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  1. Thanks I got it installed on my external SSD and seems to be working except now I've run into an issue with the activation screen not showing. This is a reinstall
  2. Hi, I reinstalled flight Sim but now the activation screen doesn't show up when I launch the game and therefore I can't do anything. If there's a simple solution without messing with the registry for 3 hours I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, Ed Kammerman
  3. Hi guys, I'm considering buying an external SSD and installing FSX on it. My question is would it be a workable installation considering the external I have like weather, joystick and throttle the add-on manager for fsdt airports and flight beans airports Etc. Any feedback and suggestions would be much appreciated thank you Ed Kammerman
  4. No actually it's Dell XPS 8900 oh, I believe the build date was some time in 2017. That's why it won't take anything larger than 500 gig
  5. Hi, I bought a Samsung 1 TB external SSD. What I'd like to know is, since my computer won't take anything bigger than a 500GB internal SSD, what would the degradation of speed be over a USB cable? Thanks, Ed Kammerman
  6. Have you checked out simbrief they are an online flight planner. For example you can go to FlightAware . Com and take a flight plan copy it to simbrief planning program and then once you got everything put in I believe you can export it to BBS's MCDU. Simbrief.com
  7. Have you checked out they are and online. flight planner. You can take flight from let's say Flight Aware and enter it into simbrief planning program, and I think you can export it to blackbox simulations Airbus series. Check it out simbrief. Com
  8. No what I'm going to do is completely uninstall and reinstall
  9. Addendum, my computer has a 3 terabyte SATA drive. But I've been having a constant crash to desktop and I'm getting tired of it so I think I'm going to go ahead and just add an external solid state drive.
  10. I have an older Dell XPS 8900 so unfortunately I'm limited to a solid state drive size that's why I want to go to an external.
  11. Hi Martin, I neglected to mention like I want to do this with an external SSD versus internal would that make any difference thanks Ed
  12. Hi all, I posted this originally in the hardware section of the forums but I thought maybe this might get a little bit better View since I'm sure there are more people looking at FSX than Hardware Maybe. I'm considering buying a solid state drive and installing FSX on it. I'd like to know what constraints there are and if there's anything I should look at for specifically thanks in advance for any assistance. Thanks, Ed Kammerman
  13. Hi Ray, Well it looks like I'm going to have to bite the bullet and do a complete uninstall; and re install. Since I'm going to do this I think I'm going to install FSX and addons to a SSD. So here's my questions, I have Revo Uninstaller Pro should I use that for the uninstall or Windows uninstaller instead ? Also exactly what components and addons should I remove either ahead of the complete uninstall or after. This would include, dlll.xml, scenery.config etc. Thanks, Ed Kammerman
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