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  1. I searched for this one, as still is a problem in 2021 with the MSFS DC-6. I wish PMDG would change their mind and implement those keys that are not present for us. In the past, people only had a joystick only, but nowdays there are much cheap joystick and panels solutions around to miss the opportunity of giving support for those people. cheers.
  2. The problem I see with Metars are in places around the world where metars are 500-1000nm from where you are flying: Africa, Papua, in the middle of any sea or ocean.... Finally Asobo did the right thing, that is translate the satellite image to the sim. It is a marvelous thing to fly now in Papua in VFR. Still needs improvement but I think Asobo is going in the right direction. I wish we could mix the satellite data + Metars to be more accurate.
  3. I would like to see REX more on SimAir program than on weather engines. give us a reason to fly from A to B I understand they are good in weather engines, but I believe we still have to wait to see if Asobo fixes the issues with Microsoft weather engine. Because for me it is the biggest improvement in flight sims we have ever seen. Those clouds visually and in performance are AMAZING!!!
  4. ah.. I found something... It is the devmode that it deactivates the volumentric clouds.. Don't know why they are deactivated each time I load the sim. BUT when I remove the developer mode, the clouds disappear. I go to the graphics menu and there are the Volumetric clouds option in ultra as it should. Don't understand anything...
  5. I have this issue lots of times. I load my flight. and put a preset with clouds.. but there are no clouds. I change between presets, even raining, and it doesn't change anything, just the color of the sky. Then the only way I found to fix it was to load again the sim from the desktop.. and even sometimes loading it again, doesn't help. Any help?
  6. Now is working after a magnificent support via email. The trick was the latest update for linda, and a bug found I think in the steam-xbox(microsoft) version. I can use my VRInsight now!!!! :))) Thanks a lot!
  7. Ok, sent to the email address provided. Hope I did it right. Thanks!
  8. Hello... I cannot make it work. I setup everything ok, with com, selecting mpc2 combo boeing and recognized, opened as described, 1. load MSFS, 2. once loaded run Linda, 3. select plane and put in airport with engines running, 4. once in cockpit run FSUIPC7. When I do that the MCP display changes and put MCP-II// boeing type v1.100 select your aircraft and fly now. But there is no way to move any knob as in fsx or prepar3d and that the bugs or radios move. There is no information in the display about heading, etc.. (I selected autopilot mode view). Linda is sync in orange with MSFS Default.. but nothing. I chose the C172 non g1000. Send you the log internally. Thanks!
  9. Desiring to have the linda to manage my vri mcp, because I am tired of using the mouse in the cockpit!! Start the countdown to release as the patch is already out!!
  10. I hope asobo give us an option to deactivate all videos, screens, and "press any key to continue" in the menus, in the future
  11. Hello! Really amazed how the sim is. I never saw such level of detail in the clouds. They are ....... (speechless) Thanks a lot of continuying the development of this great flight sim. Will try to convert my planes to FS2020 (and of course continue development of them in Xplane). One thing that I would like to be removed are the 3 video presentations at the beggining. Asobo, the other company that made the autogen (incredible work), and the main video presentation of FS2020. Plus an additional image that appears, so we can run faster the sim. Is there anyway of removing the presentation intros? Thanks!
  12. same. I think this is not implemented to hide them unless there is a control key to do it...
  13. SF260 Marchetti. The 750, 650 and 430 https://store.x-plane.org/SIAI-Marchetti-SF-260-_p_901.html
  14. Sorry replying late.... but I couldn't fly until today. No.. I don't see any red line. What I see in the panel is that it says waiting for loading the aircraft. When it loads, says Leonardo flythemaddogx or something similar.. and then the SPD, HDG ALT and V/S labels appears, but it freeze there. Nothing more. As said, with other aircrafts no problem at all.
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