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  1. The problem with the Beta Branch crashing, is FSUIPC. Pete Dowson is aware of the issue and has already addressed it in a patch.
  2. Or you can wait for MSFS2020 which will stream scenery from Bing Maps and using AI extrapolate 3D buildings and trees of those maps. Making VFR possible. You'll probably be able to fly over your own house.
  3. I never thought I'd say this, as like you said others have over hyped, but from the get go we knew MS Flight! was going to be an Arcade Game, FSW was way to far behind to be seriously competitive and P3D was on Par with X-Plane so they could easily co-exist. FS2020 though based on what they already shown us and the unanimous favorable reports from those lucky to have seen it up close, this one though I think is going to finally break the mold and become the fastest adopted sim in FlightSim history. It truly looks like the real game changer we all been looking for. (It may even finally get Youtube's FS2004 die hard Edetroit to switch from FS2004🤣)
  4. You probably solved this already, but if not check that the CS dll file is loaded in the dll.xml file in your appdata\roaming\microsoft\FSX (or FSX-SE in you are running FSX-SE on a side by side config). Youy should see this <Launch.Addon> <Name>Captain Sim Sound</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>Captain_Sim\bin\cs.sound.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> If it's not there just add this into it. This is the dll that adds the cockpit switch sounds.. If it is, check that the dll is actually there. your A/V program may have kicked it out on install.
  5. I use ASN still too with REX cloud textures, works great for me!!
  6. You should be able to find gates that can handle 747's in the E and F terminals, and some in A
  7. Looks like the FAA is proposing or will eliminate the Hazardous Inflight Weather Advisory Service (HIWAS). Is this service still considered a necessary tool by pilots, or has it become redundant by newer technology?
  8. Well there's one point in the ATC recording, where he had to be instructed on how to pressurize the aircraft, that tells me he did not learn from a Flight Sim, at least not with any of the complex models like the Majestic Q400 or X-Planes FlyJSim Q400. If he had he would have known how to do that himself.
  9. Is the CS757 PMDG quality? No, but it does get a bad rap, as users expect it to have similar system functionality as more modern variants. The thing is CS models both the 757 and 767 as they were when first produced back in the early 80's (Look at the old eggtimer on the overhead ) For example one of the biggest complaints is it doesn't calculate TOD's. You have to remember the 757/767 were the first airliners to even have FMC's and are different then the later variants. You have to either use a transition to the runway or if none is in the NAV DB, you have to define a EOD waypoint, similar to the Q400. Most systems are modelled in the CS757, but are not at the level of PMDG or other high quality developers, but then neither is the QW757 which models even less functions. The new P3D V4 version just released systems do appear much better, and that should be coming to FSX soon (Hopefully)
  10. Don't believe you can if you lost the data, Navigraph only allows you to download current cycles. The backup the data manager creates are used if a specific addon nav data needs to be replaced for some reason. If you lost those backups then you will have to download the current cycle.
  11. Actually Compuserve predates the internet as we know it, there were no ISP's then. Compuserve, (as well with AOL and Prodigy) was originally stand alone networks where you would have a access number to dial into with your modem, and directly login using your account number, something like for example 73435,2306. Compuserve didn't start offering connection to the Internet, until 1989 and then it was only for email. It wasn't til 1997 that it converted to HTML from it's text base forum system. (HMI).
  12. You won't see 747 or 777's anywhere near KDCA They all go to KIAD
  13. There is a misconception on how VAS works in Windows. It's not only the address space available but it also has to be contiguous. For example you have 500MB free as you say and the app wants to allocate 60MB of that space, but the largest contiguous space is 50MB, there's no where to put it so you will get an OOM error. So it is possible for an APP to run out of address space to use, even if you actually have more total available. Ther closer you get to the 4GB limit (3GB for 32bit) the more likely this could happen. DTG does better resource housekeeping with FSX-SE, then MS did with FSX, so it's more likely to happen faster in FSX-Box then FSXSE.
  14. Weather could definitely played a role here, remember San Francisco is known for it's fog.
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