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  1. PMDG 737 NGX not initializing

    But im always start with the trike... and choice other like MJC Q400... and in destination change again... and get error. Im never save a complex aircraft as default flight.
  2. PMDG 737 NGX not initializing

    I´ve same when im make a flight with a complex aircraft like Q400 MJC and at destination, change to PMDG...
  3. several repaints

    Very nice work!
  4. 690B Mods v3 .....

    Im want receive this too :)

    Im really dislike the sound... but other points are good, i´ve make short flight but enjoy.
  6. Ground Fricction

    My C208 is hardly to taxing in sceneries like Flytampa, Paulo Ricardo and others with modeled ground when the aircraft not on runway... like the parkings, tarmac and taxiways. I´ve installed the lua fricction and all planes was good, except C208. Anyone have similar trouble?
  7. Sadly PWS is offline... anyone have a alternative download site?
  8. Im not finding on FSdev the topic about L410 PK.
  9. Complete RXP Retrofit

    Im looking for a solution too.
  10. Very nice work! Many thanks and a ERJ145 version will be nice
  11. ISG gauges panel.cfg for Carenado Grand Caravan

    For FSX anybody does?
  12. Think same on F1 BN2A Islander sound :)
  13. Good plane, but for me, elevator locked during take-off run... whats up?
  14. Do228 Standard Operating Procedures

    The link are inoperative. Anyone can be upload to "any4shared of life" to us?
  15. Complete RXP Retrofit

    You can help me too with transparent panel?