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  1. Yes it was a copy it said in the first two words "copy below" and that's why the rest was in "italic" It was a HU post as Karl has say it's everywhere on there forums. You guys are hard work sometimes
  2. Yes Uninstall and reinstall. Liveries are now also updated to 1.3. I better link them also https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/files/category/14-a320-x-aircraft-liveries/
  3. Copy below... Hello all, as you may have seen already, the A320-X for P3Dv4 first release was an overwhelming success! We've been receiving hundreds of complimentary comments and notes, your emails and posts in simulation forums around the globe have been entirely encouraging us to continue our efforts in providing the best A320 simulation for desktop computers that we can! As is natural with releases of that magnitude and scope, there have been a few issues observed that we have worked around the clock to fix, in order to improve your experience with the product. The result of our efforts is the first updated release of the A320-X for P3Dv4, build which we've placed in our downloads area here. The list of fixes / improvements in this update are the following: Configuration - Sanity Check for administrative privileges and malformed registry added Virtual Cockpit - Fixed missing shadows - Gap in floor on captain's side removed - Fixed FCU / EFIS / ECP lights disappearing when switching from full screen to window mode and back FMGC - FM: - GA Perf page logic fixes - FG: - Mode reversions / armed mode fixes when SRS active - Path controller now uses GS instead of TAS for current FPA reference Sounds - Flap drag sounds added - Gear wind sounds added - Environment sound volumes improved inside cabin - CFM Engine rumble added - CFM Engine sounds tuned Friction model - Oil-treated runway now considered asphalt Tiller - Disconnect button message restored BUSS - AoA sensitivity simulation logic improved Brakes - Brake disc temperature logic tweaked Electrics - Possible crash bug identified and fixed Engines - CFM spool times reduced slightly Doors - Fix for door disarm during taxi Animations - CFM cone / disc animation timings tweaked Note: Our beta team has tested this updated version quite a few times however, in the interest of allowing those few of you who experience instability in loading the A320-X to get the latest version as soon as possible, we are pushing this release out in an expedited fashion. We welcome any and all feedback on this update. Please also note that if something that you have reported is not on this list, it's still on our To-Do list, so be assured that it is in our issue tracking database and not forgotten. As always, we wish to thank you for your continued support and encouragement! (If you missed the download link above, I am placing it again here).
  4. 4790k @ 4.5 1070 only 8gb RAM No problems installed PMDG 747 and it’s the same fps with same setting.
  5. Crtl Alt Delete = task manager.
  6. Dave if you had skipped though this very topic you would have found many asking the same and reports. Tip try page 9
  7. A little tip I tried tonight. I load up v4 and watch my cpu's, core 1 was at 100 a lot of the time. I kicked of core 1-2 (HT ON) ASv4 ACSA, chaseplane etc etc. Result more smoother.
  8. New liveries available 1.3 for people having trouble like yourself.
  9. It’s not harder to install than PMDG or any other you download it install it DL livery’s , Go fly. The only difference is you have to DL the lightings. All problems are you end. When your sorted Enjoy!
  10. I have VC Display set at the lowest you can set 6 FPS (or it was in v3) 2D pop ups 12FPS I also have these setting in the PMDG's Because my setup is one monitor above the other. ( very bad screen shot but you get the idea.)
  11. No. Been flying around europe no stop the last week. Monday it was the clearest I have ever seen. Last night it was hazy. ASP4
  12. or your unlucky or pushing setting to high.
  13. I have better performance, better textures, texture loading, smoother, everything is far better.
  14. I am thinking of buying LEBB Bilbao Can you tell me how well LEBB Bilbao runs in v4. Also I only have Global-vector-OLC-Libs Do I need a beta flow xxx or something to make them work? The airport photo textures look poor.