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  1. Keep both for a bit and you deside. Other opinions dont matter, yours does.
  2. 2 Weeks ago it looked like we were getting the SP, any news / updates would be nice, since it was just one thing you wanted to add....or is this a clasic PMDG "soon" Days"🙂
  3. I have the G7 and it’s stunning, the picture quality is amazing. My son came over and saw it and bought one the next day. The G7 comes with g-sync.
  4. Have to agree, there is no right or wrong. I love payed addon airports some think its a waste of money. Each to there own. No right no wrong.
  5. My 3080 has a boost clock speed of 1800MHz so why does it jump and stay at 2025MHz is this way to high? Whats wrong here? Here its down to "normal" speed1770.0MHz when under little load? Also why does afterburner say MEM 9501Mhz but it looks like it 1187.7 in GPUZ? Thank you.
  6. I remember in P3D when people used addon mesh and the problems with addon airports, no suprise really. Orbx would have had to make the area around every airport untouched. Then you get shelves.
  7. Sorry, dont take it the wrong way but all them stunning screenshots are pointless with out seeing like for like. Its not like we get new textures.
  8. Stunning shots and the best aircraft in the sim for me. Wonderful.
  9. This aircraft gets great reviews but from the VC you can see so little. Shame. Even the view out frount you get the heater in your face^^
  10. Well I will wait for you guys to report, but from the screenshots, I think, would I really see any diffrence? the diffrence is there but its small. The morphing is not somthing that came to mind when a did a few flights around NZ when it was the only place we could fly. Would you really know if you had it installed or not. Sure you can see here but in a flight? you would have to do the same flight with and without to really test it.
  11. Then i would surgest P3D v4.5 and an A2A GA. If you want the most relistic GA possable for training.
  12. So, update us on if you got it working or not and what was the problem?
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