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  1. The other option is the AFX payware from Flight1. Bill
  2. Hi, I don't have FSET so I can't specifically help with that, but from what you describe I do wonder whether you might have duplicate AFCAD files in your setup for the airports with the issues you are encountering? Just a thought! Bill
  3. Hi, You may find that the only option might be to create one yourself. For that you would need something like AFX (Airport Facilitator X) from Flight1, one of the features of which is to allow you to assign parking spots to specific airlines. It would however be quite a big undertaking with an airport the size of Heathrow and I am not sure whether that utility is still available to purchase. Cheers, Bill
  4. Hi, Firstly no need to apologise for asking for help - we've all been there! I don't have this addon so I can't offer you much help here. I note that it seems to come in different versions for FSX Accel, FSX Steam, etc and, assuming that you have installed the correct version for your platform, I would have thought it might be worth re-downloading it from SImmarket in case your download became corrupted and trying again. If this doesn't help then the next step would probably be to contact Lorby for support as I don't think Simmarket will get involved in functional issues. Bill
  5. The last time I flew the Flight1 ATR was many years ago in my FS9 era, but when I read this post I decided to try it again in FSX. So today I carried out a complete flight after programming it into the FMC and I have to say the autopilot followed the planned route perfectly with no deviation or zigzagging. I am not sure therefore why your ATR will not follow your programmed route. Have you previously been able to fly the F1 ATR without these problems or have you only just started using this aircraft? Despite its age and the fact that it is basically a port over from FS9, I had forgotten how enjoyable the Flight1 ATR is to fly and this remains so in FSX. Although, in terms of eye candy, the VC visually is nothing like as good as the Carenado ATR-72, it is still quite acceptable, and the level and accuracy of systems replication in the F1 version seems better. The Flight1 ATR also has a very low VAS footprint which is a great advantage in FSX, with its 4GB VAS limit. This allows flights to be made into resource heavy addon airports such as Aerosoft Frankfurt without the risk of the OOM errors which can plague the Carenado ATR when used with addon airports such as these. Bill
  6. The perfect product if you enjoy shooting approaches! Bill
  7. Hi, Flight 1 have two payware products which might help you - Instant Scenery and AFX (Airport Facilitator X). You should be aware however that they only work with FSX SP2 and not the FSX Steam edition. Bill
  8. Hi Andy, Aerosoft's EGLL and EIDW (surprisingly as it is not a huge airport) each have big VAS footprints so trying to fly between the two even in an aircraft with a moderate VAS demand such as the Aerosoft A320 can prove challenging in FSX for the reasons explained by Stans above. When I fly between airports such as these in FSX, I use a scenery configurator to deactivate any other scenery addons which I do not need (other addon airports, Orbx regions etc). I have the excellent payware SimStarter NG configurator but unfortunately this is no longer available to purchase for FSX although I think there are some freeware scenery configurators available (I have no experience of these however). In addition, with very resource heavy airports, I tend to reduce the AI sliders to zero as AI can use a considerable amount of memory and although it can leave airports looking a little empty, I find this preferable to getting an out of memory message. By the way, instead of just trying various tweaks, if you haven't already done so, I can highly recommend downloading the Avsim Basic FSX Configuration guide and following the advice given in it step by step to optimise your setup. Cheers, Bill
  9. That's very annoying! Was going to switch to Steam a few years ago but my FSX boxed version was running smoothly and switching would have been tedious as I have a huge number of addons so I decided to stick with it until circumstances forced me to switch to a more modern platform. Glad I made that decision now as I'm still on Win 7 too! Bill
  10. Hi, Have you checked the SODE Platform Manager to ensure that the the pathway to your fsx.cfg is correct? Bill
  11. Have you tried uninstalling the Feelthere Legacy to see if that resolves the problem? Bill
  12. Brilliant plane by Aerosoft and ideal for FSX because of its very low VAS footprint but it will take forever to get there!! It is just soooo slow! Bill
  13. Hi Lloyd, I can understand your frustration as I have been there (more than once) with seemingly insoluble problems on other aircraft! However have you tried uninstalling the aircraft completely and reinstalling it? Sometimes I find that can resolve issues such as these presumably as a result of an installation becoming corrupted in some way. I used the Eaglesoft Citation quite a bit in my FS2004 days without any issues as it was very much a state of the art addon for that platform. Although I also installed the 2.0 version in FSX-Accel, I have to admit that I have hardly used it there mainly because of the FMC limitations of this version. However I loaded it up this afternoon and the PFDs and MFDs all seemed ok, the only issue being HDG-FAIL messages which disappeared after I had aligned the IRS and I was able to carry out a short VFR flight without any problems with the basic systems. Hope you can get it working! Bill.
  14. I think I can recall reading somewhere that FSX Live Weather is no longer functional so perhaps that could be in some way contributing to the problem. Bill
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