end of the day I doubt if there will be any mysterious forces in play! Bill
  15. scianoir

    Good realistic addon for weather

    That’s frustrating! HiFi have very good support though so I’m sure they will sort it for you quickly.