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  1. I have the same problem I put the 124thATC64 folder in the resources/plugins directory and it does not show up.
  2. This group is amazing! Thank you so much for this information!
  3. Sorry, I am noobie on this.. The problem it that Notepad does not create xml files AFAIK.
  4. Anybody could explain how to edit the dll.xml file? Thank you.
  5. Already downloading South America, thank you very much for your work!
  6. Installation is right, traffic is set to 100%. I wonder I have FS9 files in FSX ai traffic. I think that´s why ships does not work. Since I don´t know what FS9 file is I can not do anything. Anyway ship traffic is working nice on FSX steam. Thanks.
  7. Well, there is nothing special with FSX steam install. Just did as readme indicates and the ships are there. However, in the FSX ships does not appear, just like @jlund.
  8. I have same problem of @jlund problably this problem is related with your AI traffic because after install the AI ships in FSX steam with default AI I finally could see the ships.
  9. This is so sad news, thank you so much for all the fun you gave us with your hard work,
  10. Hello, My AI ship traffic is not showing up, so I need an explantion. After I found this problem I deleted all other ai traffic that was not about ship and then I could see the AI Ships. I read the readme file saying that "you must convert all FS9 traffic files including air traffic files to FSX format. This is easily done for air traffic files in a few clicks using the AI Flight Planner AIFP" Then, in AIFP program I clicked on bulk traffic, convert fs 9 traffic to fsx, but after the whole process converting all AI traffic, problem still remains. Is there another option? Thank you!
  11. I have the same problem described by the Italian fellow, so if Roland will revise the code will be great news. Thank you again for your outstanding program!
  12. Still have msvcr120.,dll error, after seting language to english. Here is my *.ini file. Let me know if you need another file. Thank you very much for your help. /AISIDSTAR CONTROLLER INITIALIZATION FILE REV 1.4 //NOTE: This .ini file was automatically created by the AIMonitor program and // contains minimal commenting. // AIConfigLastUpdateTime= AIStopProgram= STAR=.\Argentina Airports\*.* STAR=.\Brazil Airports\*.* STAR=.\Chile Airports\*.* STAR=.\Uruguay Airports\*.* STAR=.\Caribe Airports\*.* //STAR=.\US Airports\*.* STAR=.\Canada Airports\*.* //STAR=.\UK Airports\*.* //STAR=.\Holand Airports\*.* STAR=.\Bolivia Airports\*.* STAR=.\Paraguai Airports\*.* //STAR=.\Germany Airports\*.* STAR=.\Peru Airports\*.* STAR=.\Ecuador Airports\*.* STAR=.\Colombia Airports\*.* STAR=.\Nederlands Antilles\*.* STAR=.\Mexico Airports\*.* //*********************************************** //SIDs - enter the filenames of STARs. //AISIDSTAR.exe will automatically pick the most //suitable SID based on distance from AI aircraft //to entry point. // //NO LIMIT on SIDs however if you enter too //many results may become unpredictable. // //NOTE: use "comments" (e.g., "//") to disable/enable SIDs //*********************************************** SID=.\Argentina Airports\*.* SID=.\Brazil Airports\*.* SID=.\Chile Airports\*.* SID=.\Uruguay Airports\*.* SID=.\Caribe Airports\*.* //SID=.\US Airports\*.* SID=.\Canada Airports\*.* //SID=.\UK Airports\*.* //SID=.\Holand Airports\*.* SID=.