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  1. Hello! I know it is a LONG time since this post was active. I got this error now with P3D V5.2. Used the DLL fix and now it start to create scenery index at startup aswell. It didn't do that before this so I assume it is fixed! It is great to just search and find a fix that works straight away! Thank you :-).
  2. Good to get a reply from you! Appreciate it! :)
  3. i got it, for me it dont work, it just crashes my sim.... Like EZdok would been a good option to use when Chaseplane dont work....
  4. i dont think ezdok has this problem now :P Only chaseplane :)
  5. I know the feeling, but probably if you switch from Chaseplane to ex EZdok, you MAY ecounter the problem some of my friends have been with... EZdok is updated some versions, and sudenly... Problems after problems... I bought Chaseplane because EZdok not working as it should.... But now i get these problems too..... :O Totally understand what you are saying, feeling the same way :O
  6. my guess is that something is happening with their servers etc... So i would guess EVERY single chaseplane user out there will have this if they try to use it lol :P
  7. Got the same problem, got (ConnectionClosed) at first, then i tried to reinstall and got the same as you...
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