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  1. Many thanks! Looking forward for A310.
  2. Very very nice. You will share the new paintkit? Im really motivated to make some classics A300´s liveries.
  3. Hi, I see in another forum a C208 EX with 4 blades on sim, this is a Carenado update?
  4. The scenery of TNCE give me a crazy, nervous... the stupid default runway still present and the "new scenery" not appear runway, appron, etc. Im really not know what i have to do for this scenery operates normaly on FSX STEAM.
  5. Very nice work... you will share in avsim?
  6. Carenado make eye-cand airplanes, with accurate visual, but no deep systems, good for people just want "ctrl+E" and flying. My sad with Carenado is the repaint-unfriendly textures and the price.
  7. Panel was made for FS9 and FSX by Marcus Gama, with technical advisor by me.
  8. Hi, anyone have a enhanced paintkit with full fuselage template and full tail template? Carenado is very unfriendly with repainters...
  9. The DO228 engine is more close to AC690 ... same factory. Engine of SF340 is another history.
  10. Hi people, im install ALL simconnects possible on FSX STEAM, and Wilco Feelthere Legacy 600 not show the gauges on cockpit.
  11. Hello C208EX, Anyone know a mod for cockpit with light gray color? For me, default is very dark.
  12. I´ve same trouble and update IE11 not solve, any tips?
  13. Im found the solution! 1. Reduce original Radar of Carenado to 1x1 of dimension 2. Insert your gauge (im my case is GNS 530 of Carenado Cessna 210) 3. Save and happy flights! * Configure your VC in Carenado for without 3d knobs.
  14. Hi people, TSS make a very good sound, but with the FDE mod, the sound is "mute" when we put the prop on full feather. Anyone with the original FDE have same thing?
  15. Hi Caravan followers, I´ve observe that when im put A/P ON, the nose of the plane go to 15°-17° of pitch, around 800-1000 feet per minute of V/S and IAS decrease... im use the Bernt Stole FDE. Why the plane not fly under 10° pitch of nose?
  16. But im always start with the trike... and choice other like MJC Q400... and in destination change again... and get error. Im never save a complex aircraft as default flight.
  17. I´ve same when im make a flight with a complex aircraft like Q400 MJC and at destination, change to PMDG...
  18. Im really dislike the sound... but other points are good, i´ve make short flight but enjoy.
  19. My C208 is hardly to taxing in sceneries like Flytampa, Paulo Ricardo and others with modeled ground when the aircraft not on runway... like the parkings, tarmac and taxiways. I´ve installed the lua fricction and all planes was good, except C208. Anyone have similar trouble?
  20. Sadly PWS is offline... anyone have a alternative download site?
  21. Im not finding on FSdev the topic about L410 PK.
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