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  1. I updated precipitfx on 1.309 and now contrail does not appear anymore on user aircraft on fsx acceleration it appears on ai aircrafts!!!!! someone could help me please?
  2. lotus

    vulcan landing lights

    I have pss download version of vulcan and I noted that landing lights do not work on fs2004, I read there is a patch from just flight but only for who purcased just flight cd version,how can I patch my vulcan pss download version????????????
  3. someone could tell me what would it be the problem??many times during a session flight fs9 CTD with error ntdll.dll messagethanks
  4. I try to download the service pack 1 for fs2crew 737 default edition but it does not work, it is not possible download itcould someone tell me why????thanks
  5. during a flight it often happens that rcv4 crashes with this error run-time error 75radarcontact.fsuipc.rcv4codeI have the lastedt version of fsuipc 3.72what is the problem???thanks
  6. lotus

    ATR edition fs2crew manual

    the last version of atr fs2crew manual is 1.5!!!!I remember that it was a limk on your site to download it...now I have reinstalled atr fs2crew on fs9 and then installed the last final patch and on fs2crew folder there is manual v 1.4
  7. where is Fs2crew ATR edition manual v.1.5 ?????I installed the program and final update, and on fs2cew folder there is manual v 1.4 now.....in download section there is not yet the link to download the manual v 1.5bye
  8. I installed Bill Morads panel for the 421 Eagle and am using it in FS9. Am having trouble with the vc. Attached is a screen of problem. The navagation zoom gauges are super imposed on vc. Tried everything I can think of, even to editing out gauges, zoom panel. There are an extra set of gauges in window of #3 vc, but editing out these out does no good.anyone has an idea? it is an old panel's modification that I reinstalled now on fs9someone could help me?thanks
  9. bye,I would like that there was possibility to interact rcv4 with realatis..is it possible???
  10. hi,someone could tell me how solve this problem???when I try to open a window of activecamera on fs2004 on full screen mode it appears a black full screen and the only way to see the window is pressing alt + enter and so reverting fs2004 to windowed mode, but this is a temporarily solution, someone has a definitive solution some ideas thanks in advance
  11. I read somewhere, you are making an upgrade for PMDG 747 cargo.....is it true?????????
  12. lotus

    757 purchase problem

    on 23/07/2006 I purchased 757 professional 2006 on your online shop, I received mail confirmation of purchasebut I do not see the link of 757 on members/my filescould you help me?????
  13. someone could tell me how can I hide stall message on fs9 ????wich string have I to insert on fs9.cfg and where if it is possible ????thanks
  14. lotus

    What would you like after the 757?

    months ago you announced some project before you decided for 777, and one was DC-6DC-6 IT WILL BE A BEAUTIFUL AIRCRAFT ERA 1950-60 WITH 4 PISTON ENGINESafter thisAIRBUS A380BOEING 787bye
  15. I have just installed ASV6 on fs2004...ASV6 seems to be all ok....ActiveSky Graphicinstead does not start..it appears an error messageASG.exe - application errorapplication not correctly started (0xc0000135)what does it mean??someone could help methanks