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  1. Wow, OK please allow me to enlighten you The FSL is simply in modern Jet aircraft "THE" best we can buy, it's the closest to a full level D simulation we will probably get. Eye candy is low on its list of outstanding features. It's a waste of my time trying to tell you have good it is. A real world pilot does loads of videos on it. look up blackbox 711 on twitch or blackbox711 on youtube. So to sum up since you have been living on the moon (joke) the FSL is all about how they have simulated this aircraft it's all about system depth and the utterly amazing the FBW in it. Your right they said it could not be done, well it took them 7 years well 8 to the new update to v4.2 but we now have it
  2. After last night's flight I am now happy with it. Release version in flight sim terms Enjoy! O BTW you can use the checklists that come with the addon. Anyway I hope this helps anyone to get to grips with this oldschool aircraft. http://www.limegallery.co.uk/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/MD-80-public-version.pdf
  3. Thanks for the heads up, great news.
  4. Thoughts on PMDG and pricing aside. Ask yourself Would you sooner have a PMDG NG in your hanger than a MD 80 -717? If so you need to think is the gap between the price of MadDog/717 to get the NG worth it to you?. If you put their pricing aside and your #1 choice would be the NG then I suggest you dont cut of your nose to spite your face. Many here feel like you about what they did but I still bought the NG again and the 777. Was I happy to do so ? hell no. I have the 717 and the MadDog. The Mad Dog feels a nice spot as its old school but not VOR-VOR. The 717 is also great. Also if you are interested in getting the very best then FSL A320 is obscenely good and the money you spent on the other two go along way towards it.? At the end of the day all the above are great just ask yourself what your "really" want.
  5. Your welcome When it's done if you want an editable version I can send you a Word Doc version Dan.
  6. added already thanks for the feedback. Need to do a flight tonight and test...again! Then I will update doc some time next week when its more final!
  7. OK I've updated it a lot... It's still a beta but this is a lot closer Enjoy! http://www.limegallery.co.uk/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/MD-80-public-version.pdf For flight sim use only ofc
  8. I forgot it’s still there, lts been redone about 5 times, and am doing another version today, every time I fly the maddog I see its mistakes. Thats was like an alpha build am now starting to beta test lol. I will up date it fully when am happy, that could be a few weeks. Or I could do a PMDG and say “soon”
  9. It's why I stay at 1080x1920
  10. Same FPS test I do for all aircraft on my PC, not 4k Default aircraft =105-110 NG/777............= 58-60 FSL..................= 40-45 MD 80..............= 46-52 Just testing after this FPS get locked @25 for all the above.
  11. That's very kind of you John. I hope you have many many hours of enjoyment with the Bus and hope the PDF that I use for every flight helps you on your journey. Look at your email , I've sent you something else as a thank you. David.
  12. Pardon the pun, That sounds great.
  13. As John has said above If you want the PDF You need to PM me your email Victor.
  14. Interesting as I also love the 757 but was waiting for 1.1. I did not know they now gave the option to turn off the Cabin.