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  1. Anyone successful at downloading and installing at this time? Since the previous message (7 hours ago) nothing seems to have changed. Downloaded the P3D v4 file three times, all were corrupt. E-mailing for support is not working. What is the size of a non-corrupted file? The file I downloaded was each time just over 512Mb.
  2. Wow Gary, superb job! Many thanks for showing us your work.One question though, are you sure the Aeromexico shot is not a picture :-lol
  3. Hi Murray,Thank you for bringing the refresh rate of the monitor to my attention. I found it was only 60Hz, so maybe your theory is right. I changed it to 85Hz.Together with the last beta Bryan send me yesterday (which I think is now Service Update 2) everything works as advertised.Thanks again.Cheers,
  4. Hi Murray,Don't know for sure, so I'll have to check that tonight and see if alterations make a difference.Thanks for your kind suggestion anyway, its much appreciated and worth a try.Unfortunately last nights tests with the latest beta still revealed some problems. Sure Bryan is working hard to fix that.Cheers,
  5. Hello Murray,Thanks! The good news is that Bryan certainly found a cure by making adjustments in the timing of the panel showing and the sounds that come with it. Most panels now work as advertised on my PC. I will test his latest beta asap and hopefully the few remaining problems will be solved then.Cheers,
  6. Hi Bryan,Yep, the new file has arrived at my home email. Thanks. Tonight I will do some more testing and inform you through your email asap.Cheers,
  7. Hi Bryan,Yes, I did. I send you an email last night with the outcome of the two test flights I made. Didn't you get it?In short, thanks to your quick recoding actions I hear most sounds, however not all.Cheers,
  8. Hello Murray,I have that card a few weeks now and fortunately it works in my PC without problems. My previous card was the ATI 9800Pro with 128Mb, also very good, but this one runs FS in the 1600x1200 resolution with more ease.I have had these missing sound problems from the start of FS2Crew. I don't know if its an "ATI thing", but I do know now that Bryan is close to a fix.Did you install the latest drivers from ATI (Catalyst 4.12)? And did you use the cat-uninstaller.exe program before that?Cheers,
  9. Hi Bryan,My email is on it's way.Thanks for your quick response, again !!
  10. Hi Bryan,James is not the only one with this problem, I use 1600x1200 too and have the same issue with these sounds. Turning the onboard sound off and back on didn't work. I haven't tried his suggestion and to be honest, I rather hope you can resolve the problem without reducing to a lower resolution.Another weird thing I have since about two weeks is that during pushback the turn to right or left doesn't work anymore. I did a complete uninstall/reinstall but without luck.
  11. Hi Laurent,This is great news and so a big THANK YOU to you and Andrew. For all of us that own this great piece of hardware I can see no reason to pass on the upcoming LVL-D 767.
  12. Hello ???,Please sign your posts with your real name, its a forum rule.The USN MMA livery is part of this file: pmdg_bbjmil.zip although it has no hardpoints under the wings.
  13. I noticed the same. Is this a "bug" you are aware off?Arthur
  14. I noticed the same. Is this a "bug" you are aware off?Arthur
  15. Hi,Is this what you are looking for:http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=51303Cheers,
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