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  1. Cargostorm

    PFPX V2

    I agree, the title is misleading and "JUNK" should be deleted or at least amended to "NO MORE JUNK" 🤪
  2. Thank you very much Damian for the detailed explanation. It surely helps to understand what efforts your team has been put to make this addon a must-have for every serious X-plane simmer in order to overcome the current limitations of the weather engine in XP. I am glad that you have made the crosswind attenuation so flexible that users can adapt to their environment and likings. I certainly will purchase ASXP and use it in my sim. Thanks again!
  3. Hi Damian, I have been using FSGRW and a lua script to attenuate variable winds and the crosswind component (Wind Tamer). The lua scripts made the bad ground handling in windy situations in XP much better. In the release notes of ASXP it is featured: "Surface Crosswind Attenuation" A few questions related thereto: 1. Is there a slider to gradually attenuate surface crosswinds (e.g. from 35 knots to 10 knots)? 2. At which altitude above ground level (AGL) does the attenuation kick in? My current lua script takes over control at 500 AGL, which leaves enough time to adapt the crab & slip. 3. What is with variable winds? In Xplane, the aircraft's behaviour to variable winds is exaggerated and the aircraft swings around even at small degrees variation, which makes a landing unrealistic. Does the above function also smooth out variable winds or does it only allow to attenuate surface crosswinds? Cheers,Chris
  4. Cargostorm

    Active Sky for X-Plane

    I do not understand why people think that Hifi ASXP should come with own cloud textures. It is a weather engine that is able to depict real weather in the simulator. In P3D as well, ASP4 or AS16 does not come with own cloud textures. One needs ASCA or REX to exchange textures. I will be happy if the ground handling (crosswind / variable wind) is improved. So far we need lua scripts to attenuate the exaggerated crosswind and variable wind effects in XP11.
  5. I have installed 416.94 and it runs as smooth as any driver before in P3D and XP11. No problems so far.
  6. Cargostorm

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    Always remember, the SS version is a toy (no better than a default aircraft) and not a simulation of the real MD11. Too sad that there is nothing else in P3DV4 that comes close to the PMDG MD11, which is a masterpiece in copying all the systems of the real thing.
  7. Cargostorm

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    Sounds need work. I did cockpit flights in the real 11 and it is not that exaggerated as one can hear in the video.
  8. Cargostorm

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    Great review. I am wondering though whether the exterial animations to open/close the cargo main door and for the aircraft stairs were recorded with 4 x sim speed as they are moving too fast.
  9. Cargostorm

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    The flight mode annunciations (FMA) of the autopilot in the MD11 should be displayed in the PFD. Similar as in a Boeing or Airbus aircraft. If this is not simulated by SS, then good night.
  10. Cargostorm

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    Fully agree. On the other hand, Carenado and Alabeo for non-airliners are already in the $35 region. But at least you get well-done VC textures. I rather prefer to save a situation in a well-simulated complex aircraft rather than use a default-like aircraft in order to be quickly ready for a flight. For a casual simmer who does not want to bother with complex systems and just wants to fly around, it might be a consideration, although too expensive for what it is offered at the moment.
  11. Cargostorm

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    OK. This plane is a no-go then. Too sad. If I buy a simulation, I expect that the systems - at least for normal operations - are as close to the REAL aircraft as possible. Even the FMS appears to be nowhere compared to the Pegasus Honeywell FMS in the real bird. Then also a high price tag is justified. I will stick with PMDG MD11 in the meantime (which works well in P3DV3) and wait for the MD11 from Rotate in Xplane instead.
  12. Cargostorm

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    I just stepped over this thread. What exciting news! The MD-11 is my favourite aircraft. Have done some real cockpit flights with this nice bird. With some tricks the PMDG MD-11 can be used in P3DV3, but me and others are missing it in P3DV4. Rotate will bring out a MD11 in Xplane, but that will not be in the near future. Never heard of Sky Simulations. But I am tempted to try the aircraft. I am not sure though whether I will be disappointed when comparing it to the PMDG, because I do really like the extremely well modelling of the systems, which in most cases behave as they should.
  13. Cargostorm

    FlightFactor B777

    Iain, if you want a rather accurate modelling of the 777 for TR, I would also recommend PMDG 777 in P3DV4. Cheers, Chris
  14. Cargostorm

    One of the elephants in the room with P3D

    From my real flight experience in mid Europe, the haze in XP is very convincing. Very rarely we have clear skys with >100 km sight and clean air. Well, it all depends on the current weather (I use FSGRW) and if you don't like it, Xvision can be used (at least until XP11.30). In P3D I think I will also play with the haze distance in ASP4. The blurry mountains and popping up ground textures in the alps just don't do it for me the way it is.
  15. Cargostorm

    One of the elephants in the room with P3D

    Like may others, I use both P3D and XPlane. The use of the platform depends on the kind of flying and availability of high-end aircraft. I do also come from FSX, bought thousands of sceneries and add-ons and recently "discovered" Xplane 11 and its features (I tried XP8 before, but it was not convincing for a switch). Especially night flights in XP11 are a joy! However, none of the platforms is perfect. Default P3D suffers from blurred terrain and popping-up textures and default XP11 has no seasons. For GA I usually go with XP, for airliners either XP or P3D. Especially with airliners you are usually so busy in a one-man cockpit with ATC that there is no much time to look outside the window when being in the approach phase. Sometimes I think it would be great to have the same amount of natural haze in P3D as in Xplane in order to mask some of P3D's blurries.