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  1. As per the page on Vatsim bottom line states This proposal is in its much earlier stages and, again, we will not be providing predicted timeframes on the launch of such a feature
  2. megs8888

    Scenery Config editor V3 and V4 ?

    Scenery cfg editor 1.19 out works
  3. Following as I have the same issue.
  4. megs8888

    Flying with live traffic!

    I have read the manual and psx traffic and real traffic state connecting in yellow. Trying to get them to run on networked pc, if anyone can help id appreciate it. I have wide client on client pc running fine just cant seem to get real traffic working or connect to sim regards Wayne P3D Win 10 64 bit. Simconnect xml on p3d pc installed SimconnectSimconnect.cfg . On client pc aswell done version as recommened also.
  5. megs8888

    Are there any good REX4 water textures?

    How do you revert to P3d default water pls?
  6. megs8888


    This works no issues my end.
  7. megs8888


    Ok can I get this right. 1. I uninstall P3d Content through control panel mine says 6.12GB size 2. Download Content msi installer 2.94mb from P3d site. 3. Download from p3d site 1.62gb 4. Create backups of Autogen and Effects (if I have orbx or ftx which I do) from p3d root folder. 5. Run content msi installer (does that have to be in the same folder as when doing that? 6. After installed replace contents of Autogen and effects overwrite in p3d root. 7. Run p3d should be all good?? 8. Is this the correct procedure? 9. The downloaded files dont add up to the size of the current content install of 6.12gb is that correct? cheers in advance
  8. megs8888


    There is a freeware Ants Brisbane oit there aT Ozx very good
  9. megs8888

    Elevator Issue

    Hi when i move my joystick forward it moves it in the opposite direction in the sim? I do use fsuipc and made sure rev box wasnt ticked which it isnt. Tried recalibrating no joy either any help would be appreciated.
  10. megs8888

    2D pop ups wont open

    Hi if someone else has had these issues be nice to see a fix. Installed 737ngx into P3d V3.1 also went through PMDG checklist of simconnect installs, default start up and turning off error logging etc. When I click on the PFD or ND or FMC to open in pop up window the screens just go black, then I click on them again and they display as normal however wont open in pop up window? any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Wayne
  11. megs8888

    Pop-up PFD and ND dont work after livery download

    I have the same problem aswell when i click on the pfd to open in 2d mode the screen on the panel just goes black.
  12. They are light grey with black, very easy to put together, Simple to adjust. The calibration was easy via the videos on you tube. When I used them for the first time with NGX I was amazed easy to move the aircraft and hold its position on landing I can finally hit centreline. Really love them well worth the wait.
  13. megs8888

    RealAir Duke V60

    Any PFPX template available guys to fuel plan etc please?
  14. megs8888

    HD Trees very nice

    Lol cheers Rich. It's close to England Lol.