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  1. Cargostorm

    Limiting Framerate kills framerate - why?

    The other side is that at least Aerosoft in general recommended for their airliners to set fps to unlimited (at least this was the case prior to v4.3) in order not to loose performance. Not sure whether PMDG suggested the same for their airliners.
  2. Cargostorm

    A Few Static Planes at Airports---All I Want

    John, you need to translate this website With this tool you can create your own AI traffic between the aiports you want. Maybe that is what you are looking for. My traffic slider is at 1 percent using this tool.
  3. Cargostorm

    Top end hardware - poor results

    simple: giantkillerrobot has a giantkillerpc with HT OFF.😁 High temps can throttle the CPU with HT ON, especially when overclocked. The only thing that I could watch with my CPU (4790K) with HT ON in fact was increased temperatures with no real benefit when it comes to fps or smoothness. I also leave it off so my overclock can go higher. But each CPU / setup is different.
  4. Cargostorm

    Top end hardware - poor results

    Paul, do you remember what your fps was without addons, only with the default, vanilla P3D? On the default start airport and default flight you should get >80 fps with the hardware you have. This will be reduced by the addition of 3rd party addons and complex aircrafts. I would follow the advice as to the settings and also check if there are any unnecessary background processes going on. Also try with hyperthreading On/OFF in the BIOS. As said before, the sim will benefit from OC. A rate of only 3.3 GHz is not much. If you go > 4 GHz, the sim will shine. Surely, something must not be right in your setup.
  5. Cargostorm

    Is V3 still worth using.

    Daz, I use P3D V3, V4 and XP11 on my machine (4970K/1080TI). Optically, you wont't see much a difference between V3 and V4. Just yesterday I did a flight in V3 and at day it nearly looks the same as V4. I do use a number of addons however to upgrade the look of the sim (ORBX FTX Global, AS16, ASCA Envshade, Envtex, REX). If you want to use your FSX addons, you could go for V3. Nearly everything is compatible or can be compatible with some know how. Good thing is, you know that the sim will be static (no updates, no trouble). If you want to go with the development and use the latest "bells and whistles" (like dynamic lighting, improved autogen, improved performance etc.), V4 is the way to go. However, then your hardware (RAM, GTX970) will definitely be the bottleneck. While most of the FSX addons will work in V4 too, they wont't be optimized. So it depends how many addons you have and what your plans are hardware-wise. Usually I would quote go for the latest and newest, but there are still many people happy with their 32bit addons in V3. I only use V3 for a particular aircraft that is not available in V4. The rest I fly in V4 or XP11. Regards, Chris
  6. Cargostorm

    help understanding fps set rate or unlimited

    Each setup is so different. I use a 120Hz monitor and Nvidia GSync and get the best results with the fps slider @ unlimited. Of course it requires P3D settings that allow >30 fps in the sim. As I also use TrackIR, the higher the fps the smoother the movements.
  7. Cargostorm

    Aerosoft A318/9

    Would you say that the new AS Airbus Professional has the same features / system depth for normal ops as the previous Airbus SP3?
  8. Cargostorm

    FlightSim Labs A320X/A319X

    I have presently installed the 2048 textures for the FSLabs bus (as used to from my 32bit times). Is there a noticable difference to the 4096 textures provided by the installer in the VC? I am on a 3440x1440p monitor.
  9. Cargostorm

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    Some people eliminated the error by switching to an other video card driver. But the error can also be produced by an add-on that generates "long frames"
  10. FSEnhancer for cloud textures and FSGRW as weather engine. Works well.
  11. Cargostorm


    Nvidia drivers or FSLabs Spotlight (if installed) can trigger this error. Similar things happened during transition from P3D 3.3.5 to 3.4 causing long frames.
  12. Cargostorm


    and Xplane‘s sloped runways and lights ... 🤩
  13. Cargostorm


    Maybe we will see the implementation of Vulkan graphics in V5...
  14. Cargostorm

    Improvements in V4.3

    Well, I guess that would result in a completely new sim. Graphics- and performance-wise AF2 shows what is possible with a sim that is based on ESP. Unfortunately it does not cover the world...
  15. Cargostorm

    Improvements in V4.3

    Yep, I essentially agree. There are things inherited for 12 years from FSX that in my opintion are essentiell for a serious non-entertainment simulator platform and therefore should be fixed withouth relying on 3rd party developers. Maybe the priorities are different or one gets blind over time without seeing the issues: 1. The Navaids database is still from 2006 (FSX). Why not providing updates with each point release? Herve thankfully provides the updates each month: 2. Time Sync: a second in the sim does not equal a second in Real World. We must rely e.g. on FSUIPC or FS Real Time to correct that UTC (Zulu/GMT) time and date are in sync with the Real World. 3. Time Zones and DST (Daylight Saving Times): So far we need FS Time Zone fixer or FS Real Time to fix this. Beside, I do really appreciate all the efforts of the developers and also recognize that resources are limited, even at LM. One could gain the impression however that some "bugs" are not fixed because then this would destroy the bussiness modell of 3rd party developers that fix these bugs with their software. Is it live and let live? Cheers, Chris