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  1. I agree completely...Bijan's mod is excellent. Just installed v4 and it looks terrific.
  2. Got it today and am mightily impressed. No dead pixels or light bleed, and wonderfully balanced settings right out of the box. P3D, MSFS, and DCS look fantastic, and next, I'll run the sims to find the right mix of settings. Thanks again, Ray.
  3. By the manufacturer's own website, it is. But Ray's enthusiasm for it, coupled with my own desire to use it for digital photo/video editing as well as for flight sims, has convinced me to buy one.
  4. Mine's on order, thanks to Ray's endorsement. Ray, my computer specs are similar to yours, except that my GPU is a RTX 2070 with 8Gb VRAM. I know you advocate running the sim at native resolution and 30 Hz...May I ask what your nVidia CP/P3D settings are? Thanks!
  5. Sure, Howard, and I hope this does help you and others avoid such problems.
  6. Understood, and he told me he hasn't ever received the item. I have no means to determine what actually happened to it, and given that I shipped it to an address other than the buyer's PayPal address, PayPal has resolved the issue in the buyer's favor. So the financial burden falls on me, and I'm pleased that I've recouped at least some of the value here.
  7. UPDATE: Luigilizares77, the buyer, has been refunded the initial payment by PayPal, and, he and I have agreed to split the expense of my liability. The item is still missing, apparently. I appreciate his willingness to soften the financial blow.
  8. Thanks, guys, and yes, I'm talking with PayPal and I have a tracking number...to the address he gave me, NOT his PayPal registered shipping address. And, Ray, I think you're right about his reason for never posting at AVSIM.
  9. I'm posting this here not to complain but to help other users here avoid a mistake I made in selling flightsim gear on the Classified Ads forum. Long story short, I sold a piece of hardware via AVSIM's Classified Ads forum, and a user here, Luigilizares77, bought it via a PayPal transaction. He requested through AVSIM's private message board that I send the item to a Delaware, USA address. The funds were transferred and I shipped the item to DE as he requested. Fast forward to a week later, and this user filed a PayPal claim against me, stating that he never received the item. I'm now potentially on the hook for the amount I sold the hardware for, and I've lost the item itself. When I checked his PayPal info, he had an address NOT in DE, USA but in the Philippines. This is my mistake, and apparently, I've fallen for a common scam (see #2 on this webpage: https://heimdalsecurity.com/blog/paypal-scams-protect-your-account/amp/ ). PayPal can refuse to honor the transaction and withhold seller protection IF the shipping address doesn't match the buyer's registered address on PayPal itself. And I fell for it. So please, be careful selling gear via PayPal and make sure the buyer's shipping address matches their PayPal shipping address, regardless of how they'd like you to ship the item. And it this point, I'm inclined to warn anyone from selling anything to Luigilizares77.
  10. Thanks for sharing your settings. I have noticed that, when adding SMAA, I get a nVidia overlay message when returning to the Main menu that states that SMAA requires depth information that isn’t available in this application. Is this particular filter really working in MSFS?
  11. Lovely shot...how? I'm keen for a sailplane in this sim.
  12. Hi Rudi, Did you sell your GoFlight throttle quadrant? For some reason I am unable to reply to classifieds. LMK, Thanks.

    1. RudiJG1


      I just sold it. Hope you can find the gear you want. 

    2. rexbo47


      OK, thanks!

  13. not exactly what you might be looking for, but perhaps a start: https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/microsoft-flight-simulator-(2020)-pc-graphics-performance-benchmark-review,1.html
  14. On my machine, Simlink is installed here - C:\Program Files\Navigraph\Simlink When you launch it, it'll show which simulators are linked, but MSFS2020 isn't on the list at all. Ignore that and make sure Simlink is running before you launch the sim...it just works regardless, then.
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