\Bolivia Airports\*.* SID=.\Paraguai Airports\*.* //SID=.\Germany Airports\*.* SID=.\Peru Airports\*.* SID=.\Colombia Airports\*.* SID=.\Nederlands Antilles\*.* SID=.\Mexico Airports\*.* DistMOE=1 DegreesMOE= NoVectorAltitude= NoVectorDistance= AITurnScalar= AISpeedScalar= AIPatternAlt= AIAscentDescentScalar= AIMonitorRadius= AIMaxSpawnDistanceFromSID= AIMaxSpawnDistanceFromSTAR= AISeparationDistance= UserAISeparationDistance= AIHoldingAllowed= AICustomHold= AIGoAroundLeaveArea= AIAutoSTAR= UT2Compatibility= AITelemetry= AIHighSampleRate= Verbose= Debug= AIAllowPiston= AIHoldingTurnScalar= AITrafficSpeedAdjust= AITurboPropSpeedAdjust= AIPistonSpeedAdjust= AIJetMaxAltitude= AITurboPropMaxAltitude= AIPistonMaxAltitude= AIVectorSortPeriod= AIMaxHolding= AIReleaseTimerMax= AIDecreasingTimedRelease= AIForcedReleasePriority= AITargetLandingRate= AIMaxWanderTime= AIAntiOffAngleApproach= AICircleUntilAssignedRunway= AIHoldForRunwayPattern= AICirclingTimeNoRunway= AIAntiScudRunner= AIFinalApproachTooLow= AIFinalApproachTooHigh= AIAntiClosePair= AIAntiRunwayIncursion= AIFinalApproachUseFile= AIFinalApproachAutoRecord= AIRecordRollOutSpeed= AIRecordFinalMaxTime= AISpeedIAF= AISpeed1700= AISpeed1000= AISpeed500= AISpeedTouchDown= AIFinalApproachSlowDownScalar= AIRollOutSlowDownScalar= AIRollOutTime= AIIAFDetectionDelay= AIImmediateForceLandAll= AIFinalApproachGoArounds= AIShortFinalRelease= AIFinalPrecisionModeAlt= AIFinalTurnScalar= AIFinalAscentDescentScalar= AILandWithoutClearance= AIClimbOutHeight= AIMaxSpawnDistanceFromAirport= AIPerAircraftCalibration= AITrafficPattern= AIStraightInAngle= AIJetRoutesEnabled= AIAverageWinds= AIJetRoutesFlightLevel= AIJetRoutesLowerLimit_Jet= AIJetRoutesUpperLimit_Jet= AIJetRoutesLowerLimit_Prop= AIJetRoutesUpperLimit_Prop= AIMinTripLengthForJetRoutes= AIJetRoutesTerminusRadius= AIPreferredJetRoutes= AIDisFavoredJetRoutes= AIPreferredJetroutesScalar= AIDisfavoredJetroutesScalar= AIJetRoutesOnly= AIJetRoutesOrigin= AICull= AICullHeight= AIEnhancedApproach= AIEnhancedFinalDist= AIEnhancedFinalHeight= AIEnhancedFinalTurnAngle= AIEnhancedFinalBase= AIEnhancedFinalStraightinAngle= AIEnhancedRandom= AIEnhancedTaxiSeparation= AIEnhancedTaxiSpeed= AIEnhancedMinRunwayLengthJet= AIEnhancedMinRunwayLengthTurbo= AIEnhancedMinRunwayLengthProp= AIEnhancedMaxAIPerRunway= AIEnhancedMaxHdgDifferenceForRunwayBalancing= AIEnhancedRunwayIncursion= AIEnhancedParkAfterArrivalTime= AITaxiDeaccellScalar= AITaxiAccellScalar= AITaxiOffAngleSlowdown= AITaxiOffAngleStop= AITaxiDistMOE= AITaxiDegreesMOE= AITaxiDistRunwayExit= AITaxiBearingRunwayExit= AITaxiTurnScalar= AITaxiCollisionAngle= AICollisionDetect= AIRampNoCollisionWaypoints= AIEnhancedInjectDepartingAI=
  13. Roland, I still convert PMDG files manually. I do not use the converter. Thank you for all effort and specially for your great program.
  14. Still with msvcr120.dll error missing file after reinstalling latest version of AIController and change the directory to C:\ root. Any other tip? Thank you.
  15. Format window is in English (United States). I was in doubt if I have x86 update so decided to installed, however windows said I have a newer version of the program, then I gave up. Other odd stuff is that when tried to install Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 comes an error message saying it is not a win32 valid app. Thank you very much for you help.
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