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  1. I also struggled with setting the standard barometric pressure...but what worked for me was a click of my mouse’s scroll wheel button.
  2. I hope later implementations of trueSky include some variation in cloud type along with more layers. So far, IMHO, there's a sameness to the cloud cover that varies only in extent, rather than type and vertical depth. What's there now looks great, but over time and in response to weather conditions, there should be more variation.
  3. Some users aren't seeing these issues, and a lot depends on whether TrueSky, a work in progress at best, is enabled.
  4. Please post issues on the HiFi forum here: https://forums.hifisimtech.com/forums/asp3d-open-beta-forum.54/ Please check that you're running ASP3D.exe as admin. In the ASP3D audio settings, check the detected audio device window (while you're running ASP3D in a P3D flight)...if there are duplicate listings of your preferred audio device, try one other than the initial selection. That worked for me when I encountered this issue in an earlier beta.
  5. I had read this as well but am getting a transparent instrument panel in the C208.
  6. Ultimate Traffic Live works. I simply copied and pasted the utLive folder from the P3Dv4 addons folder into the P3Dv5 addons folder.
  7. Confirmed, and use ORBX Central to install and update it to P3D v5.
  8. Many addons work in v5 - I've installed ORBX ground textures and NA land class, and working airports include most of the FSDT, Flightbeam, and Fly Tampa products. V5 is looking very good here. Of course, I'm missing my detailed aircraft (although the A2A aircraft are working), real world weather, and AI aircraft. Soon...
  9. There may be and when I added P3D v5 to Chaseplane, it ported over that setting. I’ll need to confirm that tomorrow.
  10. TIR works for me as does Chaseplane. No tweaking needed, so I don’t have any insights as to why others are having problems.
  11. Then check this out: https://www.islay.blog/article.php/scotch-golden-dram-islay Myself, I'm open to any number of options. Hope to download the new sim tomorrow, assuming that reviews are largely positive.
  12. And I'm experiencing a P3D KERNELBASE.dll crash when attempting an engine start. Where is the best place for support?
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