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  1. No my opinion is to listen to an expert not hear say from fred blogs and mickey mouse. Or someone that posts a different one depending on the wind direction. People come here for help and not a game of chinese whispers. I state as a fact I know nothing about AM compared to Steve, but SteveW is my go to man and I personally trust him 100%. If he tells me I don't need one in v4 then I don't need one. After 20 years of doing this I know who to trust and who not to. I've used AM for years, happy to not use one and my v4.1 is running like a dream. Do I know a lot about tweaking? yes I do, but AM is best to just ask SteveW directly what is best for your CPU.
  2. Yes, There was a topic on it for v4 am not going to try and find it. But SteveW told me, as I was just coming from 3.4 to 4.1 and told me not to use an AM with my 4 core HT on within v4 becase v4 works so much better with handing cores,( unlike v2-3 were he said to use one and I did.) Then I said I kicked everything else off and he said that was the best set up. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- People can question me all they like but I don't question someone who knows far more about it than probably 98% of the people on here. If people want to agnor what an expert says and add something that's not needed unless your 6 core+, please feel free it's your sim. Hi Michael. I just Kick off other v4 things, nothing else and only off 0 & 1. The rest imo is how people run the sim for there and there alone PC.
  3. You don’t need to use an AM with 4 cores with HT on. you do need to kick everything else off core 0&1. Steve W said this in another topic on AM. I do the above with sim set to match my pc. perfect texture loading, no stutters. Dont use a AM unless your 6 cores +
  4. Lesson to SteveW and not the bind leading the blind. leave v4 alone, open up task manager and kick AS, ASCA, ProATC and anything else your running of core 0&1. set your sim up correctly for your pc and that’s it. Job done.
  5. Fast! it sure is, take off and climb it's like a rocket. VSI set to 4000 or even 6000 is not a problem
  6. Hi Vic I just did a circuit at my local airport and all worked perfect, I think it was because I clicked on the "other" AP line LOC This time I just click APP above the GTN and it glided down beautifully Did I say I love this plane
  7. Just done my first flight. EGNX to EHAM All when well and am very impressed with this aircraft. Its right up there. Really like it a lot. Q. As I was turning on to intercept the LOC / GS, Since I have not used the GTN for around 2 years all I could remember was to turn CDI to LNAV! not GPS! I could see the GS flags disappear and all was looking good. I clicked on the APP (one above the GTN) but the jet did not descend. I can see another set of AP buttons with a LOC button and APP to the right of the GTN. Could you tell me as I know its user error the steps to pick up the GS and for it to lock onto the GS and descend. Thanks.
  8. Added all that and now its all working great, thank you Vic.
  9. I am and nothing Bill
  10. Is it me or is they no pop out 2D panel. The pop up click stops are there but nothing happens?
  12. Bought the GLJ 25 and the GTN package. Set up all my chaseplane view, and I have to say I am blown away by the looks and quality of the modeling. Not turned one button on yet but if its as good as it looks, then am one happy chap. Wow it looks amazing. Not read a bad word about it so really looking forward to this retro Jet.
  13. Yer I agree when i saw it was only 19$ Bought .
  14. more money :( Thanks Greg/Glenn
  15. For the life of me I cannot find a link to DL just the new v4.1 GTN 750 not with the 650. Has anyone got a link flight1 web site is terrible.