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  1. Hi there, I recently made the switch to P3DV5 from FSX-SE. I purchased the MK Studios Dublin Airport add-on and I noticed that the old terminal building has strange textures. I have already consulted MK Studios support and I was advised to change the texture quality settings and clear the shaders folder but this made no difference. He also suggested that it might be an error with my PC in terms of it reducing texture size and causing artifacts. This might be the case but typically the problems I get on my PC with have been related to blurries and FPS issues, not missing textures like this. Also the rest of MK Studios EIDW appears fine and in my experience I have not encountered a similar problem with multiple payware add-ons when I used FSX-SE on the same PC. I will attach screenshots of the problem alongside some of my settings. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hi Bill, Thanks for the reply. I don't have any other scenery for Ireland installed other than Prealsoft Dublin, but this is a recent addition and the issue was present long before. I would be happy to try your suggestion to create a seperate scenery cfg, only I'm not exactly sure how to do it. This would be different than adding or removing entries in the scenery library I assume. You also mentioned that you use a scenery configurator. Could you tell me more about this? If I did manage to resolve the problem that would be brilliant because I feel like I've tried nearly everything and I'd be willing to try just about anything to fix it! Dan
  3. Thanks for the reply, I am actually using FSX Steam Edition at the moment. I agree that it does sound like that is the issue. But I am confused by the idea that my computer, which can usually handle large and more recently released payware scenery, Aerosoft, Taxi2Gate, FlyTampa, etc would have this issue landing at Dublin, a medium sized airport, but I can land at significantly bigger and busier airports such as Aerosoft Heathrow, Taxi2Gate Charles De Gaulle, and FlyTampa Amsterdam and there is no equivalent blurries effect. That is what suggests to me that it is a problem with the scenery not the system, but I could be wrong. If I switched to Eiresim Dublin this problem would not be apparent but I don't wish to do that. If I reloaded the level of detail radius the problem goes away but it risks crashing FSX and breaks immersion so I don't see that as a viable solution. I have reverted back to a default cfg and the problem persits so I am a little stuck with what to do unfortuately.
  4. Hey Guys, This scenery is highly detailed and there are no problems when starting out and departing from Aerosoft Dublin. The issue is when I am arriving in Dublin, there are no textures and autogen in the Dublin area and the airport does not show at all in a case of severe blurries. I have tried many options such as deleting my FSX CFG so that it reloads a vanilla CFG but this has not worked. FSX runs competently on my system and I have numerous add on sceneries, including Aerosoft ones with bigger airports that are more recent and have not experienced a similar issue for the most part. If anyone has experienced this issue and has managed to fix it I would be very grateful for your help. Been an FSX user since 2008 and Dublin is my local airport so it is very frustrating to try and deal with this. Any advice would be welcome and happy to pass on relevant infomation regarding settings, CFG etc. ( BTW, I use an Acer Swift 3 laptop). Here are some screenshots to help show you what I am dealing with. I'm not sure how to post the screenshots here so I have included a link to the Aerosoft Forum on the same topic where I have them available to view. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/169665-aerosoft-mega-airport-dublin-fsx-no-texture-or-autogen-during-landing/#comment-1071207 Best, Dan
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