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  1. After installing this fix, my payload manager will not load fuel or passengers. Any help please? -Trent
  2. Hello,I ended up completely uninstalling and reinstalling P3D V5.2, and then installing the LJ 35 from scratch. It functioned correctly. I then installed the RXP GTN 750 and it worked correctly. I then installed the REX WX Advantage radar and it immediately CTD'd. After further research on the REX WX Radar CTD, it is not currently compatible with P3D V5.2. After uninstalling REX Radar and reinstalling the LJ 35 with dummy radar, it works as advertised. I hope that can help the next person having problems.Thanks,Trent
  3. Hello, I have been having extreme problems trying to get my Lear 35 to install for P3D V5.2 after buying the FMS upgrade pack. P3D V4 works fine. For the original GTN model, It will not show any of the original models in the preview mode when selecting and aircraft, and will not load into the sim with the error message "Failed to startup the flight model". I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling it countless times. Deleting the aircraft folder. Trying different panel configurations to include the original GNS and Flight 1 GTN. and uninstalled the immersion package. Nothing is working for the original model. Only the FMS model version will load into the sim. Please help! Thank you! -Trent Smith
  4. Thank you for this!! It was the only thing that fixed my immediate CTD on trying to load the default scenario. -Trent Smith
  5. I tried that Keven, and got no response until today 2 days later. You can lose the attitude. I'm your customer remember. Trent Smith
  6. Hello Chaseplane, I have contacted you on your website via direct ticket and a private message about this issue. I currently have Chaseplane installed on my computer at home however I am in college and use my main computer for Flight Simulator there as well. I have uninstalled my Chaseplane on my home computer however I am still having licensing and registration issues with this program. I realize you said 24-48 hours for a response but I would really like to get back to using your software. Thank you, Trent Smith
  7. Make sure that before you disconnect the GPU that you have your APU supplying power to the aircraft or one engine started so you have a generator to power essential items then disconnect the gpu. Good luck! Trent Smith
  8. I think Im going to do some traffic circuits around KPDX and then after that do a flight from PDX to SFO with the Alaska 738WL model!Trent Smith
  9. Alaska B738WL out of PDX my home airport!
  10. I just switched from my HDD to my 64gb Kingston SSD and I have noticed Faster Loading times overall and also for the scenery. Maybe its a placebo effect but My FSX runs Noticeably smoother with better Framerates. Like I said it might just but me but things have definetley improved!
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