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  1. Im not finding on FSdev the topic about L410 PK.
  2. Im looking for a solution too.
  3. Very nice work! Many thanks and a ERJ145 version will be nice
  4. For FSX anybody does?
  5. Think same on F1 BN2A Islander sound :)
  6. Good plane, but for me, elevator locked during take-off run... whats up?
  7. Lot of bugs, and in my machine, elevator locked after engines up to takeoff... im always R.T.O...
  8. The link are inoperative. Anyone can be upload to "any4shared of life" to us?
  9. You can help me too with transparent panel?
  10. Sadly VCOL unhave a AIRAC database, and sadly unhave a good paintkit (low resolution and no layered). Also all planes have the "elevator lock" fault.
  11. Sadly the C208EX have only executive interior, without full cargo or commuter paxs configuration. :( Please people: write to carenado requesting the update of G1000 to commuter and cargo configurations!
  12. it is unfortunately impossible. But Join the many customers who have written to them so there is an update with 2 updates in C208EX - The configuration option commuter (actually only executive version) - The option of cargo configuration And so we fly in the art with the G1000
  13. Sorry by the flood, i cant edit... but... Dozybee or Avantime can do resolution of some parts disappear when cockpit lights on in the VC?
  14. Very nice work. You have plans to do "ocidental" version with english VC and instruments? Tks!
  15. FSX-MS

    You have SAS CI for 737-600 and -700? For all people information, brazilian LCLF GOL uses 26 or 27 cost index in your fleet 737-700 and -800.