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  1. PMDG products are probably the most finished on release. There top of the line aircraft. But Dont try and dress up soon as something you can dismiss to your liking. If you called a taxi and ask how long will it be and they said “shortly” just how long would you wait before your thought “use what ever phrase you like”. Updates on progress is great but leave of with disleading/loaded comments like shortly and soon it’s really does not do you any favours and by using the terms for people that don’t know you better, little wonder why people think it’s coming “soon” Dont change what you do just please cut the silly misleading remarks out. That’s all.
  2. From the sticky post at the top of this forum ”so the introduction of what we jokingly started calling “PMDG RainMaker” got moved to the 747-8, which will be in your hands shortly!” Shortly !!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was Jan 28. So as always dont listen to any post that says “soon” or the new “shortly” it’s all BS and been like it for ever. You just have to wait for a release post.
  3. Nyxx

    Waiting for the 'Bus?

    That's just the point it did NOT "install" unless you had a pirate copy and entered a pirated copy number etc., NOTHING was installed for legit customers. Who told the world about it? pirates and the one giving free copies out closed his website down and deleted any trace of himself off the net. So like me, anyone who bought it had ZERO things to worry about. Unless anyone is taken in by the BS. Frooges vid was so wrong and at worse was blatant lies at best nieve and ill-informed. But then he as Roberts friend does have an axe to grind. So it gave him a field day to people who just take what he says as the truth. Ever wonder why Froogle never went crazy over making vid's of FSL, unlike anything PMDG? > Robert/guy at FSL/PMDG MD. always makes me lol when people wonder why PMDG never did anything with the MD.
  4. Even better! Wow there great even now.
  5. If you can run to one the Warthog HOTAS is a wonderful bit of kit HALL give amazing feel and control
  6. I have VC res set to 4096 and it’s as sharp as any VC I’ve seen. Dave is one of the beta testers and would think at some point it will have shared cockpit but better for him to confirm. As for the MadDog, if you won’t old school it’s probably the best there is.
  7. Nyxx

    Waiting for the 'Bus?

    If any one thinking the FSL is just about failures then your very uniformed. They did not spend now 8 years working on failures, that’s just a small side of it. There A320 is in a league above PMDG and there A319 raised the bar to a leave at the moment no one can come close to. I won’t write 3 pages explaining why, but anyone thinking the current AS bus is even close then your kidding yourself. As for PMDG, there right up there and still love flying the NG, the 747F is fantastic. If it’s Boeing it has to be PMDG. The 748 looks like a good step up from PMDG but personally when flying a freighter I like old...There NG3 will be very interesting and might bring a new level. If you really want to fully enjoy an airbus buy the FSL A319 and be totally blown away and that has nothing to do with failures. What the A319 brings to us is mind blowing in so many ways. SP1 will be interesting for the AS bus but until then....Class the two as what they have always been targeted for, a different market. AS words not mind. If you wont a prop go for the Q400, if you want a Boeing go for a PMDG there fantastic. If you want the very best airliner we currently can buy the FSL A319 imo is unmatched. It’s also responsible for pushing PMDG and AS to new highs. Also bare in mind PMDG have no love for FSL and Roberts friend Pete/ Fruggle likes nothing more than telling miss truths and sticking a knife in about FSL that sadly people will believe as fact when there nothing like. I’ve stopped watching anything from him can’t stand the lies. There’s not any love lost between any of them really. But as they try to out do each other with there personal vendettas it’s really good for us.
  8. Yes that's the point I don't need any buffer.
  9. Well not really, running unlimited is telling your PC to give as many fps as, come what may..... limiting stops that, for example at EGNX I run 55-70 with FSL/PMDG, I lock at 30 so my PC has " room to breath" it does the 30 not the "60" it could do. So when it has a more demanding screens to draw it has the "room to breath" that unlimited does not have you get big dips/stutters, locking stops that for more, makes everything smooth as am not asking the PC to run P3D as fast as it can. Like cruising on a motorway with your foot half way done, not foot to the floor all the time. I run locked at 26, plus FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.01 for FSL and locked at 31, plus FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.01 and I get perfect texture loading and no stutters. VS and TB ON, my refeash is 120hz. So it runs at 24 for FSL and 30 for PMDG.
  10. And it's been like that since FSX. If you run unlimited FPS and enjoy good texture, limited your FPS to e.g 30 and add this to your config file [Main] FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.01 You get all the FPS that locking takes away back and I don't care what anyone says its as simple as that on most people PC's. Watch the video linked above its shows it all in action.
  11. Nyxx

    Help with Views, or key bindings...

    I would recommend chaseplane. Then you can have all the views you need, even in groups bound to one key if you wish. I've just done two flights with the PMDG 747F today. Would not fly without chaseplane.
  12. Nyxx

    Using Pro ATC X

    I find it best to not but a SID or STAR into PROATC, as ATC will do that when asking for clearance.
  13. Nyxx

    Using Pro ATC X

    Hi Gaz, Hope your feeling well? Anyway...Yes it can and does need updating with Navigraph. I only fly what you see in my sig at the moment, it does do flight plans for the PMDG NG & 777, not the 747 but am sure the plans for the NG/777 would work if I choose to do so. I know you have the As Bus and I don't think it does plans for that but i could be wrong. I use PFPX for all flight planning its fantastic for IRF. Then I just copy the route into PROATC. A lot of people use the free web site simbrief. Have a look there as it's free.