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  1. Tom That sounds very disappointing. I've never had oom but I understand that some folk do & that must be very annoying. So, 64 bit is a lot of hype then? I really thought it would make a huge difference. Thanks for your input anyway.
  2. I'm looking forward to it. I'm no PC buff but if 64 bit brings fluid smooth flight that would be a great starting point. One thing that really disappoints & probably won't be addressed is the speed at which clouds pass the aircraft in flight. Years ago there was a military sim which had the clouds blasting by like it does in a real aircraft, it was so much more dynamic, so much more fun.
  3. Tui737

    Invalid Activision Key

    Hi I get this issue & found that no matter how careful I am in getting the number correct it fails. However, if you copy & paste the number it works every time. I've noticed this with other software venders too. Hope that helps you out.
  4. Tui737

    Using iPad apps as the CDU interface

    I use virtual CDU with the 737 NGX & it's great. Have spent many thousands of pounds on a full set of avionics for PMDG's original 737 on FS 9 I'm delighted with this set up for fractions of the cost. It works very well.
  5. Tui737

    Engines not responding to Thrust Lever Input

    Hi FabioI have the same yoke as yourself but I use GoGlight throttles, however, if I go back to the Eclipse yoke I can only replicate your problem when engines are not running.What have you changed or added in the last couple of days? If you were to apply thrust on your yoke but the throttles weren't moving in the NGX then it would be an assignment or calibration issue.Please confirm that you have engines running when trying the above?
  6. Tui737

    IRS Align problem

    Try moving the plane to a well known international airport & select a gate (small). Then go through normal IRS align procedure (both off then nav). On 'POs Init' page use mouse & scratch pad, not keyboard,enter airport code & gate number. Providing gate produces coordinates select those coordinates & enter into bottom line. This should guarantee that when the IRS align you will be spot on. If the gate does not produce coordinates move to another gate until you find one that does. The airport coordinates themselves will be close but the gate will be spot on.
  7. Tui737

    Troubles To Install PMDG-737NGX

    If you scroll down the email confirmation from PMDG towards the bottom you will see:-Licence:Below that is a 24 digit code. Copy & paste that. Hope this helps.Sorry I forgot. Make sure that you said yes to all the run time messages during install. Look in the PMDG manuals & read the introduction. Some editing of the fsx.cfg file is necessary to get the best from the product. This is a must read.