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  1. The Fenix A320 is currently under extensive beta testing. I've heard extraordinary things from the lucky few who have access to the airplane (some well-known content creators are among the beta testers). It's very actively under development and I'm pretty sure we're in for a treat!
  2. It's not free, but it seems quite interesting albeit a bit dated in terms of visuals: https://msfsaddons.com/2021/12/21/peek-through-switzerlands-military-history-with-the-morane-d-3801-for-msfs/
  3. Have to agree, night lighting on the ground is incredible. I just wished I could see moving cars... It seems they only show up when I'm at like 1000ft or less. Anyone experiencing the same? It would be perfect to see the moving lights of traffic when flying above cities, instead of the static, albeit quite beautiful, views that I have today.
  4. “It takes some time to study and understand the Tu-134” – an exclusive interview with Alexey Klyuchko, developer of the Tu-134 for MSFS
  5. There's a preview here. Looks promising!
  6. Wing42 seems to have gone missing, it’s been some months since they said anything about the Vega and the Boeing 247… 😞
  7. Just spotted this on MSFS Addons: https://msfsaddons.com/2021/06/29/just-flight-announces-fokker-f28-fellowship-for-flight-simulator/ I guess we should keep our hopes high for this one, Just Flight isn't playing around with the quality of their stuff in fs2020. However the textures look rather bland, as if this is a straight conversion from FSX... for sure just the early steps of development.
  8. I usually check msfsaddons.com, seems to have a good record reporting many upcoming aircraft.
  9. I read about this at msfsaddons.com, and it seems to me the OP quoted them directly without mentioning the source. Might want to check that, they deserve it!
  10. There’s more cool details about this bird: https://msfsaddons.com/2020/11/29/a-real-world-preview-of-a2as-aerostar-for-msfs/ It’s going to be another awesome simulation from A2A!
  11. It’s from the same people that did the Aermacchi MB-339. It’s looking great! Sadly, as we know, there’s no carrier support for MSFS. Nor are there any news of it coming I think, which somewhat limits the fun of this aircraft.
  12. Great news, I think this is one of the most detailed aircraft to ever come to flight simulator!
  13. There’s so many free addons already that it’s hard to keep track of what’s new and good. I found this list with a good selection, but I feel like there are so many more great free stuff that no one knows about, or are not yet well known. So, what are the best free addons so far in your opinion? Anything really must-have or a good alternative to payware?
  14. It's another light aircraft, but the Australians apparently love it. It's out now, anyone tried it? Does it bring anything new in relation to the default aircraft of this kind?
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