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  1. Thanks for all the hard work, and hope good future to you.
  2. ahhh you are right! it has to be new addition as I saw it 2 days ago or so and didn't see it. Thanks! Now need to wait for the A2A update to allow FSEconomy, Airhauler, etc simconnect issue solution.
  3. how do I put the comanche inside Neofly? I have the option to add new planes, but when loaded in the sim I cannot fill any num of pax area and don't find any send button
  4. I am waiting for a better performance in VR. I am having 20fps or so with a 9900ks and a RTX 4090 with a Varjo Aero and Reverb G2, medium graphics configuration, while I don't have any issues and all is buttersmooth in other sims. Hope this can be solved in near future.
  5. ok.. it is here: (1) Pitch Latch Propeller walk-through on the Kodiak 100, Series III - YouTube To latch the propeller into a flat pitch you need to follow proper procedure. If you don't you will be stuck with the propeller running in fixed pitch and break your engine, so read carefully. To latch the propeller before shutting down the engine, put the power lever into beta range -without feathering the propeller, of course. Then pull the condition lever to cut-off and the propeller will be locked in a flat pitch angle. >To unlatch the propeller start the engine normally -you will notice it begins faster now due to the prop pitch being fine. Once the engine is started, move the power lever to idle. Next, move the propeller lever to feather and immediately unfeather the propeller to release the locks. Why immediately? Because you don't want to wait 20 seconds for the prop to cycle to feather and back. The feather-unfeather sequence serves only to unlock the propeller, so you don't have to wait for it when you're in a hurry to leave.
  6. I read in an email that there is a new way of starting the kodiak in this new update. But I have lost the email and I don't find any information on documentation (would be nice to add the version number we have installed any place) Can someone put a little of light here please? thanks!
  7. What a difference between this software and Vaicom for DCS. Same situation, but in Vaicom he released all the source code for free in Github and the community made the changes to have it working again. Would be an exit for him if he don't want to work in his product with a donation adress for him.
  8. Sorry if I am wrong, but this plane also use the GTNs? The 3 in the center I have seen people with some buttons grey out and others with them functional.Does this need PMS50 to be bought or gtnxi.. or they are not necesary?
  9. Japo32

    gns knobs

    Hello! For prepar3D I had the GNS530 knobs working with my MCP Combo2 VRInsight. I tried to put the specific MSFS variables in it, with no luck. I mean the page and group ones (plus push the knob) has someone working this with the VRinsight with Linda? and how? Thanks!
  10. Solved.. was the config-mcp2.lua that was corrupted. Removing it Linda generated the new one and that worked. Thanks to linda @ awginfosys dot net for the clue!
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