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  1. Very kind words Carl, your more than welcome, thank you.
  2. I Make these for myself but I am happy to share. This is taken from my old FSL Walk through. But this is all Colour coded for the Fenix EFB and also Colour coded for all your MCDU work. A lot of changers also to hopfully make this easy to follow and use. If you want to bring out the best in the aircraft I hope this helps you. If new to a A320 or like me, you know it well. It should help! Below are a couple of screenshots of what it looks like. All i hope is it helps you enjoy the Fenix A320 and makes learning it very easy. You will need to use SimBrief and I highly recommend you use this link for all your thrust hights and engine out return planing. https://blackbox.oneengineout.com/airportdata/ I coloured all EFB items in Pink for a big thank you to katie for here amazing work. The SOP is based on easyjet things change from airline to airline..there is not a set way to do things that's set in stone. The link at the bottom is to my work website, I just uploaded there. If you feel you cannot trust me then dont click it. Enjoy! http://www.limegallery.co.uk/msfs-fenix-a320-walk-through/ Direct link to file http://www.limegallery.co.uk/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Fenix-A320.pdf
  3. Just have a look at what I found at the botton of the last page, see if that helps?
  4. I want to add to this. I asked if the 4 Fenix apps running would be better taken off the main core/thread the sim users and was told it sorts all that out itself. Well it does NOT. MSFS for me hammers my last core/thread, CPU 19 for me in task manager. I open task manager and right click on the app Fenix Displays and CPU 0-9 was turned OFF, but thats totaly wrong as its thinking core 0 -1 would be the main hit CPU's that msfs users and I am sure for a lot of you they are. I set 10-19 OFF and turned back on 0-9. 😉🙂I hit 50 FPS at the addon airport EGBB. Only a fast test but I dont want Fenix Displays using my MSFS main core it loves using.
  5. You can turn the cabin off if you wish to gain 2 fps
  6. what about if you have a 10900 and a 3080?.....set to use 3080?
  7. Stunning. My FPS are locked at 31 and this is a hard hitting airport all Ultra setting never droped 1 fps below by locked tartget of 31. All views set up. Now am going to have a late night and do a first flight.
  8. It loads faster into a flight faster than a default aircraft
  9. Its OK, I know how to do an in flight engine start, so it was sorted out fast 🙂, it was fun, both engines out 🙂 But best not done in the air 😉
  10. Great idea, I just thought I would try that as am in cruise, it shut down my 737 engines. Thanks!
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