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  1. You click custom install and un tick all options but drivers. Simple as that then you get nothing but the drivers.
  2. Watch that run up vid, you don't do anything like that in a A320 737.🙂 The FMC should not be any trouble but best to watch a walk thought to get a good idea from someone that knows it better than I do.
  3. Can you guys recommend youtube videos to walk thought cold an dark thought to flight.
  4. Last 3 replys, a NO a Yes and a bit more in-depth on how it is from SAS443 thank you. Now thinking ...no sure. "For exampl the Autopilot FMS Nav turn trajectory on most SIDs i fly (overshoots sharp turns). Loc / GS modes of the AP uses default P3D commands, meaning a rather small speed envelope where the Aircraft performs proper tracking." That does not sound like a top draw Addon sadly.
  5. Guy's who own this and with the SP1, is this PMDG - FSL good in terms of depth and immersion or more like QW787-AS etc. I love the King Air but I really need feed back on how good this is. Also do the HSI PDF have 2D pop outs. Look forward to your feed back.
  6. You only have to read though these forums to see the problems people are having with the new V5, another hotfix is due out. I would at least wait for that before installing. I agree at this point of time it’s better to go with V5. But I suggest you wait for HF2 or v5.1.
  7. That's also one on my short list so is LEAS orbx. I also love LEMG.....are the list could go on and on...PR for all Spain, love flying around Spain.
  8. Screenshots of your airports would be great
  9. Sigh,??????? So you with your 15 post count are now trying to say am making it up and lie'ing, well two last things before i add you to my ignore list. Its project fly you cannot make it up and you need a eye test. Could you not see this. Your now making a fool of yourself. I am done with reading your BS your a ..... ignore list you go, its a small list just and one other.
  10. Glad to hear you have it sorted, Enjoy 🙂
  11. Don't be, keep them coming. All so far are fantastic. EDDN is so, so good. All of them are. LEAM - Almeria, I have photoreal for all of Spain, so @Chock /Alan I might buy that one thank you.
  12. https://app.projectfly.co.uk/app/#/logbook/3231822
  13. I think for me LSGG is right up there. Views like this are hard to beat! Also the airport is ofc a good addon. Screenshots taken from today. Into a very dark overcast stormy LSGG Whats your Favorited?
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