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  1. Ok. Flight Assistant Call does not work as stated on page 46.
  2. Very fun. Thanks for all your kind answers. It seems that putting it simply and with humour does not deserve a serious answer. But, and this is for the owner, I payed seriuos money. Now, thinking at it more in detail, your answer says a lot of things about customers care, to me and maybe to other that didn't find in FS2Crew MaddogX all the new stuff you trumpeted and they expected for.. Said this, goodbye.
  3. Hi Byork and fellows, as a former owner of old maddog+fs2crew as soon as they were available i bought their new version. Ok. As we know, right clicking the FA button opens a window dialogue to perform the light test or to start boarding and so on. But, right clicking it or left clicking it makes the charmant FA to ask me what I want. So, even if I click just to perform the emergency lights test, and I really do not need anything, I feel obliged to ask her something, to let her feel comfortable I say: "one coffee, please". BUT she never, never brings me that coffee. She has always done it before on maddog or Q800. Does she really know I asked my coffee just for joking? I don't think so.
  4. Hello, minor issue here. Sometimes, not always, clicking on the ND to close the pop up, makes the AP to disconnect. Am I the only one? P3DV4.1 Thanks and safe flights.
  5. ATI Aero Trasporti Italiani, 70s and 80s. Please.
  6. Wise words Motormike. Even if I really appreciate the workaround and the looking for updates it makes when started. This should make 'em proud as much we like their products we can't stay without anymore.
  7. Thanks jimfr78, this is likely possible. I tried the reinstallation too, without luck. So, let's wait in patience.
  8. Hello, proud owner of all the Packages from FSFX. But, TODAY, (after installing latest Microsoft Visual 2015 ++C) when opening my VFXCentral, a few seconds after the "doing the walkaround inspection" I get this error message "unknown error ConnectionClosed). As well, running as admin ChasePlane, it does not open since I get "It looks like something unexpected occurred. pls send the follow err.code at..(ConnectionClosed). Anxiously waiting for instructions. Bye Roberto.
  9. I have both togeter with _bkp, so I have four of them, (Prepar3D), Trackir works perfectly alone, CP works perfectly alone, they do not work togeter. So my CP stays in the hangar.
  10. Absolutely the same for me. I've been a TrackIR addicted since many years, I can't fly without it. Anyway Chaseplane and TrackIR seem to fight one against the other. OR CP or TIR, (at the moment) in my experience. So, pls if anyone can have them both at the same time, pls explain how to make them work.
  11. Well I'm on IVAO 90% and VATSIM 10% but It happens. I deliberatly ignore the call if I'm too busy and if I'm sure I've communicated on UNICOM my intentions. Anyway it happens the controller message me badly as he would spank me publically to let all know who has the power. In this case i get very angry I would like to call the supervisor but till now I've never done it. I then send him in some places in my language.
  12. The towplane is an AI-Plane which follows no AI-flightplan but the given data in the file <sim1.dll> (main path of FSX). There is the Towplane,
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