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  1. It's got 4.2 iced cream so getting google play to work is a bit of an issue. I'll have a play.
  2. I'm having a bit of bother with the garmin gps's. I appear to have 2 types. 1. The GPS500 where the 5th button in on the bottom row is marked 'terr' 2. The GNS530 that has the coms and nav display on the left and the 5th button in on the bottom row marked 'terr'. Most of the newer vids have units with the 5th button marked 'nav'. All I'm trying to do is set a destination then add a waypoint between both ends. I watched one vid that uses the gps500 and he says you cant add wp's. Most of the other vids using the newer 530 don't do what is explained when i try it on the one I use. Anyone any ideas?
  3. I have an old but perfectly functional Samsung tab7 that I,m unable to sell on ebay for 20 quid. Is there anything practical I can use it for? I use fsx se, LNM, ASN, a saitek mfp and autopilot, and a ch quad. I also have a usb panel that i undock gauges to but it can get a bit crowded with windows overlaying one another. Any ideas?
  4. Im looking at the winds aloft for some airports. One gave an actual of 184 @07 and the aloft (3000ft) at 240@21 with following readings of a few degrees and speeds higher (and clockwise) than the previous ones. Questions are: is the 0-3000ft difference THAT different-it seems a big change for just 3000ft. Does FSX:SE actually use the winds aloft data?? Should I be using something more modern for my weather (build 5870)?? Cheers
  5. I run FSX with orbx global base and LC europe, ASN, accuFeel, trees and a handful of payware planes (not forgetting all the freebies). What I've never liked about fsx is is the rendering of clouds and fog./mist or the lack of thermal modeling for gliding. Other than that I'm pretty happy. Other than the base level terrain visuals what have other users found is improved over FSX? And what, (other than being rich), prompted you to move over?
  6. Anyone using this software, can you tell me if the major sounds are authentic?
  7. Silly me. I was clicking the wrong bit. DOH!
  8. I downloaded the demo payware mosquito and hate just about everything about it. I've looked everywhere for the DG one and can't seem to find links to anywhere other than a register only site. Is this the case or is it still available. How come such an iconic weapon is so under populated in FSX?
  9. I was thinking of putting together a USB panel with enough switches to acommodate an old twin. It seems that even though some plane models have two of everything on the VC there doesn't appear to be two of everything in the keybind settings. Am I not looking hard enough or is this likely to be a problem?
  10. Anyone used one? i'm looking for one that uses wasp major sounds rather than copying the 28's. Anyone know if one exists?
  11. I only have one ch quad so it's twins for me. TBH, it's enough work to do.
  12. Well you've ended up where I'll probably be after a few flights! On the range front; I don't mind that it's not book value. I'd just rather know what the actual is so I can plan. I emailed Milton Shupe this afternoon. I wasn't aware he'd pulled back from this stuff but he said that there are a number of models and ports out there all with differing perf specs. He suggested a cfg tweek. I declined and said I'd go to flight testing. So here it is so far: BTW will look on the props site. I'm a big twin prop fan. 322ltr fuel (85GAL) height MAP RPM KpH Range 1000 50 2400 516 53 1000 40 2500 445 66 1000 40 2500 453 68 1000 32 2400 332 76 *** CANNOT MAINTAIN SPEED AT 30" 5000 50 2250 526 64 5000 40 2325 431 75 5000 30 2200 318 93 *** 5000 29 2100 296 95
  13. And another thing. Once Ive' set map and rpm I lean off to maximise BMEP. What kind of fuel saving would I get if I leaned off a bit more (with a small drop in BMEP)? Would you even do that? I know about lean of rich in small stuff but would you do it in anything bigger? No go on the DD blower module. Links are broken. I think what I'm going to do is brim it then fly it until it runs out of juice.
  14. Ok. I'll search for the module. As it turns out I still couldn't get anywhere near 'the numbers'. I fueled for a 1251nm trip and ran out after 951nm. That's flying at 24000 and 33"/2250 with ff's of around 109 (gal/hour??). As I lost weight speed went up from 279 to 303kmh. Throttles were at 87%. Winds aloft were 52@48 and I was flying due south. As I NEVER fly this envelope strictly speaking this is a non-issue however, as my hands on experience increases, it vexes me that I can't run a simulated flight. As the Shupe stuff is known for it's attention to detail I suspect the fault is with me and my calculations.
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