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  1. As per the page on Vatsim bottom line states This proposal is in its much earlier stages and, again, we will not be providing predicted timeframes on the launch of such a feature
  2. I have read the manual and psx traffic and real traffic state connecting in yellow. Trying to get them to run on networked pc, if anyone can help id appreciate it. I have wide client on client pc running fine just cant seem to get real traffic working or connect to sim regards Wayne P3D Win 10 64 bit. Simconnect xml on p3d pc installed SimconnectSimconnect.cfg . On client pc aswell done version as recommened also.
  3. They are light grey with black, very easy to put together, Simple to adjust. The calibration was easy via the videos on you tube. When I used them for the first time with NGX I was amazed easy to move the aircraft and hold its position on landing I can finally hit centreline. Really love them well worth the wait.
  4. I have my order in expecting them in June or July can't wait.
  5. Like this a tutorial would be good for the non pilots pls.
  6. Done did as Kyle stated thanks Kyle and Peter etc for all your help appreciated.
  7. Yes I can export the rte files and the .pln Aswell with PFPX they just go into the fsx FLIGHTPLAN folder then I move the manually to there respective PMDG folders. Yes it's networked, and I run 777,737 ngx
  8. Run as admin, I can access my FSX folder no probs just when I click on PMDG one it won't allow me to access it. When I browse to the PMDG folder it doesn't have the arrow to the left of,it to all me to open the tree and access other like 777/ngx folders either. I'll do some screens in the morning if I,can't get it to work. :)
  9. Hi Pete yes UAC is off definatley, and PFPX is is run as admin as well as FSX.
  10. Yes I can't access my PMDG folder from my networked PC I have it shared, still no joy not sure what I need to do, any help would be appreciated. I can access the FSX folder no dramas. Weird thanks Wayne.
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