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  1. Set FPS within P3D to 30 and add this to main in your config [Main] FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.01 When you drop below unlimited your making P3D use FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.33 FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.01 is the same as setting unlimited It's the only weak I use.
  2. Nyxx

    744 V3 update does not work!!

    Good but still Run the op's centre to make sure it's up to date.
  3. Thank you. If you click on the link you quoted your answers are there. If you only have the 400 you can not use my -8F version as the flight deck is in a different place in the 400.
  4. No, Edward, it will not work without FSLspotlight programme installed, ask yourself how could it? Full instruction and tutorial can be found below. Note the only difference is this is for he PMDG -8F but since you have the ini file in the right place you should have no problems I've now edited the NG topic with the full guild to install and use. https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/19489-pmdg-ng-800wl/ I hope that helps?
  5. You don't need to purchase anything, its Free as per the link you quoted. You DL Spotlight https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/files/file/849-fslspotlights-for-p3dv4/ Install, place ini in the right folder all per the guild. You should be all good.
  6. Hope it goes well just make sure EDDK is up to date. I don't have the airport DL turned ON. I have it and all my airport DL OFF. I always think that's hard on a system on approach. Also with all the landing lights on with DL ON with the NG is asking a lot. Only FSL have found a trick to have almost zero impact with aircraft DL ON.
  7. That's very odd my first flight with the new lights was from EGSS to EDDK landing at night, no problem and then a dawn flight from EDDK to EGSS again no problem. After that EDDK to LIME dusk to night and then LIME to EDDK landing at Dusk, no problem, I don't know how or why FSLSpotlight would cause a problem like that, nothing on their forums from anyone having any problems like your reporting. Sorry. No idea why. I've been using spotlight ever since the FSL A320 never had one crash with the spotlight being the problem. All the lighting in the FSL A320/319 is the same lighting system but built to use the switchers. What did the windows crash report say? EDDK has had updates since it came out, are you up to date? New scenery and all that. It's a very nice airport.
  8. Nyxx

    Long Frames - Basic Cause?

    Running full-fat regions apart from the Rockies with airlines and huge airports is still a step too far OLC for the smoothness.
  9. The 400 from pictures showing the difference shows the 8 flight deck is around 4 1/2 meter more forward from the start of the wings than the 400. That's a long way. If you edit my ini for the 400 i would change the bulbs to a warmer/older colour. I think it would be quicker to start again 🙂 I have already knocked the white lights back with a colour but the 400 would need warmer lights still. But I prefer the 8F to the 400 so I have no plans to do a 400 sorry. When the EFB performance page is fully working and they implement better rain on the aircraft takeoff roll. It's going to be great. The lighting I just "pony up" and sorted myself. Would love to see higher res texturing on the outside liverys and the low res carpets on the floor in the flight deck look dated. But hey. When something is very good you spot the flaws. but still the -8 is a wonderful aircraft and it would fill pages on all the good things about it.
  10. Nyxx

    Long Frames - Basic Cause?

    IF you're talking out long frames with KDFO and orbx South CAL its, from memory it's the docks/ship when that file from orbx was removed/renamed all was well. you will have to google it. The op PC is better than mind and i don't get problems anywhere. Something is wrong and a new cfg file is a start.
  11. Reworked and ambient lighting added all lights now have a new colour. V2 https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/19480-pmdg-747-8f-update-14th-nov-v2/
  12. Reworked and ambient lighting added all lights now have a new colour. V2 https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/19480-pmdg-747-8f-update-14th-nov-v2/
  13. Hi Benjamin, There is no performance impact at all, (as long as its done correctly and they are, all part of the learning.) I did the 747-8F first but I've learned a lot from then and am halfway through completely redoing them for the -8F. Here is a link to the 8F and I did a tutorial and also how to install and use. https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/19480-pmdg-747-8f/ The lighting is going to look even better in the 8F that I should finish by the end of the week/weekend. Does not work on the 400. New V2 of the -8F finished Reworked and ambient lighting added all lights now have a new colour. V2 https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/19480-pmdg-747-8f-update-14th-nov-v2/ Hope all that helps? PS you will not get the option for the Parking brake as its a bit pointless really. If you really want that light I can email you the new file. I also did not like night flying but having lighting at this level, the experience is very rewarding I tend to start just before dawn so i get just night-dawn and day, or just before dusk-dusk and land just into night. P3D at dusk/dawn looks stunning.
  14. Now available here at AVSIM. https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=207777
  15. Now available here at AVSIM. (It's the none parking brake version since it was just a bit of fun to add.) https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=207777