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  1. I have the same problem I put the 124thATC64 folder in the resources/plugins directory and it does not show up.
  2. I have a similar problem with W2XP America, I tried to download many times the file from SimHeaven.com but I always have a broken download. Unfortunately the files are big and server is not very stable.
  3. Hello Suddally my FS9 does not start up anymore. After click on fs9.exe nothing happens. Not even the start screen. Also checked everything that installed lately but did not work. After that I deleted FS9 and used CCleaner to clean all registers. Then, installed again but still the same situation. Anybody could give me a tip? Thank you.
  4. Does X-Life include traffic for South American airports, let me say SBGR, SBGL or SAEZ? I would appreciate any screenshot of this airports. Thank you!
  5. Sorry for the delay to answer back. Actually, for some reason textures files were all corrupted after FS9 crash. Then, luckly I have a backup of textures, after deleting the corrupted one I use the back up and things back to normal. That´s a tip. Always backup your texture folder, would save a lot of time if textures got corrupted.
  6. Hello, I use FS9 in an external drive. After it crashes my FS9 comes with this psycodelic colours. I changed the video config resolution/color inside FS9 in many ways, but had no result. Also, change to full screen and had to result. Any idea? Thank you. This the picture of the situation... http://s76.photobucket.com/user/rgflores/media/Sem%20tiacutetulo.png.html?filters[user]=16630256&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0
  7. If I buy the licence now in beta stage, the upgrade to commercial version will be free?
  8. Well, first time in my life I saw AI traffic in X-Plane, except the default one. It must have traffic for the rest of the world. Today it has only for some airports in Europe. At least it is a hope.
  9. Sorry did not notice any change except the sky with 16 color is now with full of blue lines with diferent tones. Didn´t work here.
  10. I see. Still a long way, but hopefully we will have ai traffic in X-Plane like we have on MSFS. Thanks for your answer.
  11. Hello I´m thinking about buy World Traffic my question is the install is easy? Does need to install pyton programs or something? Is like MyTraffic for FSX? Thank you.
  12. FS9 is still strong. Very strong. I love to fly with all options of graphics at full. Love to have more than 100 AI planes in busy airports. About 3rd party clouds the problem is that HDEv2 kill all payware programs. I use HDEv2 with ASv6.5 and results are amazing.
  13. Sorry, I mean this one : PythonInterfacePluginConsole.zip I assume that is the one you refer to pyton interface plug in. The .zip file comes with just an .exe that when execute comes a message saying the I need the file vcl60.bpl No problem with pyton installer. Thank you.
  14. Alex, thank you for your answer. After execute the .exe the program says I need the file vcl60.bpl. Then, I downloaded vcl60.bpl. However where this file should be installed? Thank you for your patience.
  15. I am trying to install http://x-plane.joanp...fs-noaa-weather Reading instructions I have to install this file : http://www.xpluginsdk.org/python_interface_sdk100_downloads.htm However, I have not found page. Any idea?
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