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  1. The PMDG MD 11 is still a masterpiece. Although it’s quite old, the simulation is on top. It’s a fully working aircraft which resembles the real one very well. I have flown the MD11 in an Airline simulator and can compare. Rotate released their version of the 11 too early with a lot of flaws. Just the obvious ones relate to problems with LNAV, VNAV, FMS speed dial, and heading, i.e. important auto pilot functions. But also other things such as displaying airports on the ND do not work properly. There’s no filter integrated and all airports of all sizes are displayed and fully clustered on the ND. The official Lufthansa cargo livery has three different aircraft labels (exterior and in the cockpit). That is also an obvious flaw where I am wondering why this was not noticed prior to release. The exterior textures are better than the PMDG ones. The VC textures however are not so much better, because there are also replacement textures in high resolution available for the PMDG MD-11. Overall, the PMDG MD-11 must not hide even after so many years on an aged platform (FSX).
  2. There are apps for both Xplane and MSFS for IVAO. For Xplane it is X-IVAP for MSFS it is their new app "Altitude". https://www.ivao.aero/softdev/default.asp https://wiki.ivao.aero/en/home/devops/manuals/altitude-msfs2020
  3. For the German speakers: Today will be a YT live stream from 737ngworld on the pre-release. Stephan is RL pilot and has flown this bird at flight school.
  4. Well, this is what men like... The bird looks brandnew from the factory. Nicely washed and polished, and no bugs on the window...
  5. I use the Lufthansa livery... Can the livery really affect the autopilot - hmm interesting? Just yesterday the A32X autopilot did weird things in selected mode. Altitude was not catched in selected mode (it did not stop climb at selected altitude) and also setting v/s was a pain.
  6. I assigned all my axes in the A32x Dev version in FSUIPC7 and have no problems so far. Sensitvity settings are better to adjust in my opinion. Preferably you try the FSUIPC demo with your hardware controllers.
  7. if you have set Sharpen 1 and Fimgrain 1 in the UserCfg.opt, it should be okay and look like this: {PostProcess Enabled 1 EyeAdaptation 1 ColorGrading 1 Sharpen 1 Fringe 1 LensDistortion 0 Dirt 1 LensFlare 0 FilmGrain 1 Vignette 1 LensBlurMultiplier 1.000000 FringeMultiplier 1.000000 } If you are not satisfied with the result, you can go into the Nvidia driver settings for the Flightsimulator.exe and apply sharpen and/or filmgrain to your like (suggest you try 0.5 sharpen and 0.15 filmgrain in the beginning).
  8. I also tried to downscale the resolution of 1080 and windowed mode but it did not help. I will submit a ticket to Asobo. The more people complain the better the chance is that Asobo will listen.
  9. Does anybody know whether Asobo works on this distortion bug? After the World Update III, the runway and aircraft lights are still blurry and bulby on my wide screen monitor (3440 x 1440). Obviously this has not yet been addressed. The big PAPI lights (and also the red / green navigation lights on AI aircrafts) are extremely unrealistic.
  10. It is caused by the World Update III and affects most of the addon and even default airports... it is really a mess. Here are some pics that look horrible at some places (taxi lights everywhere spreaded): https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/many-addon-and-default-airports-have-taxiway-lights-posts-on-runways-and-other-airport-locations-after-uk-update/366409/51
  11. Is there a way to avoid those melting buildings in photogrametry? It appears that increasing the LOD and manual cache does not help very much. A scenery with photogrametry on still looks like after apocalypse.
  12. The EDDS freeware has been out for some time and still is a great addon: https://flightsim.to/file/3437/stuttgart-airport-edds-by-gravity-edds-team
  13. Does the World Update not also include a sim update? With the last update also the sim was updated (ground effect, flap behaviour, bug fixes etc).
  14. Maybe it is aircraft specific: the ground behaviour of the Carenado M20R has been significantly improved with the patch. Rudder authority is less sensitive now and you can also now feel the ground effect. If the speed drops during flare, the aircraft nicely settles on the runway - just as in real. Also the aircraft does not lift off prior to Vr speed if trimmed correctly. I should try the default Cessna to see how it behaves post patch. What else can I tell: 1. the *cgl Bing problem appears to be solved (e.g. in Aerosoft EDLP), which is a good thing. 2. The lights are still distorted when using a Ultra Wide monitor (1440p), PAPI look bulby and unreal during approach. I hope that this will be solved in one of the future patches. 3. Pop out panels / instrument still costs around 10 fps (ALTGR + right mouse key) . Hope this will be solved as well.
  15. Sorry, but if you come from XP11 and Zibo‘s 737 (freeware) you have other standards how a VC can look like (Max / NG differences set aside). For me it is just not acceptable for a payware addon.
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