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  1. Looks great and I am sure when in beta they can tweak the speed. A must buy me thinks.
  2. Nyxx

    FSL new rain!

    Like wise Andre 😀
  3. Nyxx

    FSL new rain!

    After watching Blackbox711 Twitch that you can go watch any time. He was showing the new 319 with Andrew from FSL doing a Q&A. The new rain they have made themselves. The Rain looks far more real. It,as it should runs down the windscreen until the aircraft picks up speed and the rain/water runs up the screen like IRL. Also if shows if your taxing and stop the aircraft like a car windscreen spills water from the roof over windscreen/cockpit front windows. It also shows some amazing, thunderstorm effects I've never seen before but go look up the video and enjoy the new Icing/snow effects along with all the new rain. BTW it has 0 FPS hit.
  4. Happy for you, UK 2000 EGCC is the best available. Enjoy.
  5. Am not complaining just pointing out to a guy who is interesting in buying UK airport what he will find. Your logic is frankly silly and pointless. I buy 80% of Gary's work but I know what am getting does the OP? A top of the range addon airport over a UK2000 one does not cost the price difference of taking a bus to work or driving a Ferrari does it, your logic 😃 80% of my time here is spent helping people not complaining and if you think this is complaining.... then read again.
  6. Aerosoft version of EGCC needs to be avoided at all cost. The op is asking for UK airports and am just pointing out what he can expect hopefully in imo a truthful way.
  7. With all do respect Alan Aerosofts EGLL and UK2000 there is no difference in performance wise worth talking about within P3D now and looks wise is chalk and cheese. But anyway.......I will keep buying Garys work all the same, but it does imo need pointing out if people are new the level of work there getting. I still wish Gary all the best and thank him for all my UK airports that I would be lost without.
  8. Yes your right and it shows. Quality over quantity its called.
  9. No. That's not the point at all. Its needs pointing out its far from the best. I still buy it like i did belfast but just don't expect it to look like a long list of developers that have over taken his level of work. We are on P3D v4 64 bit the world of textures and what can be done has moved on.....a long way. I hope he does move on and do great textures because I love UK airports. But when I goto just about any other newly made airports the quality is on another level or 2 or 3.
  10. Thats ok give these a call 🙂 specsavers
  11. Here is one of Gary's latest airports Belfast. Looks like something from FSX 10 years ago Here is what can be done. Even 3 years ago. I rest my case. Gary is a one man band but he needs to up his game and hope he does. Because Belfast was poor when you see it up close. His work might be better in XP? but this is P3D not xp. His work looks OK from a range but close up its really getting very dated.
  12. Well we all love manchester dont we 🙂 Well from someone that live 15 mins from East Midlands and I will always love it for being my home airport. Personally and I own 80% of Uk2000 airports i would not call the any UK2000 "the dogs bo**ox!" not by a long way. Compared with Flightbeam/FSDT etc they look old and outdated texture wish/quility wish. So no UK2000 are imo some what well behind other makers. The best and also the most iconic british airport anyone can buy imo is aerosoft pro version of heathrow. It performs so well and looks stunning, it's in a different league to UK2000 version and yes I do own both. So heathrow get my vote by a long way.
  13. Nyxx

    CS757 III v1.1 released

    Yet again very disappointing to read on a plane that I have always liked and like Benjamin would enjoy it as a fighter.
  14. Nyxx

    QualityWings 787 for P3Dv4 soon?

    Do the panels ND etc pop up to have on another screen?
  15. Nyxx

    QualityWings 787 for P3Dv4 soon?

    Good to hear 🙂