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  1. Now not... Hello. I don't know what I did, but it was working with all planes. Everything is updated and linda seems to be ok (screenshots from linda): LINDA 4.1.5 for MSFS 2020 (gyazo.com) LINDA 4.1.5 for MSFS 2020 (gyazo.com) but once the plane is loaded still the msg of VRSinsight MCP panel boeing 2 is as "Select your Aircraft and FLY now" it doesn't change to the numbers as it was previously. Any help? Thanks a lot!
  2. End of November and from that wise words of the last msg in August, the SLC 1.6 update is right now at 95.00000000000000000001% The developer, what a cheek.
  3. Ok.. now it is in the pocket... I had to click over it several times to make appear. There has to be some kind of little issue with that. Pd: the issue is that it has to be clicked over the top center black circle but as the pad has click spots over the full surface I click over them to make it appear. A suggestion is to deactivate the rest of click spots of the EFB while stored.
  4. Hello! I just bought it and installed it. I click over the upper triangle glass part as seen in videos (no click spot in the manual shown) and it does nothing. I don't have EFB. Please help.
  5. https://www.flysimware.com/FLYSIMSTORE/home/46-flysimware-cessna-414aw-chancellor-msfs2020.html
  6. For me a plane that I can push the throttle for hours to the max in highest RPM without burning it, it is not fun even it flyies at the real one. Hope community tunes that.
  7. Finally someone melted and several cables. Any cable can be melted. It is a mixture of bad design and user failure.
  8. Mi-8 but of course, with engine physics and maintenance if possible.
  9. more than the planes how they behave, I would like to hear more about how the airflow is represented, because more deep airplanes can be developed by community or 3rd parties. I would like to know for example: 1. Thermals generate and die? 2. Do they are carried by wind, we have to climb in spirals with the wind? 3. Are they the same strong from core to border? They do have negative drop airflow out of the cone? 4. Would it be possible to represent real thermal maps with downloaded thermal data IRL? with maps like this one: Thermal Information Map (thermalmap.info) 5. High altitude wave soaring is supported?
  10. Don't know if you fixed, but I had that one also. Until I discovered that the oculus program was needed to be opened to load fast, if you own a Oculus VR headset. And now is normal.
  11. (4) Testing Burning NVIDIA 12VHPWR Adapter Cable Theories (RTX 4090) - YouTube
  12. I am one of the people with the problem. Mine was starting to melt one of the side pins, but the GPU was good (externally). I still doubt it is just the adapter. No tests has been made with other cables. In fact there are 14 (and counting) people with the issue. All with the Nvidia Adapter, but that doesn't mean it cannot be produced with a third party one. We have to see. What I am going to do is refund it, as I want to be sure that the problem is solved. Then I will go for it again (if the prices don't rise more than the crazy they were). 3090 people were looking their connectors and in some of them has seen some kind of degradation (by heat?). But it is seems clear to me that join 4 adapters into a single one, is like entereing from a 6 lines highway into a single one road. For sure a traffic jam. Who can garantee that all those people that don't have the issue right now, won't have it in 1 year? not a week in my computer and I found this. there are people with just a couple of hours. Not good.
  13. Not so many poeple knows about this rail sim... but it is the best right now until simrail comes to market. Run8. Now in Version 3: Train Simulator World by Run 8 - We put the TRAIN back in Train Simulator (run8studios.com)
  14. When we solve a problem we have to completelly allow REP to use its magic.... it seems we are close, but not enough still.
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