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  1. scianoir

    GTN 750 does not appear in dash

    Hi Scott, Have to admit I looked everywhere except my desktop for that tool and that's where it is, as you say! Perhaps they ought to include something about that in the installation section of their manual! Many thanks for your help, Kind regards, Bill
  2. scianoir

    GTN 750 does not appear in dash

    This is going to sound like a silly question but where is the GPS configuration tool??? I've just installed the Falcon, loaded it up in FSX and have searched everywhere for this tool but cannot find it! Bill
  3. scianoir

    Lion-Air 737Max Possible cause. The following quote from the above article in the Wall Street Journal, if true, shows a frightening disregard by Boeing for the safety of aircrew and passengers using their aircraft: “Boeing marketed the MAX 8 partly by telling customers it wouldn’t need pilots to undergo additional simulator training beyond that already required for older versions, according to industry and government officials. One high-ranking Boeing official said the company had decided against disclosing more details to cockpit crews due to concerns about inundating average pilots with too much information—and significantly more technical data—than they needed or could digest.” The decision not to disclose these details seems to have been taken mainly with a view to minimising any additional training requirements for the new version - a truly arrogant and condescending approach by Boeing to pilot’s flying these airliners.
  4. I frequently listen to Shannon High Level on Live ATC in the early morning as the eastbound transatlantic traffic inbound to Europe tends to be very busy at that time of day, but unfortunately I decided to turn over and go back to sleep that morning!! 😴 Bill
  5. Although ‘immersion’ is obviously a very subjective thing, the Lear, even before the upgraded VC became available, passed the immersion test for me also. For this reason I have no hesitation in purchasing the Flysimware Falcon and even if it just gives me half the pleasurable flying hours I have had from the Lear then it will be good value for money! Bill
  6. scianoir

    AirDailyX news

    Yes he was opinionated but these opinions, whether you agreed with them or not (and in many cases I didn’t), brought Air Daily X to life and provoked many lively discussions on the site. Now, on the sporadic occasion when some news is released, it usually seems to look like something that has just been copied and pasted from a developer’s or vendor’s website and it lacks the personal touches/opinions the ‘editorial’ input of d’Andre used to bring to it. The almost complete lack of any comments on most news releases lately suggests to me that the previous followers are now increasingly abandoning this site and sadly I suspect ADX is in terminal decline. Bill
  7. scianoir

    ILS approach not centered on runway

    Hi Lew, Do you mean that the aircraft itself is not visible or the aircraft is visible but the wheels are sinking into the tarmac? If it is just a matter of wheels sinking into the tarmac at a particular airport, then it might be a case of duplicate AFCAD files for that airport. You haven’t mentioned which aircraft you are using but with some addon aircraft, I have noticed that if you don’t open a default FSX aircraft first before selecting your addon aircraft, the external model and VC of the addon aircraft can have problems so that is something else to consider. If this doesn’t apply to you and the problems you are seeing are happening consistently then it might be worth uninstalling and reinstalling the aircraft in question in case the installation has become corrupted. Bill
  8. On a positive note, if there was a good service award in the FlightSim world, Just Flight would surely be one of the top contenders. My experience of them is that they are invariably pleasant, polite and helpful in dealing with support requests and this attitude is carried over into their forums where I have noticed that their replies, even to quite aggressively worded posts, always seem to be measured, restrained and helpful. Just Flight is an example of a company that is truly a pleasure to deal with. Bill
  9. scianoir

    Help: Cannot Add Any Sceneries.

    How did you find the .dll responsible? Bill
  10. scianoir

    Airports of Norway and FTX Norway

    Just be aware that you will have to deactivate some conflicting AFCAD and elevations files for some airports which are duplicated in AoN and FTX Norway if you have both on your system. Bill
  11. scianoir

    question about pcaviator

    I had an email with a voucher yesterday and noticed the new conditions. I did wonder if the combination of double discounts on a Tuesday might be too good to last! Bill
  12. scianoir

    QW 787

    I think the QW 787 marketed solely through Flight 1 and I cannot ever remember Flight 1 ever having a sale. However even though the 787 has still has a few bugs popping up, these are steadily being addressed by QW and this really is a very nice product. Although it is a little expensive, it is still good value for money in my opinion as Quality Wings, unlike some other developers, is not charging extra for different variants and the 787-10 which is under development will be available as far as I understand as a free upgrade for existing owners of the 787-8/9. Bill
  13. scianoir

    CS 757 or PMDG 777???

    Hi Simon! If you are used flying airliners with the PMDG level of systems replication and reliability, I suspect that you might find a CS airliner a little frustrating in comparison. Although I admit I don’t have their 757 (I use the QW version), I have quite a few of their other aircraft including the 707, 727, 737, 767, 777 and L1011 and although some (notably the 737 and L1011) are better than others they can all tend to be a little bit buggy in terms of systems although they are great visually. I know it is wrong to generalise however so perhaps someone familiar with the CS 757 could provide some feedback on that specific product for you. The PMDG 777, as you would expect, has superb systems replication and although you have not mentioned what simulator platform you are using, it performs well on FSX (which I use) and, although it’s VAS footprint is heavy, it is less than that of the QW787. Bill
  14. scianoir

    Manfred Jahn DC3

    Thank you. I think you're probably right about it being something to do with the alpha channels but I don't know enough about those to start fiddling with them! In the readme that comes with the V3.12 Beta download they point out that further information about using V2 repaints in the V3 can be found in the C-47 V3 release thread at the Sim-Outhouse FSX forum but, despite searching through this for over an hour, I haven't been able to find it! Still, I have managed to successfully transfer a few repaints over simply by modifying the texture.cfg file as well as the usual modifications to the aircraft.cfg file and I have more than enough C-47/DC-3 liveries to keep me buy for many hours of flying so I will have to be content with these! Bill
  15. scianoir

    Manfred Jahn DC3

    This repaint works beautifully in V3, as you say! I am curious however as I have tried to use some other V2 repaints in V3 and they just won't work - does anyone know why this Eastern repaint works and others don't? Or what might need to be done to V2 repaints to get them to work in V3? Bill